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sdamazo replied to the thread Appartment rental in Malaga area on the Spain forum on December 08, 2014:
MauriceRheaume initially posted:
I am from Montreal Canada and looking for an affordable (approx 700 Euros) long term rental in the Malaga Area. I will not have a car so I am looking for a quiet area, walking distance from commodities (public transport, market, sea, cultural venues...). What sectors are not too urban with parks, greenery ? Thanks for your kind consideration. Maurice
sdamazo replied on December 08, 2014 with:
Maurice There is a lot of offer and very good ones. Where is the exactly place? I rented for a few months outside Estepona and wherever you go there are markets, etc. Culture venues most probsbly in large cities like Malaga, everywhere, sea is quite nice too... /r/ Shirley
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sdamazo replied to the thread Is there discrimination against large families? on the Spain forum on December 07, 2014:
movingfamily initially posted:
Hi, all. We are in the process of moving to Barcelona (work related). We have been trying to rent a house locally. Even though we have plenty of money (what they refer to as a "good profile"...looking in the 4K to 5K Euro range) & stellar credit, we have been turned down not once, but twice (in Cabrils & Sant Cugat), because we have five children. And they blatantly say so, which is completely illegal in a place like the U.S., so I am still in shock. My husband's HR department says it's the renter's choice to do so. I am just concerned that if we somehow miraculously find a place to live that won't shun us because of the number of little sweethearts we have, that we will still somehow be looked down upon (and worse yet, my children treated poorly) and have a poor quality of life there. I am just stunned because I thought it was supposed to be a family oriented culture. I am weary to make another "house renting attempt" trip across the pond. I hate to even say this, but we are what would be considered "wealthy Americans" (cringe). Just to give enough info. incase someone were to respond that this is a common attitude toward poor, immigrating families from other countries (which is still wrong). Any feedback on big family discrimination? I am more nervous to move there due to these experiences. Any feedback or your past/current experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.
sdamazo replied on December 07, 2014 with:
Weird, this the first time I hear about it. You are not blame for past experiences either. I have a contact in Barcelona from a state agency if you want. They deal with the type of property you are looking for. /r/ Shirley
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Jingles replied to the thread Address in Spain on the Spain forum:
mmarvin initially posted:
Hi, I am planning on moving to Spain in February 2015. As part of the visa application, I need to show proof of health insurance. I have chosen a plan through Sanitas and applied. However, they will not process my application until I have a mailing address in Spain. They said that we could even put a friend's address down. Does anyone know an easy way to get a mailing address in Spain? Thank you, Meg
Jingles replied most recently with:
We were told Labradores 24 (Alicante) which is a Hostel, but this is acceptable I am told by the real-estate agent in spain.
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fivestarrob replied to the thread Now is the time to buy a bar in Spain on the Spain forum:
fivestarrob initially posted:
Despite all the doom and gloom articles and advice on the subject I firmly believe now is a great time to buy a bar or restaurant in Spain. The businesses have never been cheaper and wow can you negotiate discounts. I bought a closed bar last May and opened in June. Even now in the depths of winter it is really busy and in the summer it's madness. If you want any help or just a bit of advice contact me.
fivestarrob replied most recently with:
Moraira Costa Blanca a really lovely part of Spain.
sdamazo replied most recently with:
That is grand. Where is it?
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Moon1823 posted Housesitters available on the Spain forum:
Very experienced housesit/caretake couple in their fifties, available for mid to longterm assignment. Spent the last 4 years in Central and South America. Background in hospitality. References on request. Andre y Marie-Anne
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I hear something about getting a visa if you are known for anything. If so, can anyone know where I can find out more about that type of visa?
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Working beauty salon is for sale in Fuengriola near Marbella (Soutern Spain) There are 3 tables for manicure 2 chairs for pedicure and one beauty treatment room.
cwells67 replied to the thread European Unviersities: accreditation and reputation on the Spain forum:
theswiss initially posted:
Hi ! I have been contemplating an MBA in order to boost my career in finance. Having looked into quite a few options of European Universities, I have noticed that Accreditation is not the only important criteria. An accredited European University can have a bad reputation, and a University which isn't accredited by the local accreditation organization may have an very good international reputation. This complicates things in terms identifying the good schools. Accreditation simply indicates that a school conforms with local administration and is therefore accredited and recognized. But international institutions definitely have other advantages, like courses in English and an international network of alumni which can be very helpful later on. I am currently discussing an internal move to Munich, Germany, Barcelona, Spain or simply stay here in Switzerland. Any insights on how to assess the reputation of a School? Thanks a lot in advance, Tom
cwells67 replied most recently with:
Good question, Tom. Sorry, I won't be much help about European university status, but there are a number of US schools online that offer accredited degree programs. There may also be a discount for non-US citizens. It is worth looking into. Good luck! Kind regards, Christopher
cwells67 replied most recently with:
Good question, Tom. Sorry, I won't be much help about European university status, but there are a number of US schools online that offer accredited degree programs. There may also be a discount for non-US citizens. It is worth looking into. Good luck! Kind regards, Christopher
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ROGERWILFERT replied to the thread Moving to Andalucia/ Malaga region on the Spain forum:
richiecameron initially posted:
Hello... Myself, my wife and two young sons ( aged 8 & 10 ) are preparing to move to the Malaga region in the late summer of 2015. We have done a fair bit of research and have looked at various towns outside of Malaga like Nerja, Coin and Torrox etc which we would possibly like to rellocate to. Our biggest concern is obviously the schooling for our children and i am looking for a little feedback if possible from families already in the area who have children at school. Do you recommend sending our boys to a Spanish school, a private Spanish school or an International school? Also, can anybody tell me the school holidays throughout the year? What length are the summer holidays? Do you also get holidays in October and Easter? Myself and my wife are arriving in Malaga in February on a research trip. Does anybody have any recommendations or advice on ex-pat communities and schools etc. Thank you very much. Regards Richie and Jaki
ROGERWILFERT replied most recently with:
I will be in Almeria in February, we could meet up there or Malaga.
ROGERWILFERT replied most recently with:
I have lived in Almeria 25 years & helped raise my partners boy who is half Spanish. He has studied in 3 local schools & also in England about 6years. The summer holidays start end of June & end about 8th of September. There's about a week at Easter nearly 2 weeks at Christmas & lots of saints days etc.
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ROGERWILFERT posted Van share on the Spain forum:
East Anglia to Portsmouth-Santander-Andalucia early December 2 people & or things
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