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Lonewolfnl2002 posted private healthcare in Sweden on the Sweden forum on April 23, 2014:
Hi does anyone aprox. knows how much a private healthcare insurance costs for 2 adults (44 and 35 yo)and one young child of 4 yo? I ask this because Swedish migration service want us to show a healthcare certificate which is valid for ONE year, with FULL coverage. I am EU citizen and our kid also,my wife is not. Right now we still live in Paraguay. Thanks in advance...regards, Johan
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Alexxa replied to the thread English School in Vaxjo on the Sweden forum on April 21, 2014:
aellita initially posted:
Dear all! I'm moving to Sweden for 2 years and my daughter is 6 y.o. We will live in Vaxjo as I'm student of Linnaeus Univercity. Could you advise me english school in Vaxjo? I've been searching Internet but failed as every school site is in Swedish and poor performed. Please, help me to find English school for my kid. Thank you!!
Alexxa replied on April 21, 2014 with:
If you use Google Chrome, it automatically translates pages for you. Very helpful!
citygbg replied on April 13, 2014 with:
Hello dear aellita. English school in sweden writes that they are planning for a new english school in Växjö but at tje moment I think you'll have to look for english schools other places. You got one in Jönköping. About 135 km from Växjö. You apply for the school on http://jonkoping.engelska.se/en/apply You see the travel with train on google maps see https://goo.gl/maps/k9Vff You got one closer in Halmstad but it is a 3 hours journey to the school with train. Why not place your daughter in a swedish school? She learn swedish and her classmates get a good opportunity to learn english.
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Im going to apply for a visa for my turkish husband to come to sweden to live. I know that I must be working or studying first,but is there a certain time length that I should be working before we apply? Or is a contract and letter of employment enough evidence rather than x amount of payslips? Thanks
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UKSA34 replied to the thread Moving to Sweden- can my spouse come? on the Sweden forum:
UKSA34 initially posted:
Hi there. I'm a uk national moving to sweden, I will be renting a home out there and looking for a job. What do I need to do once I'm there in order to get an ID? Also, my husband is turkish living in turkey. What are his rights? Will be be able to come? Thanks
UKSA34 replied most recently with:
Thanks for your reply. Just another question- how easy is it for me as an english speaker to get a job in sweden, preferably stockholm? Thanks
citygbg replied most recently with:
Well, as you are now living in UK I think you are a citizen in EU and just needs to fill in some paper to get a cvr for opening a swedish bankaccount. I believe you are able to get unemployment-payment from uk, even if you are searching for jobs in other countries. I think it is more difficult for your husband if he got a turkish citizen because they are not eu yet. You could check it all out on http://www.migrationsverket.se/English/Private-individuals/Working-in-Sweden.html Best regards from sweden. http://www.citygbg.se
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Podjamaan posted House insurance claim on the Sweden forum:
Hej hej I am new in Sweden, moved here 5 months ago after obtaining Resident Permit (I am married with Swedish man).We both got jobs in Norway 2 months ago and we moved away leaving our house in Sweden. 2 weeks ago our house in Sweden caught fire and burned down.We have full insurance on it and are now in negotiations with our Insurance agent. Unfortunately our agent doesn't speak English and only way to talkwith him is through my husband.And since my husband and me work in different shifts, we only have time during night to talk about it.We still didn't get the time off of work to go and see our house ourselves.We only saw a damage to it on pictures that Insurance agent has sent us.And of course, we are rushed by the same agent to finish "the deal"-how he has put it! I asked for a copy of our insurance and our rights on English, which would help me understand it better, but was told by agent that they only have it on Swedish.It is frustrating and tiring experience and it started taking it's toll on both of us.This week we are planning to take several days off from work and travel back to Sweden to see our house and damage in it, so we know what we are talking about.We both got a feeling that agent is playing on us, since he would write to me that certain things he have discussed and made a decisions with my husband. When in reality he didn't.It feels silly not knowing what my rights are.I have searched for some advice on this matter and didn't find much, but an advice to hire a lawyer.On the other hand, we were advised by Konsumenternas Försäkring not to hire one(as they cost too much) and not to provoke Insurance agent.This is the first time we are dealing with situation like this and we need help.Is there anybody out there who can tell me more about Home Insurance Claims?What are my rights in this? Tusen tack
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kwelbi replied to the thread American applying for asylum? on the Sweden forum:
dukebluefelon initially posted:
Anybody know the chances of getting asylum granted in Sweden as an American? I would like to apply using some sort of discriminatory basis due to my status as a convicted felon in the US and not being able to get a job etc. I just want a second chance and America is not much of a place of first chances anymore let alone second chances.
kwelbi replied most recently with:
Not gonna happen.Even S.American banana republics require a criminal background check for a residency visa.
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gavin21 posted Living in Malmo? on the Sweden forum:
I am considering relocating my family from Melbourne Australia to Malmo Sweden. While I have been reading mostly positive and complimentary posts about Sweden, I am a bit concerned with what appears to be an increase in racial disharmony and violence. Is this a big enough issue to reconsider a move to Malmo
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jamos316 posted Events in Göteborg on the Sweden forum:
Hi all, Wanted to let you know about a very big event company in Göteborg called CH Enterprises! They schedule all kinds of high profile events nearly every Friday with tons of sponsors which equal tons of free giveaways/discounts! Please like our facebook page to receive up and coming events; https://www.facebook.com/chenterprises The next event we have lined up is aimed at the gay community of Göteborg. Once a month we put an event on for the gay community and it is very popular and a great opportunity to socialize or even meet someone! The facebook link to this event is pasted below with all information; https://www.facebook.com/events/590202154398107/ Information on up coming events for the gay community like the facebook page below; https://www.facebook.com/TgisParties
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UKsouschef posted Chef working hours in Stockholm on the Sweden forum:
Hello everyone, I don't seem to find any information about the number of hours chefs (sous chefs) work in Stockholm. I would like to ask if anyone knows what are the usual working hours for chefs in Stockholm restaurants. Is it common to work more than 50 hours per week? For example, in the UK, in good restaurants (Michelin starred) chefs would be doing 11-12 hour shifts, often without breaks or short breaks only. Thank you for your comments!
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