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property in RomaniaThe apartment is renovated,bright,clean,furnished & totally equiped in a great central location.
Majnheiv posted US citizen looking for career opportunity in Romania on the Romania forum on September 16, 2014:
Hello Everyone, My plan is to relocate to Romania within the next 6 months; I would like to partner up with software developers in order to build my software and mobile application technology. I use to live in Romania almost two decades ago, I was 7 years old at the time. Everything about Romania, the people, and rich culture intrigues me; I truly hope to full my desires an all aspects being in the country. While I am there I would like to look for work opportunity, and meet wonderful ppl; below is my CV: Any help is greatly appreciated! Mul?umesc :-) Majnheiv Sainfort’s CV 12916 SW 23 ST • Miramar, FL • 33027• Email:• Phone #: 786 955 8813 PROFILE Experienced in International Trade and Air/Ocean Freight Coordination; Intermodal transshipment, LCL & FCL to the Caribbean, North America, Africa and SE Asia. Experienced in Business Negotiation, Business Contract Writing, Production Management, and Incoterms. d Experienced in dealing with International Arbitrations related to contract dispute; includes: quality discrepancies, delayed delivery date, contract fraud and etc. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou, P.R.C 310023 Graduated 2014 (International Economics and Trade) SKILLS Team building skills of empathy, building of self-esteem, motivational techniques and empowerment. The ability to manage time effectively. Cross Cultural Communication Skills Familiar with local customs and cultural context, SE Asia & China Mandarin- Intermediate level Legal aspect of starting and growing a new business EXPERIENCE MS & BR Development Inc. -FL, USA (Founder) Cloud software and mobile application designer. Patent Inventor: A system and method for maximizing food selection options. 2014 Distribuidora HESR, SRL Dominican Republic Director/ Overseas Production Manager, mixed with the arrangement, coordination and control of numerous manufacturing procedures with main supplier (Leling City Qiangsheng Daily Chemicals). Logistics/ Supply Chain Director, supervised the flow of resource and information from HESR to Leling City Qiangsheng Daily Chemicals, and other suppliers to ensure the delivery of products; ensure client requirements are met and expectations are fulfilled. Interpreted and relayed information in Mandarin into English and vice versa between our suppliers and company executives. Negotiated on competitive ocean freight quote with our main freight forwarders MSC, ZIM, and their principals. 2009- 2013 Infinite Atlantic International Ltd, China: Air/ Ocean Freight Coordinator. My responsibilities were to coordinate shipments of various contract orders to African countries. Contracts varied from solar power systems to 5,000 Liters air to water generators, along with diesel powered Cummins generators. A large part of my role in the company was to analyze and ensure the accuracy of custom clearance documents; includes: B/L, Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Insurance, Quality Inspection Report, Commercial Invoice and other relevant documents. 2013-2014 Zhejiang Chang Zheng College, Hangzhou China (Business English Instructor) 2011 SWPaining- Regina, Canada (Franchisee) Devised marketing strategies; budget analysis; sales and pricing strategies; CRM; employee management and etc. My painting team was comprised of student workers; we painted commercial and residential buildings; and took on sub-contracted work from reputable painting companies in the Regina and Estevan area. 2008
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property in RomaniaThe apartment is in a rehabilitated (2012) block of flats; energy certificate. Metal door entrance. Air conditioning. Thermopan windows, inclusively a closed balcony. Solid wood floors, reconditioned with Swedish ecologic solutions.
WeddingHorses replied to the thread exporting cars to romania from uk on the Romania forum:
isayaah initially posted:
hello all, i am a car trader here in the uk and would like to find an english speaking expat in romania to work with. i would need help to find buyers for my vehicles which are mostly new reg cars. if anyone can help, i am willing to pay a good percentage fee for every car sold. payment will be be agreed upon to avoid any surprises, and i will pay as soon as sale is completed. if anyone fits this category please respond. thank you for reading.
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
You will drive them here yourself then and require me to already have a Buyer for a Cash sale?
isayaah replied on September 12, 2014 with:
cars will be driven. new registration vehicles made in 2014. cars will be bmw / audi/ merc. need sales waiting as soon as i get there. no fuss about
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Getting a car from UK to Romania on the Romania forum:
christinekent initially posted:
Does anyone know of a cheap way of transporting a car from the UK to Romania. So far the best quote I have is GBP4500 which is far too much. I need to find something much cheaper or I will have to drive all the way myself on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road.
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
I drove mine here myself. Cost about £700 including Tunnel, Petrol, Road tolls and Hotels.
wearecomingtoromania replied on August 02, 2013 with:
Hi, We have a logistics company, We move anything anywhere. Please e mail We can give you a much better price. Thanks James
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Anyone from Ploiesti? on the Romania forum:
TomyBlue initially posted:
Hi there. i will be moving Ploiesti in December and it will be my first time in Romania. i can see some highlights and tips about Romania in general (mostly Bucharest) in webpages but how about Ploiesti? i really wonder how it is like living in this city. Thanks in advance
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Hi mate. Welcome to Ploiesti. I have lived here since June 2012 and am totally at home here. I am lucky that like my Brit expat friends I can run my business in the UK from home here with Phone and PC. Give me a shout on 0724633303 and we can go out for a Beer or ? sometime. Steve.
DrBear replied on April 02, 2014 with:
Tommy, Ploiesti is considered much like a suburb to Bucharest. I know people who commute to/from Ploiesti and Bucharest daily. For someone living in Baneasa (North of Bucharest) is more convenient and less time consuming to go to Ploiesti than Berceni (South of Bucharest). You have a 130 kmph speed limit highway to Bucharest, a straight line between Ploiesti and the core of Bucharest on DN1 (both can get you to Bucharest in less than 45 minutes). Also, if you don't drive there are at least 10 trains/day that can get you to/from Bucharest in Ploiesti in under 60 minutes for less than 50 lei. (~ 15 $). Both trains/busses are clean and efficient. If you are adventurous enough you can hithchike near the south train station. You would see a lot of people doing it as is faster and cheaper (people pay the man that picks them up) to get into suburbs of Ploiesti. A trip to Bucharest done like this, would be about 10-15 lei. This being said, go and meet people from your country in Bucharest! :) Have a nice stay. Ploiesti is nice, even tho the air is sometimes...well..errr...bad. PS: try the "delice" confectionery store. You will be amazed, and preety soon obese :)
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Are you moving from UK to Romania? on the Romania forum:
MarkTV initially posted:
I am researching for a TV documentary on people who are moving from the UK to other countries to work or study or to experience a different way of life. We are looking to film a pilot where we would interview people who are preparing to move, making plans and doing research, or even just dreaming about what life abroad would be like. If you are based in the north of England and thinking about moving to Romania and would be interested in being interviewed for our film please get in touch. And if you have any questions for me, please post them below. Cheers (mark at mccmedia dot co dot uk)
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Hi. I have already moved and have been here for over 2 Years now. Does this fit your interest?
bellascot replied on August 06, 2014 with:
Yes, I fit that bill and I live in Liverpool
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alastairsloan initially posted:
Hi, I'm a freelance journalist with a special interest in immigration. I was hoping to make contact via email with British expats living in (or moving to) Romania, and to keep in touch about how you are getting on with locals. If that sounds of interest, let me know!
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Hi. I am from UK and have been here since June 2012.
moorcroftservices replied on January 24, 2014 with:
Hello I have lived here for 8 years, what would you like to know? Dean
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Legal issues in Romania on the Romania forum:
theodor initially posted:
Hello, I was wondering what are the most common legal issues you can come by, as an expat, in Romania.
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
I didn't need any of my documents to be translated and received my 5 Year Visa with no problems.
jenamenifer replied on July 18, 2014 with:
All of your legal documents, such as your birth certificate, etc, need to be translated into Romanian. Depending on the city your looking to relocate to, translation and notary services are readily available
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Do any jobs exist for only English speakers in Romania? on the Romania forum:
hellraiser66 initially posted:
I probably can answer this question myself but I just thought it would be worth just asking on this forum. My situation is that my partner is Romanian and although she wishes to come to the UK we are faced with issues of her young child not being allowed by ex to leave Romania at this time. So to explore all avenues I just wondered if there is any jobs that only require English language, although I have been to Romania many times I have not learnt the language, as there was never the intention to move there but.....I am a young 60 year old (age does not help either) who is a peoples person, working face to face situations all my life with people from all walks of life, I am willing to consider any opportunities that may exist as a possible solution to my situation, confident by nature, a hard and keen worker willing to try anything, anywhere in Romania but ideally in Arges if possible for that is where my partner lives. Even working as a couple would be something considered!. I know this is definitely a long shot, a very long short but if you don't ask you will never know is what I believe in. If anyone has any opportunities or advice I would appreciate it, as I said this is just another option I need to look at which may lead to an open door or close one completely. Thanks in anticipation Ian PS Yes I know that some people
WeddingHorses replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Hi. I am a young 61 and also married to a Romanian Lady. I have lived here for 2 Years now and like many Brits who live here am running my UK Business by Phone and Internet from here. If you let me know what type of work you have been doing I will have a look for you.
SusanOroviceanu replied on August 30, 2014 with:
Hello and good day I live here in Romania and only speak English. I've been working for 5 years now and make ok money (7000 lei per month). It only took me a month to find a job and I did it without any help. Believe me, if I did it you can also do it:)
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