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property in UgandaOne/Two Bedroom serviced apartment
gautamg posted Looking for serviced apartment to rent, starting May 2014 on the Uganda forum on April 10, 2014:
I would be moving in to Kampala and wanted to find good accommodation around Kololo, Bukoto, Bugolobi, Myuenga and Nakasero areas.. Any help is welcome! Gautam +265992999164
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Sellingmycar posted Selling a Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX Limited on the Uganda forum on April 10, 2014:
Automatic transmission Fully serviced Clean, unmarked interior Imported in 2013 and extremely well maintained 2700 cc petrol engine, Exterior colour - silver, car TV and DVD entertainment system, central lock, alarm, remote system. Asking price US$ 19,900 or equivalent or near offer. Please contact Frances at 0784375332. Thank you.
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Tsuneo posted TOYOTA RAV4 on sale on the Uganda forum on April 06, 2014:
A beautiful TOYOTA RAV4 is on sale. Price: USD 7,800 (US dollars Seven thousand Eight hundred only) or highest offer (This amount is excluding tax and other charges for ownership transfer and is applicable only for tax exempted person) Payment: Bank Transfer in Uganda Ownership transfer: After a payment of full amount, it immediately starts a process and must complete before in the mid of June 2014 Handing-over: At end of June 2014 in Lubowa (subject to completion of ownership transfer) [Details] RAV4 2000cc 4WD 5 door, Petrol Year of manufacture: 2002, Registration in Uganda: 2012 (one owner), Color: Perl White, Automatic Transmission, Full Air Condition, Power Steering, Power Windows, Dual Airbag, Condition: Excellent History of services: Regularly done No major accident Current millage: 52,042km (original meter as of 23nd March 2014) ---------------------------------------------------- Anyone interested, please contact Oishi (Mr) by phone (0779-511462) or e-mail (
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littlePP replied to the thread Obama on the Uganda forum:
littlePP initially posted:
Guy's really screwing up - domestic mess in USA, and nor Russia is ready to start WW3. Any thoughts on him from you guys in Uganda?
littlePP replied most recently with:
Be honest now - Warrenssen - you be typing off a teleprompter my boy? So anyway, I was wondering - what effect does Obama have on, where is this place again - oh, Uganda. Yeah, so what does Obama have to do with Uganda - beautiful place BTW. Oh nothing. George W Bush - a t-shirt I wear proudly. Maybe they should open stores under HIS name. tsk tsk - such a nitwit this Mr. War son.
warrensson replied most recently with:
Again, think for a many citizens of African nations had the opportunity to actually vote for Obama? Not many...given that only American citizens can vote in an American Presidential election...smh...
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polarity replied to the thread selling a Toyota RAV 4 Petrol on the Uganda forum:
gales initially posted:
Hi. I am selling a Toyota RAV 4 petrol 2 door. Silver Grey 84,000KMS US$6,500 onco. Call Rob 0788647373/0752744597
polarity replied most recently with:
Still available? I will be moving to Kampala later this month and I am looking at options. Paul
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mkirabo posted Short let- Muyenga on the Uganda forum:
Short let: room available to rent immediately up to 22nd May. Location: Forest villas in Muyenga. Respond if interested.
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EmmyVanKleef replied to the thread Moving to Uganda, People's mentality on the Uganda forum:
phantomnader initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am looking to move to Uganda in three weeks. I am a pilot and want to get a job as an instructor or charter pilot. How is the people's mentality there towards foreigners? How is the general cost of life for single person? I have never been to any African country before, but I heard that this could be a great experience. Please let me know what you know. Thanks.
EmmyVanKleef replied most recently with:
Hi there! It is a great experience to move to a country like Uganda. And if you have never been to Africa before, you will surely love it - if your willing to have your world turned upside down. Planning to come here, means in most cases that you are open minded and looking for a new experience, enhancing perspectives.. Well, you will learn a lot of new things in Uganda! I am a foreigner living here, also first time in Africa 0 and I generally appreciate my experiences a lot! The mentality towards foreigners is usually very great. People in Uganda are open, kind and appreciative, and you will notice that they are generally interested in your story, where you are from what you are doing here etc. Do not be surprised to get invited to parties, introduction, weddings, funerals etc quickly. Regarding NBT's comments on that everyone think you are well-off, well... you are (in most cases). Considering that the largest amount of the population earns 1 dollar a day. Then earning 1000 dollars a months makes you something like a miljonair. As an expat you can have a very comfortable life here, living in big houses, dining out twice a week, relaxing at the pool side of a resort in the weekends.. Yes, imported products and expat cafe's and restaurants can be expensive compared to local stuff, but general living (with more comfort than in Europe) shouldn't be too excessive. There are a lot of expats in Kampala living living in their own little bubble, forgetting that there are too many earning nearly nothing. And, if you learn a bit of local language, and inquire with your local friends what the right prices are, you will be able to bargain the price down to a 'regular' price. Bargaining is considered as part of the deal!
NBT replied most recently with:
hi there you are welcome to come to uganda People's mentality towards whites is that there are generally well off and ugandans usually try to cheat whites by offering higher prices for even the most basic things like transportation. Like i said , most people will think a white is well off,this includes ladies, government officials and basically everyone which is not always the case. whites therefore pay more for almost everything BUT also people here think whites are more superior in terms of skills and jobs usually pay whites more in salary and benefits Everthing else is cool, you will have a nice time here , its paradise here,its easy to blend in here because people are hospitable all the best cheers
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NBT replied to the thread Thinking of moving there to Uganda on the Uganda forum:
littlePP initially posted:
Whats the cost of living for a three bedroom place with air con, and western foods? I'm needing to get away from the USA and the brutal socialism Obama is bringing to this country.
NBT replied most recently with:
Rental $ 1500 Food $ 500 Transport $ 300 Entertainment $300 Medical $150 Roughly $2700 for a comfortable living,western style.
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sonjat replied to the thread shipping company on the Uganda forum:
sonjati initially posted:
Hello, has anybody had experience with the company Multilines in bringing their household belongings into or out of Uganda? I’d appreciate your honest comment on their service. Thank you
sonjat replied most recently with:
thank you for your reply
NBT replied most recently with:
hi i have not but i know they are very professional in there work also try world wide movers uganda All the best
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