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azzazztvr posted cctv on the Spain forum on April 26, 2015:
Costa Blanca torrevieja villamartin Can any one give me contact details of a good cctv engineer near the above addresses please
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maryr123 posted MOVING TO MURCIA SPAIN on the Spain forum on April 25, 2015:
Hi, looking for long term rental, 4 bedrooms, air conditioning villa etc within 25 minutes drive of El Palmer Murcia.
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Expat Report Review of King Richard III College Mallorca in Portals Nous, Spain was published
Review-of-King Richard III College Mallorca
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
I am happy with the facilities. the school is very clean, well maintained, warm in winter and air conditioned in summer. It is a small school but there are science labs, good computer resoures a sports ground and specialised areas for the little children. The children all have school lunches made at the school. They love them. (Continue)
mishakaro replied to the thread considering movingg to Costa del Sol on the Spain forum on April 17, 2015:
mishakaro initially posted:
Greetings! I'm a Canadian considering Spain as my retirement home in a few years. I will be re-visiting the area in May and would like to check out a few properties in or near Malaga. Does anyone know of a trusted real estate agent that I could contact? I'm looking at properties around $100,000US. Any direction would be greatly considered. Cheers M
mishakaro replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Yes I might rent the first year while I look but need to get started and check out some places to get the feel of the region. My partner and I was in Marbella 2 years ago in September and loved it. I do love the culture a big city has to offer which is why I like to be as close to Malaga city centre as possible. If you do have a trusted real estate contact who could show me a place to two in that region, I would be very appreciative.
sdamazo replied on April 17, 2015 with:
There might be some accurate info on the 90 days but there is a lot of american and canadian and non european in general living here. I have spanish passport as well but for you it might be only a formality. You can also rent for six months. Let me know if you need any further info to ask the agency.
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property in SpainThis is an attractive property situated on the corner of the most attractive street in the village of Guaro, within walking distance of all amenities.
kwelbi replied to the thread Rental deposits in Barcelona on the Spain forum:
Vittorio initially posted:
Hi: I have come across a few adverts for rental properties in Barcelona and they state that when renting a property the lessee is expected to pay: 2 months deposit + 1st month in advance + agent commission as a rental = 4 rentals in total as the deposit That seems excessive. I have heard of up to three rentals as part of a deposit lump sum in many countries, but is it as many as four in Spain? Is this normal practice? And how can they justify the lessee being the one to pay agent's commission - surely that is for the landlord to pay?? I would like to know, so please do advise if this is so. Much appreciated. :)
kwelbi replied on April 15, 2015 with:
Vittorio, If you don't have money to burn,get some temporary accomodation like a hostel or something and get out and ask around in small shops,cafes,even the local gas station.In some places including big supermarkets you will find a notice board with private ads for rentals,used cars etc.You will find rentals that are not in the agencies and are less expensive.Happy hunting.
Vittorio replied on April 15, 2015 with:
Hi there: That is good to know, and makes sense. I will do my best to find the said website. Many thanks!
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Hussell posted Spanish schools on the Spain forum on April 13, 2015:
If you were to recommend an international school for two teens to attend for a year to learn Spanish which would you suggest? I have considered Barcelona, San Sebastian, Cadiz and Mallorca, but not come up with anything compelling. Would rather be by the coast. Thanks everyone for thinking. Carole
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Hussell posted Mallorca schools on the Spain forum on April 13, 2015:
HI everyone, I am planning a move to Mallorca for around a year so my 13 and 16 year old can learn Spanish Castillano. Does anyone have any experience of the international schools? I understand they will also learn Catalan and have limited time on Castillano. So am wondering which schools offer the most Spanish and which have suited other teens. Thanks Carole
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Vittorio replied to the thread The 3 month residency rule in Spain on the Spain forum:
Vittorio initially posted:
Hi there: I keep reading about the 3 month residency rule in Spain with regard to legal residence in Spain for non-residents. Does this rule also apply to EU citizens? I am an Italian citizen and want to move to Spain soon, and I cannot work out whether or not this 3 month residency rule would also apply to me. Please advise! Thank you :)
Vittorio replied most recently with:
Thank you for letting me know that - much appreciated ;)
sdamazo replied most recently with:
It doesnt apply to EU citizens. There might be some other procedure but nothing related.
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GMorrell posted North Western Spain on the Spain forum:
Hello Everyone, My wife and are are searching for a place to retire to in the next 4 years in the North West of Spain. We have been to Spain but it was some years ago now (18) and that was on the Med coast. We'd be looking for the following but not necessarily in the order of preference. 1) a relatively cosmopolitan area with English speaking retirees and working expats 2) somewhere where expats meet regularly such as a tennis club or the like (good social life) 3) good rail and road links to an international airport (within 1 hour preferred) 4) good medical care 5) good weather (not too windy) 6) a beach 7) accessible shops and supermarkets 8) rural landscape say within 30 minutes drive I wondered whether anyone knows whether where these requirements may fit the bill? We don't want somewhere too expensive. If one were to buy a 4 bed house with a swimming pool and a decent plot (1/4 hectare), we'd hope to pay under €300,000 . Do any of you have any suggestion? Thank you, Graham Sent on the hoof!
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