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property in ThailandPremium condo in the heart of the city near MRT (subway) and BTS (sky train) , near business center Silom and Sathorn. Easy access to any place in Bangkok. Fully furnished and fully equipped with appliances. Not many units so it is quiet and peaceful.
UrbanMan replied to the thread New to Thailand on the Thailand forum:
Glorifindal initially posted:
Hi dear forum. Greetings from Scotland. I'm about to remarry my ex-wife (yes, some of us never learn :-) and we will go to Thailand. Both of us have had enough of the UK… She is a Thai national, but we have badly mucked up the immigration. I have some questions concerning the whole thing.. I will continue to work (I work online), am a limited Company owner - and will keep a registered UK address. Is there any sort of taxes I would need to pay in Thailand that I am unaware of? How long can I stay as a spouse? Kindest regards Glorifindal
UrbanMan replied most recently with:
I wouldn't tell Thai immigration about your online business. Not to be deceptive, but because it will raise a bunch of questions any of which could trip up your entry (don't expect all Thais to understand what an online business is). As long as your business is online, its not relevant. You are not allowed to be an "employee" in Thailand without permission. Running your own online business is not you being an employee in Thailand - not unless you are for example selling goods or providing services in-country. You've already said you mucked up the Scottish immigration, don't mess it up in another country. Your age matters. If you are 50 or older and married (not intending to be married - actually married), there is a non-immigrant O-A visa. You can get it for a year. This requires demonstrated income as one other poster noted - OR - a deposit of funds into a Thai bank (800K Baht - about GBP 16000). You also need various medical clearings and a police certificate. If you are under 50, non immigrant O would seem to be the path. There is no deposit of funds in a bank required, but its only given 90 days initially, with a one year extension possible once in Thailand (and renewable again if your marriage lasts ...). The initial 90 day visa is a Single Entry document, meaning you won't have the ability to go in and out of Thailand during the 90 days. There is various additional paperwork required to support the application. You can make the application at the Thai Consulate General in your home country (advisable). Since its only for 90 days, you should time things so you'll be going to Thailand very soon after being approved. How long will approval take? I can't even guess at that.
Podl replied most recently with:
How you're gonna get a work permit?
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Imadork replied to the thread Moving to Thailand on the Thailand forum:
arisperuby initially posted:
Hi all, I will be moving to Thailand in the next month or two, but I haven't found a place to stay yet. Bangkok is too big and expensive for me; I took a look at Chiang Mai, but I think it's also a bit too big for me. I think what I'm looking for is a smaller, quieter city that still has a network of expats that I can connect with. I'd like to live up north, but living south near some beaches sounds cool too. I wouldn't mind living in a small town or city, as long as there are some expats living there with whom I can communicate with, because I barely know any Thai right now. My rental price range is 100-200, with an emphasis on price and affordability. I can lease a two bedroom and sublet the other room to save on costs. Anyone have any ideas for me to get started on my search? Thanks in advance for any help. It's much appreciated.
Imadork replied most recently with:
Makmakmark, Thanks-have been looking for such a site for 2 years while in Hua Hin!
makmakmark replied most recently with:
Take a look at the website They have listings all over Thailand for both rentals and purchases (foreigners can buy into condos but usually with 100% of the price). You'll be surprised at how inexpensive some of the places are.
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stilson posted Casting Exciting New Expat Series on the Thailand forum:
Hello expats! I am currently casting for an amazing new docu-series that is looking for compelling stories from US expats about their experiences living abroad. Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and your experiences living in a foreign country, or with any questions you may have. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! Sophie
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Tabien Ban, What are the advantages? on the Thailand forum:
primepeat initially posted:
I just recently heard about a yellow Tabien Ban book and everything I see about the advantages seems to pertain to home ownership vs Condo As I have a Condo and apparently cannot change the condo electric feed I cant see any advantage to going through the paperwork necessary Are there other advantages I'm not aware of such as health care, insurance etc etc
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Right. It can be hard to figure where to keep the money so you never reach the threshold.
primepeat replied most recently with:
Nah, I'm Canadian so that isn't an issue, but yea the new FATCA legislation is making life quite difficult for a lot of my Yank friends who are finding lots of banks not letting them open accts, almost making them act like money launders just to get at their own funds, ridiculous really
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Expat Report Review of Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban Chang in Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand, Thailand was published
Review-of-Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban Chang
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Excellent. There's been lots of investment, so there's now a new main hall, much bigger primary classrooms, a completely new Kindergarten area and a new pool. They also have good music and science equipment, like a 3D printer. (Continue)
Kiidu posted Nannies for tourist and expat parents on the Thailand forum:
Kiidu connects parents and nannies. Our mission is to remove the hassles and worries from families and provide reliable and trustworthy nannies. We at Kiidu have experienced the struggless of finding a reliable nanny first-hand so we know the needs and wants of parents and have built our services based on first-hand experience. If you're a parent currently living or about to go to Bangkok, either long-term or just for the weekend, and are in need of a nanny, register at our websites at
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Looking for a job in the financial industry on the Thailand forum:
Podl initially posted:
Hi, I found a thread from July, last year, about someone who was looking for the same thing, but the suggestions he got, back then, were mostly about moving to Thailand and then start looking. Few years ago I tried it for two weeks (I know it's not long enough) to no avail. I'm in Thailand every few months, going to conferences and trying to ask around, but to no avail. I have an experience with the capital markets and various financial systems. Does anyone here has other tips? Cheers.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Right now, the Thai economy, like many others, is not very good, which is likely to make companies reluctant to take on many more expats, unless the expat has some special skills, abilities or contacts to offer that the companies think will benefit them. One of the reasons to spend some time here is that you want a local company to believe that you are committed to staying here so the money they invest in you will not get wasted. If you are unable to do that, then you will just have to keep applying, preferably with a finely tuned and customized resume' to various companies in the financial industry. You don't necessarily need to be here to find companies looking to hire, as they often place classifieds on their web sites. You might also find openings by doing web searches for expat jobs in Thailand. Some recruiting companies might be looking for expats, although most of the executive recruiters only want Thai applicants. However, this may change as Thailand will be joining the ASEAN Economic Cooperation at the end of this year, The AEC is likely to give preferences to people from ASEAN countries. Thus an expat from, say, Singapore, is likely to get preference over someone not from an ASEAN country, unless the latter can fill company needs.
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zirko replied to the thread sponsor for a magician on the Thailand forum:
zirko initially posted:
Hello, my name is Luc, I am a 29 years old french magician and I am looking for a sponsor Luc
zirko replied most recently with:
I need a sponsor cause I want to produce my own shows
primepeat replied most recently with:
excellent response...what do you want?
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