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iknownothingbkk replied to the thread Thail language learning advice on the Thailand forum on May 20, 2015:
iknownothingbkk initially posted:
Hi all, I'd like to ask about your opinion on learning Thai. First, I must confess I've already lived in Thailand a few years but my Thai is pretty the point I'm a little ashamed of it! ^ ^ So time to take action and work on that. I can actually read and write, as I've taught myself using a book. I just have no idea what I'm reading most of the time. The biggest problem is lack of practice. My comprehension is pretty high but most of my practice come from chatting with taxi drivers about Buriram Utd or ordering food in restaurants. I work in a very international environment and we usually use English, since most employees come from all around the world. I'm thinking of going to a Thai language school, but there are so many of them. Which would you recommend? I'm not interested in those large classes where people mostly go to so as to have an Ed visa; I have my non-B. I actually want to learn Thai, including reading and writing. What school did you go to? Was it any good? Professional teachers? A place you'd like to recommend? (I live in the Huai-Khwang area). I've found these two schools online, and both are near my place: My Thai Language School and Modulo Language School. Problem is, the first one has less than stellar reviews and the second one seems to have great feedback, but always about learning English, Chinese or French...nothing about Thai. Anyone's studied in one of these? Should I travel further away from my place to a great school? Please share! Thanks
iknownothingbkk replied on May 20, 2015 with:
That's great advice, thank you so much! As mentioned in my original post, I can already read and write. I have, just like you, taught myself using a different book: the very common Thai for Beginners from Boonjawan Poomsan- Becker. I feel like my Thai is stagnating, though, hence the desire to find a language school to be able to practice with someone that can explain things professionally. I will take a look at NISA as they have a second branch near my office downtown. FYI, I have visited Modulo at their Central Rama 9 branch and the school looks great. The teacher was very nice also! ...but it's definitely a "premium" school, and quite expensive. I'll check NISA out before deciding.
caughtintheact replied on May 19, 2015 with:
Hi, From my experience, people learn in different ways. I can only tell you my experience. When I first came to Thailand about 40 years ago, I tried using Robertson's English-Thai Dictionary because the transliteration was easy to use. It helped for learning words, but that's about all. I finally broke down and hired a tutor and told him I wanted to learn to read and write first. I thought that that if I could read and write I would be able to pronounce words correctly. The tutor was good (although he is no longer among us). He made me buy 1st grade writing books and practice writing the letters. Then he showed me how to make words, and then sentences. I took 1 2-hour lesson a week for about 3 months and then my work precluded me from taking any more. But I was able to read and write, although to this day I tend to butcher the speaking. A few years later I tried studying at the YWCA's NISA Language school, now on Soi Yen Akard, Thung Mahamek, Yannawa area, where they have one-on-one instruction. The instructors were good, but at that time I got tied up with work again, so I only studied a few weeks and then stopped. This was a long time ago, so I am not certain how good it is or is not at this time. You can contact them for more information at , and they claim to offer home and at-work instruction as well. You might also find courses by searching for - craig's list thailand language instruction - You could of course try to get invited to join a Rotary Club or similar where the meetings are hold in Thai and you will be forced to improve your Thai :) Perhaps the first thing is to decide what you want to learn specifically. As you probabkly knwo there are a number of levels in the language, including the royal language (Rajasap), the high level Thai that you will find Rotary Clubs using, and that is used in business, the daily level and the market level: Phasa Talad I found that in my case, writing Thai a lot helps, as do two-way translations - frequently. I would also recommend getting a good dictionary, like the Mary Haas Thai-English Dictionary - google mary haas thai english dictionary, and/or George McFarland's Thai-English Dictionary: I am not sure if either are available in Thailand, as neither nor has either one. You might want to check out this website - especially the comments, and you might also get some ideas at the language forum at You can also post your question at, although it is mainly a site for English teachers (some of them have learned Thai).
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caughtintheact replied to the thread sponsor for a magician on the Thailand forum on May 15, 2015:
zirko initially posted:
Hello, my name is Luc, I am a 29 years old french magician and I am looking for a sponsor Luc
caughtintheact replied on May 15, 2015 with:
What do you expect from a sponsor?
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Expats living in Phayao on the Thailand forum on May 13, 2015:
robbie1953 initially posted:
Arizona guy here thinking about living in Phayao with Thai Girlfriend.. Do not have a clue about expats living here...would love to connect with someone who can tell me about activities here within the expat community thanks rob
caughtintheact replied on May 13, 2015 with: There are some foreigners living in Phayao, but probably not many. See the discussion at the above link. You can also search the Chiangrai Forum at the website for more on Phayao. From what I have read and heard there is not much in the way of nightlife there. In any event you might find someone actually living there on that forum.
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robbie1953 replied to the thread Phayao on the Thailand forum:
robbie1953 initially posted:
My Thai Girlfriend suggesting I live with her in Phayao Is there an e-pat community there? Would love to connect with any Americans hanging their hat there full or part time rob
robbie1953 replied most recently with:
Thank you!
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Hi, I have a number of Thai friends in Phayao, and I have asked one of them, a teacher, if she can answer your questions. I will advise if I get a reply. In the meantime, if you don't get any other responses, you might want to do a web search for expats in Phayao or similar to find forums on Phayao.
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Tommy59 replied to the thread Sending Money To And From on the Thailand forum:
YeseniaGarza initially posted:
I am wondering if anyone has had experience sending money to and from Thailand from the U.S.? Looking for a cheaper route if possible. Thanks.
Tommy59 replied most recently with:
Have account with Wells Fargo Bank / Brokerage and Bangkok Bank. No charge and no hassle with transfer of funds from US to Thailand..
hawkesk replied most recently with:
I use a credit union for my main bank back in the states, electronic transfers to Bangkok bank are slow (count on 5-7 days) and I can send up to $2000 per day at a cost of $3.00. The exchange rate fluctuates a lot, one more reason I'm moving out of Thailand.
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caughtintheact replied to the thread Hostels near expat communities in Chiang Mai on the Thailand forum:
itstime initially posted:
I am sorry, I probably was not clear enough in my first posting about info on Hostels in Chiang Mai. I know many places to book them but I like to know what area is closest and best chance to meet expats and what places I can go to meet and gather info on living in Thailand. IF ANYONE HAS INFO ON GOOD, SAFE AND CLEAN HOSTELS FOR A GOOD PRICE FOR A FEW DAYS OR MAYBE MUCH LONGER STARTING ON MAY 14TH, WOULD BE SUPER. THANKS.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
As I said in my first response, if you want to find people who live in Chiang Mai who know the area, go to the Chiang Mai forum at
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oslooskar replied to the thread clean, safe hostel in chian mai on the Thailand forum:
itstime initially posted:
Looking for info on clean, safe, inexpensive hostel in area near expat areas of Chiang Mai. Need private room for one single with private bathroom for a few days and perhaps longer. In advance, thank you. Also looking to meet people living there to get info on areas to live in Chiang Mai.
oslooskar replied most recently with:
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
hi, I don't live in Chiang Mai and am not familiar with the hostels there, but if you do a Google search for hostel chiang mai, you will find well over a hundred. You can also look around and where there are reviews and ratings, as well as descriptions, etc. But if you want advice from people in the area and no one responds here, take a look at the Chiang Mai forum at
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kelseybythesea replied to the thread Looking for IT Job on the Thailand forum:
Nicoley24 initially posted:
my Partner has a job in Bangkok, Thailand. So we will both be moving out in June 2015. I am looking for a job in the IT industry. Please see my linked in for more information: Any help of agents to use or websites to use would be great.
kelseybythesea replied most recently with:
I agree, there are so many teaching opportunities in Bangkok but you need to have the required certifications too. Although some schools don't initially require these, it's still best to have them. As with the IT industry, I've heard from a friend that there's a lot of expats in Chiang Mai who work in this industry and those who work with website development and design.
caughtintheact replied most recently with:
Teaching is an option, but the Thai government requires that teachers be hold certain qualifications. A bachelors and a teaching qualification are two of them. Try this site for everything about teaching in Thailand As far as I know you will have to apply for a tourist visa, unless you and your partner are married and have acceptable proof of the marriage. There is a limit to the time you can stay on a tourist visa, but as I understand matters, you can change from a tourist visa to a working type visa provided there is employer support. Another alternative is to apply for attending a university here, as there are a number of programs in English at the Bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels. There is a lot of information on available programs at I completed two advanced programs here and they are very good. What they also do is provide networking opportunities for finding work here. If it turns out that yo do come to Thailand, you might want to read my Do's and Don't's Guide which I can send you by email as it is too long to post here. You can send me an email address by private message if interested (you can use one of those one time email addresses).
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kelseybythesea replied to the thread Hua Hin dentist on the Thailand forum:
hbft58 initially posted:
I had 5 teeth extracted at Perfect smile.She is very caring and gentle. I will be fitted for top denture. Dr. Saranya was very nice and professional she explained my plan to treat me. It is close to the Market Village and I can walk there for my appts. She is very nice I recommend her if you need a good dentist.
kelseybythesea replied most recently with:
That's nice. But personally, if the dental treatment that I'm aiming at is something major or serious, like an implant or reconstruction, I'd opt going to Bangkok and pick a more reputable place, like Thantakit Dental. Was happy with my root canal treatments. My dentists spoke English fluently and the amenities are state-of-the-art. The free van pickup was an icing on the cake! :)
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