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Sykonix posted Renting in cluj on the Romania forum on October 23, 2014:
Hi, I am a 25yr old sales manager from london moving to Cluj in Feb 2015. My girlfriend is Romanian and currently lives there. This is very fortunate for many things but in terms of job advice, she can't really help as she is a student . If anyone could give me advice on the reality of finding work it would be much appreciated. Even to share you own experience of something similar would help to know more about what I could expect.
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Minuc posted Acupuncture treatments in Cluj on the Romania forum:
Hello, It's been two months since my husband, our kids and I relocated to Cluj Napoca after spending many years in Canada, Quebec. I am an acupuncturist and I studied acupuncture for 5 years in Montreal, in the only school acredited by the Order of the Acupuncturist of Quebec (college de Rosemond). I also followed 6 months of internship at the Universitary Detoxification Center Dollard Cormier, where, with acupuncture speciffic protocoles I. Helped people cope with the major effects of the dependence of different substances ( nicotine, alcohol, drugs) or gaming. Acupuncture could be our best ally in reducing the anxiety and depression, but it also has good results with all kinds of desorders ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headache,insomnia, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, SPM, menopause , infertility and so on. For more information, and if you are interested in acupuncture treatments, feel free to contact me at 0773-964-725. I presently work in a clinic in Georghieni and soon in Buna ziua. French and English speakers are also welcome since I speak fluently both alnguages. Than you. Mihaela Sabadis I will soon come up with a new site, Romanian version.
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MRRPaul posted showjumping stables near Cluj on the Romania forum:
My son is considering University in Cluj. He is a talented showjumper and would like to continue riding/competing whilst at university. Does anyone know of any stables in or around Cluj that focus on Showjumping? Thank you,
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euroabc replied to the thread Working in Romania on the Romania forum:
euroabc initially posted:
I am considering working in Romania coming from the UK, and I am wondering if it is best to contract or get a local employment contract. My main home will still be in the UK. Does anyone have experience or guidance on the best approach for this ?
euroabc replied most recently with:
More info: I will be in Bucharest and looking to stay for a number of years but home is in the UK. I have accommodation lined up and am just looking at the most tax efficient approach.
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ClaudiaDesjardins replied to the thread English speaking marriage therapy needed- constanta on the Romania forum:
lizzy123 initially posted:
I am an expat and cultural trainer living in Constanta with my Romanian husband. We are in need of a marriage Councillor urgently who is able to conduct sessions in English or someone who can conduct them via skype from elsewhere in Romania. Any referrals would be appreciated. Again, it is urgent.
ClaudiaDesjardins replied most recently with:
Hello, My name is Claudia Desjardins and I am Intercultural ( Cross-Cultural) Psychotherapist, specialised in couple therapy. Here you can find more details about me: Kind regards, Claudia
wonderinglady replied most recently with:
I hope that you have found someone.
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laviar posted job searching on the Romania forum:
Hello ,i've moved to Brasov about 8 months ago and still looking for a job .Us citizen with some romanian language spoken.Any leads for expats jobs in Brasov would be appreciated.
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Eliasxi posted Language Teaching on the Romania forum:
I am retired and receving a pension. Would it be possible for me to work in Rumania? Will it be a demand for english & spanish teachers?.
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property in RomaniaThe apartment is renovated,bright,clean,furnished & totally equiped in a great central location.
Hello Everyone, My plan is to relocate to Romania within the next 6 months; I would like to partner up with software developers in order to build my software and mobile application technology. I use to live in Romania almost two decades ago, I was 7 years old at the time. Everything about Romania, the people, and rich culture intrigues me; I truly hope to full my desires an all aspects being in the country. While I am there I would like to look for work opportunity, and meet wonderful ppl; below is my CV: Any help is greatly appreciated! Mul?umesc :-) Majnheiv Sainfort’s CV 12916 SW 23 ST • Miramar, FL • 33027• Email:• Phone #: 786 955 8813 PROFILE Experienced in International Trade and Air/Ocean Freight Coordination; Intermodal transshipment, LCL & FCL to the Caribbean, North America, Africa and SE Asia. Experienced in Business Negotiation, Business Contract Writing, Production Management, and Incoterms. d Experienced in dealing with International Arbitrations related to contract dispute; includes: quality discrepancies, delayed delivery date, contract fraud and etc. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou, P.R.C 310023 Graduated 2014 (International Economics and Trade) SKILLS Team building skills of empathy, building of self-esteem, motivational techniques and empowerment. The ability to manage time effectively. Cross Cultural Communication Skills Familiar with local customs and cultural context, SE Asia & China Mandarin- Intermediate level Legal aspect of starting and growing a new business EXPERIENCE MS & BR Development Inc. -FL, USA (Founder) Cloud software and mobile application designer. Patent Inventor: A system and method for maximizing food selection options. 2014 Distribuidora HESR, SRL Dominican Republic Director/ Overseas Production Manager, mixed with the arrangement, coordination and control of numerous manufacturing procedures with main supplier (Leling City Qiangsheng Daily Chemicals). Logistics/ Supply Chain Director, supervised the flow of resource and information from HESR to Leling City Qiangsheng Daily Chemicals, and other suppliers to ensure the delivery of products; ensure client requirements are met and expectations are fulfilled. Interpreted and relayed information in Mandarin into English and vice versa between our suppliers and company executives. Negotiated on competitive ocean freight quote with our main freight forwarders MSC, ZIM, and their principals. 2009- 2013 Infinite Atlantic International Ltd, China: Air/ Ocean Freight Coordinator. My responsibilities were to coordinate shipments of various contract orders to African countries. Contracts varied from solar power systems to 5,000 Liters air to water generators, along with diesel powered Cummins generators. A large part of my role in the company was to analyze and ensure the accuracy of custom clearance documents; includes: B/L, Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Insurance, Quality Inspection Report, Commercial Invoice and other relevant documents. 2013-2014 Zhejiang Chang Zheng College, Hangzhou China (Business English Instructor) 2011 SWPaining- Regina, Canada (Franchisee) Devised marketing strategies; budget analysis; sales and pricing strategies; CRM; employee management and etc. My painting team was comprised of student workers; we painted commercial and residential buildings; and took on sub-contracted work from reputable painting companies in the Regina and Estevan area. 2008
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property in RomaniaThe apartment is in a rehabilitated (2012) block of flats; energy certificate. Metal door entrance. Air conditioning. Thermopan windows, inclusively a closed balcony. Solid wood floors, reconditioned with Swedish ecologic solutions.

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