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kwelbi replied to the thread moving to palma de mallorca on the Spain forum on July 26, 2015:
luke26 initially posted:
anyone from mallora can help?? i just got a job offer in mallorca and doing some research on standard of living. what is the monthly budget to live by? and is it expensive in general? my wage wilk be 1550 monthly gross. look forward for your feedback. cheers Luks
kwelbi replied on July 26, 2015 with:
Yes,it's a liveable wage if you cut out extravagances.Rents in Palma are some of the highest in Spain or you can live outside Palma and commute in.Local people can exist on less for sure but they normally have family backup .Be aware there is no over generous benefits system like in the UK,no tax credits etc.etc.Best to check into a cheap pension while you look for accommodation.Estate agencies will be expensive so try asking at local shops or bars.You can often find ads notice boards in the big supermarkets including ads for shared accommodation for students etc.Try asking with the expats who live there.I've not lived in Palma for many years so the people I knew have all moved on,but get out and put yourself about and you will find something.Speaking Spanish is a big plus.Buena suerte.
luke26 replied on July 25, 2015 with:
Yes in euro. Yeah i am looking for a shared apartment actually. Is it liveable i mean with that salary and going out on weekends ? Wage willl increase over time after 6 months. But i dont want to live with a struggle.
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Garryevans posted San Sebastián on the Spain forum on July 22, 2015:
hi I'm thinking of spending quite a bit of time in San Sebastián having visited over summer and wanting to stop for a longer stay...possibly doing some seasonal work.i would be grateful for any advice or contacts ..thank you Garry
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MGLuke commented on the Expat Report Living in Villaricos, Spain
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
We thought a slower pace of life would be found in Spain, also a cheaper cost of living. We needed to find work and knew it may be a bit difficult but were not prepared for how hard it is. (Continue)
MGLuke replied most recently with:
Thank you for the post. All the information that you can post would be fantastic.
A reader replied recently with:
Agree with all the comments. Thankfully I am retired with a fixed income so don't have the worry about employment. My family has visited me from the States and see why I would not move back. They love the little town I live in, the friendliness ofthe people. There are sufficient expats from other countries living here and English speaking people are easy to find. But I did enroll in language school from the first week I arrived and studied diligently because I wanted the ability to speak my thoughts in full sentences...not pidgin Spanglish. Has paid off. Friends in the States say I am living a dream..and after almost 9 years here I know that I am. I visit the USA every summer and connect with close friends and family. Of course I have daily and/or weekly phone communication with all back home through my Vonage phone.And this makes a world of difference. I'm never out of touch. In reality, this relocation was not difficult but different. Learning new ways of a new culture...every day was an exciting and most interesting experience. One must have a good sense of humor and able to chuckle at any frustrating moments. regards Didi
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Garryevans posted San Sebastián on the Spain forum:
Hi I'm thinking of moving to San Sebastián but am going to be camping in the area for approx 6 weeks to get a feel for the area ...would be grateful for any advice or meeting up with any Ex pats in the area ..thank you
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prigotkulow47 replied to the thread Retirement in Spain/in our 60's/from US on the Spain forum:
kathianddennis initially posted:
Reading a lot in this forum but not much on people like myself that are soon to retire and believe they have chosen Spain. Would love to hear more about how the transition was, how they chose a place to live, did they visit it first, what their daily days are like, how are they dealing with missing family and the budget they have each month, etc. So far I have seen very little on this forum.. People post but don't get much response. Love to hear from people that really retire at retirement age, in their 60's, on social security or similar and take the plunge and move abroad. Was it scary, exciting, stressful. Love to hear it all. Thanks! Kathi & Dennis
prigotkulow47 replied most recently with:
My husband and I recently retired to New Jersey to plan a one-two year retirement to Spain. Current plan is to go to start in Barcelona and move in a southernly direction and decide if living in Spain Dec-May and in the states June-Nov will be workable for us. Our daughter lives in London and we all love Spain so the idea of spending part of the year there is appealing.
Snorkler replied most recently with:
Thanks. I can't wait either. You can't have too much info. Let's stick together. While I was there In April I researched rents (why buy?) and between 1200 and 1600 euros got you a fully furnished 2 bedroom place in a good neighborhood in Barcelona. Food was incredibly affordable, in fact I took a little adjustment after my six weeks there. Our stores seemed like such a ripoff. In smaller towns rents are cheaper. Depends on what you desire. Let's keep in touch.
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LD posted Visitingg with the hope of movin on the Spain forum:
My son and are are planning to visit Spain--not sure if we should visit Madrid or Barcelon--any suggestions would be wonderful?? I am looking for bilingual schools for my son as well as teaching ESOL for me. Are schools for middle and high school students better in Barcelona or Madrid? Where is it more affordable--Barcelona, Madrid or other? thanks so much for all of your insight.
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Blog Guiri Guide to Madrid posted on the Spain Network
We are a lifestyle blog for expats living in Madrid. Includes legal,Spanish classes current events, fitness, and more!
prigotkulow47 replied to the thread moving to Spain on the Spain forum:
Hotcatt initially posted:
I understand that you can only stay in Spain for 90 days then you have to leave the country. How hard is it to extend the stay over 90 days
prigotkulow47 replied most recently with:
Thanks--we are planning on applying for visa to allow us to stay for a year. We are playing with making the timeline work--FBI background check, medical/doctor letter and application docs. Anyone have advice re: timeline with criminal background check?
kaylee4848 replied most recently with:
Yes if you plan to stay longer than 3 months, like we are doing you will need to get a visa. We flew in and will fly out of France so got French visa's which really wasn't that difficult. It seems like a lot when you first look at it, but really simple when you just pulled the information together step by step. Mostly you just have to prove you are financial able to take care of yourself and that you have health insurance.
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prigotkulow47 posted Moving on the Spain forum:
We are planning on applying for visa to allow us to stay for a year. We are playing with making the timeline work--FBI background check, medical/doctor letter and application docs. Anyone have advice re: timeline with criminal background check?
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kaylee4848 replied to the thread Between Valencia and Barcelona on the Spain forum:
LovetheBeach initially posted:
Hola! Is there anyone on the forum who has some specific information about large towns or small cities between Valencia and Barcelona? I'm considering an extended visit to determine if I may want to relocate. I have thoroughly researched many aspects of the area, but have a few specific questions. Does the cost of living information on close to being accurate? I prefer small towns and small cities as opposed to big cities. A population of anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 would be ideal. Unfortunately, I have not found any accurate information about cost of living for anything but the larger cities in the area. I am a single retired person who lives a quiet, modest lifestyle so bars, clubs and high end restaurants are of no interest to me. I prefer a location somewhat near the sea, mainly for the weather, but not in a tourist area on the beach. So, a nice little spot that is still close enough to the sea to get sea breezes on the hottest days would be ideal. I prefer to shop locally, so a good selection of average price shops would be sufficient. Would it be possible to live such a lifestyle in this area for $1500-$2000 a month? Thank you for whatever information you can provide!
kaylee4848 replied most recently with:
Hi My husband and I are here in Spain now checking out where we might want to move to. We landed in France, and then headed down the coast towards Barcelona. Up in the mountains near the border the coast was pretty, high mountains lots of stunning rock and nice sandy cove beaches, but still a bit touristy. You also had Parafugell just 10 km inland for all major services like large hospital and department stores etc. But compared to our approach into Barcelona it was very nice. We are staying in the Valencia area for a month and have explored all the way down to Alicante and have to say for us it is all a huge disappointment. Spain has allowed the developers to build huge high rise buildings and there is no "Spanish" flavor left, just a concrete jungle which turns into a mass of people over the next couple of months and ghost towns out of season. The smaller towns away from the beach also didn't appeal to us. We move to the Malaga area next and are hoping the 50 shades of white villages will be more to what we are looking for. Most have a view overlooking the sea and from what I can see NO High rise buildings. After that we head to the Algarve in Portugal and will continue all around the coast cutting across to Italy and then driving around the coast of that county with stays in Venice, Tuscany etc. and then back into France. We are here on French visa's which was fairly easy to get if you follow their instructions. The cost of living here in many cases is much less than in the states, food seems to be much less, a litre of milk is .60, 2 tomatos .27, peaches .48, 2 pork chops 1.68, Sangria is 1.00 for a good size bottle and you CAN find good ole peanut butter, but it is a tad more expensive. What normally costs us 50.00 at home it is 30 euros here or less. I had a dr. appt and it was a whopping 30.00 euro, my husband went to the dentist had 360 xrays and a bridge re-cemented it was 28.00 so health care is MUCH less. Rents here are also very reasonable, a small apartment 500.00 and large 3 bedroom ones range from 800 - 2000 depending if you are in a city with a lot of features and really great area. So I would look south of here in the Malaga region if you do not want a really tourist area. PS most houses and apartments and may hotels do not have AC here, it is rather warm, has been up to 102 here, but as we live in Florida we do not find it that bad, less humidity. Could not do this without AC in Florida, but here it really isn't too bad and most days are low 90's and high 80's. Hope this info helps.
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