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cwells67 replied to the thread European Unviersities: accreditation and reputation on the Spain forum on November 12, 2014:
theswiss initially posted:
Hi ! I have been contemplating an MBA in order to boost my career in finance. Having looked into quite a few options of European Universities, I have noticed that Accreditation is not the only important criteria. An accredited European University can have a bad reputation, and a University which isn't accredited by the local accreditation organization may have an very good international reputation. This complicates things in terms identifying the good schools. Accreditation simply indicates that a school conforms with local administration and is therefore accredited and recognized. But international institutions definitely have other advantages, like courses in English and an international network of alumni which can be very helpful later on. I am currently discussing an internal move to Munich, Germany, Barcelona, Spain or simply stay here in Switzerland. Any insights on how to assess the reputation of a School? Thanks a lot in advance, Tom
cwells67 replied on November 12, 2014 with:
Good question, Tom. Sorry, I won't be much help about European university status, but there are a number of US schools online that offer accredited degree programs. There may also be a discount for non-US citizens. It is worth looking into. Good luck! Kind regards, Christopher
cwells67 replied on November 12, 2014 with:
Good question, Tom. Sorry, I won't be much help about European university status, but there are a number of US schools online that offer accredited degree programs. There may also be a discount for non-US citizens. It is worth looking into. Good luck! Kind regards, Christopher
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ROGERWILFERT replied to the thread Moving to Andalucia/ Malaga region on the Spain forum:
richiecameron initially posted:
Hello... Myself, my wife and two young sons ( aged 8 & 10 ) are preparing to move to the Malaga region in the late summer of 2015. We have done a fair bit of research and have looked at various towns outside of Malaga like Nerja, Coin and Torrox etc which we would possibly like to rellocate to. Our biggest concern is obviously the schooling for our children and i am looking for a little feedback if possible from families already in the area who have children at school. Do you recommend sending our boys to a Spanish school, a private Spanish school or an International school? Also, can anybody tell me the school holidays throughout the year? What length are the summer holidays? Do you also get holidays in October and Easter? Myself and my wife are arriving in Malaga in February on a research trip. Does anybody have any recommendations or advice on ex-pat communities and schools etc. Thank you very much. Regards Richie and Jaki
ROGERWILFERT replied most recently with:
I will be in Almeria in February, we could meet up there or Malaga.
ROGERWILFERT replied most recently with:
I have lived in Almeria 25 years & helped raise my partners boy who is half Spanish. He has studied in 3 local schools & also in England about 6years. The summer holidays start end of June & end about 8th of September. There's about a week at Easter nearly 2 weeks at Christmas & lots of saints days etc.
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ROGERWILFERT posted Van share on the Spain forum:
East Anglia to Portsmouth-Santander-Andalucia early December 2 people & or things
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garnetlady posted Retired expats from US? on the Spain forum:
Hi everyone! We have recently moved to the Barcelona area and are interested in meeting retired expats from the US. Any suggestions?
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Barcelona, Spain
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
I think culture shock is a different name for lack of information and too many or wrong expectations. It's all about how people interact with each other. If you walk up to somebody and show you are interested in them and their way of life, you will nearly always have a wonderful experience. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Although I do not live in Barcelona proper (we are in a town in Barcelona province) I completely agree with the writer of this expat report on culture shock. My experience mirrors hers in that 99% of the people my husband and I have dealt with have been helpful and friendly. The only shock has been the cost of utilities and clothing. Not much you can do about the charge for electricity, gas and water; however, once you learn when and where to shop for other items (clothing, household goods, etc., you can control your costs.
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cwells67 replied to the thread Billing in Spain on the Spain forum:
mazurpaulina11 initially posted:
Hello! This is the very first time that I´m renting a flat in Spain. I was asked by my real estate agent to provide her with my bank account number so that she could give it to the water and electricity companies, as they will charge my account directly with whatever amount I must pay. The only thing that worries me is that there is no document that would authorize the companies to do so, and I am afraid that they will keep charging me even after I move out. My agent assures that this is the normal way to do it in Spain, but I have my doubts. Should I? Thanks and cheers! P.M.
cwells67 replied most recently with:
Actually, yes, this is the normal way of doing things with utilities and rent. If this makes you nervous like me (I really don't like financial surprises!), then I suggest that you create a different account at your bank specifically for rent and utilities. After about 4 months, you will have an idea of what your costs will be, and can put enough money in that account to cover your bills. When your contract ends, you can do what you want with the account, and the banks and renting agencies won't have access to your main account. Good luck! -christopher
Sal1y replied most recently with:
Dear PM, Do you have control of your bank account on the internet? If you do, you should not have a problem as you would be able to cancel any standing orders once you leave the rental. Or you simply visit your bank and tell them to stop any further payments as long as your bills are paid up to date. If you have a query about your bills I understand you have 14 days to notify the bank that there is something wrong with the payment. It might be worth having a word with your bank as I am sure they will explain how it works. Sally
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sdamazo replied to the thread Buying a restaurant in Majorca, Spain on the Spain forum:
kraespub initially posted:
I am a US citizen and am interested in moving and buying an established restaurant in Spain. Where should I start?
sdamazo replied most recently with:
The reply was a bit harsh. I've travelled all over Spain and the number of restaurants and bars we can find is overwhelming but I saw lack of good service and others issues too.
FredExexpat replied most recently with:
You should start by making an appointment with your doctor and getting your head examined. Buying a bar/restaurant in Spain is a guaranteed one-way to ticket to depression, despair and financial ruin. I know. I did it, and I know many others who did it also.
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Hola Chicos, Alguien sabe a una beca para aprender mas el idioma espanol por gratis? Vivo en manila philippines ahora Estudio espanol basico. por pabor envieme una mensaje para becas. gracias a todos.
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