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Fannysara replied to the thread Looking for a House/Apt to rent (Gulu) on the Uganda forum on October 29, 2014:
wlathrop initially posted:
My wife and I are moving to Gulu in February of 2015. We are looking for a house or apartment with good security in Gulu, Uganda. It would be good to be close to an expat community (if one exists).
Fannysara replied on October 29, 2014 with:
Hello! Just read a post about a house in Gulu...jump to this address and check messages of the 13th October. Hope it will help. Regards! Fanny *HOUSE FOR RENT IN GULU - SENIOR QUARTERS** My compound-mates have left Gulu & their great house is up for grabs. I live in the other house on the compound & am hoping to find some new neighbours to move in & take over! The house is 3 bed/2 bath with fully equipped kitchen, western-style bathrooms, a very big living & dining room, porch, plants/herbs/garden, hot water heaters & gorgeous compound (lots of trees) shared with 1 other house (mine!). Generator, water tanks (I've never run out of water in 15 months of living there), guards, and gardener are already existent/installed. The cleaner Helen is lovely & would like to stay working at the house if possible. They wrote that their rent is $850 USD a month, but knowing that I am paying less than that for a bigger house, it's possible the landlord is open to a bit of negotiation. Please call or write an email if interested. The house is located near Dove's Nest Guesthouse on the same road as Larem Guesthouse & Save the Children. Thanks, Lauren 0793987949 /
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evanpetty posted Cell Phone on the Uganda forum on October 27, 2014:
I'm moving to Kampala in January and I'm wondering what the best way is to handle my cell phone situation. I have read about the popularity of phones in Africa. All I hope to have with a cell phone is a device that can communicate locally and be used to occasionally call (or text) the United States. If I could bring the phone into the US and use it there while I'm back for extended breaks, that's a bonus. Does anyone have some good advice for what I should think about doing? I'm pretty technologically inept so it all helps! Thanks very much...
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jray posted Urgent Sale Range Rover Evoque 2012 on the Uganda forum:
Selling My 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Pure With Negotiation Well maintain low mileage,Full Options,Gulf Specifications,Accident Free,No Bruises,Very Clean like New.It was bought new and has not been used for long.I want to sell it out,If Interested. Contact me for more information about the 2012 Land Rover Email at
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mcgenrald replied to the thread Household items on sale on the Uganda forum:
mcgenrald initially posted:
Hi, I'm planning to relocate to Australia soon. I have lots of household Items that I wish to sell off before I move. If interested, please get in touch with me for details. Regards, Gerald M
mcgenrald replied most recently with:
Thanks to all and this forum, I have managed to dispose off all the household items. Now waiting for the day I leave for Melbourne, Australia. I hope it will be like my Uganda for me. Cheers, Gerald M
albertmuloiti replied most recently with:
Hey G, as far as the household items are concerned,please mail the list with prices where possible to '' Regards Al.
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welo replied to the thread accommodatio on the Uganda forum:
Robinah initially posted:
l need a fully furnished house in Uganda from 1st December up to the 2nd of Jan 2015. it should be in the areas of kampala, Buziga, zana, seguku, Bukasa muyenga.
welo replied most recently with:
Hey Robinah, my name is Francis, I have a house for you. Fully furnished, with 4 bedrooms, all self contained. It's located on mulago hill. You can send me an email and we continue the conversation on there.
Robinah replied most recently with:
Thanks Fannysara , I will try to contact them.
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Virchu posted Meeting people on the Uganda forum:
Hi, Im Virginia, a spanish 28 years old girl. I will stay in Kampala for the next 2 months and would like to meet new people. Thank you and Regards, Virginia
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belpb posted Vocational Qualifications on the Uganda forum:
Hi, as a NVQ Assessor will I be able to find work in Uganda?
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Fannysara posted Gorilla permit 27th Sept/ Rushaga on the Uganda forum:
Hello, Some swiss friends of mine are travelling to Uganda on Sunday. One person of the group won't join the trip. Is someone interested with a gorilla permit on the 27th Sept at a discount be discussed? The group is in Rushaga. If interested you can write to me a private message or call/ send a message to my ugandan friend Paul on this number +256 788 930 100.
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Fannysara replied to the thread couple looking for place on the Uganda forum:
ResyQ initially posted:
We are a couple staying in Kampala untill the 21th of Februari. For this period we are looking for a room/appartment in the region Mengo/Nakulabye/Rubaga for $200-$400 per month. Preferably furnished. Please contact us on 0786636293 if you know anything. Thanks in advance!
Fannysara replied most recently with:
You are most welcome. Enjoy your stay! You are lucky to be in Uganda. Always ready to answer any of your questions.
ResyQ replied most recently with:
Thanks Fannysara for the reply and advice. Last week we went to view the place and today we moved in.
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NBT replied to the thread Looking for a shared Apartment on the Uganda forum:
astav7 initially posted:
Hello all, My name is Alyssa, and I am an American student working in Kampala until November. I am looking for an apartment that is shared with other expats around Kololo/ Nakawa area. My email address is Let me know if you have any rooms available! Thanks
NBT replied most recently with:
try muzuri shared flat on facebook. I know its a good place and very reliable and safe. Let me know if you get a room coz i can get you a contact for one in nakawa too.
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