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MartinLS posted Expats in Jaffna? on the Sri Lanka forum on April 21, 2014:
Hi. I have just moved to Jaffna where I shall be working as a teacher for the next two years at least (all things being equal!), maybe quite a bit longer. As I am here without my family, I am wondering if there is any expat community here.. I speak fluent French and Greek and (these days) rather rough German. I kind of get by in Tamil too, having lived in Tamil Nadu for a few years, but aim to study to improve this. Life here is going to be rather different from Colombo I imagine (I worked there from 2001-2002, so have been in SL before), but I feel quite at home in Jaffna, mostly due to the Tamil connection. Still, it would be good to meet some other expats here, if there are any of course. Thanks. Martin
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carlafer replied to the thread Moving to Negombo on the Sri Lanka forum:
ronijean initially posted:
My husband and I are in the process of moving to Negombo. Wondering how to connect with other ex-pats for friendship and help and advice to adjust to this new country.
carlafer replied on April 18, 2014 with:
Hi, I am back in zurich but away again for the easter wekend, will email you again when i am back, any luck with Negombo? I have many leads and ideas to follow, happy easter, Carl
Christoferus replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Hello and welcome to Negombo. I've had a house here in Negombo for 15 years, which I used for holidays. In November 2012 I came to live here. What made you choose Negombo? Let me know if there is anything that I can to to help. Best wishes for you move Kindest regards Christopher
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property in Sri-Lanka2 bedroom beautiful house in Negombo with big garden and pool
jgeuss posted Jehovah's Witnesses in Sri Lanka- English Congregations on the Sri Lanka forum on April 13, 2014:
My wife and I are Jehovah's Witnesses in our early '50s with many decades of theocratic experience and are responding to the call in January 15, 2014 Watchtower to move where the need is greater in a warm climate, due to health reasons. I have a rare skin disease (not communicable) that requires I have a beard. From experience, I know that some cultures view men with beards with suspicion. Is there an English Congregation with a need for qualified brothers in Sri Lanka? If so, would they welcome my wife and I?
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poppyella replied to the thread Want to move to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
tleavell initially posted:
I'm a nurse, but don't necessarily want or need to work as a nurse. I'm also an ex-English teacher. I'm from the US, but I'm not the typical "Ugly American." I just want to live a simple life.. a simple existence... and, although I love my country, I don't think I want or am able to live the life I want to live here. I am extremely open to and respect all different kinds of different cultures, religions, and faiths. Again, I just basically want a simple life... I don't need a huge house or a bit, luxury apartment. Give me something within walking distance or a short bus ride to the ocean, and I'm good. I don't want to own a car. I would, in reality, like to live somewhere where I could ride a bike to and from work... or, even walk. I'm 46 years old and ready for a little peace in my life. Can I find it, in Sri Lanka? If there's anyone out there who's willing to help me out with information about Visas and about how this all works, please, I beg of you, contact me here. I need to know pretty much everything there is to know about a move of this magnitude. I know nothing about how all of this works, but am willing to do what it takes, to, essentially, disappear for awhile. A change is coming... I can feel it... Thanks...
poppyella replied most recently with:
Hi there, I wonder if I could help you. My parents moved to sri lanka a few years ago but have recently passed away. They were extremely happy in Sri Lanka, happier than they ever were in the UK. I now know quite a lot about Sri Lanka, buy and selling houses, visas etc. If you would like to email me you can and perhaps I can answer your questions :) I would be very happy to help as I know Sri Lanka is a very different culture and that can be over whelming. Thanks, Poppy
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poppyella posted Negombo Property, Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. My parents recently passed away and left me their beautiful villa in Negombo. Is there anyone that could give me some advice on whether it is worth renting the villa for extra income of whether it is best to sell. I have done a lot of research on selling houses in Sri Lanka and have reached out to a few people that advertise renting their property in Negombo but I need to know a little more before I make a decision. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks, Poppy
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spice replied to the thread Relationship with Sri Lankan on the Sri Lanka forum:
2souls39 initially posted:
Hi all I am new here so please be patient! :P I have met a lovely, wonderful man who is Sri Lankan, he only moved to England few years back. We are in a full blown relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. This is first time I even meet a Sri Lankan person, and I know nothing of the country itself. We been going out for about 6 months now, but knew each other as friends several years before that. But one problem is bothering him and I and I need advice on Sri Lankan culture and people please. He is around early middle age, and I am a white British girl in her late 20's. He is very shy and gentle, very quiet, and he admitted this his first relationship, and he never felt like this before about anyone before me. He shows extreme love and care, but can never actually say "I love you", even when I told him I love him. Is that their culture? But biggest problem is, he is so scared of his local community seeing us together, he not want anyone in our local area to know. He is happy for me to tell my parents, but he wants no one of his culture to know about us. We are sexual too, and I do not THINK he married, as no wedding ring, but someone lives at his home that he not want them to know about us. If he is married, I know it must be an arranged marriage, bcoz he so UNHAPPY before he meet me, and he been starved of affection and sexual pleasure. So you know, he is of the Tamil culture, and a Roman Catholic. So I ask anyone who know out there, do Sri Lankan families conduct arranged marriages, and will they shun and cut off the person in the marriage if that person meets someone new, especially of a different race? He runs his own little shop, but does not own it, is he worried family will take away everything if they find out about us? Many thanks for any help or advice given.
spice replied most recently with:
Keep at it. In the long run the little inconvenices will fade away. Seems like a good man.
Dorian replied most recently with:
I am a white Australian married to a Sri Lankan man (also pregnant now) and I agree with some of the other posters here that keeping it quiet until it's more secure is a good idea. My husband has lived in Aus for a couple of decades and he still found it hard to tell his mum about me. I could NOT understand at the time why it was such a big deal, but boy do I ever now! It's not so bad as his family live in a different state, but I totally concur with the notion that it's okay to dish out advice in Sri Lankan culture and that it will be automatically followed. As I read that post a lot of things became clear to me! Father in law is lovely but Mum very... traditional... I would keep it quiet until you both feel it's definitely going to be long term.
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We are planning a trip in December to explore possible retirement in Sri Lanka and would appreciate a list of cities/areas where most expats live. We have approx, 15 days for this visit. Thanks. Naila
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carlafer replied to the thread Info re. moving to Sri Lanka on the Sri Lanka forum:
Maturin initially posted:
Hi people. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’m a 66 year old basically healthy Australian/British ex teacher. I am considering moving to Sri Lanka after 6 years in Thailand mainly because of the excessive heat (up to 36+ at this time of the year) and the language barrier. The latter is so difficult to overcome that few really bother (Thai is a tonal language) and few Thais speak enough English to converse with you. That leaves me with the expat population, which is quite a heavy drinking one. I have difficulty forging ties with other expats. I’m not much of a bar prop and though I have tried joining a string of groups it just doesn’t work for me. Mainly it’s a deficiency on my part but also it’s because of my unusual background (very non-domestic) and academic/conversational tastes. I’m going to take a long trip to Sri Lanka shortly; 1, to see if I like it and 2, to explore the possibilities of long term (a good few years) leasing a small house in a smallish town with lots of green, nearby sea and a decent hospital. I would like to contact anyone (please, no real estate agents at this stage) who could make suggestions as to how I might most wisely spend a month looking for a different future in Sri Lanka. Where to go, who to talk to etc. etc. I was born in London and, aside from live theatre, which I love in any language, I have no use for what cities have to offer. If it were not for my age and all the hang-ups that come with it I’d avoid them altogether. The environment I thrive in is in the countryside but non-tourist dependant towns are probably my best option. Please answer if you can help ….. or even if you can’t. Thanks Maturin.
carlafer replied most recently with:
i amloking to buy a house or apartment in negombo or clsoe by must be close to the beach. anyone can help willing to pay a commision email me.
Christoferus replied most recently with:
I have had a house in Sri Lanka for 15 years, which I visited every year for holidays. In November 2012 I came to live here. My house is in a little village, just outside the coastal town of Negombo. Negombo is a major fishing port, and also a tourist resort. It's conveniently close to the airport. English is widely spoken. The people are welcoming and kind. In my area you should be able to rent a little village house for about Rs12,000 a month.
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property in Sri-LankaThis holiday bungalow nestles in the hills of a 7 acre plantation rich in tea, coconut, cinnamon, pepper and banana. It has stunning views of the beautiful Sri Lankan countryside with greenery

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