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roljaer replied to the thread Malaria on the Uganda forum on December 18, 2014:
evanpetty initially posted:
Hi all, I've (seemingly) received some good advice here before so I'm going back to the well for some more important help. I'm in the midst of talking to people closer to the situation and my doctor, but I need some insight on Malaria. I'm an American - White as can be and ripe for the mosquitos. And I will be in Uganda as of early January. My plan will be to stay there for several years and my stay will definitely be no shorter than 7 months as I'm working as a teacher at AVRS School (about 20 km West of Kampala). I just had a script written for 8 months of Malaria pills, which will run me $1300. I'm a recent college grad on a budget. I could pay it to save my life, but I'm wondering how much of my life $1300 is worth. I've read (and heard) that the mosquitos are awfully bad as the sun sets. But this is what I want to hear more about from people who have some experience outside of the city. Is it reasonable to avoid contracting Malaria by wearing long sleeves and avoiding the outside when the sun sets? I'm looking for some type of compromise...maybe I take precautions most days and buy fewer pills for longer nights. Really, I'm just stubborn, but also don't want to be stupid. What can anyone who lives in Uganda tell me about this situation? If you're a Westerner, even better. Thanks so much!
roljaer replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Heyy you dont really have to spend that on meds..thats ridiculuos..anti malaria medication is available over the counter here at a fraction of that price plusbthe while malaria thing is overated..i ahve been here 10 years and mayb got sick only once..just get a mosquito net in your bedroom and take over the counter antimalarials periodically and youl be fine as a baby.. Cheers
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nomatesme posted furniture needed on the Uganda forum on December 17, 2014:
We are setting up home in kampala and desperately need... EVERYTHING!!! so if you have any for sale, please let me know.
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property in UgandaIndependent Houses, Luxury Apartments, Low Cost Flats, Staff Accommodations. Wide range of locations and Rent to choose. Monthly, Weekly or Daily basis also available in serviced apartments.
expatill initially posted:
Dear all, Maimuna has 20 yrs working experience for expats and German Development Cooperation (GIZ) as housekeeper / nanny and also guesthouse management. Very good recommendations available upon request. She is absolutely reliable and trustworthy. If you are interested, please inbox me. Best wishes
Lapilota replied most recently with:
Hello, I see it has been sometime since this ad was posted but I am in need of a great live-in nanny in Entebbe. Her contact and reference would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Cindy
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Can I buy viagara type drugs over the counter in Kampala? Jerry
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shanavaz replied to the thread Cell Phone on the Uganda forum:
evanpetty initially posted:
I'm moving to Kampala in January and I'm wondering what the best way is to handle my cell phone situation. I have read about the popularity of phones in Africa. All I hope to have with a cell phone is a device that can communicate locally and be used to occasionally call (or text) the United States. If I could bring the phone into the US and use it there while I'm back for extended breaks, that's a bonus. Does anyone have some good advice for what I should think about doing? I'm pretty technologically inept so it all helps! Thanks very much...
shanavaz replied most recently with:
You get lot of unlocked phones from US and UK at 50% price. SIM card is very cheap. But local calls expensive. When you go you can take back the phone and use there.
Francismug replied most recently with:
go ahead and bring any unlocked iPhone and it should work perfectly in Uganda and USA, what you will do when you get to Uganda is just get a simcard chip and thats all.
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A stacked away luxurious apartment near the shores of Lake Victoria with various amenities such as pool, gym, good access roads and 24 hour security. Serene neighborhood and easily accessible to the city. A must see beautiful apartment. This neighborhood is very well liked by expats in Uganda. Notable features: The fresh and stylish interior offers bright, sunny windows, wood floors, and an excellent floor-plan for entertaining and daily life. It includes; - 3 spacious bedrooms all equipped with en suite ( self contained ) - 3 full bathrooms in each of the bedrooms; with modern, bath, shower & fixtures - Spacious kitchen - Dining area - Living room - 1 half bath ( powder room for your guests ) - 1 extra bedroom for the nanny/ house help - 1 small bathroom (with shower & toilet) for the nanny. - Large balcony great for entertaining - Modern light fixtures if interested, please inbox me for pictures and any additional questions. Tina
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hjro replied to the thread Camera for sale on the Uganda forum:
ResyQ initially posted:
For sell in Kampala: Camera in excellent condition. It needs to be sold because of a cashflow issue... Only 200.000 UGX. Please let me know if interested.
hjro replied most recently with:
Which camera?
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Spread the word and share with your friends! The Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) is holding a fundraiser ball on Saturday 6th December at Emin Pasha. Our theme is "a touch of red" to coincide with World AIDS Day and dress is formal. Tickets 125,000/- includes dinner and drinks to 10pm, then pay at the bar till midnight With the spectacular Emin Pasha Hotel providing us exclusivity, this is an event not to be missed! With an outstanding silent auction, tombola, live music and a mini casino, there is something for everyone. All proceeds will go towards education resources and support at the Infectious Diseases Institute, which supports over 8,000 patients with HIV in our Mulago centre and around 100,000 in our rural clinics. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our event. PLease see the attached invite for more information. To purchase tickets for this exclusive Red Ribbon Ball, please contact Brenda Mitchell on 0772224085 or email or
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