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Aliarianne replied to the thread Renting out your Turkish property on the Turkey forum:
adavids initially posted:
Hello I'm leaving Turkey for a while so looking at renting out my Turkish property for holiday lets. I found this article by Ev Apartments which looks like just what I'm looking for: http://blog.evapartments.org/2015/02/18/your-home-in-safe-hands-renting-out-your-turkish-property/ But I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this?
Aliarianne replied on May 21, 2015 with:
I also wrote a post on practicalities and things to consider when letting out your property in Turkey here: https://retireturkey.wordpress.com/2015/05/19/renting-out-your-seaside-home/. It looks like Ev Apartments only works in the Antalya area along the coast. If your property is located elsewhere, however, you do have other options to consider (which I go into in the blog; I won't post it here though, as it's a bit long).
Aliarianne replied on April 09, 2015 with:
If you're renting out your apartment over the holidays, you definitely want to use an agent you trust (they'll check up on the property and take care of any maintenance issues) or, if you can't find a good agent in your area, at least have a neighbor come and check up on the property once in a while and report anything too odd.
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valentinatp posted having a baby overseas on the Turkey forum on May 17, 2015:
Dear all, can you please recommend the best places for a baby birth? By the best i mean the best price/quality. I do not have medical insurance, so will have to pay out of pocket. Concrete recommendations (hospitals and doctors with contacts) would be highly appreciated. Thanks! Valentina.
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idel replied to the thread Rent the home in Adana on the Turkey forum:
swingcafes initially posted:
Dear all, Please tell me if i rent the apartment in Adana, How much is it in per monthes? IT will live in 2 people. One to two bedroom is ok. If anyone know, please say for me A.S.A.P thanks. & in Turkey is use Eur or Turkey New Lira (TRY)??? Can i use Eur in Adana? If i pay to rent the apartment, which is it?? Thanks
idel replied on May 14, 2015 with:
Hi all, I am having a hard time finding any info at all about american expats in Adana. I am a naturalized US citizen, but american nonetheless. We visited the place last year and totally loved it. The ppl, the food. It was just great. We are considering moving down there indefinitely and would like to know which areas to consider for rent. Hope someone can help. y all Ed
vurcen replied on August 07, 2014 with:
Welcome Adana! Sent you a private message. Call us if you need our help. Bonnie and Al +90 532 717 7637
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naskootbg commented on the Expat Report Retirement in Antalya, Turkey
What have been the most rewarding aspects of being retired abroad?
a far more relaxing lifestyle than in the UK. Being able to live in shorts and tops for most of the year (Continue)
naskootbg replied most recently with:
If you are courious what documents needs for Residence Permit In Turkey, please visit: http://www.turkeyimmigration.com/#!turkish-residence-permit/c1ovs
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Heda posted Moving to Turkey on the Turkey forum on May 13, 2015:
Hey everyone, assalamoalaikum! I'm new here and have joined this forum hoping that you friendly people will guide me in my attempts to moving to Turkey from Saudi Arabia :) I'd like to apologize beforehand as I'm sure that many people must have asked similar questions regarding migrating to Turkey but because this forum is so vast and there are so many topics I hope you all will bear with me :) I want to know how I can apply for a Turkish residency or work visa, are there good jobs available in the field of finance for someone who has done an MBA and is doing CFA now. We are Pakistani expats living here in Riyadh. Thank you all in advance.
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10 Tips for Living in Turkey by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats share tips for living in Turkey from job search advice to house hunting to expats' experiences with culture shock and the treatment of women in Turkey. (Continue)
Mudhy replied most recently with:
Well, because you are coming from the Republic of Plato, I understand your shock to see how bad Turk men treat their wives violently and how they are always having nothing to do but to follow western women in streets. You are so funny lady. We are a Middle-Eastern small family, who lived in Turkey for two years before arriving here to USA six months ago. My wife has the western look, that she is always described here or in Turkey as what you say "cute" in your language. However, this cute woman could live really fantastic life in Turkey. She was always treated with respect and courtesy by all the Turk men and women. Yes, it happened two or three three times during more than 700 days in Turkey that she received impolite request for sex. But I think these few times can be easily diluted in the countless times of dealing with her by the most courteous people we had ever seen. That's why she could always go and come alone to do so many family businesses. Even for joy, she could always go to the mall alone and come in the midnight without anybody to annoy her. On the other hand, when we lived here in USA, the country of Freedoms!!!! she found herself a sexual target in countless situations. This made her here fear to go outside even in the daylight. Now we think that every beautiful woman is, in USA, a potential sex project. By the way, may I ask you a question, how could you know what does the word prostitute translates into Turkish, while we lived in Turkey for two years and we did not know it. We lived in Turkey not within an expat society, to the contrary we lived among them, within their apartment buildings. We were neighbors, but we'd never see signs of violence in their homes, whether with the women or with the children. We used to see them happy families. Also they were so friendly and attempting to know us better and make friendship, but they did never choose to be curios to interfere with our life. We don't know Turkish, but we could deal with them so easily, we could find them the most wonderful society, we did not face the difficulties here although we are supposed to know some English here. I signed in Turkey to lease contracts, they were in Turkish, and I did not understand any word of them, but I signed according to my trust of the realtor, and problem occurred. While here I found every type of fraud and artful dealing with the realtors, all are trying to cheat me. Also, your advise about not trusting even the police officers was perfectly wrong. Yes you are wrong, according to what we have seen. They were so helpful, so sober and so polite. In two years we didn't hear a policeman killed a civil person in Turkey, while in six months we heard this happened several times. You can listen to the news if you don't agree. I can't stop talking about the difference between how good life is in Turkey and how bad is in USA, but I must finish with saying that we are exerting every effort to return to live in the Great Republic of Turkey, the best place in the world, we will get the residence permit there soonest.
Nazardawood replied recently with:
Thanks for the information above.
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sema34 posted FREE TURKISH LESSONS 4 FOREIGNERS on the Turkey forum:
free survival speaking and understanding turkish lessons from an educated 30 years old turkish lady , against your english lessons , i dont want grammar only survival to be able to socialise my email adress is semamrt34@gmail.com
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property in TurkeyFind your home in this fully furnished 2BDR 2BA flat tucked off Didim's main boulevard, surrounded by shops, and only a 15 min walk from the sea. Pool and patio in complex.
property in TurkeyTwo and three bedroom duplexes; living room and kitchen opening directly onto a balcony with sweeping views of the sea; high-quality construction materials with first-class interior finish; all modern fixtures; full on-site amenities
Aliarianne replied to the thread Akbuk and surrounding area on the Turkey forum:
lindaaharris initially posted:
My husband and I are in our early 60's and intend moving to turkey in a year or two. Any advice as to how we find a property in the Akbuk area. Also most importantly what are the pitfalls of such a move. Any advice would be appreciated Linda
Aliarianne replied most recently with:
I'm not sure if you're still looking, but if you are my cousin-in-law owns a real estate agency (Milan Estate Agents) in Didim. He previously lived in Belgium and has a lot of experience working with retired expats, helping them find the right residence and sort through all the paperwork in a clear and legal fashion (he's also gone back to study law). If you already found a property, but have any questions, I'm sure he'd be happy to help too. You can contact him at info@milanestateagents.com or onurarik@hotmail.com I'm also running a joint blog with tips and Turkey culture, https://retireturkey.wordpress.com/ . Perhaps you'll find something useful; perhaps you would even like to contribute some impressions or photos.
Nebulk replied most recently with:
Hi Linda Are you still interesting living in Akbuk area? We bought a house in Akbuk last year and are in the process of moving there permanently - living there 90% of the time. We are in 60 ise too. If u r interested we can chat on skype or facetime. We will be in Akbuk in April. Nebil
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