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azzazztvr posted Wanted car to rent torrevieja on the Spain forum on May 27, 2015:
Mark as best answer Mark as best answer Wanted Fully insured car from beginning Sept to end of Oct by 59 year old married male with villa in villamartin, Personal use (locally) only. Fed up with rental company rip off prices. phone no UK 07866801437 mobile Thanks Mark
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horadada3 posted rent apartment on the Spain forum on May 25, 2015:
We have a big 3 bed 2 bath apartment with 1 balcony and 2 patios to rent. Good quality new furniture, Siemens dishwasher and washing machine, LG new fridge freezer, new gas hob and electric oven. Summer kitchen has a full size gas oven. Natural gas fitted to the apartment, with a new gas water boiler. Our apartment is in Pilar de la horadada, only 15 mins walk to blue flag beaches. Google Pilar in Alicante region. Plenty of shops and restaurants, banks, schools, a excellent sports centre with tennis, paddle, football, English bowls, and Olympic size swimming pool. Rent for 500€ a month. or buy with car for 115,000€ Forgot to mention apartment comes with underground garage space included with rent
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Snorkler posted International health insurance for U.S. seniors on the Spain forum on May 24, 2015:
We are 65 and want to retire to Spain with intention of getting our residency. We need some information on the best insurance to be covered in Spain. Our Medicare won't cover us in Spain. What has been the experiences of others in this situation.
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Bonnie3408 posted Furniture available for move to Madrid on the Spain forum on May 13, 2015:
We are moving back to the US in late June and have almost-new furniture available for anyone planning to furnish a home affordably in/around Madrid in late June. Please send me a message for more information.
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KimandTom posted Huelva on the Spain forum:
Is there anyone living in or very close to Huelva? We are here for at least 2 months and are contemplating moving here.
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GMorrell replied to the thread Retirement in Spain/in our 60's/from US on the Spain forum:
kathianddennis initially posted:
Reading a lot in this forum but not much on people like myself that are soon to retire and believe they have chosen Spain. Would love to hear more about how the transition was, how they chose a place to live, did they visit it first, what their daily days are like, how are they dealing with missing family and the budget they have each month, etc. So far I have seen very little on this forum.. People post but don't get much response. Love to hear from people that really retire at retirement age, in their 60's, on social security or similar and take the plunge and move abroad. Was it scary, exciting, stressful. Love to hear it all. Thanks! Kathi & Dennis
GMorrell replied most recently with:
Choose to live......sorry!
GMorrell replied most recently with:
Yes thank you I'm sure that many will be interested. By the way, where did you choice to live? Graham
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property in SpainLuxury Villa on plot of 8,433 M2 4 Bedrooms each with en-suite. Massive terrace & roofed porch. 4 car garage. Will sell or consider swap for anywhere.
LovetheBeach posted Between Valencia and Barcelona on the Spain forum:
Hola! Is there anyone on the forum who has some specific information about large towns or small cities between Valencia and Barcelona? I'm considering an extended visit to determine if I may want to relocate. I have thoroughly researched many aspects of the area, but have a few specific questions. Does the cost of living information on close to being accurate? I prefer small towns and small cities as opposed to big cities. A population of anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 would be ideal. Unfortunately, I have not found any accurate information about cost of living for anything but the larger cities in the area. I am a single retired person who lives a quiet, modest lifestyle so bars, clubs and high end restaurants are of no interest to me. I prefer a location somewhat near the sea, mainly for the weather, but not in a tourist area on the beach. So, a nice little spot that is still close enough to the sea to get sea breezes on the hottest days would be ideal. I prefer to shop locally, so a good selection of average price shops would be sufficient. Would it be possible to live such a lifestyle in this area for $1500-$2000 a month? Thank you for whatever information you can provide!
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kwelbi replied to the thread job in spain on the Spain forum:
milapsoni initially posted:
I am from India working as a CCTV camera technician from past 3 years I want to do the sane job in Spain how can I get the job there is there any way to get job there.
kwelbi replied most recently with:
Finding a job in Spain is tough in this economic climate.You need an EU passport to work legally unless you have a contact that can fix you up with work "off the grid".If you are non EU citizen you can only legally enter Spain 90 days so it's a bit tricky without the right passport.
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sdamazo replied to the thread Where to study Spanish in Spain on the Spain forum:
kristinrae initially posted:
I'm an American looking wanting to come to Spain to study Spanish and work part-time. (I have an MBA with marketing concentration.) Can anyone recommend a low cost, quality school with a work placement option? Thanks!
sdamazo replied most recently with:
I havent said since i thought it was a comparison between Spain and Guatemala. I live in Malaga and know and speak spanish. So, know well Spain. Yes, there is a lot of safety issues in US and even in other european countries but what i said on Guatemala is from what i read from ex-expat and locals. I understand well the andalusian but indeed there is a variation from each region.
AlPavarotti replied most recently with:
Well just because you've travelled around Spain doesn't mean you know a lot about Spain, specially if you're not fluent in spanish. Try to understand what the andaluces (people from Andalucia) are saying when they talk. On the other hand, the State Department has a travel advisory on countries that believe it or not, are much safer to live in than living here in south florida where all you see on the local news are people getting killed left and right when they stopped by to get gas or the elderly in their own homes . But of course you can't expect the US government to impose a travel advisory on some of its own cities because that would mess up their economies. And yet I've seen countless number of cases of tourists being murdered in Miami. Crime in guatemala is drug related which happens in isolated areas no different than what happens around low income housiing projects here in the US. You need to start watching your local news and "The First 48" on A&E" in order to get in touch with reality about life here in the US. I live in a gated community here in south florida because it's a wild jungle on the outside. FYI in Florida there is a over a million people with "Concealed Weapon Permits" because the Stand Your Ground Law" allows you to defend yourself in case of what you consider a physical threat. That's why I'm in the process of moving to Spain just like thousands and thousands of americans move to other countries including guatemala.
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