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DMc posted Is E85 fuel available in Romania? on the Romania forum on March 29, 2015:
As title: Is E85 fuel available in Romania? If not, what petrol is commonly sold at fuel stations?
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10 Tips for Living in Romania by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Romania share their tips for living in Romania. They discuss the pros and cons of living there and offer advice about driving in Bucharest, finding an apartment and more. (Continue)
Expat Report Jobs in Bucharest, Romania by zannet was published
What advice would you offer others about finding jobs and working abroad?

It is quite easy to find a job here if you speak a widely used language, such as French, German, Russian etc. English is ad added must, ofcourse.

Upon arrival the job can be founf in 1 month.

Expat Report Moving to Bucharest, Romania by zannet was published
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?

I enjoy the Obor area, because it has all I need, including the biggest grocery market in the city, but has fair prices for the accommodation.

I would suggest searching for a place both next to metro stations and parks.

Because public transport is doomed to be trappet in rush hour trafic and parks, such as Herastrau, grant an escape from the busy streets, especially for those who come from smaller cities.

The far North of the city, above Herastrau park, has the richest area with new apartments. The rest of the city is filled with communistic buildings with simple flats.

liziavorschibraun replied to the thread Moving to Romania for the First Time on the Romania forum:
april84 initially posted:
I am considering moving to Romania next year to live with my boyfriend who is from and currently living in Romania. My family has obvious concerns about the plan including concerns about the country. Could anyone give me some general knowledge about concerns, differences to be aware of or advice for someone moving from America to Romania? My boyfriend is a big help of course, but I would like an unbiased opinion. Thank you.
liziavorschibraun replied most recently with:
Hi. I have been in that same position. I moved to romania to be with my romanian boyfriend and now husband 8 years ago. It is not going to be an easy move. I am a cross cultural coach and even for me it was hard. If you need advice I am happy to chat and share what I have learned
chrisstian replied most recently with:
All I can tell you, is that you can move without any problems.You get to love this country. It is a peaceful country, with a very tasty food, in the USA the same food would cost you a lot.I can stay at your disposal for any further questions.Success.
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danivoiculescu replied to the thread Relocating to Romania on the Romania forum:
JotaCe initially posted:
Hi, I used to live and work in the UK and I am currently living and working in Spain still for the same company I used to work for in London, before they relocated me in Spain. My initial plan was for my girlfriend to join me in the UK and work there after Romanians were finally granted the right to work freely. But she has found a job that she enjoys and doesn´t want to leave Romania, even for a much better paid job. She works in the aviation industry. For quite some time and well before Romanians were allowed to work freely across Europe,we had the idea of starting a retail clothing business in Bucharest , which she already has experience from and which she says we will really be making the money from as well. She has a friend who does this busniess( she used to work for her in this field) and she is doing well. I don´t want to work for a company and be making 400 euros per month, which really makes no sense, as opposed to the salary i am making here in Spain, unless there are companies which pay like 2000 to 3000 Euros per month after tax. I have over ten yers experience in the Customer Services Industry working as an account manager. Iam fluent in English, French, German and speak some Spanish. Of course, i would like to become self-employed and have the freedom to take my destinity in hand. Are there any expats who know or could recommend from their experiences, big multi national companies which pay really well? I mean like 2000 + per month take home salary after tax for any job that requires language skills couples with account management and customer services? Also how easy and beneficial is it to start a retail business in the clothing industry, mainly specialised in women clothing and accessories. Only non-jugemental and genuine replies please. I need help so that close to the end of 2015 i can start relocating to Bucharest,Romania. Thanks, JotaCe
danivoiculescu replied most recently with:
It all comes down to priorities. My husband is Romanian. I am American. We currently live in the US. Married for 10 years. I've spent a total of 5 months in Romania. I spent 2 months before we got married and 3 months after we were married while looking for work in Europe. I think Romania is a beautiful place and I really have considered living there, but finding a decent paying job there is a huge challenge. There are negatives, like the public healthcare (private options are good) and things are slow moving when you file any paperwork with the government. Like, trying to get my son dual citizenship - they said it would take at least 4 months and we were only going to be there for 3 months. In the worst case, if neither of you can agree to where you can live together, you know that means you can't be together. If you guys prioritize one another, you will work something out. Consider her ideas seriously and research them and consider what you were thinking seriously and make a pros and cons thing. There's something about Romanian people, they always felt very welcoming and overall friendly to me. But, that can be true in other places too.
tadders52 replied most recently with:
I am a Romanian who has travelled extensively and I know there is no such thing as "perfect place" but Romania does not come anywhere near the aforementioned concept. However, being born in Romania and presumably handling the vernacular could considerably smoothen adapting and synchronising with the locals, cultural values (?) mentality... On the other hand, for a 24 year old could be, if nothing else, another interesting experience to add to your resume. A word of caution, don't build your hopes up, take Romania as it comes and keep in the back of your mind that Romania and its people are still a backward country in many respects.
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Slickrick90 replied to the thread Make friends on the Romania forum:
Raja89 initially posted:
Hello everybody ! My name is Elli ,I`m 26 years old, just got here, currently studying Romanian language in Ploiesti I would like to make some friends here, so that i can atleast grab a beer with someone.. Please contact me if u r board jst like i am RockandRolla cheers !!
Slickrick90 replied most recently with:
Uhh, hi. My name is Alex and I was born in Romania as a Romanian. I'm going to be getting my TESOL certification and would like to find some cool people to ha hour with while I'm there
ibrahimdugral replied most recently with:
Hi Elli = ) My name is Ibrahim, you can call me as Ibra =) I am moving to Ploiesti, Romania in Feb. I would like to meet with you cause I am interested with making some friends too, to make everything easier. By the way, I am 26 too. See u. Chao..
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samt1979 posted New Contacts on the Romania forum:
Hi! My name is Samantha and I am the the co founder and the treatment plan coordinator for Bucharest British Dental Place. I was born in Cheshire and moved to Romania in 2012. I have a history of working in PR and Customer Relations for more than 10 years. Any tips and hints where I could meet up British Expats in Bucharest? :)
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april84 posted Moving to Romania for the First Time on the Romania forum:
I am considering a move to Romania to live with my boyfriend who is from and currently living there. My family is concerned about my safety and other general concerns about the country as compared to my homeland, America. Are there any people who are familiar with both America and Romania who can tell me if Romania is relatively similar to America and anything a first timer may want to be aware of? I'm wanting an unbiased opinion. Thanks.
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jetmayfair replied to the thread diy materials on the Romania forum:
jetmayfair initially posted:
Hello, Does anyone know the price comparisions and quality etc for DIY products between U.K. and romania, for example paint, laminate flooring furnishings etc, would it be better to buy in Romania or ship the stuff from U.K. Many thanks Martin
jetmayfair replied most recently with:
Hi , Thanks for the info, much appreciated, Martin
raluca2410 replied most recently with:
Hello, My husband and I relocated in Romania, and we had same questions before we refurbished our home. He is electrician but he does pretty much every thing. I can't say much about prices - to us they seemed similar, but from what i noticed, in Uk you have alot more choice when it comes to paint. You can find some stuff here aswell, but the tricky part is to find out wich one is wich. Lol Another thing: here the plaster is different (white, not pink like the english one). The difference is not only in color but also in the way you work it. If you will subcontract a romanian plasterer then you wil be ok with it. About tools, i noticed some are more expensive over here, specially if you choose popular brands. And if your favourite tool brand is DeWalt you won't find it in a?l diy shops. I would say Bosh and Makita are more popular over here. We choosed to to bring from uk part of our tools, but we also brought some tools here. We also brought other things from uk, that we coudn't find over here: our stainless steel switches, uk sockets in the kitchen (because we have most of small appliances from uk), and other things. Next year we will build a new house and we will do same way: we will buy some diy materials from uk and some from romania. It all depends on wich ones you prefere the most. I hope this was helpful. Good luck!
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