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Expat Report Review of Mayfair academy in Estoponia, Spain was published
Review-of-Mayfair academy
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
It's worth a try. I like the small class sizes and the warmth of the staff. (Continue)
Expat Report Review of Mayfair academy in Estoponia, Spain was published
Review-of-Mayfair academy
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
It's worth a try. I like the small class sizes and the warmth of the staff. (Continue)
A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Almeria, Spain
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Hire a car, tour the area and find the village or town that appeals to you most. Find a good Spanish registered SL or SA estate agency - CB's are the equivalent to self employed status - and spend three days looking at houses in the area of your choice. Make sure that you have a car or access to one because in rural Spain it is essential to have transport. (Continue)
catnathan replied most recently with:
I would like to know what the weather is like there in winter
briloop replied recently with:
It is still possible to buy a very large, beautiful property for around 100,000. 100,000 euros or 100,000 dollars?
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Expat Articles
leomlee replied most recently with:
Spain is known to have water shortage issues. So, it will be more informative and useful if the author discusses this problem. For a dry and arid area like Murcia, where is the water coming from and to what extent it is a problem.
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New Year, New Start? Just moved to Spain as an early retiree but haven’t yet registered for healthcare? Check out how to register properly for healthcare in Spain, bearing in mind you may need to take out private health insurance for the first year. Just retired to Spain but haven’t yet registered for healthcare? Contact the International Pension Centre to apply for a UK Pensioner S1 form to access the public healthcare system on the same basis as a Spanish pensioner. For more information, visit and watch our Moving to Spain? Think about healthcare! video found here:
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Shopping and transportaion at the door. Beach is 3 blocks away
cwells67 replied to the thread Legal ways to extend stay in Spain on the Spain forum:
libbym initially posted:
I'm a US citizen who's very eager to immerse herself in Spanish culture and, among other things, teach English as a second language in Spain. Obviously, if I'm lucky I could work for a place that would actually help me with a work Visa - problem solved. However, I know from experience that's often not the case. Which leads me to turn to you all to see if you have any suggestions about staying longer. My friend told me that if you can demonstrate that you have a certain amount of assets you can stay up to a year or something. I can't find any official info on that nor on whether buying property would help. I'd really appreciate any guidance you can provide, even some brainstorming on good websites to search for info. muchas gracias, Libby
cwells67 replied most recently with:
Hi, Libby, I have been in Spain for a little over a year, so all of the craziness that accompanied my planning and arrival here is pretty fresh. Much of it is also documented on my blog - I'll send you a PM and we can continue from there. Best, c
libbym replied most recently with:
Thanks everyone for your input. And thank you C, especially. I'll check out those links you sent me and may ask you some follow up questions privately. How long have you been in Spain? I currently live in San Francisco, by the way. Take care, Libby
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Sozz7 replied to the thread Artist looking for a home on the Spain forum:
butchie initially posted:
I will be traveling Europe in the spring, Spain is No.1 on my list for a place to relocate. I looking for an area on the southern coast, perhaps Barcelona area where I can be with my fellow artists. I can afford maybe 650 euros a month. I’d like to know the monthly income I would need to live a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. A little more than a 1 room, cold water single light bulb flat, but nowhere near the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I’m hoping there is a fellow artist who might lend me a helping hand by giving me some direction. Thanks Ervin
Sozz7 replied most recently with:
Hello, when I stayed in Barcelona I paid about 300 euro for a room sharing with some lovely artists, booked through one of my favourite places and people on earth!
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pamelaanng replied to the thread Less expensive cities to live in Spain on the Spain forum:
rtayl3864 initially posted:
Hello, I am thinking of moving to Spain. I assume some places to live are much less expensive than others. I am thinking of smaller cities, less touristy places to live. Does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts about less expensive places to live in Spain? Thank you.
pamelaanng replied most recently with:
I also am thinking about Spain. I am retired, moved to Limerick Ireland four months ago. Ireland is as expensive as the US, where I am from, which I knew before I made the move. I would like to meet more people, be more social, maybe meet some expats. I go to Church, which is great. Any suggestions on visas, cost of living, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks Pam
kathianddennis replied most recently with:
We are wanting to move to Spain. Almeria sounds great. I have also been researching Malaga and the smaller towns around. Husband retires in the next year. Can we really live off of $2,000.00 a month?
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sdamazo replied to the thread Appartment rental in Malaga area on the Spain forum:
MauriceRheaume initially posted:
I am from Montreal Canada and looking for an affordable (approx 700 Euros) long term rental in the Malaga Area. I will not have a car so I am looking for a quiet area, walking distance from commodities (public transport, market, sea, cultural venues...). What sectors are not too urban with parks, greenery ? Thanks for your kind consideration. Maurice
sdamazo replied most recently with:
Maurice There is a lot of offer and very good ones. Where is the exactly place? I rented for a few months outside Estepona and wherever you go there are markets, etc. Culture venues most probsbly in large cities like Malaga, everywhere, sea is quite nice too... /r/ Shirley
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