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10 Tips for Living in Sweden by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Sweden confess that culture shock can take you by surprise. But, once they learn to adapt, they appreciate the beautiful weather, relaxed lifestyle and bike-riding culture. (Continue)
European Wide Relocation Virtual Recruitment Fair for Scandinavian Speaking Candidates
nomad89 replied to the thread Sexual norms in Sweden on the Sweden forum:
iknppss initially posted:
Hello I hear very often that Sweden is a sexually permissive and open-minded society and women are not judged negatively for having many partners, unlike in other countries that are 'patriarchal' where women's sexuality is suppressed. Consequently, I hear, Swedish women, very often, take on the role of the pursuer in sexual relationships and make the first move in sex. As a result dating and sex is a lot more easier for men in Sweden. Generally, men can expect to be approached by women for sexual relationships. To put it in simple words it is a lot more easier for a man to obtain sex. Do you think this perception is true? I would really like to know the observation and experiences of people in Sweden, particularly men regarding this. The subject of dating & sexual norms in society interests me a lot. And I read and write about it as well.
nomad89 replied most recently with:
Hi iknppss, I've been doing some research on dating trends in Sweden too. Judging from the names of some dating sites that I came across, such as www.katakvinnor.se - horny women or www.lattfotade.se - easy going women, or at least that's how I would translate it based on the imagery, and the way women are positioned on them, it looks like females as pursuers are a norm. I also registered on these sites just to see if my hypothesis gets confirmed and got bombarded with pretty straightforward offers from women straight away.
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kalyanarr2 commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Karlstad, Sweden
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Learn some Swedish before you move. Find the area you wish to live in and then locate a real estate agent you want to work for you. Swedish property sales are only handled by the seller of the property. There is nothing that I've found which comes close to a buyers agent. I had to make a deal with an agent I met at a open house just to make sure I would know what is coming out and when. (Continue)
kalyanarr2 replied most recently with:
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Here are 10 of the best places in the world to get in the Christmas spirit. (Continue)
goodmanl replied to the thread Any recommendations from Sweden? on the Sweden forum:
goodmanl initially posted:
We are a start-up working on an exciting new way to improve on-board experience for passengers flying to and from Sweden and have joined hands with major Scandinavian airlines. First step is for us to understand what passengers flying on these flights would like to see. Can you please suggest what movie, radio or music would you like, if you were on one of these flights? I appreciate your help and thanks for the support
goodmanl replied most recently with:
Does no one have any thoughts on this please? :-|
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AWD replied to the thread nanny needs to a family in sweden on the Sweden forum:
annika initially posted:
hello we are a family whit 2 girls in age 8, 7. we need help to clean the house, and to help uswhit the children. to go to school whit them. you live whit us and get a roon and food. we want you to come here in sweden, we speak romanes, and english.
AWD replied most recently with:
I am very interested in working with youas a Cleaner and I believe my skills and experience would be an ideal match for this position. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the job with you and to provide further information on my candidacy. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, +233 267284345 I look forward to hearing from you. ABASS/ Accra Ghana W/ Africa
ksam17 replied most recently with:
Hi, please contact me on kh.samhadana@gmail.com
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perlofgren replied to the thread Living in Malmo? on the Sweden forum:
gavin21 initially posted:
I am considering relocating my family from Melbourne Australia to Malmo Sweden. While I have been reading mostly positive and complimentary posts about Sweden, I am a bit concerned with what appears to be an increase in racial disharmony and violence. Is this a big enough issue to reconsider a move to Malmo
perlofgren replied most recently with:
Hello, Malmö is great, and you can find many different cultural communities here. The autumn and winter can be dull and grey, not so much snow either. The spring time and the summer can be amazing - since you have a large beach (Ribbersborg) more or less in the middle of the city it is really nice. How did it work out for you? (There is also a active Vietnamese community that arranges get-togethers events now and then.) / Per
hoapersson replied most recently with:
hi. Iam vietnamese, my husband is swedes . Iam moving to Malmo in june. I wanna make new friends from Malmo :)
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galdrin replied to the thread Software Jobs - without speaking swedish? on the Sweden forum:
mctechguy initially posted:
I am a skilled software engineer from the USA that would like to live and work in Sweden. Is it possible for me to work only speaking English?
galdrin replied most recently with:
I've worked together with a couple of collegues that only speak english in the IT sector. Univeristies seems to always have a couple of them.
Tittar replied most recently with:
Should not be any problem at all
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katerikard posted Moving to Sweden on the Sweden forum:
Hi, This site is helpful to people needed advice. I am new here,hope to hear an advice to my problem soon...I am a Filipina,separated in my country Philippines almost 8 yrs already,Im not annuled because it is expensive,but just this year i receive a Divorce papers from my ex in Canada,but he is not yet a citizen there.Now i am in a relationship to my Swedish bf,fiance almost 5 yrs already.I wanted to apply as a tourist in Sweden that my fiance will be the one to shoulder everything.Do you think the Embassy will grant me a visa?Our relationship is so strong,we can prove everything that we are so committed into our relationship.He come to my country as much as he can yearly.Now,another question is,if i will be granted a visa,can we get married in Sweden?even if im not yet annulled in my country,But i have the Divorce papers from my ex husband.Hope to hear from you guys who know about my situation now.Thank you so much..God bless Kate
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