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Turco1 posted Reality Check on Unemployment on the Spain forum on September 18, 2014:
Hi Everyone! My friend is moving to Barcelona from USA this upcoming fall in hopes of finding a job as a chef. He understands the unemployment rate but I fear that he hasn't grasped the extremity of it. He has a Croatian passport but Croatia is in a transitory phase right now, which means they will still need a work visa after 3 months. My friend claims that a lot of jobs in the restaurant industry is done via black market anyway. I did recently read that the unemployment rate dropped a little but wonder if it has made quite an effect to those unemployed. Is the situation in Barcelona just as bad as other parts of Spain or is it better? Also, can people get caught easily for working illegally? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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property in SpainFront line (beach access) 3 bed 2.5 bath villa with private swimming pool in secure area on Costa Almeria.
chopchi replied to the thread moving to Spain on the Spain forum on September 14, 2014:
Hotcatt initially posted:
I understand that you can only stay in Spain for 90 days then you have to leave the country. How hard is it to extend the stay over 90 days
chopchi replied on September 14, 2014 with:
One word - Hard! Google the info....
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kwelbi replied to the thread To Sally on the Spain forum on September 14, 2014:
rodolfo initially posted:
Thanks again for the info about internet. Rodolfo.
kwelbi replied on September 14, 2014 with:
All the coastal towns are busy in Summer and Tarifa is very windy.People in Cadiz are probably the friendliest in the whole of Spain.You want somewhere quiet in Summer don't bother with Tarifa.I've lived there for over 20 years and it's great for wind and kitesurfing and Summertime partying.Good Luck.
sdamazo replied on September 12, 2014 with:
You could post it here since we are doing a similar search. I am now in Cadiz looking for a house with land to rent near the seaside but don't quite like it here and will head to Tarifa tomorrow. And possibly Malaga direction if it is not what I want. Cadiz is too busy in the summer and there is lack of infrastructure for the summer.
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oakisland posted circuitos turisticos para personas de 3ra. edad on the Spain forum on September 12, 2014:
Does anyone has any information on travel agencies in Malaga offering circuitos to Portugal for cheap prices for seniors originating from Malaga? Thanks.
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Sal1y replied to the thread Rolf on the Spain forum:
rodolfo initially posted:
Hi Sally, Wonder if you could help. I'm a retired single from the US and would like an idea of whether I can afford living somewhere on the Mediterranean coast; Costa Blanca, del Sol, Almeria, Murcia or further up north. I'm on a very tight Social Security pension budget and now live on the coast in Puerto Vallarta ,Mejico on a rented local style furnished apt. where my total expenses including rent with phone , electricity, internet and cleaning service, for US$ 308 a eating out one meal each day , does not exceed US$ 750 per month. From what I research about cost of living in Spain's southern coast I figure I could pay up to but no more than US$ 400 ( euros) a month total rent for a studio or small apt. and spend about US$ 500 (aprox. 400 euro) for the rest of my expenses to live there as I do here now. Think it possible? Would greatly appreciate your help.
Sal1y replied on September 12, 2014 with:
That's great Rolf, glad you have found the information of use. With very best wishes. Sally
rodolfo replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Ja,ja sehr gut, vielen dank...I saw and read and replied. Very useful detailed info. Je vous remerci pour le favouor, e un grande favore, que aprecio mucho, Rodolfo.
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sdamazo replied to the thread keeping occupied in Spain on the Spain forum on September 12, 2014:
mikedeekes initially posted:
I have lived in mainland spain for 2 years and now Ibiza for 4 years. It is very important to address the fact that one must keep occupied and preferably earning money . I started importing Hammocks and some unique beach dresses , luckily they both sell really well and I love delivering to the shops and chatting to the owners and families . This has been the best way of networking and I love it . I now have the ordering, importing and quality control running perfectly , if anyone on the mainland or in Mallorca /Menorca wants to do the same drawing off my stock, they can change the way they live here also .. let me know and I will send you info ... Mike
sdamazo replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Mike, good job. In Crete island there is a shop selling decorative items from some Asian countries and nothing expensive but quite interesting. Tourist loved the shop.
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clairerach11 replied to the thread UK TV on the Spain forum:
clairerach11 initially posted:
Hi guys New on here. Can anybody tell me how I stream uk tv on my laptop? I'm missing x factor!!!!:) I'm not the savviest person going. Any advice would be appreciated
clairerach11 replied on September 11, 2014 with:
I tried filmon the quality wasn't very good and it was quite a lot of money for the subscription for hd. I did find a website called and that seems to be working fine, im on a free trial at the moment. fingers crossed
davethorn replied on September 04, 2014 with:
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Expat Articles
Jingles replied most recently with:
I found this very helpful, we are in the process of down sizing our belongings and hopefully moving to Spain by nest August or September of 2015. We are researching the process of getting the residence visa thru the embassy/consulate of Spain in Chicago, since we are located in the Midwest. We were wondering how long the interview process is and if they are pretty in depth with the interview. We do not have anyone we know that resides in Spain to invite us over, so hopefully being retired and wanting to enjoy everything Spain has to offer will be sufficient explanation as to why we want to live there. Any suggestions you can offer on the application process would be very helpful
A reader replied recently with:
Wonderful article! Just want to add- make arrangements to have your US mail forwarded before you leave. There are great mail forwarding companies that make life much easier by sending mail and shopping (miracle whip and maple syrup- among others) to you easily. We use one called
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Jingles posted Alicante on the Spain forum on September 10, 2014:
We are planning on moving to the Alicante area next year and was wondering about the which part of the city of Alicante to live in. Of course something close to the beach is always at the top of the list, but I imagine it is on everyone's, We were wondering if going with a real-estate agent or on our own, just hunting want ads and hitting the streets? Would welcome any suggestions or tips
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