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aqsa posted wants to rent out your house? on the Singapore forum:
if you are planning to rent out your house have you tried placematch asia .i found it useful in finding my place. cheers Aqsa Rao
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Hi all... I'm new here! Indeed Juventus Soccer Schools is new to Singapore! We are hoping to help Singapore's Young footballers reach their goals! We have seen that there is a lot of talented players in Singapore, we hope to give them the right guidance and support they deserve! We will be running many new projects in Singapore and hope that with the help of this forum we will be able to get the news out to you all and let you know of the work we are doing, as well as give you all an opportunity to get involved also! We are delighted to announce that Juventus Soccer Schools (JSS) Singapore Kids will stand a chance to become Player Escorts for all 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup matches played at the National Stadium! You can now become part of Juventus Soccer School Singapore, and possibly, a Player Escort for the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup where you can meet the national teams of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar in person! Click on the link below to find out more about our academy programmes or Juventus Camp 2014!!programs/cgqj I think this is a great opportunity for Young people in Singapore and hope that we can all work together in future... Thanks to this website forum we will hopefully all be able to keep in touch! Thanks
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A Major MNC is looking for potential candidates to provide proper financial planning and customize solutions to individuals, groups and/or businesses.
sahilmalik posted Salary advice on the Singapore forum:
Hi All, I am from United States, and now moving to Singapore for at least 15 months, along with my spouse. I have few questions in before accepting this offer -what is a normal cost of living in Singapore. - Should i go for Local plus compensation package or balance sheet approach. -Which area do I prefer to live Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
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ChristopherC14 posted British Club Membership on the Singapore forum:
Individual Transferable British Club membership for sale. SGD 12,000 including transfer fees. Current membership cost is 20k. Contact me on
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MarcusYang replied to the thread Car Rental in Singapore on the Singapore forum:
foxy09 initially posted:
Hi, We are moving to Singapore in a couple of weeks, I understand it might be better to use the public transport in Singapore. Unfortunately its not an option for us, anyone have any advice on a car rental companies and rental fees, car insurance, tax or issues to take into consideration. Thanks
MarcusYang replied most recently with:
I agree with redred01 regarding your car rental concern. I find the MRT to be easy, cheap and roomy.
chanel26 replied most recently with:
You can check Car rental Singapore here:
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of International Community School in Singapore, Singapore
Review-of-International Community School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
It is a small scool, around 170 students total. Basic courses are offered and the extra curricular activities my children have been involed in are basketball, drama. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
I'm interested in enrolling my children at the International Community School in Singapore in 2015 as I would like them to continue with a Christian education, but this school appears to be so small and facilities appear to be very limited compared to the bigger American expat schools such as United World College and Stamford, which is a major negative. Are there facilities near ICS for kids to partake in other sports and extra murals not offered at the school? Thanks, Linda
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aqsa replied to the thread Residency on the Singapore forum:
lynne05elmo29 initially posted:
Anyone have an idea as to what the visa process for residency in Singapore?
aqsa replied most recently with:
hey there, I just came across that you are looking for an apartment, you might want to check out Posting an ad is Free and I found it to be useful in finding my place. Hope that helps :) Cheers, Aqsa Rao"
Sweetpants replied most recently with:
If you have 2.5 million Sing Dollars, you can try the Investor Route. Otherwise, look for a job, get a working permit - employer will apply for you. Then work for close to 3 years and then apply for citizenship, quite easy..
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We are currently looking for a local special educational consultant in Singapore to assist expats/repatriating families find the best school match for their child(ren) in the area.
British Club Singapore Individual Transferable Membership for Sale. S$9800 or nearest reasonable offer. (Includes Transfer Fee). Please email -
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