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ericsdad replied to the thread PUPPY FOR ADOPTION IN SRI LANKA on the Sri Lanka forum:
downie initially posted:
Hi, I just came across this site, and hope someone will help me.. am looking for a new home for "our" puppy.. It is a sri lankan breed, one day he just came to our house and did not want to leave.. he was in very poor condition, so we decided to help him- we called doctor, we fed him.. anyway, we need to find him a new home bcs. we are leaving the country in 2 monts.. he is such a sweetheart!! very frienly and playful. he is about 4 monts old. Do you maybe know someone in Sri Lanka who would like to take this dog? we are looking for people who love dogs, cause we do not have very good experiences with locals and their relationship towards dogs.. so I hope to find foreigner who lives here .. if you know anybody, please contact me on: I can send you photos, he is beautiful :) thanks!
ericsdad replied on March 27, 2015 with:
Why don't you take him with you? It will break his little heart if you go away without him. I just paid 740000 to bring my two small dogs from England and will have to pay the same should I want to go back Eric's Dad
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property in Sri-LankaBrand New 3 Bed Room Fully Furnished and Equipped Apartment in the heart of Colombo city available for rent to Western Expatriate Family. Brilliant and convenient location to supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals and schools.
littletulip1 replied to the thread Relationship with Sri Lankan on the Sri Lanka forum:
2souls39 initially posted:
Hi all I am new here so please be patient! :P I have met a lovely, wonderful man who is Sri Lankan, he only moved to England few years back. We are in a full blown relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. This is first time I even meet a Sri Lankan person, and I know nothing of the country itself. We been going out for about 6 months now, but knew each other as friends several years before that. But one problem is bothering him and I and I need advice on Sri Lankan culture and people please. He is around early middle age, and I am a white British girl in her late 20's. He is very shy and gentle, very quiet, and he admitted this his first relationship, and he never felt like this before about anyone before me. He shows extreme love and care, but can never actually say "I love you", even when I told him I love him. Is that their culture? But biggest problem is, he is so scared of his local community seeing us together, he not want anyone in our local area to know. He is happy for me to tell my parents, but he wants no one of his culture to know about us. We are sexual too, and I do not THINK he married, as no wedding ring, but someone lives at his home that he not want them to know about us. If he is married, I know it must be an arranged marriage, bcoz he so UNHAPPY before he meet me, and he been starved of affection and sexual pleasure. So you know, he is of the Tamil culture, and a Roman Catholic. So I ask anyone who know out there, do Sri Lankan families conduct arranged marriages, and will they shun and cut off the person in the marriage if that person meets someone new, especially of a different race? He runs his own little shop, but does not own it, is he worried family will take away everything if they find out about us? Many thanks for any help or advice given.
littletulip1 replied on March 18, 2015 with:
Hi I'm a newbie here and I'm interested too knowing more about relationship with a Sri Lankan. I met my Sri Lankan boyfriend here in Japan.We both love each other but something's bothering me about "who knows" in his family about our relationship.One of his brother knows about us and he agrees with us.My problem is about his mom because one time,I learned that his mom wants him to go back now to Sri Lanka for him to be introduced to a woman to marry.But my boyfriend told me "I can't just do what I was told by my mom"!But still bothering me why he can't just tell his mom directly...I would be glad to hear from anyone regarding this matter or would love to hear relative stories like us to learn more...Thank you.
VIHANGAX replied on December 19, 2014 with:
Hi, I am sorry but i can understand your feelings because i also working with british people and when I join with then it's very difficult to understand their culture, they also not happy with things in my culture is very very difficult to understand here my boss is british she's living in sri lanka from 8 years you know still she can't understand sri lankan people, in this case we have different ways to think, but if you are love him please don't think anymore and don't try to understand those things it will be dangers for your loving life with him Thank you
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property in Sri-LankaBrand new 3 bedroom villa with pool at ambalngoda - 87 km from Colombo,12 km form Hikkaduwa. 2 km to Ambalangoda city.
The Hotel is an elegant star class hotel (with approx 100 Rooms) situated in a fishing village in north western coastal area of Sri Lanka just 45km away from the international airport and 5km away from Chilaw town.
ahesh commented on the Expat Report Info about Association of British Residents in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Describe your group.
350 strong Brit & Commonwealth Passport holders. Loads of social activities. Newsletter. Discounts at rest., stores, hotels (+ FREE entry to Mt Lavinia beach). Last Fri in the month meet at Cricket Club cafe for drinks 7pm onwards, see ABR website for more details (Continue)
ahesh replied most recently with:
Dear friend, I am Sri Lankan and I have brand new super luxury house for rent in Colombo, I am really looking someone to rent hole house or, give room by room for foreigner, it is very big room like small apartment with very nice view, here I have mention more about house, please if you have some friend help me to find for rent this house and if you like I can send some picture… Email-
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property in Sri-LankaAre you relocating or on Holiday in Sri Lanka? Do you need a Modern, clean, affordable, place for a short term stay? Then choose the Luxurious, affordable B & B, Allspice Villa, in the capital city of Sri Lanka.
defender replied to the thread Working at Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
kikemay initially posted:
Hello !!! We are a Spanish couple who want to live in Sri Lanka. At the embassy we have not gotten a lot of information, we have encouraged the search for internet expatriates and locals who can help us with any questions. Is there work for two foreign massage therapists, yoga teachers?? Another option would be to open a small business. For a example a guest house? What are the requirements? Is there a local partner, which required visa necessary? Thank you for opening this door to our dream !!!!
defender replied most recently with:
Hi, First of all congratulations on your decision to move to Sri Lanka! At the same time I must advice you to be cautious when dealing with anyone. Your idea of having your own business is a verygood, however you need to get the correct advice and guidance before you take any step. I am Sri Lankan born but traveled and lived overseas for many years, drop me an email and lets have a chat and see how best I can give you both tips and advice. Best of luck, Dave.
irishkevin replied most recently with:
Hi Kikemay, Massage therapists are falling off the edge of the island ,most of them in Ayurveda spas and hotels.Lots and lots of small guest houses but most seem to be struggling due to over capacity in the Hotel and B&B market. New government have said visitor numbers will increase this.year by 20%,which is highly likely but the way they are building hotels the present over capacity looks as if it will increase by the same amount. Not sure about yoga teachers but it is difficult to get work permits and work visas. Any business venture would require a Sri Lankan partner which is fraught with problems. Best thing to do is to come for a holiday ,fact finding trip, and then re-assess
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NishikaAsheni posted Find events in Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
Event in Sri Lanka has a long term traditional and social relationship.It takes back to Ancient time , Forefathers of Sri Lanka (Kings) usually do their events in religious mode. Sri Lanka is a South Asian country around by The Indian Ocean , Most of them Says "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". Main religion is Buddhism and nationality is Sinhala.But Tamils , Muslims Malay and Other lives together.Sri Lankan's has black hair with brown skin and they are not that much tall. So these people has a prestige's history which take Us almost to 2000 years back.As I said earlier Buddhism is the main religion and that "events" start with this.These people good devotees for The Lord Buddha and what ever they did , they give their first for it.Basically most of these people are farmers ( nowadays this is little bit different ) and end of the year and middle of the year they harvest their cultivation called "Aswanna (Local Name)" for first semester called "Yala" also end of the year they called "Maha" At the "Yala" and "Maha" they arrange a big festival called "Aswanu Mangalya" , This is the event that all the villages participating.At the event chief monk of the village temple will be the main honorable guest and other VIP's will be next.The history of Sri Lanka says that this event will be second only for Kandy Tooth Relic Temple event called "Siri Dalada Perehara" Nowadays this tradition still continuing and have added new more events for the list.Young generation of Sri Lanka now moving with technology and most of them are very fun lovers , like to hang with parties,musical shows and much more... Apart of that they whould like to find events and participate such as sports, gaming shows,exhibitions,dramas etc...... These young generation now use The Internet as their main tool for finding events around the Island.Basically they use as their main search engine and as their best second event finding tool + web.Now they were able to find what they were looking for and now this new tradition is trending in society.Indeed this is the new look of Sri Lankan event field.
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VIHANGAX replied to the thread Wish to visit through out the Srilankan Island on the Sri Lanka forum:
sreejith2020 initially posted:
Dear friends I am an Indian age 41 male ,landed in Sri Lanka on job purpose. Staying alone in Srilanka and family in India. I wish to have a friend to my taste to share and even have trips far off in the islands specifically on saturdays , sundays and even on public holidays. In search of a good friend male or female.
VIHANGAX replied most recently with:
Hi, My name is viraj from Galle city in sri lanka, 24y old work as a manager in british council branch, I like to know more about you and make friendship with you, don't worry now you have male friend and here Female friends also contact me when you are here Mobile No. 0767700057
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