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raymon replied to the thread Citizenship in Singapore on the Singapore forum:
lynne05elmo29 initially posted:
Does anyone know how a US citizen go about getting citizenship in Singapore
raymon replied on April 10, 2014 with:
u need to be permanent resident for a few years to make it easier to apply for citizenship.
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tbahder replied to the thread Open Bank Account Without Work Permit? on the Singapore forum:
tbahder initially posted:
I am currently living in the US and I want to open a savings account in DSB bank or OCBC bank in Singapore. Some of the bank web sites say that I must have the following: Employment pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore or The In-Principle Approval Letter issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. I have neither of these documents. However, I plan to travel to Singapore in June 2014. Any suggestions on how I can open my savings account? Thanks.
tbahder replied most recently with:
Jabx, Thank you for the great help with the info on opening an account. I will do as you suggested--bring some utility bills.
Jabx replied most recently with:
I forget what the minimum deposit is to open a savings account - probably SGD 100 or 200. Perhaps their website will have the info. I just hit their ATM with my US debit card and handed back the cash to make the initial deposit. I wired more $ later. An original utility bill (water, power, not cable or phone) with your name on it is good to have in your kit.
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marcan480 replied to the thread Help with job applications needed on the Singapore forum:
CaroLineCL initially posted:
Hi guys, I am relatively new in SG and have been looking for a job for 3 months now. I've sent out around 40 applications but except for 2 rejections nothing came back. Am I doing sth wrong? How do you apply for jobs here? Unfortunately on all the job boards you only find a button to apply, and only rarely a concrete contact person you can e-mail. I have the impression my applications all wander into a huge black hole. TIA, everyone!
marcan480 replied most recently with:
Well first of all I find it rude of the remaining 38 companies who did not even have the decency to send a reaction/rejection. Unless an application is really rubbish I always react. But it it right that many foreigners come to Singapore, perhaps you should apply more aimed directly to companies or to apply in line with your education/experience/skills. IT really depends on what these are, if you have a financial or IT background there might be chances, if you studied history or psychology it might be more difficult.
Sweetpants replied most recently with:
Lots of foreigners are trying their luck here. If you do not have special skills in a relevant and progressive industry, you must be willing to go down in salary or try those lower end jobs only. You are fighting against many from the surrounding regions like Indians, Philipinos, Chinese etc.
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property in SingaporeCondo in Singapore for own stay/investment at very attractive prices.
property in Singapore4 units of Non-Residential Units are available at The Hillford in Bukit Timah. 2 restaurants, 1 childcare/nursery/playschool & 1 eldercare unit.
Hi, We are an Australian couple living in Singapore looking to adopt, and fulfil the Australian Government's criteria for adoption. We are hoping to do a private intercountry adoption, but have also started the HSR process to be eligible to adopt in Singapore too. As we are a de facto couple (not married, but together for 8+ years), we are finding it hard to get information on countries that allow de factos to adopt. We know there is the possibility for one of us to adopt as a single parent, but would like to avoid this. Does anyone know of any countries that are accepting of unmarried couples? Have any Australian couples out there recently adopted that can shed light on this? I've had a good look through the forums, but can't find any appropriate info. Many thanks in advance for your help!
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Sweetpants replied to the thread Residency on the Singapore forum:
lynne05elmo29 initially posted:
Anyone have an idea as to what the visa process for residency in Singapore?
Sweetpants replied most recently with:
If you have 2.5 million Sing Dollars, you can try the Investor Route. Otherwise, look for a job, get a working permit - employer will apply for you. Then work for close to 3 years and then apply for citizenship, quite easy..
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liaosw posted Thesis on Expatriates - Win $200 vouchers! on the Singapore forum:
Dear all, I am a final year student from the NUS Business School and am working on my thesis. It examines how expatriates' personal traits and their social support received influence their adjustment and career development. Your and your spouse's (if any) help in completing the following survey would be most helpful. The 15-minute survey can be found in the link below: By completing the survey, you stand to win CapitaVouchers – these can be used at over 2,000 stores across 16 malls (e.g. Ion, Rafflescity, Bugis Junction, etc.). 1st prize: $200 vouchers (1 winner) 2nd prize: $150 vouchers (3 winners) 3rd prize: $100 vouchers (6 winners) Please feel free to contact me at if you have any queries. Thank you! :)
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DanielFMG posted Spanish Classes on the Singapore forum:
Hi!! My name is Daniel and I am native spanish speaker studying in Singapore. Can I provide you a boost on your regular spanish classes or simply practise speaking. Feel free to contact with me.
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