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niapicani replied to the thread 3-month stay limit for visitors called "Snow Birds" on the Singapore forum:
ecbmd initially posted:
Hi everyone, I'd like to know if anyone has information if short term visitors with US Passports can stay for about 10 weeks straight in Singapore then leave the country for about 7 to 10 days to visit The Philippines then return back to Singapore to stay for another 10 weeks before heading back to the US. The purpose of the stay is to avoid the harsh winter and bitter coldness in the Northern parts of USA every year (term known as Snow Birds) as short term tourists without applying for permanent Singapore residency? Your responses are appreciated and I think will be helpful. ecbmd
niapicani replied on August 31, 2015 with:
I am afraid it cannot. One entry has a max of 30 days stay. While you may request for an extension of another 30 days, it requires you don't enter singapore in the near future. btw, if you happen to need a place to stay in singapore, you may check this property rental website
davidnipser replied on August 14, 2015 with:
you can stay only in Condo or house, but not HDB (built by government). You may check property for rent at
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cc532 posted Bank account for US citizens on the Singapore forum on August 30, 2015:
There's a chance I will attend a conference in Singapore later this year. In addition to a passport and bank reference letter, what others are required to open up an account?
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property in SingaporeMinimum 1 year lease required. Available almost immediately. Deal with agent, no agent fees required. Rental negotiable.
ChangiBeachClubseller posted Singapore seaside club membership for sale on the Singapore forum on August 20, 2015:
Hi, We are selling our Changi Beach Club Family Membership for only SGD 3000 (includes transfer fees). For this price, you and family can spend weekdays and weekends by the beach in Changi, swim in the huge pool at the Club, or relish a staycation in any of the well-equipped rooms, dine at the in-house restaurant and enjoy many more activities. Details below : Sale of Membership. 1. Membership covers the main member, spouse and children below 16 years 2. Guests allowed in for nominal fee 3. Exciting Club classes and events at member's rate 4. Exclusive members' rates for guest rooms facilities include (some nominal fees may apply) 1. Jackpot, Mahjong 2. Swimming pool 3. Tennis, Golf, Bowling,Badminton,Squash, Table tennis 4. KTV room 5. Gym 6. Billiards affiliated with Changi Golf Club, The Grassroots Club and Southlink Country Club in Batam. Please contact me via Thanks!
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stilson posted Casting Exciting New Expat Series on the Singapore forum:
Hello expats! I am currently casting for an amazing new docu-series that is looking for compelling stories from US expats about their experiences living abroad. Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and your experiences living in a foreign country, or with any questions you may have. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! Sophie
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khagwell posted Pet sitter available on the Singapore forum:
We arrive in Singapore Oct.24, 15 for approx 1 mo. Retired teachers, references, experience, pet 1st aid cert. If anyone is interested I can send complete profile as I'm listed on Trusted Housesitters and MindMyHouse.
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nate85 replied to the thread Moving to Singapore on the Singapore forum:
adminee initially posted:
I'm pulling together expat tips for an article for our site (Expat Exchange)... 10 Tips for Living in Singapore. Please take a minute to reply and share your favorite tips for newcomers. What are some of your favorite expat clubs and organizations? What do expats typically pay for an apartment (single occupant, family)? If you drive, driving/license tips? Cost of Living advice? What to Bring when you move to Singapore? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
nate85 replied most recently with:
Don't forget to plan your budget. You must research singapore tax terms and laws to see what will you actualy end up with at the end of a month. There's useful info on this page
ronniecjones replied most recently with:
1) Utilize online property search sites 2) Your budget is 80% of whatever your budget is 3) The rental amount is 80% of whatever is posted 4) It's been open for months - no need to rush 5) Low rents: far from public transport or near construction 6) Public Transportation is plentiful 7) Driving - get an allowance as you pay to park everywhere (most expensive cars in the world due to taxes / COE) 8) It's hot, humid - your on the equator 9) It is an Asian culture that speaks English (la!) 10) Budget to travel in the region
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jerome8809 replied to the thread Question about old bankruptcy and return to singapore on the Singapore forum:
americanexpat initially posted:
I lived in singapore 6 years ago, just before elaving i had a dispute wiht a bank regarding a wire transfer, in which they claimed i owed them 100,000 sgd which i did not. After leaving i pretty much forgot about it and have not heard anything from them since. I researched it on solvency search and found they did file a case against me however they do not have my passport, or any other identifying numbers on the case on my name... Problem now, I have a good job prospect in singapore and am wondering if they filed a case what will happen when / if i return to singapore? is it likely ill be stopped upon entry since from what i see they dont know who i am except by name? IE now passport number, no employment pass number etc... What impact if any might this have on my ability to obtain a Employment pass?
jerome8809 replied most recently with:
if you speak, truth, to anyone , on earth, you have nothing to fear, people , like honest, I have been to most high court, in u.s.a, I win , on truth......
spacepol replied most recently with:
AngeT, What is the situation there currently as concerns consultants specialising in development of new services and products from (non-tech) academic research and fields? We specialise in e-gov evaluation, space law, technology policy analysis and strategic cultural "strength-weakness" analysis for use in national competitive strategies. We're more specialised in Nordic countries (we have inside info and know the languages), Argentina, Uruguay, Canada and the US; but Singapore seems (from the online material) to be the type of country keen on keeping and recruiting the best in various fields. So I'm interested! More info at:
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DSTEINER commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Singapore, Singapore
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Don't assume you won't have it! Living in another country other than the US, no matter how "civilized" and clean it is, always brings challenges which you may not anticipate! I acted in ways I did not expect and felt like I could not make it there. Had I just relaxed and given it another 4 mo.,I think I would have been OK. I just tried to absorb it all and jump in like I was in the US and that didn't work. (Continue)
DSTEINER replied most recently with:
Having lived in Singapore for ten years I find that most people either assimilate or reject the culture in about six months. I was able to assimilate and found my stay there to be a very rich experience, got married, and had two sons. My wife and I returned to the USA with our sons but have made regular trips back. We have a home there and will look forward to retirement there in next one to two years. Since our home is paid for and we are able to easily leverage pubkic transportation, our cost of living is very minimal. It will allow us to spend 3 to 6 month periods in Thailand, Vietnam, and China. This will help offset the heat and humidity which occurs from March through October during the Soutwest Monsoon climate when wind currents come up from Sumatra. In November to March the NorthEast Monsoon kicks in and brings cooler air down the coast of China. I have no negative comments about Nanakapp as this person has their own unique family situation and cultural background. Plainly, It works well for some people and not for others. I wish Nanakapp well and hope a more preferable situation is discovered which brings happiness.
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Expat Report Review of International Community School in Singapore, Singapore by nanakapp was published
Review-of-International Community School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
It was a small school, but had a nice, family like atmosphere. The facilities were nice- fairly comparable to US schools and they had sports and some other activities. (Continue)

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