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TitusHaanke posted October weather in Andalucia and Costa del Sol on the Spain forum on July 25, 2014:
Wondering what the weather would be like in early/mid October, both inland and on the coast. Planning a trip to Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Nerja, We would appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!
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Hotcatt replied to the thread Where to live in Spain on the Spain forum:
RGBIII initially posted:
Just retired. Did Panama for a few months. Not a good fit. Starting my research on Spain. Will be living on a budget. Will be doing a single. Not crazy about the big city, but don't want to be isolated. Being close to the coast would be preferable. Cost of rentals and general cost of living. What kind of red tape to live in Spain. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.
Hotcatt replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Hi guys, we are also looking into moving to Spain. Can anyone tell us what the cost of a nice place on the water would cost average?
HappyHermit replied on June 11, 2014 with:
RGBIII I am currently living in Las Tablas. Panama. After 7 months I am quite sure I dont fit in. European. Aged70 and living on a small pension. Needing the warmth I too am thinking of living in Spain. The coast might be more costly but it is also warmer in winter. I found the website of Kyero the best because they give, every time you look up a place where they have property , information about the climat per month. That is why I try to find something near Almuñecar. Think of 1 year rent for 350 to 400 per month. I leave Panama on june 30th. If you would like we could keep in contact. Wondering if you have found or decided anything? HH
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kwelbi replied to the thread jerez - schools for english children aged 5 on the Spain forum on July 20, 2014:
molly070772 initially posted:
hi - we are looking to move near to jerez next year - can anyone tell me of any good free schools for my son - he is due to start school sept 2014 - also is there any areas that anyone suggests we look at rental property? thanks
kwelbi replied on July 20, 2014 with:
Molly,by free school I take it you mean a public or state school.You will need to establish where you are living in Jerez first as it will depend on what post code you reside in for the school to accept your son.You can search for schools by searching "Colegios publicos en Jerez".As or rentals.Search "alquileres en Jerez" for rentals although you should probably consider a short term rental while you look for something long term after you have made a few acquaintances. who can show you the local system.Good luck.
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Wakeman posted rental on the Spain forum on July 11, 2014:
looking to rent a furnished apt. in Malaga,Granada or Seville for 1 or 2 months in Oct. Nov. Any ideas
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Expat Report Review of St. George's School of Madrid in Madrid, Spain by wendymanuel was published
Review-of-St. George's School of Madrid
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
There are extra-activities of nearly every subject, music school is outstanding, they also practise various sports such as football, volleyball, judo, etc. They have just bought a new campus which has a lot of green areas and is very large. (Continue)
Expat Report Review of St. George's School in Madrid, Spain by afaelli3 was published
Review-of-St. George's School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The school is located in one of the best area surrounding Madrid. They have very good facilities and it is in the process of moving into a larger area with even more sport and leisure options. Among many extra curricular activities I would underline music, sport and theatre (Continue)
We are an exciting new brand of small beach/dock-side bars and restaurants hoping to open in iconic tourist destinations through partnerships with managers of existing or planned establishments. This is an ideal opportunity for English-speaking expats to create a local presence. Many incentives will allow the local operators to build a good local business while being part of a larger network without the usual franchise cash investment. Please note, we do not own or manage any establishments as we are only a brand. We do not provide seed money or operational funding. Please tell us about yourself and your ideas. You can contact us at Or at!!!
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I am looking to possibly spend May thru September in Spain and would like to find info on small cities within 1 hr. of Barcelona by bus or train (that have the climate as Barcelona). I am currently renting an apartment in the northern part of the country and would like to visit any small cities before I leave for the U.S. July 22. El AZ Codger Viejo
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baklavaa posted Galicia or Asturias flat to rent on the Spain forum:
Hi everyone. I am an Australian woman and I have been teaching English in Turkey for 4 years. I would now like to move to Spain, with a preference for Galicia or Asturias. Somewhere not too far from the coast would be great. If anyone has a furnished apartment, maybe granny flat..not too expensive....or maybe a house sitting opportunity........i would love to hear from you? Thank you
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property in SpainApartments available in a luxury development 200 metres from a golf course and 400 metres from the beautiful beaches of Mojacar Playa, Almeria (Andalucia), Spain.

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