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property in ThailandLocation : Nong - Hoi, next to Holiday Inn Hotel - 6 month lease : 16,000 THB/month *WIFI INCLUDED
property in ThailandCondo for Rent: City Resort Ratchada-Huaykwang near MRT Huaykwang station. 1 bedroom 45 sqm Fully-furnished, Ready to move in – Just bring your luggage!
property in ThailandLovely detached family house with 4 bedrooms / 3 bedrooms on 97sqw plot with tenant in place is for sale on the market for only 5,500,000 THB with teak furnitures.
property in ThailandLovely 2 storeys detached family house fully furnished which sits on a corner plot proximity to the club house and kid's playground.
property in ThailandLovely fully furnished bungalow in exclusive high end moo ban Lanna Thara, a sought-after location in Hang Dong where live many embassy families.
property in ThailandExcellent condition condominium. Unit 401 is a corner unit with extra windows and balcony, creating an excellent cross breeze.
caughtintheact replied to the thread Thailand - New Rules for tourists who overstay visas on the Thailand forum:
caughtintheact initially posted:
In the past many people came to Thailand and overstayed. their visas, whether to work illegally or just remain in Thailand. Overstays will not be permitted and anyone who does overstay can expect to be banned from entering the country for a period of time. The new rules are posted here:
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
I'm not in a category that needs to do visa runs, but there are a lot of them who post at the forums on and may have more insight on the current situation.
TheSir2You replied most recently with:
I am now an illegal alien in Ukraine, going on three years. There is no way to do the 'run' as the reentry is not allowed for a year. But they will not deport you and you can stay, and spend.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: We asked expats and searched our forums for recommendations about where to retire in Asia. We pinpointed countries with affordable costs of living and have five great retirement locations. Please add your recommendations in the comments section! (Continue)
vietrick replied most recently with:
Regarding Vietnam: while it is nice to go to visit Mui Ne or other beach communities, one must be real about long term needs if planning a move; most of the areas have miserable or next to zero health care. Both Da Nang and Nha Trang have improving situations, with choice. Should you need to get care in Singapore, Thailand, Hanoi or Saigon (at the French Hospital), airports are nearby. I live in Nha Trang most of the year and have been here a long time, and have needed health care. You very well might, as well. Da Nang has the advantage of having a great mayor who has changed the city greatly, cleaning up both the environment and flushing out the endemic corruption that is so common within most of Vietnam and other nearby countries. As one poster here pointed out, the question concerns retiring, not merely visiting. Those two things are quite different. I am in love with Ethiopia but it is not a retirement spot as yet, for example. Though it is rapidly changing, Vietnam remains a bargain, attracting a more interesting and more educated expat population. The skirt chasing alcoholic is not the average expat....more couples are here. More younger men and women choose to work and live here each year. . The
travelsoulja replied recently with:
I do not recommend Phu Quoc. The island is undergoing a serious facelift ( see ) and it is too expensive to buy property there. I would suggest Danang Vietnam. It has a beautiful beach, modern city, and it is very clean!
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a1motivator replied to the thread What's it like living in Thailand? on the Thailand forum:
marilynexpat initially posted:
Hi there.I have heard that living in Thailand is pretty nice for expats and I would love to hear from some of you who live there on your experiences of it. Which towns or cities are best to live in? Can a foreigner own property in Thailand? Is it easy to get a residency? And any other information you can provide would be great. Thanks so much for your help
a1motivator replied most recently with:
MY preference after terms in BK and Chaing Mai. is the medium sized town. Thoen in the province of Lampang. A truly delightful place. No-one walks here with a 5K high street with most houses as shops people shop from a motor bike. In 5 years of twice a week walking its length truthfully I have never seen a Thai-person walking. Must be a G. book for a-record of some sort. My return journey is along the river bank with some of the most beautiful sights one could ever wish for plus a bonus that 7-of 10 Thai people will wave and all give a smile. WOW! if only one could show my countrymen/women how to be as happy.
kelseybythesea replied most recently with:
The best cities for me are BKK and Chiang Mai. Lived for more than a year in BKK and 2 mos in Chaing Mai. BKK for its vivacity; and Chiang Mai for its weather and exotic charm.
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property in Thailandsimilar available just ask.

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