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LBDS posted Side Turkey on the Turkey forum:
Helloo! I am new here, I moved to Side Turkey last year and would love to meet other foreigners. I am from Holland and found that the most difficut thing here is to meet new people to do nice things with! Are there any people living in Side or Manavgat? :)
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Tigerman55 posted Buying property in Istanbul on the Turkey forum:
If buying a resale apartment here, one should be aware of the following. In some areas old apartments, which do not comply to laws related to earthquakes are being demolished and rebuilt. Some apartment blocks are just updated to comply with current regulations. These include exterior insulation, which can be quite expensive. Please note these costs are shared among those owning an apartment. in the block effected.
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alanyasunlife posted alanya sunlife real estate on the Turkey forum:
How long do you want rentals?how many person you are?pls write me your details l can help you for rentals.. www.alanyasunlife.com
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Khifra replied to the thread we are looking for expat who live in istanbul for tv show on the Turkey forum:
beyinsel initially posted:
hi, we are preparing tv program-cast for national tv channel... we are looking for foreign citizens who live in turkey (specially istanbul) program will be like talk show you will win some money per week conditions : you must speak some turkish if you interestid in please write varolum1969 hotmai... name, age, country, where you live now, phone number, we will give detail who write us if you okey....we will want you to sent us your short video (we will give you a short turkish text and you can take your video with your phone or other...) and after we will present your audition to tv channell... thanks, we are waiting your mail cast ajansim mehmet varol
Khifra replied most recently with:
I am an African student at Marmara University, I am ?nterested in this project. Please give your email. adress.
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alanyasunlife posted alanya sunlife real estate on the Turkey forum:
where to live. The whole of the Antalya Alanya region is the best area. The Alanya is a very beautiful place, l can help you when you purchase the property alanya turkey.l m real estate alanya turkey...
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Fully furniture including kitchen equipment, one can move only with personnel belongings, in a compound with security, free and private car park up to 5, swimming pool, large patio
Dariahoney replied to the thread Where to move to on the Turkey forum:
Dariahoney initially posted:
I am American and plan to move to Turkey to be with my fiance. He currently lives in Adana. Neither of us want to stay there. It's lovely but the climate is much to hot for our liking. We are exploring options and ask for your help in deciding where to move. We prefer cooler, drier climate, preferably in the West, near a major city but not too close. We would appreciate input from those who are familiar with a particular area or city. Thank you very much for your ideas :D
Dariahoney replied most recently with:
Thank you ... I'll check out those towns. I appreciate your offer of information. I'll keep in touch with any questions I have. First one: Are you happy with where you live? daria
dentist replied most recently with:
hi,? guess bodrum ...turgutreis will be fine for you....humidity level is ok...maybe a little bit more expensive than adana...I'm Turkish and if you want to learn more ?'ll try to help you
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dentist replied to the thread Looking at Mugla on the Turkey forum:
TomandHamdi initially posted:
I am looking at the possibility of relocating to Mugla from the US. What is the climate in this city and region for American Ex-pats? Any experiences pro or con?
dentist replied most recently with:
mu?la is a wonderful city...climate is perfect...?t's usually sunny...I've been living in mu?la centre for 12 years...I'm Turkish...It has touristic towns...
vurcen replied most recently with:
Hey, Mugla is one of the best places you may move. There is no snowy winters. Summers are hot but you will be close to beaches. Winters will be mild: humidity is high because it is one of the greenest cities in the country esoecially in the West. Turkey is not inexpensive. Sales taxes are here 18% to 48% (appliances, TVs included) When you purchase a car, sales tax is 60%. Insurance and yearly auto taxes are about the same. Only low tax is property taxes but real estate purchaase taxes are double. Write to me if you have any specific questions. I am an American living in Adana by the way. Al Cengiz
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Salahkilani posted looking to buy a car on the Turkey forum:
Dears, I live in Ankara and I am looking to buy a car, I preferred SUV car, Mercedes, BMW, VA and Kia SUV. Regards salah
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ANDES0214 posted Grandfathers Birth Information on the Turkey forum:
My Grandfather, Haralambos Aristides Alexiad Calfas, was born in Constantinople, Turkey on or about 25 Feb 1890. I am looking for info re: his parents and surname. Can you tell me who to contact? He and his brother, Alex, came to California, USA in the early 1900's. Thanks.
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