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My experiences as a foreigner living and studying in Italy

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Welcome to my blog everyone! My name is Neele and I'd say I'm a typical Austrian girl. Blond hair, blue eyes...okay okay that's probably everything about me that's normal but you'll notice that sooner or later. In september 2014 I sent the first e-mail to the guy that I can now call my boyfriend. We talked for nights, fell in love and so on. Sounds normal right? Well maybe it would be if he wouldn't be Italian. He lives in another country, speaks another still don't see the problem there huh? Well in this blog I will tell you the whole story. You will learn that Italians have a different feeling of time, how you should behave when you're confronted with 25 people that all don't understand a word of what you're saying, why you better make seat reservations on 3 trains in a row if you really want to be sure that you'll arrive on time and much much more. Hope to see you again soon Neele
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