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houston0307 posted Diplomatic car volvo 2011 85000km on the Turkey forum:
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property in TurkeyThis is an extraordinary offer for investors in Turkey because this is the first time a project sells property inside a five star hotel which is being managed by Arjaan by ROTANA. My property is a Grand Suite Room: 2+1, 93m2, on 12th floor with seaview. The price is quite reasonable compared to similar projects. There is a metro station infront of the building which provides travelling around Istanbul by passing the traffic jam.
ayrj replied to the thread european or asia area istanbul? on the Turkey forum:
ayrj initially posted:
Hello there. My wife and I are moving to Istanbul for my work. Starting six months extending to a year if we are happy from Brisbane Australia. My work is in yolbulan plaza kozyatagi which I believe is the Asian section Questions are many. European compound sounds ideal for my wife but how is transport to work? Compounds in Asian section? Which side is best? Any help would be great thanks
ayrj replied most recently with:
Thank you for the info. After reading many different sites. The positives and negatives of living Asian side close to work is probably getting even harder to decide. I agree live close to work. I don't like the idea of moving to such an amazing place and spending all my time traveling to work. In the Asian side near to work or the coast do you recommend compound accommodation or apartments. My concern is the safety of my wife who doesn't speak the language and definately looks aussie blonde hair Blue eyes. In your opinion will she have difficulty day tripping around? Mixing with locals as friends? We are not City folk so do like open spaces Green trees sea and some quiet? Apologies for asking what may soar dumb questions but you can only read so much and that leads to more questions. Are there any areas you would or would not recommend living. Thanks again much appreciated.
seavoyager35 replied most recently with:
Hi You are rifgt for Kozyatagi is Asian Side.My idea is you must live European side so your transportation for wor it will be very easy. We can help your moving and reloation as AFC Home Movers our mail : afc(at ) afchomemovers.com B.Rgds Bahadir Turkeli / Martin.E.Nofal
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PeterIstanbul replied most recently with:
Fully agree with the comments of Yasemin hanim regarding Sunset Grill & Bar. It was one of my favorite places while living in Istanbul. Besides the great quality of food I liked the hospitality of the service staff - always friendly and helpful. regards Peter A
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property in TurkeyPANORAMIC SEA MOUNTAIN VIEW LUXURY VILLA for sale in Kaleici Antalya. Front row real estate for VIP people. Some features are sauna, sea and mountain view terrace, large garden with fruit trees, private sea jetty and security.
turkey posted Turkish Tax Rates, Fine And Fees 2015 on the Turkey forum:
With the release of inflation figures by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI), the citizens became apparent for the rate of taxes and penalties increases to be paid in 2015. From traffic to mobile phones, vehicles to real estate, tax and tax penalty for up to tens of line items, including fines for no shopping receipt, will increase at an average rate of 10.11 percent according to the new enhancements revealed. If you run through a red light while driving, the red light fine is now 189 turkish liras. While the lowest motor vehicle tax was 591 turkish liras, it is raised to 537 turkish liras. These are the new taxes, penalties and fees, that has taken effect from January 1, 2015 Increases to Motor Transport Vehicles Ages 1- 3, motor size 1300 cm3 and lower motor vehicle tax has increase 54 turkish lira, making 537 to 591 turkish lira; in the same age group 1301-1600 cm3 motors from 859 to 945 turkish lira; between 1601-1800 cm3 motors from 1.514 to 1.667 turkish lira, and 2000-2500 motor sizes are up from 3.578 to 3.939 turkish lira. Motor Vehicle Tax for 7-11 age group vehicles with motor volumes 1300 cm3 and lower were 210 and now 231 turkish lira, tax for 1600-1800 cm3 motors from 698 to 769 turkish lira; 2000-2500 motor size from 1.623 is up to 1.787 turkish lira yearly. The Tax For Luxury is 21 Thousand 516 Turkish Lira The tax for Motor Transport Vehicles from ages 1-3 and 4000 cm2 motor size and above will still hold the highest tax rate. The rate of 19 thousand 514 turkish lira is increased to 21 thousand 516 turkish lira. The tax rate for the oldest vehicles in this group, 16 years and up is increased from 1.514 to 1.667 turkish lira. Passports Fees Are Up Passports fees valid upto 6 months from 96 turkish lira to 105 turkish lira, 1 year passports 140 to 154 turkish lira, 2 year passport fees that were 229 have been increased to 253 turkish lira. 3 years and more valid passport fee from 459 is now 505 turkish lira. Passing A Red Light or Not Having Your Drivers License Traffic fines for driving through a red light, driving your vehicle without registration or not having your drivers license with you while driving, endangering other drivers in traffic from 172 turkish lira, has been increased to 189 turkish lira. Drink and Drive Traffic Fines Are Up Drivers caught for the first time with 0.5 pro-mil alcohol and up 727 and now 800 turkish lira; the second offense fine 911 is 1.003 turkish lira; should you get caught the third time the fine 1.462 before is now 1.609 turkish lira. Pass The Examination, Without Decreasing The Speed On The Hill Durations passed for vehicle examinations; riding a bike under age 11, driving a vehicle without completing age 13, not complying to traffic signs, no slowing down at intersections, round-about, top of hills, not obeying to distance gaps while driving in convoy, fines from 80 have increased to 88 turkish lira. Parking In A Disability Parking Space The vehicles who park in reserved disabled spots has rose from 160 to 176 turkish lira. Driving under the influence of drugs fine from 3.741 is now 4.119 turkish lira. While driving 10-30 percent over the speed limit fine from 172 turkish lira to 189 turkish lira; driving more than 30 percent speed limit fines have increased from 356 to 392 turkish lira. Watch Out If Smoke Comes Out Of Chimneys Motor vehicle owners who do not make the exhaust measurement from 875 turkish lira are fined 963 turkish lira.; broke exhausts causing more emissions from 1.755 will pay a fine for 1.932 turkish lira. Heated houses using chimneys, cases for extra emission coming out as specified in the Regulations, each house that paid 523 turkish lira will pay 576 turkish lira penalty. Disturbing Neighbors, Loud Music From Vehicles A neighbor making noise in contrary to the standard from 700 to 771 turkish lira will be fined; entertainment venues, including the penalty of noise on construction sites, factory were fined 21.115 turkish lira. Should you get a fine the price to pay is now 23 thousand 250 turkish lira. For ones who make loud sound in transport vehicles, or listen to noisy or loud music, the penalty 2.108 will pay 2.321 turkish lira. The Offense that the President Got Angry At Is Also Up While the President Recep Erdogan was in Istanbul Esenler, and saw a person smoking in a closed area got very angry. As of January 1 2015 increases, the fine for smoking in a closed area is increased. According to the 4207 Tobacco Commodity Prevention Law smoking in a closed area is up 10.11 percent from 91 to 100 turkish lira. An additional fine has been included as 60 turkish lira, for as throwing a cigaret butt or simply an empty cigaret pack on the ground. Fines For Bosses Also Increased While there is fine between 1.254 to 6.176 turkish lira for merchant or business owners, the bosses who do not obey the ban on smoking indoors will be fined 1.381 to 6.800 turkish lira in the new year. Marriage Certificates 76 Turkish Lira Valuable paper fees are increased as of January 1 2015 at 10.11 percent. According to these marriage certificates from 69 are 76 turkish liras, drivers license 92.5 turkish lira upto 102 turkish lira, foreigners residence permits that were 206 to 277 turkish liras. Real Estate Tax is Half of "That" 10.11 Percent Increases By law real estate taxes are paid each year to municipalities, but the increase is half of that. If it is considered that the turkish government decided to raise all tax, fines and fees at the 10.11 percent ratio, the increase for real estate tax has been decided to go up by 5.05 percent. First Time Cell Phone Buyers New cell phone applicants, for a one-time only taken "lump-sum special communication tax" price as of 1 January 2015 from 40 turkish lira is raised to 44 turkish lira. Citizens Will Pay 9 Billion Turkish Lira For Extra Tax Income To Turkish Government According to the draft budget for 2015 prepared by the government, for extra resources, this year the citizens penalty has been raised to 13 percent a total of 8.9 billion turkish lira. From this penalty administrative fines are such as; 3.7 billion tax fines, 2.7 billion traffic fines, 1.8 billion environment and highway transportation fees. While 520 million total for Judicial fines, 202 million for other penalties has been created for Turkish Government to collect as extra tax resouces.
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genops2004 replied to the thread Renting out your Turkish property on the Turkey forum:
adavids initially posted:
Hello I'm leaving Turkey for a while so looking at renting out my Turkish property for holiday lets. I found this article by Ev Apartments which looks like just what I'm looking for: http://blog.evapartments.org/2015/02/18/your-home-in-safe-hands-renting-out-your-turkish-property/ But I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this?
genops2004 replied most recently with:
hello I am looking to move to Istanbul in july 2015 , i be working for TRT world news... i think the office are in kurucesme. is the flat near by pls let me know im on skype genops2004 if you want to chat
Aliarianne replied most recently with:
I also wrote a post on practicalities and things to consider when letting out your property in Turkey here: https://retireturkey.wordpress.com/2015/05/19/renting-out-your-seaside-home/. It looks like Ev Apartments only works in the Antalya area along the coast. If your property is located elsewhere, however, you do have other options to consider (which I go into in the blog; I won't post it here though, as it's a bit long).
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genops2004 posted moving to turkey on the Turkey forum:
going to work for TRT World in istanbul from July 2015 looking to rent a studio or 1 bed flat near the office , walking distance if possible would it be possible for someone to direct me to a trusted , agent, or if you know someone who has a property to let, I should be there for long time, so looking for a good safe and secure place to live in
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1 bed apartment in the Astrum Towers complex. Swimming pool and gym on site also children's play areas. Been constantly rented out since 2007, still rented at present time. Good solid apartment on the 27th floor.

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