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property in ThailandThe office is your home and the home is your office. This property is ideal for entrepreneurs with startups or small and medium businesses (SMEs). For sale or for rent. Currently several identical units are available on the same street.
I am planning to retire in Thailand and secure a long-term furnished rental. But, I also plan to do consulting work outside of Thailand. Will I be required to pay Thai taxes on monies earned outside Thailand?
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We are casting for a feature film, which will be shot in Thailand from November to December 2014. We are looking for English speaking Caucasian looking boys aged 7-14. ( Not half Asian/half Caucasian) Character One Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Character Two Dark Hair Brown or Blue Eyes The director for this feature film is Dennis Gansel, an award winning director form Germany who has directed the films " The Wave" and "Before the Fall". Non Jungmeier is the casting Director, and has worked on the films "The Beach", "The Impossible" and "The Lady", you can check her past work at: If you would like your son to audition for the role, or have any questions, please feel free to contact our casting team by emailing: Non - Pum -
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property in Thailand30 SQM Studio with amazing views of the river, Sauna, squat and board less swiming pool, indoor and outdoor lobbies, boat service to Sathorn, Shuttle service to MRT/BTS, Garden and more.
property in ThailandA stunning tropical sunset against a warm blue sea awaits you at Asia's most popular beach destination. Don't wait to make the experience real. Take advantage of a brand new pool villa 150 meters from the sea. This exquisite property is either for sale or for rent. 150 meters from the sea, brand new, 1200 SQM, 307 SQW of land (4 SQM=1 SQW). For more details, see and call us today at 096-225-8158. Office assistance is fluent in English and also speaks Thai, Chinese and Korean.
legalservicesHH replied to the thread buy a property in thailand on the Thailand forum:
fabien initially posted:
Any foreigner can buy a condo in Thailand, every body agree that. But if you want to live your retirement in a house with garden, it's also possible. If you are not married with thai people, you must rent the land for 30 years , renewed every 30 years, and built your own house that you are owner. The owner of the land cannot stop the contract. But your children, if they are not thai, cannot get it. i have some land , 600m of the sea, 15 km to birma border that will open next year, in Prachuap, 300km South, between Bangkok and Samui or Phuket ..for people who like quiet places, in coconut garden, very cheap price .
legalservicesHH replied most recently with:
As an initial enquiry could you give me some details of the land for sale. How is it registered, in a company or as a lease agreement or in a Thai partners name, when was it registered, when could I view it and what does the price work out to be per square metre.
stumpy replied most recently with:
And please tell everyone about the heaps of paperwork you have to go through to be able to have your own house in Thailand on your piece of paradise. Not that easy.
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Japanese style door curtain in Bangkok on the Thailand forum:
eved initially posted:
Anyone know where I can find Japanese style door curtain (Noren) in Bangkok?
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Have you tried either of the places cited in response to your post at Have you done a web search for - buy noren curtains in Bangkok - yet?
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The unit is a spacious (112 sq.m) 2 bedrooms apartment on the 11 fl of a luxury condominium located in the downtown Sukhumvit area (Soi 31).
stevetk replied to the thread I am looking for expat medical insurance for Hua Hin on the Thailand forum:
hbft58 initially posted:
Can someone give me some advice?
stevetk replied most recently with:
Please email at and I can sort out for you.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
BUPA is an insurance provider, Just search the web for BUPA Thailand or BUPA Bangkok, and call them to see if they can cover you in your location. You can also try contacting your embassy If the above gets no results try a web search for Expat health insurance [name of location[, (without the brackets).
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In the past many people came to Thailand and overstayed. their visas, whether to work illegally or just remain in Thailand. Overstays will not be permitted and anyone who does overstay can expect to be banned from entering the country for a period of time. The new rules are posted here:
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