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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: We asked expats and searched our forums for recommendations about where to retire in Asia. We pinpointed countries with affordable costs of living and have five great retirement locations. Please add your recommendations in the comments section! (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Viet Nam
bluenz replied recently with:
Vietnam, this article says only of visiting Vietnam, there is a huge difference between visiting VN and actually living here.
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legalservicesHH replied to the thread buy a property in thailand on the Thailand forum:
fabien initially posted:
Any foreigner can buy a condo in Thailand, every body agree that. But if you want to live your retirement in a house with garden, it's also possible. If you are not married with thai people, you must rent the land for 30 years , renewed every 30 years, and built your own house that you are owner. The owner of the land cannot stop the contract. But your children, if they are not thai, cannot get it. i have some land , 600m of the sea, 15 km to birma border that will open next year, in Prachuap, 300km South, between Bangkok and Samui or Phuket ..for people who like quiet places, in coconut garden, very cheap price .
legalservicesHH replied on August 21, 2014 with:
As an initial enquiry could you give me some details of the land for sale. How is it registered, in a company or as a lease agreement or in a Thai partners name, when was it registered, when could I view it and what does the price work out to be per square metre.
stumpy replied on August 13, 2014 with:
And please tell everyone about the heaps of paperwork you have to go through to be able to have your own house in Thailand on your piece of paradise. Not that easy.
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Japanese style door curtain in Bangkok on the Thailand forum on August 20, 2014:
eved initially posted:
Anyone know where I can find Japanese style door curtain (Noren) in Bangkok?
caughtintheact replied on August 20, 2014 with:
Have you tried either of the places cited in response to your post at Have you done a web search for - buy noren curtains in Bangkok - yet?
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The unit is a spacious (112 sq.m) 2 bedrooms apartment on the 11 fl of a luxury condominium located in the downtown Sukhumvit area (Soi 31).
stevetk replied to the thread I am looking for expat medical insurance for Hua Hin on the Thailand forum:
hbft58 initially posted:
Can someone give me some advice?
stevetk replied most recently with:
Please email at and I can sort out for you.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
BUPA is an insurance provider, Just search the web for BUPA Thailand or BUPA Bangkok, and call them to see if they can cover you in your location. You can also try contacting your embassy If the above gets no results try a web search for Expat health insurance [name of location[, (without the brackets).
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In the past many people came to Thailand and overstayed. their visas, whether to work illegally or just remain in Thailand. Overstays will not be permitted and anyone who does overstay can expect to be banned from entering the country for a period of time. The new rules are posted here:
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caughtintheact replied to the thread income tax on the Thailand forum:
thaistyle29 initially posted:
When my wife and I move over to chiangmai if I have a problem doing my income tax are there any people or places. Who can help me. Thanks....steven
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
By the way, you need to check out the FBAR report ans the FATCA report FBAR: FATCA:
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Usually the 1040A is pretty easy, except maybe for figuring out social security. I'd I'd recommend that you file online with, as they walk you through each step.and do the calculations for you, and depending on your income level, it might be free. And even if you have to pay, it will probably be cheaper than a tax consultant. You can check with to see what they will charge or if they know someone in your area , or check with the American Embassy in Bangkok, or with U.S. Citizen's service at the American Embassy in Bangkok You can also do a web search for something like u.s. citizen tax assistance hua hin And not least, you can ask people in your area.
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Scott Dunn are a luxury tour operator renowned for the excellent childcare they provide across the Mediterranean and Alps. Last year we started a new partnership with the luxury Soneva Kiri resort to run their children’s club. Soneva Kiri is the ultimate in barefoot luxury, situated on the remote island of Koh Kood, it is an amazing opportunity to do the job you love in a beautiful location.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Bankok, Thailand enjoy a wonderful lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Emily McClaren explores why it is a popular destination for expats from all over the world. (Continue)
djappger replied most recently with:
This from a close friend, former Marine helicopter & major US airline pilot who has owned a 1/2 million dollar home in Puckett for many years. Here are his thoughts: "Heat, humidity, vehicle exhaust, standstill traffic, pathetic construction workmanship, violent crime, incessant power outages, cultural-intellectual desert. "Land of Scowls," (rather than Smiles) would be more appropriate. What attracted me is no longer valid, being happily married. ;-) Thought I had found eternal youth.....Forgot to mention "Lese Majeste." No freedom of speech or opinion. Say something negative about the monarchy and you get 15 years in prison. Have to stand up for two minutes before a movie begins to honor the king......
Austintatious replied recently with:
WOW...such a misinformed article. I have been teaching in Thai universities for several years and I have traveled all over the country. My take on your 5 points: 1) There are many good private hospitals in the Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket areas, and I have visited a couple of them. Many of these hospitals specialize in medical tourism and do a good job, at a reasonable price. In the countryside the medical care is adequate and has improved substantially over the last decade. In terms of dentistry, even the Farang price is low, but service seems rushed - a checkup/cleaning is usually completed in about 10 minutes. 2) Food, like music, is a matter of personal preference. I love Thai cuisine, but quite honestly the Thai food in California's Thai restaurants is consistently better than the Thai food you will find in all but a few restaurants in Thailand. Thais don't seem to mind a lot of bones, guts and chicken skin mixed in with their dinners. However, you can find tasty street meals for about 30 baht (one US dollar) if you don't mind the extra work of removing bones, etc. 3) Great weather? If you like hot and humid weather, then Thailand is great. There are usually a few weeks of nice weather in December/January, but otherwise most of Thailand is more like Houston in summertime. The rainy season is June-October and the rest of the year is dry. The smoke from farms burning rice stubble and from thousands of cooks using charcoal makes the air unhealthy much of the year. 4) Relative to about 40 other countries I have visited, people in Thailand tend to walk and exercise less than any of them. Motorbikes are everywhere and people don't walk if they need to go just one kilometer. It is just too hot and humid. Swimming? Have you seen how filthy most of the rivers and lakes are in Thailand? Get far enough away from the cities and the beaches are OK, but they are declining. 5) Farangs cannot buy land/houses in Thailand unless they are married to a Thai person. You can buy a condo, and renting is of course more popular. As for traffic, Bangkok is no worse than NYC, LA, Chicago, or Houston. The taxi drivers are clever and the BTS is very good, so overall it is not too bad. The recent military coup will ensure that most of Thailand's resources remain concentrated in the Bangkok area while the countryside gets the short end of the stick. This will not affect many foreigners unless some type of civil war erupts. Personally, I found this to be "the straw that broke the camel's back" and I left Thailand for good in May. I will miss the norther half of Thailand, but I will not miss the smoke and feral dogs.
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Renovation of Non Immigrant Visums O/A. on the Thailand forum:
epsacori initially posted:
Which proof of income is requiered? In accordance to the Thai embassy in Berlin the opening of a local account ion Thailand is not required anymore. Does a copy of bank statement will do? or they will ask for some sort of certification?
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
The rules can vary by type of visa, country and whether or not this is your first application. , I recommend you contact the German Embassy in Bangkok and ask them, You will cer4tainly need a letter from the Embassy where you certify your income, but you need to know what the letter has to say. You can also go to and visit the forums where you can ask, but be sure to be specific on the type of visa you are applying for and if this will be your first application.
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