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gypsy1951 replied to the thread Retirement in Spain/in our 60's/from US on the Spain forum:
kathianddennis initially posted:
Reading a lot in this forum but not much on people like myself that are soon to retire and believe they have chosen Spain. Would love to hear more about how the transition was, how they chose a place to live, did they visit it first, what their daily days are like, how are they dealing with missing family and the budget they have each month, etc. So far I have seen very little on this forum.. People post but don't get much response. Love to hear from people that really retire at retirement age, in their 60's, on social security or similar and take the plunge and move abroad. Was it scary, exciting, stressful. Love to hear it all. Thanks! Kathi & Dennis
gypsy1951 replied on August 31, 2015 with:
Is there a way to get a visa for 180 days without all the hassle of the retirement visa
gypsy1951 replied on August 31, 2015 with:
thank you for the link about whether we pay taxes on social security in Spain.
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Ubahn initially posted:
My wife and I are thinking of moving to Spain to Spain and enrolling in a greater-than-six-month CELTA/Spanish language program. We'd get an NIE and teach English part time. For this we'd need the 1-year student visa, which includes proof of health insurance. In any case, as I'm over 50 and she's over 40 we'd want to have good health insurance in any case. Currently we're enrolled in the ACA through NY — we have Health Republic of NY — and we both have pre-existing conditions (nothing major but things that need to be 'monitored' periodically, as they say). I saw a blog post that said trying to buy international insurance can be very difficult, expensive and often exclude pre-existing conditions. That blog said to purchase Spanish health insurance, in Spain. What are the best options for us? Thanks for any help!
dawnstarr replied on August 30, 2015 with:
Spain requires a zero deductible, (no-copay) policy. I think to buy medical insurance in Spain you would need to already have your NIE #, and to get that you first need insurance. The first year, I bought through Insubuy. Tell them it is for medical insurance for when you are living in Spain. The policy was about $1200 for a year. I wrote about my difficulties in securing Spanish medical insurance, which I needed for my visa renewal, in my blog I also wrote about other confusing and changing aspects of the visa application process.
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Great apartment for sale including quality furniture and over 2000 euros electrical appliances.
Great apartment for sale including quality furniture and over 2000 euros electrical appliances. 5 big supermarkets, doctors. chemist, post office, lot's of bars, eating places, cafes'. 15 minutes walk down a rambla to fantastic beaches. A very big sports centre 5 minutes walk away, which as football, tennis courts, paddle, running track, swimming pool, bowls, badminton, etc, etc.
Looking for somebody to rent our big modern apartment for long term. Fully fitted kitchen, with expensive dishwasher, washing machine, fridge freezer, microwave, gas oven and hob which is fitted to the gas mains.
Does anyone know if you have to register with the town hall, and then apply for a school place?
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dawnstarr replied to the thread Moving on the Spain forum:
prigotkulow47 initially posted:
We are planning on applying for visa to allow us to stay for a year. We are playing with making the timeline work--FBI background check, medical/doctor letter and application docs. Anyone have advice re: timeline with criminal background check?
dawnstarr replied most recently with:
Teresa: Glad my comments were helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Buena suerte. Dawn
womanpower replied most recently with:
thanks for that blog to read it `s really interesting. And makes me even more determined to get through all the mazes of arrangements to reside in Spain. teresa
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womanpower posted form S 1 on the Spain forum:
Does anybody know , please where to apply for a form called S1.? It seems to be needed to give to a new family doctor when relocating to Spain. I have tried my local GP in Scotland , who sent me to the Post Office, then DSS, and so on, all around and about.Pass the parcel stuff. Does this form exist anyway ? not sure what to do about it. teresa
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dawnstarr commented on the Expat Report Moving to Altea, Spain
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Be methodical and organized. Have a time-line with goals. Seek input from people who have made similar moves. Test drive the town and neighborhood before committing to a long-term lease or purchase. In Spain, for example, there are numerous vacation rental apartments, homes, villas, etc. where you can stay for several weeks or months (at far cheaper rates than most hotels) to get a feel for the area you are considering. (Continue)
dawnstarr replied most recently with:
Dear gypsy1951: On my blog you will find a lot of info on my experience in getting a visa in Spain. The requirements can and will change. It's just part of the Spanish bureaucracy. You can also leave a comment there so I can respond.
gypsy1951 replied recently with:
Hello! I am thinking of moving to either Portugal or Spain. Do you have your long term visa? was it hard to get? would love to hear more about your experience as you are from USA. would you mind emailing me? thanks
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