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This Milan Life

Living and working in Milan, Italy. Food, wine, people and the stuff that goes on in my head. Plus some touristy stuff.

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This is a VERY PERSONAL blog. With a couple of exceptions, no real names are ever mentioned and the people and places may well be fictitious. If you think it’s about you… isn’t……it’s all about me! This is a collection of my thoughts, my feelings, my view of things in my life in Milan, Italy. Some of it is not at all real, since it is all in my head and so, is only my interpretation of the reality………….which is an entirely different thing from the actual reality. If you think something is about you and you don’t like it then either don’t read it or don’t complain about it. At the end of the day, it’s my thoughts only – and, even then, the thoughts only as I write them and we all have moments of madness, don’t we?
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