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armandq posted Survey about expat moving in Switzerland on the Switzerland forum:
Hello, We are 4 students from the Geneva business school and we have to do a quick survey about new people moving to Geneva. Here is the link for the survey : http://goo.gl/forms/mSxIO8giP9 Thanks in advance for your help
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scalleja posted Apartment wanted - Bern on the Switzerland forum:
Urgent - looking for an apartment, +3.5, family friendly, ideal ground floor or with elevator. Looking for min 4 months. Close to public transport
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swisslady posted need a apartment in ZURICH on the Switzerland forum:
SWISSLADY is looking for a apartment to rent in ZURICH, 3-4 rooms appx up to 2000fr,I am a non smoker non drinker, very friendly and caring person,my sons live in ZURICH to,speaking swiss,E.F.I.S,PLEASE WRITE TO MY EMAIL.lisaspiquel@gmail.com
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property in SwitzerlandThis exclusive property with its breathtaking view is situated in one of Eastern Switzerland's most prestigious suburban communities with a favorable low tax climate.
Expat Report Info about Centrepoint Basel in Basel, Switzerland was published
Describe your group.
Centrepoint exists for the International Community in Basel, using English as a common language. At our newly refurbished "home" in central Basel we house an English language library of over 6000 titles (this is the American Women's Club in Basel's book collection), and a DVD library. We run many activities for members and guests, including 13 different conversation groups a week (including German, French, Basel-Dütsch, Spanish, Italian), social activities, children's clubs, book groups, adapting to change workshops, tours and other events. (Continue)
Expat Report Info about Zug International Women's Club in Zug, Switzerland was published
Describe your group.
It is not always easy being a foreigner and a woman in Switzerland. Being a member of Zug International Women's Club (ZIWC) can help you in so many ways. Use your membership! Get involved and join the fun! Our goal is to enrich each others lives  no more and no less! (Continue)
Expat Report Info about Zürich Hash House Harriers (ZH3) in Zurich, Switzerland was published
Describe your group.
The Hash House Harriers are an International Group founded in 1938 with over 70,000 active worldwide members..we're only about 20 in Zürich (at the moment!) We are a social running (we have a lot of walkers as well!) group that focuses on on the social element rather than just running.

We meet regularly (once a month) and soon every other Monday (from 5th October). (Continue)

A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Zurich, Switzerland
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
If you like to make Swiss friends, tell them you stay long term 10 years and above. That might will do the deal on this. Don't expect that a Swiss will call you back. Take it in your own hands, if you wish to stay in contact. Ask Swiss over for lunch dinner first. Swiss neighbor expect to be invited to a Apero' when you just have moved in! Do it, get drinks and finger food :) Get familiar with the garden rules, if you rent/buy a house. Living in an appartment, there are even house rules. Get familiar with them. Dealing with gardener, workers in the house, appartment..etc. Check the hours, square meters...just all what is written on the bill. Ask them to write the offers without hidden costs. Many friends & we had quite a few probs in that matter. To many hours written on the bill, to many square meters in garden...etc. There you know, why I like Asia more. Never had probs in this kind there! Overall Swiss are very friendly people. Living costs are high, I think not quite addressed. Many drive over to Germany to shop food & cloth. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Hello, My family and I lived in Zurich for a few years, from 2000 to 2004 we all found it very difficult. One of the things I found very helpful was to tap into the expat community by way of the IPC church, bunch of wonderful people. http://www.ipc-zurich.org/ Living in Zurich was a great adventure, I'd suggest learning coping skills to help with xenophobia tendencies in the general population. Best of luck...
A reader replied recently with:
As an "Auslandschweizer" (born in Switzerland, living abroad" I can only agree with you on the fact that Swiss people are hard to get close to. Even though I AM Swiss I might just as well have been be Chinese or any other non-Swiss nationality you could come up with when I lived in Switzerland for 2 non-consecutive years. I grew up with Swiss parents, spoke the "Schwiizerduetsch" language at home, was familiar with all the Swiss peculiarities (yes, all of them), and still did not find acceptance. I was glad to leave the country of my birth, and I went back only once - to find that staying away was the perfect solution for me.
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