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property in TurkeyTwo and three bedroom duplexes; living room and kitchen opening directly onto a balcony with sweeping views of the sea; high-quality construction materials with first-class interior finish; all modern fixtures; full on-site amenities
Aliarianne replied to the thread Renting out your Turkish property on the Turkey forum:
adavids initially posted:
Hello I'm leaving Turkey for a while so looking at renting out my Turkish property for holiday lets. I found this article by Ev Apartments which looks like just what I'm looking for: http://blog.evapartments.org/2015/02/18/your-home-in-safe-hands-renting-out-your-turkish-property/ But I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this?
Aliarianne replied on April 09, 2015 with:
If you're renting out your apartment over the holidays, you definitely want to use an agent you trust (they'll check up on the property and take care of any maintenance issues) or, if you can't find a good agent in your area, at least have a neighbor come and check up on the property once in a while and report anything too odd.
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Aliarianne replied to the thread Akbuk and surrounding area on the Turkey forum:
lindaaharris initially posted:
My husband and I are in our early 60's and intend moving to turkey in a year or two. Any advice as to how we find a property in the Akbuk area. Also most importantly what are the pitfalls of such a move. Any advice would be appreciated Linda
Aliarianne replied on April 09, 2015 with:
I'm not sure if you're still looking, but if you are my cousin-in-law owns a real estate agency (Milan Estate Agents) in Didim. He previously lived in Belgium and has a lot of experience working with retired expats, helping them find the right residence and sort through all the paperwork in a clear and legal fashion (he's also gone back to study law). If you already found a property, but have any questions, I'm sure he'd be happy to help too. You can contact him at info@milanestateagents.com or onurarik@hotmail.com I'm also running a joint blog with tips and Turkey culture, https://retireturkey.wordpress.com/ . Perhaps you'll find something useful; perhaps you would even like to contribute some impressions or photos.
Nebulk replied on February 24, 2015 with:
Hi Linda Are you still interesting living in Akbuk area? We bought a house in Akbuk last year and are in the process of moving there permanently - living there 90% of the time. We are in 60 ise too. If u r interested we can chat on skype or facetime. We will be in Akbuk in April. Nebil
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Shmick posted Seeking Long-Term Rental Room on the Turkey forum on April 08, 2015:
Hi there, I'm Mick, an Aussie who just moved to Istanbul. I'm looking for a room to rent from someone living on the Asian side, preferably near Bostanci however anywhere relatively close to a metro station. I teach English online from 10am-6pm so would need a place that's quiet. My phone number is +90 531 923 0011 if anyone can help me out. I'm easy to live with - I don't smoke, I might have one beer or a raki once in a blue moon if I'm out with friends, and I'll be spending most weekends at my girlfriend's place. Anyway, please contact me if you can help. Thanks
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adige01can replied to the thread Moving to Anakra on the Turkey forum:
rjpatel22 initially posted:
Hi We based in london, we planning to move to turkey for couple of years , we planning to move in ankara. but as family i have few quetion , if any one can help me with that. 1. We have 3 year old boy with us , so i am concern about his schooling & his social life. 2. hows social life & family life over there ,as my wife & my son both will be joining me here. as they both is my main concerns to bring them here , as how they will find in here compare to london. Please advise us , to make better decison. many thanks in advance for help.
adige01can replied on April 07, 2015 with:
Hi, Based on your husbands work location you have 2 alternatives. 1 is walk distance neighbouhood where apartments are a bit old and small. Also you have 10 min car distance locations. where you can rent big new apartments with security on site. You can rent with furniture or without furniture. If you plan to stay more than 6 months an empty apartment and buying new furniture will be more cost efficient. You need to take gas, electricity, internet,tv and water memberships. You will pay rent monthly and at firs land lords ask for a deposit. Also you have to pay one month rent or %15 of yearly rent(depends on agency) to the real estate agencies. Apartment shared costs change depending on heating system, single building or multi building site etc.If you do not want to deal with all this you can rent all included apartments. You pay single amount of money and do not get any membership.But this option is the most expensive one. If you can provide me more info I can help you to find the right place for your needs.
rjpatel22 replied on April 07, 2015 with:
Hi Thanks for information about school. my husband's work is based in ankara itself near (Tunus Caddesi No:7 Kavaklidere Ankara, 06680 Turkey ) so , we would be ideally looking to stay around this area , not sure about location , only have bit of idea that its near city center but not sure how renting & everything works over there ...
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thaisdeclerval posted Baby sitting Istanbul on the Turkey forum on April 07, 2015:
Hello Everyone! Are you looking for a babysitter in Istanbul? I can look after your children(s), feed them, pick them up at school or help them with their homework! I speak well English and French. I will be on Istanbul on may. I have many childcare experiences in France. Feel free to contact me if you need more information or want to contact me via skype. Thank you, have a good day
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adige01can replied to the thread Dental treatment in Turkey on the Turkey forum:
Sunny11 initially posted:
Hello everybody, I am new here and would appreciate information about dental care in Turkey. Has anyone here had dental implants done in Turkey, and how did it go? A dentist has been recommended to me in Izmir, but in case his schedule is too busy, I want to shop around. Thanks for your suggestions! Also, I am thinking of renting an apt if i decide to get treatment in Izmir, and wonder what part of town or what nearby town would be safe - yet also international! As a single woman travller, i should probavbly look for an area where there are other expats.Would it be too far to commute to Bodrum? or to Kusadasi?? Sunny 11
adige01can replied on April 04, 2015 with:
hi there, you can search map2heal.com for medical search in Turkey. But I can recommend you my personal dentist in Ankara. I have good experience with them.
derrickrue replied on February 24, 2015 with:
Turkish clinics are the best choice for cosmetic dentistry since you can save up to 70% on your dental costs and waiting time. High quality is a priority for dental clinics in Turkey. Each medical staff is professional, friendly and attentive. Multilingual employees speaking English as well as the native language, stay with you during all the treatment to answer all your questions and explain every detail of the treatment. http://tinyurl.com/kjs4w4b
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burcugezek replied to the thread Seeking rental in Antayla on the Turkey forum:
Vivienne initially posted:
Greetings! We are seeking a home to rent for a minimum of one year in Antayla starting August, 2015. We are two seasoned professionals with excellent references. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Sincerely, Vivienne and Joe
burcugezek replied most recently with:
Hi! I sent my friend Yvonne's information to you via private message in which her e-mail was incorrect. Here is the right e-mail address: geybay07-turkey@yahoo.com
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Magdalenalewicka posted blue plate car to sell on the Turkey forum:
BLUE PLATE registration Honda Civic, 1.4, automatic gearbox Production year 2003 88.000 KM Air bag, AC silver metallic we are the second owner (bought in Germany from Honda salon) PRICE: 4900 EUR CONTACT: Magdalena Lewicka +90535 396 4256
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cynthiaherzog replied to the thread Pursuing a job in Hatay, Turkey... Need advice on the Turkey forum:
Ryanlogic initially posted:
Hello, I'm an American pursuing a job working for a relief organization dealing with Syrian refugees in Turkey. The job would be based out of Hatay, in Southeast Turkey. I'm trying to get an idea about ammenities, cost of living, transportation, etc... Which will help me evaluate the job offer (if they offer). Not sure if it's important to mention but I am American Muslim, and would be bringing my wife's go wears a headscarf. Any other advice or wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ryan
cynthiaherzog replied most recently with:
Hi Ryana No worries about your wife wearing a head scarf. The cost of living is cheap you can eat and live on 1500 TL comfortable for two people. I am an American Muslim and I live in Erzrum. I also want to work as a relief officer and I have been in the workEast for 15 years. Please send me the information where I can get work. my email is herzogcynthia@yahoo.com Thanks
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