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ronthailand replied to the thread U.S. Marine moving to Hui Hin on the Thailand forum on March 18, 2015:
ronthailand initially posted:
Name is Ron. Born in Chicago, Coming from California. Would love to make a few quality friend when I arrive on June 15, 2015. I have some nice furniture, should I move it to and unfurnished Apt, or leave it and buy there? Advice Welcomed. What do you think the medium range on a nice apt in Hui Hin would be in USD. Thanks, Ron
ronthailand replied on March 18, 2015 with:
Hello Semper Fi.Thanks for the message. Please do look me up I will be there about June 1 with my NEW Thai Girlfriend I met on Facebook, 4 years ago. I was MARSOC, Force Recon, Special Operator, 2Nam and much more. I left as a Captain but started off enlisted so I am a Marine's Marine. I love u Army guys, saved my ass many times in the bush. This is a big process but can't wait to get there. I am pissed off also at the Gvt and this Obama bull.... so I am otta here. I love you my brother. get me always at God Bless and be safe Bro. Ron
warrior28 replied on March 18, 2015 with:
Hi Ron! You got some good info from kickballtrick. I plan on retiring to the Hua Hin area within the next two years...could be tomorrow if they really piss me off at work. Was in Hua Hin last September and hope to visit again this year. Will look you up if I do to see how its going. Semper Fi from an Army guy (66-72, RVN, 336th Assault Helicopter Co.)
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Thai Visa Extension on the Thailand forum on March 14, 2015:
Yejamin initially posted:
Can someone please tell me if it's possible to get an extension for multiple entry visa? She's on her 1st entry and believes each entry can extend additional 30 days. Is this correct?
caughtintheact replied on March 14, 2015 with:
According to "If you have an extension of stay but would like to travel outside Thailand for a short period then you will need to apply for a Re-Entry permit." Thus it appears that the original type of visa, not the re-entry permit determines how much time one has left in Thailand after leaving and returning on a multiple entry permit. For example, if you have been in Thailand on a one year extension, and have 6 months left, if you leave the country with a re-entry permit, for a month, and return, you will have 5 months remaining. In other words, the re-entry permit allows you to return to Thailand based on your original status, but it does not change your original status. You will not get an additional 30 days here to compensate for the 30 days when you went abroad. The re-entry permit just allows you to leave and come back without having to start the immigration process all over again.
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jackwatson replied to the thread yoga meditation tai chi in Hua hin on the Thailand forum:
janineradice initially posted:
I would like to know if there are yoga, meditation, tai chi courses and regular groups
jackwatson replied on March 14, 2015 with:
Yes, there are lot many retreat centers who teach you the complete course as per your comforts.There are many retreat overseas like Yoga retreat thailand,costa rica yoga retreat,yoga retreat india,yoga costa rica. You can visit this web link for knowing more details: . Hope this will help you knowing more precisely.
kelseybythesea replied on January 28, 2015 with:
I've only been to this amazing meditation place called Kung Fu Retreat up north, in Pai but never been to one in Hua Hin. I've Googled it up, try checking out and Ayurveda Hua Hin.
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property in ThailandLocation : Nong - Hoi, next to Holiday Inn Hotel - 6 month lease : 16,000 THB/month *WIFI INCLUDED
property in ThailandCondo for Rent: City Resort Ratchada-Huaykwang near MRT Huaykwang station. 1 bedroom 45 sqm Fully-furnished, Ready to move in – Just bring your luggage!
property in ThailandLovely detached family house with 4 bedrooms / 3 bedrooms on 97sqw plot with tenant in place is for sale on the market for only 5,500,000 THB with teak furnitures.
property in ThailandLovely 2 storeys detached family house fully furnished which sits on a corner plot proximity to the club house and kid's playground.
property in ThailandLovely fully furnished bungalow in exclusive high end moo ban Lanna Thara, a sought-after location in Hang Dong where live many embassy families.
property in ThailandExcellent condition condominium. Unit 401 is a corner unit with extra windows and balcony, creating an excellent cross breeze.

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