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Algeria Travel Warning

Issued by US Department of State

Aug 31, 2006

This Travel Warning is being updated to alert Americans to ongoing security concerns in Algeria. The security environment in rural and remote areas continues to pose a significant security risk. This supersedes the Travel Warning of February 15, 2006.

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens who travel to Algeria to evaluate carefully the risk posed to their personal safety while in-country. Although Algiers and most urban centers have not experienced terrorist activity in over a year, sustained small-scale attacks including bombings, false roadblocks, kidnappings, ambushes, and assassinations occur in rural and remote sections of the country. Overland travel between major cities should be avoided at night.

The Department of State cautions those U.S. citizens who travel to the mountainous northern regions as well as the southern regions near Tamanrasset despite this Travel Warning to use reputable local agents and tour guides who are able to make reliable security arrangements.

The Government of Algeria requires U.S. Embassy personnel traveling outside the Wilaya of Algiers to seek permission and to have a security escort. Travel to the military zone established around the Hassi Messaoud oil center requires Government of Algeria authorization. Within the city of Algiers, U.S. government personnel require coordination with the Embassys regional security office to visit the neighborhoods of Bab Ezzouar, Bab El Oued, Baraki, Belcourt, the Casbah, El Harrach, Les Eucalyptus, and Meftah. In the rest of the city, U.S. Embassy personnel are instructed to maintain a high level of security awareness, but freedom of movement is not restricted and is comparable to that in other large cities.

The Department of State cautions Americans who reside or travel in Algeria to take prudent security measures while in the country, including making provisions for reliable and experienced logistical support. This support should include being met upon arrival and accompanied for the duration of the visit. Visitors should ensure that tour operators and host organizations perform all notifications and coordination with Algerian police and security officials during their stay. Visitors to Algeria are advised to stay only in hotels where adequate security is provided. All visitors to Algeria should remain alert and adhere to prudent security practices.

American citizens in or traveling to Algeria also are urged to register and to obtain updated information on travel and security in Algeria at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Algiers or on our travel registration website at The Embassy is located at 4 Chemin Cheikh Bachir El-Ibrahimi, B.P. 408 (Alger-Gare) 16000, in the capital city of Algiers. The Embassy can be reached at telephone [213] (21) 691-425; [213] (21) 691-255; [213] (21) 691-186; or fax [213] (21) 693-979.

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