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hongkers posted 99 year lease on the Sri Lanka forum on October 30, 2014:
Hi I'm very interested to know is the 99 year lease legal in Sri Lanka? some property agents in Galle say yes no problem some estate agents in other area say they are completely illegal. Any advise regarding this? there must be some over seas people on this site who have bought a property non SL. Julia
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buh replied to the thread Moving to Sri Lanka (a family with young kids) on the Sri Lanka forum:
julesfuller initially posted:
Hi I used to live in Sri Lanka in my 20s (single and working in media) but 15 years later I would like to return with my husband and 2 young children. I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding accommodation (house) in Galle area possibly and also what the score is with visas and working in Sri Lanka today? Thanks Julia
buh replied on October 24, 2014 with:
Hi: Good luck finding the right spot in SR. That's the hardest part. I'd like to be next to water with lush f0liage and quiet surroundings. A charming town nearby wd b nice. Let us know how it goes. Best, Caroline (can anyone help me too??)
Ahin replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Hi, I am a sri lankan living in Europe but, every year I visit Sri lanka with my advise is if you having an idea to move to Sri lanka & to perform what you have intended to do the best part of the country as my experience is central part of Sri lanka cities such as Kandy,Gampola,Kegalle,Nawalapitiya etc, if you need any more info:feel free to contact me.
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Sionah posted Single mother of a 6 year old looking to move to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum on October 22, 2014:
Hi I'm also thinking of making a move to Sri Lanka with my 6 year old daughter (British) will be just myself and her. I have a Tefl qualification & varied experience with children. I practice parts of Buddhism. Anyone know of the best place to live taking this into account. I have around 6-8thousand British sterling to take. Any advice/direction would be great :)
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property in Sri-LankaFantastic colonial style holiday house for rent. With 2 double bedrooms, inside and outside living areas and big garden. This lovely house is only a 5 minute drive from Unawatuna and a 10 minute drive from Galle Fort.
rogerroger4 replied to the thread JOBS IN SRI LANKA on the Sri Lanka forum:
julesfuller initially posted:
Hi I just wanted to know the lie of the land regarding employment. My husband is a nutritionist but also a teacher in sports (i.e rugby, rowing etc) for private english boys schools. Myself I work in TV as a TV Producer for documentaries and current affairs and wondered what jobs were available in the country. We would be grateful if anyone had an y contacts or ideas to what work is available for these professions. Thanking you in advance Regards Julia
rogerroger4 replied most recently with:
I suggest you do your homework first. Do you really want to come to Sri Lanka or is it one on a list of countries that you are thinking about? It is not a coincidence that your post has gone unanswered for a week. As to suggestions about work, try your respective professional associations for information and be aware UK Channel 4 documentaries have probably closed the door as far as media openings for foreigners are concerned.
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MartinLS replied to the thread Expats in Jaffna? on the Sri Lanka forum:
MartinLS initially posted:
Hi. I have just moved to Jaffna where I shall be working as a teacher for the next two years at least (all things being equal!), maybe quite a bit longer. As I am here without my family, I am wondering if there is any expat community here.. I speak fluent French and Greek and (these days) rather rough German. I kind of get by in Tamil too, having lived in Tamil Nadu for a few years, but aim to study to improve this. Life here is going to be rather different from Colombo I imagine (I worked there from 2001-2002, so have been in SL before), but I feel quite at home in Jaffna, mostly due to the Tamil connection. Still, it would be good to meet some other expats here, if there are any of course. Thanks. Martin
MartinLS replied most recently with:
Hi. Just got back from the UK.. Sorry for the delay in answering. I suspect I may know the person you are talking about. What is her name? Are you still looking for accommodation in Jaffna? I am not really too up on cheap hotels, but maybe I could help. If you would like to meet, my do let me know; it'd be a pleasure. Regards, Martin
philip46 replied most recently with:
I met while at a meditation center in kandy a br.c. teacher who stayed formerly at jaffna. If u want, i can ask her to contact. I think I could come around the 10th of this month, if you are there then. Probably for a few days to check out n compare tamil's life with here. It would be good to hear your views and if you could help me out find out cheap accommodation for the first couple of days. Thanks
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london0777 posted Cycling around Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
Hi I am returning to Sri Lanka for my 3rd visit on 1st October 2014. My first trip involved following the England cricket team around the country and playing at various grounds. My second visit was to partake in a 160 mile charity walk over 8 days lead by Sir Ian Botham: ‘Beefy’s Big Sri Lankan Walk’. The walk started in Kilinochi and snaked its way south and finished at the Foundation of Goodness in Seenigama where I met the amazing and committed Kushil Gunasekera. Both of the above experiences have inspired me to revisit Sri Lanka except this time with my bicycle. I plan to ride as much of the island as possible over a two month period and will initially be heading North aiming to visit Chilaw, Kalpitiya, Puttalam (and hopefully Wilpattu National Park), Anuradhapura, Jaffna etc. I then plan to head down the East Coast as far as Arugam Bay and then inland to the Badulla district. Finally I will head south to Galle. I am predominantly on a fact finding mission to try and gain knowledge on what it’s really like to live in Sri Lanka as this is my longer term plan. I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on things such as good/bad/dangerous roads or routes to travel; places to stay and visit or even avoid; any other hints, tips or experiences that you could share would be greatly appreciated.
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philip46 replied to the thread Want to move to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
tleavell initially posted:
I'm a nurse, but don't necessarily want or need to work as a nurse. I'm also an ex-English teacher. I'm from the US, but I'm not the typical "Ugly American." I just want to live a simple life.. a simple existence... and, although I love my country, I don't think I want or am able to live the life I want to live here. I am extremely open to and respect all different kinds of different cultures, religions, and faiths. Again, I just basically want a simple life... I don't need a huge house or a bit, luxury apartment. Give me something within walking distance or a short bus ride to the ocean, and I'm good. I don't want to own a car. I would, in reality, like to live somewhere where I could ride a bike to and from work... or, even walk. I'm 46 years old and ready for a little peace in my life. Can I find it, in Sri Lanka? If there's anyone out there who's willing to help me out with information about Visas and about how this all works, please, I beg of you, contact me here. I need to know pretty much everything there is to know about a move of this magnitude. I know nothing about how all of this works, but am willing to do what it takes, to, essentially, disappear for awhile. A change is coming... I can feel it... Thanks...
philip46 replied most recently with:
I came here 2 months ago n got easily visa extension. I love the place n culture away from the rat race in the states. Don't know about work, as i retired, but you will find all that ur heart desire here. I just saw an ad in this site mail for a house in galle that fits ur need. $100-150 rent. Gives u idea of cost. As for peace of mind, you r in the right place to explore buddha's teaching on it.
poppyella replied most recently with:
Hi there, I wonder if I could help you. My parents moved to sri lanka a few years ago but have recently passed away. They were extremely happy in Sri Lanka, happier than they ever were in the UK. I now know quite a lot about Sri Lanka, buy and selling houses, visas etc. If you would like to email me you can and perhaps I can answer your questions :) I would be very happy to help as I know Sri Lanka is a very different culture and that can be over whelming. Thanks, Poppy
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philip46 replied to the thread If you travel to Haputale area on the Sri Lanka forum:
oakwell initially posted:
I can let you stay at my Bungalow located in a six acre tea plantation with beautiful views, water falls, high green mountains and sunrise. emai: We are more interested in making friends than just money.
philip46 replied most recently with:
This is philip. I am a recent commer to SL., currently in bandarawela n interested in seeing the place you have in haputale area.
carlafer replied most recently with:
Hi, I also have 6acres thats a part of oakwell estae, I intend developing it, hall we get in touch,
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MartinLS replied to the thread Teaching oppotunities on the Sri Lanka forum:
bridgetevelyn initially posted:
I am a qualified & experienced teacher of Music & ESL. Although in my sixties I have no wish to retire & am visiting Sri Lanka with my daughter for a reconnaissance mission (from 29th July - 19th August) for possible teaching oppotunities with the hope of moving there. (have visited Sri Lanka 5 times in the past & love it there) I have heard that the British Council has an established ESL teacing program. Would anyone have a contact link for them or other teacher employment oppotunities?
MartinLS replied most recently with:
.. just saw that you've been and gone. Maybe you found something? Well, keep an eye of the BC site I gave you anyway.
MartinLS replied most recently with:
H, I just saw your message. I am a British Council teacher (in my late 50s) in Jaffna. We are recruiting a new teacher here for October, so have a look at the BC website for recruitment ifyou are interested in applying. The centre in Colombo is very large, with some 60 teachers, so there are sometimes vacancies there too. When are you in Sri Lanka next? Regards, Martin
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