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MarinaGlobalLT posted Turkish home Tutor in Gaziemir on the Turkey forum on October 30, 2014:
Hello, I'm looking for Turkish home Tutor in Gaziemir. Please contact me if you are interested: MRowe@Global-LT.com Marina
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Briand53 posted Botanic Gardens Complex on the Turkey forum on October 29, 2014:
Looking at buying a property on this complex, however there does seem to be quite a few for sale, does anyone no a reason for this.
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property in TurkeyOur 2bdr fully furnished, fully equipped, centrally-located apartment is available from Jan 15, 2014 for 6 or 9 months.
Dariahoney replied to the thread Where to move to on the Turkey forum:
Dariahoney initially posted:
I am American and plan to move to Turkey to be with my fiance. He currently lives in Adana. Neither of us want to stay there. It's lovely but the climate is much to hot for our liking. We are exploring options and ask for your help in deciding where to move. We prefer cooler, drier climate, preferably in the West, near a major city but not too close. We would appreciate input from those who are familiar with a particular area or city. Thank you very much for your ideas :D
Dariahoney replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Hi! Thank you for the tip. I'll check out that area :D Daria
Blackwindow replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Hey If you want place close to ankara and istanbul. you have choose duzce. its near the black sea and not too hot like antalya :)
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Blackwindow replied to the thread Ex-pats living in Bursa on the Turkey forum:
dswgwiedel initially posted:
Hello, I am moving to Bursa in August and would like to do some networking with others who are living and working in Bursa. Give me a shout!
Blackwindow replied on October 27, 2014 with:
hi dude. i was born in bursa. if have any question. u can ask to me.( im living another city now)
arabinbursa replied on October 20, 2014 with:
Hi there...I'm Egyptian, f, 36 and I moved to Bursa 3 months ago. Looking to connect with people who speak either Arabic or English. By the way, I've sought a tefl job because that's what I have been doing for 13 years back home but I was surprised the rates offered here are less than what I git in Egypt.
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Duplex villa with private 100 m beach for sale in Marmaris. Beautiful location. There is no other like this in the area!
arabinbursa posted expats in Bursa on the Turkey forum on October 20, 2014:
I am new in Bursa and I am wondering if there's any meeting place here on the ground for expats, some cafe or regular park gatherings maybe. Any advice? I am sick of having to speak Turkish all the time (a language in which I am not fluent) and I am looking for some company to speak Arabic or English.
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hello everyone I just moved to turkey and im finding hard to understand and adopt to the turkish enviroment, so what language schools would you recommend me to attend because im a refugee here. thank you.
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marisemitchell posted Fethiye, Turkey on the Turkey forum:
Hello, Arrived to Fethiye, for a one month stay. I live close to the Lokman Hakim (hospital). Are there any meet up people who speak English or French, to go to restaurants, walks, the beach or daily excursions? Let me know. I am a semi-retired woman, home is Canada.
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vurcen replied to the thread Dental treatment in Turkey on the Turkey forum:
Sunny11 initially posted:
Hello everybody, I am new here and would appreciate information about dental care in Turkey. Has anyone here had dental implants done in Turkey, and how did it go? A dentist has been recommended to me in Izmir, but in case his schedule is too busy, I want to shop around. Thanks for your suggestions! Also, I am thinking of renting an apt if i decide to get treatment in Izmir, and wonder what part of town or what nearby town would be safe - yet also international! As a single woman travller, i should probavbly look for an area where there are other expats.Would it be too far to commute to Bodrum? or to Kusadasi?? Sunny 11
vurcen replied most recently with:
No prblem at all... You can stay with us and get rested till it is all over. Dentists here would do it inexpensively to advertise their services they said to me before. We both wish you the best... Bonnie and Al
Sunny11 replied most recently with:
Greetings Al! Your help is really appreciated! I am taking a note of the option you are mentioning.Adana might be a good location from what you say.However i must wait for the dentist's opinion re how my teeth can be fixed. While getting the treatment itself I would prefer having some room or flat of my own in case i have to take pain medication.But before or after the treatment when I am recuperating maybe a room in Adana would be nice.I will keep you updated! Have a great day! Sunny11 nt itself
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