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property in RomaniaFor Rent: 3 room apartment at Parc Kiseleff, Bucharest
property in RomaniaAmerican-style, this home boasts two large open space areas - perfect for social gatherings. Lush garden makes a world of difference during the hot summer months with 40+ degrees downtown. +Enough space to install a pool.
Built in an American style, our home has two large open space areas, on the ground floor and the top floor, perfect for social gatherings.
mariamachiel posted Renting Apartment in Oradea on the Romania forum on April 20, 2015:
Hello all, I am from Indonesia, never visit Romania but will move to Oradea because my husband got a scholarship to study at Oradea University. I need information about apartment to rent which is close to the university. I also appreciate all information about living in Oradea. Thank you!
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WeddingHorses replied to the thread Do any jobs exist for only English speakers in Romania? on the Romania forum:
hellraiser66 initially posted:
I probably can answer this question myself but I just thought it would be worth just asking on this forum. My situation is that my partner is Romanian and although she wishes to come to the UK we are faced with issues of her young child not being allowed by ex to leave Romania at this time. So to explore all avenues I just wondered if there is any jobs that only require English language, although I have been to Romania many times I have not learnt the language, as there was never the intention to move there but.....I am a young 60 year old (age does not help either) who is a peoples person, working face to face situations all my life with people from all walks of life, I am willing to consider any opportunities that may exist as a possible solution to my situation, confident by nature, a hard and keen worker willing to try anything, anywhere in Romania but ideally in Arges if possible for that is where my partner lives. Even working as a couple would be something considered!. I know this is definitely a long shot, a very long short but if you don't ask you will never know is what I believe in. If anyone has any opportunities or advice I would appreciate it, as I said this is just another option I need to look at which may lead to an open door or close one completely. Thanks in anticipation Ian PS Yes I know that some people
WeddingHorses replied most recently with:
3,500 Lei is a good Salary here in Romania jc.
jcport67 replied most recently with:
Hi, someone said 7000 lei per month. I used an online money conversion and it is not making any sense. Did the money change from the time of post 2014 to now?
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yana replied to the thread Help ! pls on the Romania forum:
yana initially posted:
Hi There! I would very much appreciate if someone living in Romania (Brasov, Sibiu) could help me out on some info. My family - mom from Germany, dad from Israel and a 10 year old boy - are considering to "retire" in Romania. For background info, we have lived in Germany, Switzerland, US and Israel because of work. All of us speak fluent German, English and Hebrew - another language will not be to big of a problem. I need some input on Romania that so far I could not find on the general searches of the internet: What about health insurance costs? How is the system vs. what you know from whereever you are living now? Cost of private insurance ? Motocross or Enduro sports (youth) Anyone knows some clubs or tracks in the area of Sibiu or Brasov ? Races ? anything that I can get a link to ? School Need some info on a good german or english school (I am so fed up with the israeli schools / education system......) Alternatively the possibility of a private tutor for a 5th grader. Costs involved ? I appreciate any comment thx
yana replied most recently with:
Thanks! What Int. are we talking ? British or US ? Also, I could not find anything about costs ? What do you pay per month or year ? thanks again Yana
Uiowachick01 replied most recently with:
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yana replied to the thread Moving To Cluj with 3 kids on the Romania forum:
Minuc initially posted:
Hi, I've been living in Canada (Montreal) for almost 10 years and my husband and I decided to move to Cluj (Romania) at the end of the summer. We have 3 kids born in Quebec (6, 4 and 1 yr old) so it's going to be a big change for us all to move back to Romania. I am an acupuncturist and my husband works in IT and he has already got a job offer so I think professionnally we will do ok. The only thing that I'm worried about is the kids' education... I remember schools in Romania were pretty terrible. Is it the same nowadays ? Are there any good schools in Cluj? The Transylvania College? The Spectrum school? Any government school that would be ok? Thank you .
yana replied most recently with:
How did the issue with the school end ? We are planning to move and and I still seek some input.
Minuc replied most recently with:
Thank you Uiowachick01. That's pretty much what I meant when I said that school in Romania was terrible. In fact that's my major concern, that the kids don't get treated the way you decribe it. And I know this still happents because those teachers still are the fruit of an abused comunist society. But I still hope that in the North of the country people are nicer than in the south. No offence, I come from Prahova and my husband comes from Baia Mare and I always saw in the people from the North a nice, civilized influence from Hungaria...
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DMc posted Is E85 fuel available in Romania? on the Romania forum:
As title: Is E85 fuel available in Romania? If not, what petrol is commonly sold at fuel stations?
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10 Tips for Living in Romania by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Romania share their tips for living in Romania. They discuss the pros and cons of living there and offer advice about driving in Bucharest, finding an apartment and more. (Continue)
Expat Report Jobs in Bucharest, Romania by zannet was published
What advice would you offer others about finding jobs and working abroad?

It is quite easy to find a job here if you speak a widely used language, such as French, German, Russian etc. English is ad added must, ofcourse.

Upon arrival the job can be founf in 1 month.


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