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property in RomaniaRental villa in Iancu Nicolae near Baneasa Zoo, the villa has a built area of 800sqm of which 670 sqm is usable.
property in RomaniaIancu Nicolae Baneasa, rental villa in a residential complex near the zoo, the villa is arranged on the ground floor, first floor and attic, the villa has a built area of 400 sqm and 300sqm garden.
property in RomaniaVilla Ground + floor + attic, 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms, gym, garage, basement. Total area 280sqm. Backyard. The ground floor consists of livingroom, kitchen, bathroom. First floor: 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms.
property in RomaniaIndustrial space, warehouse, hall with surface area of 2150 m². Height 6 m
dr4stic replied to the thread Attaining citizenship help? on the Romania forum:
dr4stic initially posted:
Hello, I've been looking into attaining romanian citizenship and am looking for help or pointers or anything. I believe my grandmother was a Romanian citizen. I have a birth certificate for her, badly damaged, from 1929, which clearly indicates where her birth certificate should be documented in the Romanian archives (I think). She was born in Cernauti. I have scans (from a family member) for a passport for my great grandmother from the Kingdom of Romania, dated 1937. It shows that my grandmother would be traveling with her, the name is listed in my great grandmother's passport. Both of them, and my great grandfather were interned in camps shortly there after and stripped of their citizenship. I understand that as long as my grandmother was a citizen, I should be able to use the blood right to gain romanian citizenship. Researching this topic on the internet doesn't yield much useful information.
dr4stic replied most recently with:
Hi AdiGirl, Thanks for your response. I'm in the US, Miami specifically. From my reading I'm simply a little nervous about the process. I am hoping to find someone who has been through the process already. My family was eventually evacuated to Colombia. My grandparents met and were married there and my mother was born there. The reason I'm looking for someone with experience is because getting documentation from Colombia will prove to be interesting. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc, will need to be translated and authenticated. I'm trying to gauge how big of a task I'm facing, as well as the order of the tasks themselves. I'm also curious if someone knows of other forums I might try? Finding forums for citizenship in Romania is proving difficult. Thanks for your response. If I don't hear anything back, I'll try the embassy :-)
AdiGri replied most recently with:
From what I've read, you should be able to apply for citizenship if your grandmother was born in Cernauti (present day Ukraine, but part of Romania back then). If you can produce a legal document indicating that, you should have a solid base to apply for citizenship. In what country are you now? Did you contact the local Romanian embassy?
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DrBear replied to the thread Anyone from Ploiesti? on the Romania forum:
TomyBlue initially posted:
Hi there. i will be moving Ploiesti in December and it will be my first time in Romania. i can see some highlights and tips about Romania in general (mostly Bucharest) in webpages but how about Ploiesti? i really wonder how it is like living in this city. Thanks in advance
DrBear replied most recently with:
Tommy, Ploiesti is considered much like a suburb to Bucharest. I know people who commute to/from Ploiesti and Bucharest daily. For someone living in Baneasa (North of Bucharest) is more convenient and less time consuming to go to Ploiesti than Berceni (South of Bucharest). You have a 130 kmph speed limit highway to Bucharest, a straight line between Ploiesti and the core of Bucharest on DN1 (both can get you to Bucharest in less than 45 minutes). Also, if you don't drive there are at least 10 trains/day that can get you to/from Bucharest in Ploiesti in under 60 minutes for less than 50 lei. (~ 15 $). Both trains/busses are clean and efficient. If you are adventurous enough you can hithchike near the south train station. You would see a lot of people doing it as is faster and cheaper (people pay the man that picks them up) to get into suburbs of Ploiesti. A trip to Bucharest done like this, would be about 10-15 lei. This being said, go and meet people from your country in Bucharest! :) Have a nice stay. Ploiesti is nice, even tho the air is sometimes...well..errr...bad. PS: try the "delice" confectionery store. You will be amazed, and preety soon obese :)
TomyBlue replied most recently with:
Hello everybody, Thanks to raluca and mariuszah for the warm welcome :) Its been 3 weeks since I moved to Ploiesti and I am getting used to more and more.. well, usually i have no chance to spend some time at weekdays to know the city, I am very much busy with my role in the company but weekends i do some walks. City looks organized and not much crowded. They have more then enough supermarkets :) and restaurants seems nice. But living as an expat in Romania is not that easy, there just few people speaking english and seems there are not much foreigners either. I`d like to come together with people from Ploiesti.
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Dan1966 replied to the thread Retiring in Romania on the Romania forum:
Dan1966 initially posted:
I am contemplating buying a vacation home in Transylvania and eventually, either retiring permanently, or just spending the summers there; haven't decided yet, I have another 5-6 years to decide. Do the Romanian laws allows the Government to tax my retirement income? I will be paying income taxes in the US and wonder if am being exposed to double taxation of my income which will be mainly 401k, Social Security and investment dividends. Also, how are the property taxes calculated? Anyone with knowledge of these issues is welcome to comment. Thank you kindly.
Dan1966 replied most recently with:
Thanks so much for the tip; will look her up!
ajc994 replied most recently with:
Hi Dan we're looking at building a Strongwood log home but using local builders. We've found a fabulous lady that lives in transylvania who is a project manager and will work on our behalf to ensure it's all done properly. if you google Adriana Horstman you'll find her. She maybe able to advise you too about your plans. She's VERY knowledgeable about all things to do with building etc in Transylvania. She's actually dutch but speaks perfect English
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ajc994 replied to the thread Buying land in Transylvania on the Romania forum:
ajc994 initially posted:
I'm looking at buying a plot of land in transylvania which I'd like to build a house on. I retire in 5 years time and my intention is to move to Transylvania. To buy the land now, i've been advised that I'll either have to set up a company in romania or become a Romanian resident ( which i've been told is easy to do and can be completed in a day or so). Does anyone have any advise on this?
ajc994 replied most recently with:
Hi, thank you for the reply. Yes, it's already intravilan land and our plans are to build a house on the land so this is why i was wondering if i still need to set up a company to do this or if i can gain residency to do it.
mariuszah replied most recently with:
Hi, It depends a lot what kind of land you want to buy. It sounds like you want to buy land for construction, which needs to be "intravilan" (inside the village). This means you can get the permit to build on it. The other kind of land is "extravilan" (outside the village or city), and it is primarily used for agriculture. You need to check the status of this land before you buy, as it can take quite a lot of time (or it might even be impossible) to change the destination of the land. I believe you no longer need to have a company set up here, but I don't know about residency.
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property in Romania2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a building from 2004 in Primaverii Area, the luxury area of Bucharest. The apartment has a courtyard of 100 sqm. It hasb120 sqm and comprises living room, closed kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is fully furnished.

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