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IWABWY posted Zimbabwean community in Romania on the Romania forum on September 03, 2015:
Hello everyone. Can someone please tell me if there is a Zimbabwean community in Romania and if yes, how can I get in touch with it ? My future husband is planning on moving to Romania and it would be great if we could find a community of people who are from his country, which is Zimbabwe. It would be of a great help to us. Thank you all in advance.
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Lostinro replied to the thread Buzau on the Romania forum on September 02, 2015:
Lostinro initially posted:
hi all Just joined in here wondering if any expats in Buzau, do drop a message if anyone is here
Lostinro replied on September 02, 2015 with:
It's around 120 Km from Bucharest, a small peaceful town where a week of wandering would establish who you are... For about 500 usd per month you could rent a 3 bedroom private villa and for bat 100k usd build a castle.... Downside very few places to party but weekend can be fun if you into travel to the mountains or countryside to experience local cultures...
psuper81 replied on September 02, 2015 with:
Where is Buzau, We are currently in Bucharest-Looking for the next place to live-kind of going month to month-Have no intentions of returning to the US-except for med checkups and my sons school Kelly
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psuper81 replied to the thread Hi, just joined, have a few questions on the Romania forum:
GingerMcKenna initially posted:
I'm a single lady , of a certain age lol , I am not new to living in other countries, inc, France even Mexico.. originally from UK .. I am wondering if any other single ladies have moved to Romania on their own and is so I would welcome to hear their experiences.. My other questions inc. how easy is it to find accommodation to rent and what is the usual way, can you rent locally direct from landlord etc? Any specific rules for residency for an EU passport holder? etc. Thank you all in anticipation , Ginger ..
psuper81 replied on September 02, 2015 with:
Hi My name is Kelly and my son and I just popped in Bucharest Using Air BnB we are renting a furnished studio for $701 for a month-Doing it differently I would have only rented a week-Because we showed up and the TV does not work and he has not fixed it yet.. I am hoping everything will be okay as he brought us a fan and sheets right away-but we have had to go through Anna the actual host... So I think Air BnB is going to be a good thing-just being a little more watchful-and thoughtful and not renting so long off the cuff. Would have been better. If you want please let me friend request you on Air BnB for the credit- Sincerely Kelly and Will
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medias replied to the thread Quick question? The best news about Romania, in English on the Romania forum:
medias initially posted:
I'm half-Romanian, and scouting opportunities all the way from Canada. Where's the best way to follow the news about Romania, in English? A newspaper website, or a blog would be great. Many thanks.
medias replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Thanks. It works! m
hellraiser66 replied on August 11, 2015 with:
Hi, Try this link, it should be what you are looking for.
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tashookool replied to the thread Do any jobs exist for only English speakers in Romania? on the Romania forum:
hellraiser66 initially posted:
I probably can answer this question myself but I just thought it would be worth just asking on this forum. My situation is that my partner is Romanian and although she wishes to come to the UK we are faced with issues of her young child not being allowed by ex to leave Romania at this time. So to explore all avenues I just wondered if there is any jobs that only require English language, although I have been to Romania many times I have not learnt the language, as there was never the intention to move there but.....I am a young 60 year old (age does not help either) who is a peoples person, working face to face situations all my life with people from all walks of life, I am willing to consider any opportunities that may exist as a possible solution to my situation, confident by nature, a hard and keen worker willing to try anything, anywhere in Romania but ideally in Arges if possible for that is where my partner lives. Even working as a couple would be something considered!. I know this is definitely a long shot, a very long short but if you don't ask you will never know is what I believe in. If anyone has any opportunities or advice I would appreciate it, as I said this is just another option I need to look at which may lead to an open door or close one completely. Thanks in anticipation Ian PS Yes I know that some people
tashookool replied most recently with:
Hi Mate , Just read your message about opportunity so I am an Irish national and girlfriend is Romanian and thinking to move to Romania so is there any jobs around there for English speaking only in Customer service/Admin sort of categories? How much do u think I can earn there? Hope to hear from you soon Regards Shami
hellraiser66 replied most recently with:
Hi there, I asked that same question well over a year ago and I am still here in the UK lol. However if you can speak romanian then there maybe an opportunity for you, see my post name Hellraiser66 and you will see a posting from Charles which maybe of interest to you. Hope you are luckier than me my fried
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GingerMcKenna commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Bucharest, Romania
What are some things you appreciate most about the new culture?
My husband and his family. I really love my husband and his family (Continue)
GingerMcKenna replied most recently with:
how about making friends with a stray dog!
dancesnitch replied recently with:
The stray dogs such. I agree. But is there anything about the country that you positively like? I loved the night life, the mountains, the food etc. My wife and I live in Canada and all I can say is the stress North American culture leaves is worse than stray dogs and garbage imo.
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HansRD posted Wanted to try my Luck on the Romania forum:
Hello everyone, I am a filipina primary school and special education teacher. I have been working in my profession for 7 years now and wanted a career change. I wanted to learn new culture and visit another country, I find Romania very interesting. I hope you can give me an overview of the country and possible job offers. Thanks in advance!
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Hi there. I need to hire an admin for office work in Romania. Needs to be an "English first language-Romanian second language" individual. Please private message me or answer here, if you prefer. Would love to make a hire ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you
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james1267 posted Where to live in Romania on the Romania forum:
Hi, I lived in Bucharest for 6 months then moved back to Spain for 18 months, but now looking to go back to Romania, can anyone suggest different areas to live in, any areas I shouldn't go to? I do need to have a good connection to the internet and some space for myself and dogs so city centres are not for me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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