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Lo Que Hay - It's A Whole 'Nuther Country

We sold everything and moved to Costa Rica. Enjoy the humor of living on less than $2000 per month in a semi-luxurious lifestyle.

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Anyone recall how this blog began? I do. It was ongoing tedium -- how we purchased an inexpensive home in Costa Rica for far below $200,000 and intended to retire rather early living a semi-luxurious lifestyle (pool, ocean-view, great friends, monkeys, beaches)... and all for about $2,000 per month.

Golly, how the home has changed since we went under contract last October. Anyway, add about a hundred large to the home purchase price and you've got what we've spent, thus far... more or less.

Anyway, we’re doing it... livin' the dream... and I don't lack for much... though yesterday I had a little melt-down brought on by who knows what. In the Peace Corps world (and also according to Dr. Freddy), three-to-four-months-in is about the time for the melt-down. At this juncture you realize: I've nested, I'm relatively culturally competent, if not fluent in the language... now what? Meltdown.

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