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Duchedwin replied to the thread Buying a Dog on the Uganda forum:
CarlyRiemensnider initially posted:
Hello, I'm moving to Kampala from the US at the end of May and am looking to purchase a German Shephard, preferably from an expat preparing to repatriate or from a breeder. Any suggestions? Thanks, Carly
Duchedwin replied on August 28, 2015 with:
jimtex pet shop with branches in Ntinda,Bunga,makindye,muyenga,bugolobi,delivers dog food to your premises,we also sell dog accessories call 0775-221-051
TheCrazySojourner replied on August 01, 2015 with:
Did you ever ding a German Shepherd? I am looking for one too! Thanks. Matt
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Duchedwin replied to the thread Family Dog Trainer Needed on the Uganda forum:
jlow initially posted:
Hello! Just got a new, medium-energy, short-legged, now about 4-months-old, Jack Russell Terrier as a family dog in Nsambya. We want to be sure we bring her up to be the perfect family dog. We have 2 kids - 7 and 8 - and there are many other kids 6 mos. to 13 years in the compound. We have never had a dog before and all need guidance. Someone recommended Ronald. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Jane
Duchedwin replied on August 28, 2015 with:
jimtex pet shop 0775-221-051 for dog food & accessories,pets for adoption
flaminz replied on August 27, 2015 with:
Please check with the Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals. They have an on-site vet and can connect you with an amazing trainer. I have personally worked with the organization and have met their trainer. There contact numbers are: 772 403 789 and 789 369 997 This organization is very highly recommended.
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cruizin replied to the thread Do I need vaccination to visit Uganda on the Uganda forum:
cruizin initially posted:
Hi, I can get a visa at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, correct? (I'm traveling there from Canad). Do I, by law, need certain vaccinations or have taken other medicines before I enter the country? Do they check for this? I plan to visit in September. Thanks!
cruizin replied most recently with:
Thank you! I want to avoid getting vax but not show up at Uganda airport and tell me I can't get in! :)
KLA541 replied most recently with:
You will almost certainly need to show proof of your Yellow Fever vax upon EXITING Ug. You can obtain this easily in-country, however. I recommend doing so at The Surgery in Kampala.
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cruizin posted Looking for 2 rooms for rent in Mbale on the Uganda forum:
... roughly for first half of Sept. Publicly msg or PM me. Thank you!
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zayne posted Shared Furnished apartment in Biina. on the Uganda forum:
I need a female to share my apartment with in Biina 400000 UGX p/m. Share utility bills. Very close to the road, away from noise, ample and secured neighbourhood. Security guard 24/7.
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I'm looking for a nice stand alone guest house in Bugolobi to lease beginning this month (if possible). I hope to find a place that I can call my home for at keast 2 years or more. I would prefer to have 2 bedrooms, but if it is a decent size place, 1 bedroom will do. Secured locks and gates, a small garden, cleanliness, and location are if most importance to me. I would like to see some places right away. It would be great if I could move in on ir before August 15th. Please reply if you have something that fits this description. Thank you.
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Hi everyone! I'm renting out a room in my 3 bedroom townhouse at 500 dollars month inclusive of all utilities Plus laundry and cleaning. WhatsApp me on 0758991650 for picture details. Thanks Esther
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memoband replied to the thread Car for sale in Kampala on the Uganda forum:
breveheart74 initially posted:
Anyone looking to buy a duty paid car in Kampala or swop with car in Addis Ababa? Brought it from Uk and it was recently imported in Uganda. It´s a 2005 Toyota rav4, 2.0 petrol with manual gearbox and in perfect condition. Thanks, Anton
memoband replied most recently with:
Is this car still available? I'm interested in getting more details 0774613669
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Langom posted Job Wanted on the Uganda forum:
I am looking to relocate back to Uganda. Was born in Entebbe. My professional experience has be in business marketing in the USA and the UAE. If anyone knows of any job opportunities with Uganda for a marketing professional please let me know. Jobs I am looking for: Marketing Manager, Advertising, Business Development, Marketing Assistant or anything under the marketing umbrella I can do. Please let me know. I really don't want to move until I have something to do each day.
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DongVuong replied to the thread Wanted a job. on the Uganda forum:
ClaireJ initially posted:
Hi , I am looking for a job in Uganda preferably an NGO or business. I am Australian by nationality. I have spent 2 years running/ managing NGO in Uganda. I am now looking for a position where I can put my highly regarded skills and personal attributes to good use. I am looking for a mid range paid position ( eg UGX 1.5 mil / month and above) I can do all managerial tasks, I am well organized, trustworthy and extremely competent in tasks. I am currently doing a BA in Community Development will continue my studies in UG via correspondence. Ideally would love to work 4-5 days per week. Would appreciate any info / recommendations. I possess excellent cross cultural communication skills and can speak basic lasoga and luganda. Thank you or should I say Webale !
DongVuong replied most recently with:
Hi, I come from Vietnam and i'm looking for opportunities to export products from Vietnam to Uganda. I'm suppliers of Unilever and P&G such as shampoo, shower milk, shower gel ... Are you interested in our products? Send me an email to Thank you very much and regarding your reply.
ClaireJ replied most recently with:
Hi, No I haven't had a reaponse! Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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