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Join our Italy Forum and talk with other expats in Italy who can offer you insight and tips about living in Italy. Here are a few of the latest discussions on the Italy Expat Forum:

Italy expat forum topic
Travel Insurance - Italy to US (6 replies)

I am taking a 7 week trip to the U.S. this summer and have been looking into travel insurance. I'm 65, which unfortunately limits my options, as not every company provides travel insurance to people over 64 (or perhaps younger), or for the length of my trip. I was reading reviews for Globelink, and all good, except most, fortunately, haven't had to place a claim. The few that have rate it from excellent to extremely poor, with weird requirements, like having a UK bank account. Argh! Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a reliable company that provides travel insurance for folks 65 and older and who are traveling for up to two months? Thanks so much!

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Italy expat forum topic
Citizenship Jure Sanguinis (3 replies)

Hi - I am wondering if I am completely out of luck to receive citizenship through blood line. Although I have relationships with many of my relatives in Italy, my immigrant grandfather was fast tracked in WWI with petition for naturalization before my father was born. Is anyone aware of a possibility for still petitioning through jure sanguinis? Thanks, Nick

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Italy expat forum topic
SEPA transfers (5 replies)

Does anyone know if Citibank or Chase (or other big US bank) will allow you to deposit regular payments in the US that you can either withdraw in Milan or have transferred from Milan to a bank in Italy? I understand that you can open an account in the US and withdraw from their one branch in Milan. But I don't know if that branch can transfer it to an Italian branch (as a SEPA transfer) and avoid the fees that would be imposed if you had sent it directly from the US to your Italian bank account.

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