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Djibouti Public Announcement

Issued by US Department of State

Oct 16, 2003

This Public Announcement is being re-issued without change to remind U.S. citizens of indications of terrorist threats against American and Western interests in Djibouti. This supersedes the July 16, 2003, Djibouti Public Announcement and expires on January 17, 2004.

The U.S. Government has received indications of terrorist threats in the region aimed at U.S. and Western interests, including civil aviation. All American citizens considering travel to Djibouti are advised to reevaluate their travel plans in light of the current situation.

American citizens in Djibouti should remain vigilant, particularly in public places frequented by foreigners, such as hotels, restaurants and places of worship, and should also avoid demonstrations and large crowds.

U.S. citizens planning to travel to Djibouti should consult the Department of State's Consular Information Sheet for Djibouti, the East Africa Public Announcement and the most recent Worldwide Caution Public Announcement, which are available via the Internet at American citizens may obtain up-to-date information on security conditions by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States, or 317-472-2328 from overseas.

U.S. citizens visiting or resident in Djibouti are encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy, where they may obtain updated information on travel and security within Djibouti. American citizens living or traveling in Djibouti may call the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti at 35-39-95, during and after normal business hours.

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