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property in ThailandLarge Comfortable Town house in the City. Easy access from airport, train station and bus station. Right near the moat. Friendly and experienced hosts who speak fluent Thai and English.
eddee replied to the thread Isolated forest lakes in Thailand on the Thailand forum on April 22, 2015:
eddee initially posted:
I'm developing 24 acres of 'resort' land and would like to get your opinions. We have a big lake with an island (80m x 35m). We have woods and trees and lots of interesting crannies. We have 4 wooden huts, with internet and electricity and water. A large lodge (house). Primitive raft to get to the island and two bridges as well. Does anyone have any desire/interest to get involved, to visit, or just to comment? Eddee PS it's lovely and hot here, but rainy season nearly arriving.
eddee replied on April 22, 2015 with:
Caughtintheact. Thank you for your thinking time. Our location is not good, it is 4 hours drive from Bangkok but it is a lovely place once you arrive. The lodge has one bedroom which I'm using. There are 4 huts, each has a bedroom, kitchen area, internet, power, water. Normal resort use is I think out of question as there are literally hundreds of others and half of them are empty. Access is via a gravel road, need 4 wheels in wet. Good thing is we need no building permission whatsoever as we are in a special area which is exempt. Don't believe it? Don't blame you but our lawyers have confirmed. Shops are around 2-3km, little town 25km. Medical is about 1.5km or hospital 25km. Hunting is permitted with a permit. Area security is ok, we've had nothing to talk about in 5 years. I think your suggestion is about right, it can be used a a hideaway or a convention center. The national park adjoins us, so that's very interesting too. This is rural Thailand, there are no Rotary clubs or anything like that. Are you in Thailand, do you have a resort? Eddee
caughtintheact replied on April 21, 2015 with:
and BTW, be cautious about using primitive rafts. If someone drowns it will cause no end of problems. Have you brought in any monks to bless the property yet?
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Need Help Looking For Finance Job on the Thailand forum:
YeseniaGarza initially posted:
I am looking to move to Thailand sometime in October or November 2015. I am currently a fully registered Investment Advisor Representative in Minnesota and would like to get some global experience in Finance. I am looking for advice on finding Finance positions and maybe names of some firms. I am a 25 year old female with a Bachelors in Business Finance with an emphasis on Financial Planning and Insurance. Any and all tips, advice, and/or comments are very much appreciated!
caughtintheact replied on April 13, 2015 with:
I am not very familiar with Phuket, not having been there for many years, but although it has probably changed a lot, it is still basically a resort town, and not a business center, except for tourist and related industries, like hospitality, hotels, etc. There is another critical factor that I should have mentioned earlier, and that is with a somewhat stagnant economy, companies are reluctant to hire and likely are even less apt to hire expats, unless the expat has some special skills that the company needs. Most people I have known over the years have gotten their jobs by contacts, like networking, but almost every one was in Thailand. Maybe if you had banking customers of some size that you could get to invest here, you would be in a better position to convince a bank that it should hire you. However, if you have special skills and other things to offer and you are not getting any bites, there may not have been any jobs available at the time you submitted your resume'. In addition you are also faced with a small number of banks. Thus if you don't find anything during your coming time in Bangkok, all I can say is to keep trying. Have you cheked the classified section of the Bangkok Post (
akainth replied on April 13, 2015 with:
The reason i Was looking at UK banks is because i have worked for some and have experience so i was thinking it might be a good way for me to get into thailand that way. I have also been applying for banks that are not in the UK as you say. But im finding that banks that are not in the UK wont consider employing someone from the UK to represent say a bank from germany for e.g. I would be interested to know what jobs people have got in phuket not a teacher or some kind of club rep working in a bar, something concrete like an office or a bank that all the day to day runnings are mostly in english or targeting expats etc.. ??
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Looking for IT Job on the Thailand forum:
Nicoley24 initially posted:
my Partner has a job in Bangkok, Thailand. So we will both be moving out in June 2015. I am looking for a job in the IT industry. Please see my linked in for more information: Any help of agents to use or websites to use would be great.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Teaching is an option, but the Thai government requires that teachers be hold certain qualifications. A bachelors and a teaching qualification are two of them. Try this site for everything about teaching in Thailand As far as I know you will have to apply for a tourist visa, unless you and your partner are married and have acceptable proof of the marriage. There is a limit to the time you can stay on a tourist visa, but as I understand matters, you can change from a tourist visa to a working type visa provided there is employer support. Another alternative is to apply for attending a university here, as there are a number of programs in English at the Bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels. There is a lot of information on available programs at I completed two advanced programs here and they are very good. What they also do is provide networking opportunities for finding work here. If it turns out that yo do come to Thailand, you might want to read my Do's and Don't's Guide which I can send you by email as it is too long to post here. You can send me an email address by private message if interested (you can use one of those one time email addresses).
Nicoley24 replied most recently with:
Hi. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, the news of his job is pretty early days. So it's all pretty new to me, I will definitely have a look at the things you have suggested and thank you for helping point me in the right direction. I unfortunately do not have a particular skill, apart from development and also a sales background in it. And I do not have another language, I may look into the teaching English thing too, Thanks - nicole :)
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property in ThailandA bright, modern, high floor, studio unit is now available to rent at Sukhumvit Plus.
property in ThailandA spacious, modern, bright 1 bedroom unit is now available to rent at the award winning The River Bangkok.
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property in Thailand1 bedroom apartments , fully furnished, linen, towels provided. Two large free form pools, gym, 24hr security, CCTV.
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property in ThailandSuperb pool penthouse with private rooftop pool, gazebo and sun-deck. Sea view, living room, large master bed and bathroom, lift, 2 shared pools on the estate as well as a gym, kids play room. Restaurants shops within 2 minute walk. Beach. 5 min.walk. All linen, towels provided, onsite staff.

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