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pramod posted Indian s in Romania on the Romania forum on August 24, 2014:
Hi Can I get idea, how many Indians may be in Romania at least approximately. Thanks
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bellascot replied to the thread Are you moving from UK to Romania? on the Romania forum:
MarkTV initially posted:
I am researching for a TV documentary on people who are moving from the UK to other countries to work or study or to experience a different way of life. We are looking to film a pilot where we would interview people who are preparing to move, making plans and doing research, or even just dreaming about what life abroad would be like. If you are based in the north of England and thinking about moving to Romania and would be interested in being interviewed for our film please get in touch. And if you have any questions for me, please post them below. Cheers (mark at mccmedia dot co dot uk)
bellascot replied most recently with:
Yes, I fit that bill and I live in Liverpool
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I probably can answer this question myself but I just thought it would be worth just asking on this forum. My situation is that my partner is Romanian and although she wishes to come to the UK we are faced with issues of her young child not being allowed by ex to leave Romania at this time. So to explore all avenues I just wondered if there is any jobs that only require English language, although I have been to Romania many times I have not learnt the language, as there was never the intention to move there but.....I am a young 60 year old (age does not help either) who is a peoples person, working face to face situations all my life with people from all walks of life, I am willing to consider any opportunities that may exist as a possible solution to my situation, confident by nature, a hard and keen worker willing to try anything, anywhere in Romania but ideally in Arges if possible for that is where my partner lives. Even working as a couple would be something considered!. I know this is definitely a long shot, a very long short but if you don't ask you will never know is what I believe in. If anyone has any opportunities or advice I would appreciate it, as I said this is just another option I need to look at which may lead to an open door or close one completely. Thanks in anticipation Ian PS Yes I know that some people
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jenamenifer replied to the thread Legal issues in Romania on the Romania forum:
theodor initially posted:
Hello, I was wondering what are the most common legal issues you can come by, as an expat, in Romania.
jenamenifer replied most recently with:
All of your legal documents, such as your birth certificate, etc, need to be translated into Romanian. Depending on the city your looking to relocate to, translation and notary services are readily available
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jenamenifer posted English and German Tutor in Cluj on the Romania forum:
Hello :) I'm an American expat and my Romanian husband and I are starting offer English and German lessons from our home. I'm a very new expat and I've only been in the country for a little over a month. I'm trying to find other jobs and I'm wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to be able to work here until my residency permit is approved. Thanks in advance :)
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Daianara replied to the thread Income Tax exemption for expat on the Romania forum:
TheInvincible initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I am an Indian National considering a permanent move to Bucharest. I have a degree in Information Systems My Question is since Information Systems is an exempted category in Romania under Income Tax, will I be eligible for this exemption? Thanks in advance...
Daianara replied most recently with:
Hi there, You are right, the government did pass a resolution last year, indicating that several categories of people working in IT would be tax exempt. This refers to just the 16% income tax, which is separate from other taxes paid in Romania, such as health insurance and social security. There's a whole lot of legislation to navigate through (you can see a list of conditions here, albeit in Romanian, ) so I would suggest discussing this with your employer and see if it's applicable to you as well. All the best!
Scorpio11 replied most recently with:
Mr . Invincible, Where did you get the information that people working in "Information Systems" in Romania would be "tax exempt" ? If you have a contract specifying a certain salary ( and no tax !) in fact your contract shows your pay, "after taxes". Any government, anywhere in the world will want to tax those who are gainfully employed. Your employer will pay a certain portion from your salary as "tax" and give you the rest as "no tax salary". Inthe end this is an issue you'd better discuss with your prospective employer. In so far as your wife you will need a "work visa" for her, in order to be able to work in Romania. Hope this helps.
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Hi Everyone, I am planning a permanent move to Bucharest and my wife will be on a dependent visa. Could anyone please let me know if she could work in Bucharest on a dependent Visa?
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I am an expat and cultural trainer living in Constanta with my Romanian husband. We are in need of a marriage Councillor urgently who is able to conduct sessions in English or someone who can conduct them via skype from elsewhere in Romania. Any referrals would be appreciated. Again, it is urgent.
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property in RomaniaVery comfortable apartment for single or couple, in a quiet area in Northern Bucharest. SPA services available. Very close to shopping centers and business areas. Quick access to Henri Coanda airport (7 minutes).
Beautiful Vila in Primaverii area in Bucharest. Ideally for family with children or to set up your firm's office. Perfect public transport connections and neighbourhood.

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