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Tigerman55 replied to the thread Relocating on the Turkey forum on April 17, 2014:
SoxGolf00 initially posted:
I have an interview with a school tomorrow (internationally recognized). They stated that I wont need a work visa. I want to make sure that I am compliant with country laws but since they are a well known company, why would they say this? They said that it takes a very long time to obtain one. From what I have been reading, I just need to go down to the Polis and show my employment to acquire the visa for at least a year. Also, the pay is really low 1500TL, but they are providing lodging and food. Is this going to be enough for me? I don't have children and I'm pretty thrifty.
Tigerman55 replied on April 17, 2014 with:
. On talking to my wife who is Turkish, she asks what is the name of the school and where will your accommodation be. She also thinks that the pay as you say is quite low. Istanbul depending where you will be living can be quite an expensive place.
Tigerman55 replied on April 16, 2014 with:
Sorry to say the school is not giving you the correct information. To carry out any legally reconised work in Turkey you must have a work permit. If you are found working without one you could be deported. The school should be able to apply for a work permit for you. As for the time to obtain one, this is hard to say. Especially as due to recent elections, many Belidiye authorities have changed. This is of course adding additional time in a number of places to take longer than usual. If the school is providing you with accommadation, the money is not too bad. This will of course depend on the amount of costs for travelling to and thro to school. I hope this is of some help to you.
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carpeyt posted Easter Activities in Istanbul on the Turkey forum on April 13, 2014:
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Tigerman55 replied to the thread April 14, 2014 Laws Regarding Residency on the Turkey forum:
takinjoon initially posted:
I'm looking to move to Turkey sometime in the beginning of next year (2014) and I found that there are new April 14, 2014 laws that will eventually be implemented. Would you please confirm the following: (1) under the current laws, is it possible to obtain a residence permit for up to 5 years, at once? (2) under the new laws, it seems that residence permit is issued for 1 year maximum -- does anyone know whether this can be renewed each year? I just came across this site so I have much reading to do however if you could also clear up the process of obtaining a residence permit for Istanbul, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Tigerman55 replied on April 12, 2014 with:
I don't know where you heard about obtaining a 5 year residence permit, as you have never been able to have your first residence permit granted for 5 years.
Tigerman55 replied on April 12, 2014 with:
Well that sounds good news. However, don't hold your breath. The laws here are always changing, so whats law today is not necessary law tomorrow.
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Tigerman55 initially posted:
1. First be aware that you will have to pass a sanity test at a government psychiatric hospital. Unless you pass the test you are not permitted to get married. This test must be carried out on the day of your wedding, as the report is only valid for 24 hours. Note. This test cannot be carried out on a Saturday or Sunday. 2. You must also have an aids and turboculous test. This is compulsary and must be carried out at a Devlat (government) hospital. This costs approx 130TL, which is paid before the tests are carried out. 3. Once you have obtained satisfactory results, you must take them to a Belidye office to be signed and stamped. You then take the papers to the marriage (registry) office and along with 300TL per person hand them in. This is the start of the process that involves quite a bit of travelling to the various offices and hospitals, to obtain the necessary permissions. 4. You must go to a British Consulate to have the wedding banns posted, this takes 3 weeks and costs £65. For this you require your passport and your full birth certificate. If divorced a copy of your divorce. If a widow or widower, a copy of your partners death certificate. 5. After the 3 weeks collect a paper from the consulate, which states you are free to marry. The cost for this is £65. This paper, which you will receive translated into Turkish, must be taken to the Vali, (Govenor) of the city you intend being married in to be signed and stamped. 6. You then take this paper to the marriage office, where on receipt you can then book your wedding date. 7. On the day of your wedding you must pass the sanity test, which costs 90TL. The doctors report must then be taken to the marriage office to be signed and stamped by the manager. 8. At the wedding ceremony, unless you speak Turkish, you must have an official translator present. You also require two witnesses. 9. After receiving your marriage book if you require your marriage confirmed in England, take it to the Consulate to have them send a copy of it to England. This costs £35.
Tigerman55 replied on April 12, 2014 with:
If you are English you have to have the banns published at the British Consulate. If you read my article I think it covers everything you need to know.
carole0825 replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Can you put the bans up in a british consulate in turkey or does it have to be done in uk? The reason I am asking is because I am planning on living in Turkey soon with my turkish boyfriend and we want to get married maybe a yr later so obviously as yet have not arranged a date so when we decide to do it the bans can be put up in the uk consulate there?
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property in TurkeyGoldsand Complex was complete in October 2007. The Complex has 106 properties, situated just 200 yards from the new marina road in the up and coming exclusive part of Altinkum. The complex has open aspects from the front of the complex to the sea and new marina.
property in TurkeyGoldsand Complex was complete in October 2007. The Complex has 106 properties, situated just 200 yards from the new marina road in the up and coming exclusive part of Altinkum. The complex has open aspects from the front of the complex to the sea and new marina.
izmiramericanlife replied to the thread Thinking about Living in Istanbul on the Turkey forum:
dszgt initially posted:
Hi, I am engaged to a Turk and we are not sure if we should live in the US or Istanbul. I would love to move to Turkey but I worry about getting a job. Any advice if I would have a big problem? I don't have a degree so teaching is out and I only know a few Turkish words.
izmiramericanlife replied on April 04, 2014 with:
No worry about vein in Istanbul but you should be careful about where you will stay! I mean this is which part of Istanbul you will choose to live is important.Also you will find a job or not related with the place you choose for living! I can say that people so kind and helpful in Istanbul more than US I think.By the way, for Turkish; you can learn it soon don't worry about it.Good luck in Turkey...
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bsrplt replied to the thread Moving to Istanbul on the Turkey forum:
andylozano initially posted:
Greetings! My family and I are possibly moving to Istanbul this summer. We are American and have lived as expatriates in many places, so the adventure of being an expat is not new to us. Although there is abundant information on living in Istanbul, my questions are more specific. I'm thinking about IICS for my four school-aged kids, looking for a house in Arkent 2000, and working in Besiktas (near the 0-2/E-80). I'm more worried about my commute. Is this all possible? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
bsrplt replied most recently with:
These are for you: 1)http://alkent2000.com.tr/en_index.html You can find everything about Alkent 2000. I understand that you will work at Be?ikta? and you will live in Alkent 2000,if 44 km road is not a problem for you both places are good.Also may be you can stuck in traffic sometimes.Your journey from home to work may take 75-80 minutes instead of 50 minutes(Sometimes)....Note:Alkent 2000 is not in the centre of ?stanbul but it has high life quality. 2)http://www.iics-k12.net/ (Istanbul International Community School) This is the school exactly you're looking for.It is 9 km from Alkent 2000.It is ideal for foreign people especially speaking english. I hope this message will help you.If you have any other questions you can send me an email. Good luck. Basar POLAT basarpolat@hotmail.com
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Expat Report Review of MEF INTERNATIONAL in Istanbul, Turkey was published
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The facilities look fine when you go for the first interview and have a walk around with admissions. The MEF International school which has about 400 students is part of a larger MEF Turkish school which has over 1500 students. The Turkish school has priority over the international in every aspect. You will find that out after your kid starts attending MEF. Very poor extra-curricular activities although they may look good on paper. (Continue)
Semih replied to the thread IS IT EASY TO GET A JOB IN ISTANBUL on the Turkey forum:
tbcobd initially posted:
Hi Friends, I am a 40 years old male from Bangladesh having MBA in Marketing & PGD in Human Resources Management. I have 14+ years job experience. Does any of our member can advise me about the job possibility in Istanbul /Turkey. Thanking you.
Semih replied most recently with:
Hello, Job possibility in ?stanbul is good for you department. They need such a person who have experience and know foreign language ect. So, you can make applications many companies by sending your CV.
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Expat Report Retirement in Antalya, Turkey by Tigerman55 was published
What have been the most rewarding aspects of being retired abroad?
a far more relaxing lifestyle than in the UK. Being able to live in shorts and tops for most of the year (Continue)

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