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jetmayfair replied to the thread diy materials on the Romania forum on November 25, 2014:
jetmayfair initially posted:
Hello, Does anyone know the price comparisions and quality etc for DIY products between U.K. and romania, for example paint, laminate flooring furnishings etc, would it be better to buy in Romania or ship the stuff from U.K. Many thanks Martin
jetmayfair replied on November 25, 2014 with:
Hi, Thanks for the info, but I was in the local Bricostore I think it was? and things like laminate flooring, tiles, bathroom suites etc all seemed more expensive, regards Martin
ajc994 replied on November 25, 2014 with:
Hi Martin I've been looking into this too ( we're building our house in Transylvania in the next few years). I can't really see much of a difference in price between the UK and Romania for materials. It's the labour where you can make considerable savings...about a third of the cost of UK tradesmen.
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jetmayfair replied to the thread meet up on the Romania forum on November 21, 2014:
jetmayfair initially posted:
Hello Everyone, I am Martin, over 40 !!!!! from Glasgow U.K. , I will be in Bucharest between 28th November and 1st December, I would like to meet up for a few beers and a chat with some British ex pats or anyone really...... it beats standing at the bar alone, regards Martin
jetmayfair replied on November 21, 2014 with:
Hi Dean, Thanks for that, would it be possible to meet for a beer at mojo next weekend, do you have a number I could contact you on once I arrive in Bucharest? Many thanks, Martin
moorcroftservices replied on November 21, 2014 with:
Hi Martin The best expat bar in Bucharest is Mojo in the Old Town. Live sport from the UK and the weekend you are here there is some live stand up comedy in English. Find them on Facebook here Chances are you will find me there BR Dean
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Barbarians posted Sports and fun in Bucharest on the Romania forum:
Hello , we are a multiethnic amateur rugby team here in Bucharest, including French, Romanian, English, Spanish and other nationalities. If you love sport and rugby , please check us out and come to out training sessions every Sunday from 10:00 at Grivita Stadium. Wish you a good day!
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Sykonix posted Renting in cluj on the Romania forum:
Hi, I am a 25yr old sales manager from london moving to Cluj in Feb 2015. My girlfriend is Romanian and currently lives there. This is very fortunate for many things but in terms of job advice, she can't really help as she is a student . If anyone could give me advice on the reality of finding work it would be much appreciated. Even to share you own experience of something similar would help to know more about what I could expect.
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Minuc posted Acupuncture treatments in Cluj on the Romania forum:
Hello, It's been two months since my husband, our kids and I relocated to Cluj Napoca after spending many years in Canada, Quebec. I am an acupuncturist and I studied acupuncture for 5 years in Montreal, in the only school acredited by the Order of the Acupuncturist of Quebec (college de Rosemond). I also followed 6 months of internship at the Universitary Detoxification Center Dollard Cormier, where, with acupuncture speciffic protocoles I. Helped people cope with the major effects of the dependence of different substances ( nicotine, alcohol, drugs) or gaming. Acupuncture could be our best ally in reducing the anxiety and depression, but it also has good results with all kinds of desorders ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headache,insomnia, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, SPM, menopause , infertility and so on. For more information, and if you are interested in acupuncture treatments, feel free to contact me at 0773-964-725. I presently work in a clinic in Georghieni and soon in Buna ziua. French and English speakers are also welcome since I speak fluently both alnguages. Than you. Mihaela Sabadis I will soon come up with a new site, Romanian version.
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MRRPaul posted showjumping stables near Cluj on the Romania forum:
My son is considering University in Cluj. He is a talented showjumper and would like to continue riding/competing whilst at university. Does anyone know of any stables in or around Cluj that focus on Showjumping? Thank you,
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euroabc replied to the thread Working in Romania on the Romania forum:
euroabc initially posted:
I am considering working in Romania coming from the UK, and I am wondering if it is best to contract or get a local employment contract. My main home will still be in the UK. Does anyone have experience or guidance on the best approach for this ?
euroabc replied most recently with:
More info: I will be in Bucharest and looking to stay for a number of years but home is in the UK. I have accommodation lined up and am just looking at the most tax efficient approach.
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ClaudiaDesjardins replied to the thread English speaking marriage therapy needed- constanta on the Romania forum:
lizzy123 initially posted:
I am an expat and cultural trainer living in Constanta with my Romanian husband. We are in need of a marriage Councillor urgently who is able to conduct sessions in English or someone who can conduct them via skype from elsewhere in Romania. Any referrals would be appreciated. Again, it is urgent.
ClaudiaDesjardins replied most recently with:
Hello, My name is Claudia Desjardins and I am Intercultural ( Cross-Cultural) Psychotherapist, specialised in couple therapy. Here you can find more details about me: Kind regards, Claudia
wonderinglady replied most recently with:
I hope that you have found someone.
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laviar posted job searching on the Romania forum:
Hello ,i've moved to Brasov about 8 months ago and still looking for a job .Us citizen with some romanian language spoken.Any leads for expats jobs in Brasov would be appreciated.
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Eliasxi posted Language Teaching on the Romania forum:
I am retired and receving a pension. Would it be possible for me to work in Rumania? Will it be a demand for english & spanish teachers?.
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