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Sacco posted Taxi - airport to Xinyi on the Taiwan forum on August 28, 2015:
I'm coming to Taiwan for the first time so could someone please tell me the price for a taxi at 7pm on a weeknight from the international airport to 4 Xinyi Rd, Taipei.What type should I be getting?
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats living in Taiwan enjoy beautiful scenery, rich culture and challenges specific to the cultural distance from American and European countries. Find out some key tips on how to settle in to Taiwan. (Continue)
haussmanrealestate replied most recently with:
Taïwan is really beautiful ! I recommend it!
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meyers66 replied to the thread Nanny on the Taiwan forum:
roseyap initially posted:
Hi, im looking for nanny work or babysitting job in Tien Mou area.....pls email me roseyap11@yahoo.com.tw Thank you
meyers66 replied most recently with:
Just a suggestion but you could sell yourself as a nanny and English tutor for Taiwanese kids. That would earn more money.
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Yejamin replied to the thread Onward ticket on the Taiwan forum:
Yejamin initially posted:
I'm traveling to Taiwan on U.S. Passport arriving from Thailand. Do I need a return ticket? I plan to go to VT next but not sure of the date.
Yejamin replied most recently with:
Answering my own question, sorry. We arrived in Taiwan and we weren't asked for an onward ticket.
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Yejamin replied to the thread Dark skin on the Taiwan forum:
Yejamin initially posted:
Just head over you will like Asia. Checkout Thailand, it's very very cheap like $1 for a meal at any local establishments.
Yejamin replied most recently with:
This was a reply not a new post. Is the forum adim napping on the job to allow it through?
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meyers66 replied to the thread Dark Skin on the Taiwan forum:
Divadoll initially posted:
Hello I am very free spirited African American female who has raised her children and divorced looking for an experience to treasure. My concern is... aside from normal culture shock I don't want to have to deal with or worry about racism. I'm very seriously considering coming to Taiwan to teach English with the Hess School. Will my dark skin be problematic?
meyers66 replied most recently with:
Hello, I’m a caucasian American so these ideas come from my perspective. I’ve lived here for 20 years. I can tell you that when I hang out with my friend from Gambia the Taiwanese look at us in a wierd way. So amongst the young I think racism in the cities would be low. But in the countryside where I like to hang out, it would be higher. It would be more stares than anything else. And remember if you come, when Taiwanese laugh they laugh in embarassment, not at you. (It took me a long time to figure that out.)
ruimeng replied most recently with:
Sadly racism exists everywhere in the world. However Taiwan is a good choice. There is Less racism here than any other country I have ever traveled to (and 1000 times better than mainland China). Hope you decide to come and have a wonderful time. :)
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meyers66 replied to the thread Taiwan vas. other Asian countries on the Taiwan forum:
donjuanc initially posted:
I just recently moved to Taiwan from China and I have a question for anyone experienced with Taiwan or Asia, over all. I also visited other Asian countries in the last two years, and I have found that Taiwanese people are not as friendly and open as was my experience in China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia. I have found them to be more similar to the way locals act in Singapore or Hong Kong. I'm asking because I was told people here was nicer than Chinese but it hasn't been like that at all, including, I have to admit, my attempts to meet Taiwanese women. Any feedback, anyone?
meyers66 replied most recently with:
As a long time US expat in Taoyuan City I would agree with your sentiment about friendliness amongst the locals. But in my apartment community people are really nice. Such as one neighbor bringing us free Taiwanese sushi from the local restaurant. I think it has a lot to do with economics and stability. In the last few years the economy has declined and people feel more stress. Google the Sunflower Movement last year. The traditional family structure is under threat too. Google suicide in Taiwan. Then there has been an influx of Mainlander rich and tourists. The Rich have bullied their way into lucrative business deals. The Taiwanese on the other hand were sold by President Ma on the illusion that tourism would boost the local economy. But these tourists go to Mainlander owned hotels and businesses bc they have a deal with them. Its linked. What has gone up is real estate. This is because Mainlanders buy through Taiwanese proxies. In July they can buy in their name. So discuss your ideas with locals to test them. Many times there are cause and effects that foreigners can't see.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Taoyuan, Taiwan was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
As my email signature says, "It's people who can make a friend, who have friends, who can do well overseas."  --Edward T. Hall (Continue)
Marku posted Good home wanted for cats on the Taiwan forum:
I hate to post this. My wife and I have rescued 5 cats from various sad circumstances. We brought two from Nepal with us. Earlier this year we rescued a pedigree American Short Haired cat from a local family who had kept him locked in a tiny, windowless bathroom. He is a truly LOVELY cat, loves to be around people and to be hugged. Unfortunately the other male cats we have won't accept him. We have tried for some time, but the situation hasn't improved and we have to keep him separated from the others. (All our cats are kept inside our house.) He has had rabies inoculation and all the rest. His name is Dai-Chien and I guess he is about 10 months old. Several people have said they wanted him, but we have not been confident that they would give him a loving home. He deserves the best and I feel so sad to have to try to re-home him, but PLEASE only to a truly loving home. We also have a ginger and white cat, male, who is about 2 years old. Again, we tried to introduce him to the other three at home, but they won't accept another male. He has been castrated and has such a lovely nature. One lady offered to take him but she has never had cats before, and tried to grab hold of him and "force him" and of course he was very nervous and reacted, and she immediately returned him. He is genuinely a lovely boy, but he needs a loving family who will be patient and caring, and let him acclimatise to a change of homes. Neither cat has any road sense and we would prefer therefore that they are considered house-cats, in a loving home with room to move around. Prior experience with cats would be a great advantage - they are not toys to be grabbed hold of and then discarded when the novelty rubs off. I know I am repeating myself, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, only contact me if you think you can provide a lovely loving, caring, wonderful and permanent home. We are in Taoyuan County- Pingjhen of Yangmei.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan
Review-of-Taipei American School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The school has a nice campus that is badly in need up updates. Ther are many opportunities for after school activities. The ones for elementary school are pricy. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Good facilities and courses in high school but this school doesn't care about foreigners. Very closed social circle of Taiwanese with an American passport. School constantly asks for money. Support and attention from the administration only goes to the wealthy Taiwanese families. My kids barely are surviving and as parents from Europe we are non existent to everyone
A reader replied recently with:
In Taipei there are not better educational options for foreign kids. Taipei American School is a local Taiwanese school with mostly 99% of Taiwanese students, but better than several other so-called "international schools" around. Not a friendly school to expats and extremely and unreasonably costly. Foreign parents with children in this school feel very unwelcome by administration and faculty.
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