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willmoss posted Surfboad to buy / borrow on the Tanzania forum:
In Dar for 2 months. Waves look decent - looking for a surfboard to buy 2nd hand or new. Preference (but happy with anything) - just over 6' with some volume. I'm missing out! Thanks
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Bahati replied to the thread INFORMATION FOR DEAN EDWARD IRWIN on the Tanzania forum:
kaj2205 initially posted:
Does anyone know of Dean Edward Irwin? He was an American Citizen who died in 2011 Arusha, Tanzania he was 51 at the time of death. His 3 children are abandoned at an orphranage in Chan'gombe, Dar es salaam and we are trying to see if we can locate any family member from their dad side of the family. All we know is the father is Dean Edward Irwin an American Citizen who died in 2011 in Arusha, TZ, the mother went deranged and dumped them and they were found begging for food in Temeke. If you have ever heard about Dean Edward Irwin please let me know
Bahati replied most recently with:
What a sad story! Poor kids! I agree with the previous reader. The best way to help these children will be to contact the american embassy as soon as possible. I'm sure they'll be able to help them. Hopefully you'll somehow have means to prove of their american origins. Please do update on any news. Bahati
jannekebeemster replied most recently with:
Hi, would it not be easy to contact the American embassy and ask them to assist with locating family members? If these kids are from an American father, they are also American and the embassy must assist them. Regards, Janneke (Arusha)
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Naziemah replied to the thread Holiday Events & Expat Gatherings in Tanzania on the Tanzania forum:
adminee initially posted:
What are your favorite holiday events in your area of Tanzania? Help other expats in search of some holiday cheer by sharing information on events that are open to the public or for expats. If you would like to plan your own gathering to celebrate the holidays with other members of Expat Exchange in your area, we encourage you to plan it here. You could meet up with others at your favorite restaurant, a local coffee shop, a bar -- anywhere that's public!
Naziemah replied most recently with:
HI, i ma Naziema im from SA my email : Naziema.aleem@sunheralex.com. Looks like we in the same boat. being living here for 2 months still trying to find my feet. CHEERS FOR NOW
Motcho replied most recently with:
Hello, I just moved to Dar es salaam, and I am looking to meet and greet other expats around the city. I am working for an NGO, and previously worked with the UN abroad. Can anyone tell me where such gatherings, parties, etc are? Thanks,
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Melly82 posted Working in Tanzania on the Tanzania forum:
Jambo everybody :-) I am planning to go to Tanzania for living and working there for one or two years. I love Tanzania and its People, their culture and the Country itself. Have anybody an idea how to find a paid Job? I am Office Clerk, therefore i can work in Administration, Hotel reception. But I am open for new jobs, too. I also would love to work in a social field with People. If anybody has got an idea for me, I would be happy if you could write me. Asante sana!
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Grosse replied to the thread Thinking of moving to Arusha area on the Tanzania forum:
TheCrazySojourner initially posted:
Hello friends, I'm thinking of re-location my family to Tz (we're Christian missionaries) and would like to connect with other families that already live there. We have 2 teens and 2 pre-teens...anybody out there? We like to know about living conditions, travel, etc. Thanks!
Grosse replied most recently with:
Hey, I'm just seeing this post, after months of traveling. Guess there's not alot of traffic on this site right now. I do not currently live in Arusha anymore, but I did for a few years. Now, I go to TZ several times a year for several months each time. I would love to help you get a feel for what is in Arusha and the surrounding regions, and what you can expect. Even can give you some good contacts for church and Christian friends there. Email me, if you'd like: christian@activationinternational.com
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I am an Aussie who is looking to relocate to Tanzania. Africa has always been in my blood and I was relocating to Zimbabwe, years ago, but Mugabe's madness put a stop to that. Now I am looking at Tanzania as my fiancée lives in Moshi, but I will need an income and am willing to do any work that I can find. Anyone know of jobs available or can make suggestions of what is available and where to look for work?
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ursu posted living in moshi on the Tanzania forum:
hello, i have a questions, I lived in Moshi as volunteer the last 9month, now I would like to go back to work there.Is there anyone who can tell me the the best way ot try to find work, in whatever sector, or to whom I could send my CV to live in Moshi? or somenone knows one who Needs somebone? asanate sana!
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