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lindycindy replied to the thread moving to izmir in soon. on the Turkey forum:
shahlagat initially posted:
I will be moving to Izmir soon to study.Is there a kenyan expat currently studying/living there?
lindycindy replied on August 12, 2014 with:
Other than the Kenyan occupying the U.S. White House, I know of none at this time.
kate78 replied on July 20, 2014 with:
Hi there izmir is nice city but i do not know yet take care
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cynthiaherzog posted Room Mate Wanted in Adana on the Turkey forum on August 09, 2014:
I am looking for a room mate in Gazi Pasha Park Adana 3 Bedrooms Rent 425 TL Electric, Water, Digi Turk and Internet 200 TL Total 350 US Call Cynthia 90-0535251-2657
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vurcen replied to the thread Rent the home in Adana on the Turkey forum:
swingcafes initially posted:
Dear all, Please tell me if i rent the apartment in Adana, How much is it in per monthes? IT will live in 2 people. One to two bedroom is ok. If anyone know, please say for me A.S.A.P thanks. & in Turkey is use Eur or Turkey New Lira (TRY)??? Can i use Eur in Adana? If i pay to rent the apartment, which is it?? Thanks
vurcen replied most recently with:
Welcome Adana! Sent you a private message. Call us if you need our help. Bonnie and Al +90 532 717 7637
vurcen replied most recently with:
Hi Cynthia, You can rent an apartment in Adana for as low as 300 Euros. The apartment would be in the city with 2-3 bedrooms and one bath, heating/cooling would be by a split air-conditionar (wall unit.) You cannot spend Euros for daily shopping but you can change money at the corner exchange offices (banks are not preffered because of commissions.) Myself and my girl-friend live in a house with 3 floors; we can rent you one of the fllors with its own bathroom and kitchen. House is heading to a lake and a very peaceful place. I will send you pics if you are interseted. I am a college professor and can help you for your troubles if you need help. (I am American) Please contact me at vurcen at yahoo.com address if you need more info. Best. Al Cengiz +90 532 717 7637
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property in TurkeyGazi Pasha Park Large 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath Flat to share with a professional female teacher. Pets are welcome
property in TurkeyGazi Pasha Park Large 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath Flat to share with a professional female teacher. Pets are welcome
greteroland replied to the thread Relocating on the Turkey forum:
SoxGolf00 initially posted:
I have an interview with a school tomorrow (internationally recognized). They stated that I wont need a work visa. I want to make sure that I am compliant with country laws but since they are a well known company, why would they say this? They said that it takes a very long time to obtain one. From what I have been reading, I just need to go down to the Polis and show my employment to acquire the visa for at least a year. Also, the pay is really low 1500TL, but they are providing lodging and food. Is this going to be enough for me? I don't have children and I'm pretty thrifty.
greteroland replied most recently with:
Hello, I've lived in Izmir for a year now.. Most language schools offer at least 2,000 TL and accommodations. I don't know what they're like but plan to find out for a friend who is relocating from the U.S. Usually, the place of employment will do the paperwork for your work visa but remember that it is good only for that particular place or school. Good luck.
kate78 replied most recently with:
Hi after all 1500 TL it is not enough money here i am single mom and almost 3000$ not enough for us i found here an apartment it is city izmir facing with Greece it is nice city and me and my kids USA citizen but local people loves my kids they adore Americans i love that part... so if you looking for house that amount not enough i think take care...
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kate78 commented on the Expat Report Living in Izmir, Turkey
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
The dream I had before moving to Izmir, Turkey was based in the reality of the life I lived in Istanbul years ago. It was the willingness of Turkish people to help and to understand a stranger or foreigner. I was treated with such respect because of my high education that I could even sit in a tea house among men in a small village and discuss politics. I spent some summers in Bodrum 10 years later and had the same warm interactions. While in a fisher village on the other side of the town center, and a very isolated place at the time, my colleague and I were invited to share dinner with the boatman who had taken us along the coast. We sat in a small circle with his family and ask from the same large pan. I spoke fluent Turkish at the time, so I'm sure that helped. I have many more stories about the people at that time that are incredibly beautiful and unlike any other place I've ever lived. (Continue)
kate78 replied most recently with:
i am moved here from NYC like May-6 th 2014 with my kids and izmir-kusadasi-odemis nice small town people here they are likes my kids because we are Americans living here first time i liked that part... because local people here they admire Americans i like it ...
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burcugezek replied to the thread male or female roommate on the Turkey forum:
kate78 initially posted:
hi i am USA citizen call me Kate Please and living in izmir odemis moved here like may-6-2014 from Newyork and i have kids they are saw here very first time they like city and people here admire to my kids they are Americans but the thing is i feel alone here almost i need roommate ... feel FREE
burcugezek replied most recently with:
I just posted a reply here but I do not see it so here we go again. Kate, I am only 30-40 mins from you. Just got back from Los Angeles where I spent twenty years. Feel equally out of context here so contact me asap ;)
burcugezek replied most recently with:
Kate, I am in a nearby town. Moved here from Los Angeles about a year ago. Feel free to contact me. We are only about 30 mins apart. PM me for phone number, etc.
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kate78 replied to the thread Adana, Turkey on the Turkey forum:
vurcen initially posted:
We are Americans looking for expat friends in Adana or close by cities. We are well-educated, easygoing; energetic and into lifestyles. Ages 38f and 47male. Our e-mail address vurcen@yahoo.com Let's get connected! Bonnie and Al
kate78 replied most recently with:
hey guys i am kind a far that place but just in case feel free give a call or send me a message cayli@att.net i am an AMERICAN too. take care
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hi i have three kids my kids are do not know turkish language or ABC i am still thinking what am i suppose to do cause private school is too expensive i mean still working on it
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lizard1976 posted Beads wholesale on the Turkey forum:
Morning all I am looking for an online vendor of beads. Particularly - Miracle glow beads. I have tried internet searches and cannot find a supplier that doesnt come from China. I have bought via China but the post can be delayed up to a month so needed a Turkey based seller. Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks
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