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richiecameron replied to the thread Moving to Andalucia/ Malaga region on the Spain forum on October 31, 2014:
richiecameron initially posted:
Hello... Myself, my wife and two young sons ( aged 8 & 10 ) are preparing to move to the Malaga region in the late summer of 2015. We have done a fair bit of research and have looked at various towns outside of Malaga like Nerja, Coin and Torrox etc which we would possibly like to rellocate to. Our biggest concern is obviously the schooling for our children and i am looking for a little feedback if possible from families already in the area who have children at school. Do you recommend sending our boys to a Spanish school, a private Spanish school or an International school? Also, can anybody tell me the school holidays throughout the year? What length are the summer holidays? Do you also get holidays in October and Easter? Myself and my wife are arriving in Malaga in February on a research trip. Does anybody have any recommendations or advice on ex-pat communities and schools etc. Thank you very much. Regards Richie and Jaki
richiecameron replied 10 hours ago with:
Forgot to mention on the original post that we are moving from the UK, so any help from British ex-pats much appreciated!!
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adora posted becas para aprender mas el idioma espanol on the Spain forum on October 30, 2014:
Hola Chicos, Alguien sabe a una beca para aprender mas el idioma espanol por gratis? Vivo en manila philippines ahora Estudio espanol basico. por pabor envieme una mensaje para becas. gracias a todos.
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Blog World Play posted on the Spain Network
From the U.S. to Phnom Penh to Barcelona, join me as I navigate life as an expat.
Expat Report Culture Shock in Barcelona, Spain was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
I think culture shock is a different name for lack of information and too many or wrong expectations. It's all about how people interact with each other. If you walk up to somebody and show you are interested in them and their way of life, you will nearly always have a wonderful experience. (Continue)
Blog Easy Inexpensive Spanish Recipes posted on the Spain Network
Easy Inexpensive Spanish Recipes
choc35 replied to the thread Looking for a relative on the Spain forum on October 25, 2014:
choc35 initially posted:
Hello can anyone advise me on how to look up addresses / people in feungirola? My father moved to feungirola from the UK a few years ago but we have lost touch . He is quite elderly and his family want to make contact. Any help or advise would be greatly received!! Many thanks
choc35 replied on October 25, 2014 with:
Thank you.... All ideas gratefully received , will try them!!
kwelbi replied on October 25, 2014 with:
You could also try the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK.They have a department for people missing abroad.
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osodeloro replied to the thread 90 day requirement on the Spain forum:
Hotcatt initially posted:
So how do folks get around the requirement to leave Spain every 90 days? We are getting ready to move early next year from US. Any advice would be appreciated
osodeloro replied on October 21, 2014 with:
I just completed the residence endurance tribulation. Luckily for me I was doing it in London as I retired from Working in for the US government from there. My advice is to start early and get all your ducks in a row, especially proofing the financal part (as how you will receive your income as it has to be equitable to over a specific amount of EUROS per month, I think somewhere around 2500 EUROS). This is really really big for the Spanish. Also medical insurance, the Spanish only recognize certain international companies and my advice is sign up for a Spanish company that provides in the area you are looking to live (think HMO). Finally get all documents officially translated and apostiled by the state department (this includes the background check, the Spanish do not reccognize the FBI as a true US Department by itself). Good luck and have fun, took almost a tear of tooing and frooing for mine)- Matt in Baza Spain
garnetlady replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Unfortunately, you can't get around this requirement unless you become one of the undocumented. We just retired to Spain after submitting everything our consulate asked for since we felt it was a bigger headache to move every three months. Do you really want to leave for another country for 90 days just to return to Spain again? You would probably also pay a premium rent if you just want to stay 3 months. I would recommend becoming friendly with the reps at the consulate closest to you. Are you within a reasonable distance from the consulate? Yes, completing the paperwork was stressful. We even had to get a rental contract!! But our residence card was issued within 6 weeks (instead of three months) for the date of departure we requested. We saved two months rent at our temporary apartment in the States. By the way, if you arrive in January or July, you can take advantage of seasonal sales. Great time to buy sheets, towels, etc. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!
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kraespub posted Buying a restaurant in Majorca, Spain on the Spain forum on October 17, 2014:
I am a US citizen and am interested in moving and buying an established restaurant in Spain. Where should I start?
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Jingles replied to the thread INCOME REQUIREMENT FOR SOON TO BE RETIRED COUPLE on the Spain forum:
Jingles initially posted:
We are planning to retire in Spain in the Alicante area. We are getting our paper work in order and have a few questions on what the embassy in our area would accept as proof of income. I am still working but plan on my retirement date to be end of June 2015. I have the projected report from the Social Security office showing how much I would get at retirement. I also have a 401K. So showing our bank statements with lump sums in savings and checking, and statement showing lump sum for 401K, is this suffiecent, or do they want all spelled out as to what is the dedicated payment every month/quarter? Would be appreciative for any advice on this.
Jingles replied most recently with:
Thanks for your email peter, but we are from the USA, so it might be a little different with income, than GREAT BRITIAN. But your email was most helpful. We are gradually selling/donating our household items, and working on reading thru the requirements for the visas. We are making a lot of lists as to what is needed and needs translated and doing a timeline also. Wish us luck
chopchi replied most recently with:
All I can say is Buena suerte!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Families moving to Barcelona have a number of great schools to consider. There are several American and British schools plus foreign children are allowed to attend public school. In this article we highlight several of the more popular English schools and expats' advice with regard to public vs. private English schools. (Continue)

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