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MartinLS replied to the thread Teaching oppotunities on the Sri Lanka forum:
bridgetevelyn initially posted:
I am a qualified & experienced teacher of Music & ESL. Although in my sixties I have no wish to retire & am visiting Sri Lanka with my daughter for a reconnaissance mission (from 29th July - 19th August) for possible teaching oppotunities with the hope of moving there. (have visited Sri Lanka 5 times in the past & love it there) I have heard that the British Council has an established ESL teacing program. Would anyone have a contact link for them or other teacher employment oppotunities?
MartinLS replied on August 26, 2014 with:
.. just saw that you've been and gone. Maybe you found something? Well, keep an eye of the BC site I gave you anyway.
MartinLS replied on August 26, 2014 with:
H, I just saw your message. I am a British Council teacher (in my late 50s) in Jaffna. We are recruiting a new teacher here for October, so have a look at the BC website for recruitment ifyou are interested in applying. The centre in Colombo is very large, with some 60 teachers, so there are sometimes vacancies there too. When are you in Sri Lanka next? Regards, Martin
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The land with house close to beach at weligama in Mirissa tourist zone for sale or rental only for expat .
Agran replied to the thread Info re. moving to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
Maturin initially posted:
Hi people. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’m a 66 year old basically healthy Australian/British ex teacher. I am considering moving to Sri Lanka after 6 years in Thailand mainly because of the excessive heat (up to 36+ at this time of the year) and the language barrier. The latter is so difficult to overcome that few really bother (Thai is a tonal language) and few Thais speak enough English to converse with you. That leaves me with the expat population, which is quite a heavy drinking one. I have difficulty forging ties with other expats. I’m not much of a bar prop and though I have tried joining a string of groups it just doesn’t work for me. Mainly it’s a deficiency on my part but also it’s because of my unusual background (very non-domestic) and academic/conversational tastes. I’m going to take a long trip to Sri Lanka shortly; 1, to see if I like it and 2, to explore the possibilities of long term (a good few years) leasing a small house in a smallish town with lots of green, nearby sea and a decent hospital. I would like to contact anyone (please, no real estate agents at this stage) who could make suggestions as to how I might most wisely spend a month looking for a different future in Sri Lanka. Where to go, who to talk to etc. etc. I was born in London and, aside from live theatre, which I love in any language, I have no use for what cities have to offer. If it were not for my age and all the hang-ups that come with it I’d avoid them altogether. The environment I thrive in is in the countryside but non-tourist dependant towns are probably my best option. Please answer if you can help ….. or even if you can’t. Thanks Maturin.
Agran replied most recently with:
Hi Maturin I am in the same situation, been living in Indonesia for the last 2 years. Now looking to relocate to Sri Lanka. I will be travelling there next week and am wondering if you have any info/advice to share?
Miami3 replied most recently with:
I understand your quest. I am close to 62 , soon to be a retired teacher from US and just explored Negombo for the last two weeks to relocate my small family . Negombo has much to offer. On the hottest days I was there, I felt a cool breeze. The people were open, kind and friendly. The place was clean, I don't drink either but it is there for those that do, lovely affordable housing, good medical available especially in Colombo just down the newly built toll road (so you can get there in a hurry if needed). The banking is modern. Nice beach but the waves don't make for much swimming. Hotel pools are cheap. Food is good. You could go into Colombo for the refined stuff on the weekends if you sought it out. I only went in once on business so can't speak to that. The most Christian city in the country. You can "feel" it around you. The supermarkets are first world. Good Luck.
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sudoit posted recommendations for Sri Lanka advice? on the Sri Lanka forum:
Hello, Would anyone be willing/able to recommend professionals (lawyers, accountants, Kandy-area real-estate brokers) who could advise me about moving to Sri Lanka, setting-up a BOI-approved company, getting a long-term visa, buying/leasing a home etc? I am actively making plans to visit Sri Lanka soon and would like to organize these interviews in advance. Thanks, Sudoit
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Rhoda posted Move to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
I have visited Sri Lanka and can't wait to make it my home with my family and pets. What do I have to do abt purchasing or rental of property, starting a business and residency? Anyone can advise? Thank you in advance
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Swats posted Moving to Sri Lanka!! on the Sri Lanka forum:
Hi all, Me & my husband are planning to move to Sri Lanka by the end of August. It us because of my husbands project that we decided to move. To begin with, our stay will last for 6 months. We also have a 1 year old daughter :) currently stay in Mumbai. Wanted to know about the essentials that we should be carrying along. Baby related, medicines, kitchen related etc. What's the scene of the indian groceries and the general cost of living, modes of commute. Would be a great help if I could plz get some ideas. Thanks a lot.
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property in Sri-LankaHouse located in Colombo 7 (Flower Road); 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living Room, Dining Area, Rooftop Terrace, Kitchen, Utility Room, Maid’s Quarters, Garage
bobcoo posted Insurance on the Sri Lanka forum:
I am hoping to re-locate to Sri Lanka in the near future under the My Dream Home scheme. One of the requirements is to have a valid medical insurance. Could anyone with experience of this scheme advise me on a suitable insurance. Bob
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courty replied to the thread Rental Deposit on the Sri Lanka forum:
Millypede initially posted:
Hi, We are moving to Colombo next month, and just looking at apartments to rent. They all seem to need a 1year deposit for any lease. Is this normal??..... Cheers M
courty replied most recently with:
It is normal if you rent for longer duration. If they rent daily basis the cost will be three times that monthly rent. IF THEY GIVE FOR A LONGER DURATION AT LEAST THEY REQUIRE ONE YEAR RENT IN ADVANCE AND MONTHLY RENTAL IS LESSER THAN DAILY RENT. so it has to be fair by the both party. You get for lesser price and you pay one year advance. And people who needs daily basis the pay a hire rent and no advance. I am in this field for last 31 years. It is normal practice here in Sri Lanka. If u need any assistance reply me.
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rogerroger4 replied to the thread Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka? on the Sri Lanka forum:
Basil406 initially posted:
Riots in Aluthgama and Beruwala have resulted in the Canadian Travel Advisory to caution Canadians about traveling in Sri Lanka. What's the latest? I understand an even bigger catastrophe can be expected in Pettah in Colombo where there is a large Muslim population.
rogerroger4 replied most recently with:
The first thing to remember is that the Canadian Government has an axe to grind as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. Therefore, any news from Sri Lanka is interpreted in the worst possible light. Secondly, I live close to Aluthgama/Beruwala and the fiorst we heard of the disturbance was when it was aired on TV. Thirdly I actually feel safer here than I did in UK. Lastly, my neighbours are genuinely baffled by this event because we all live together without animosity. The atmosphere here is without tension. So to answer your question, yes it IS safe to visit Sri Lanka.
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