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sonjati replied to the thread Buying a Dog on the Uganda forum on April 13, 2015:
CarlyRiemensnider initially posted:
Hello, I'm moving to Kampala from the US at the end of May and am looking to purchase a German Shephard, preferably from an expat preparing to repatriate or from a breeder. Any suggestions? Thanks, Carly
sonjati replied on April 13, 2015 with:
Hello Carly, is there any reason why you want to buy a purebred? The USPCA shelter in Kampala has lots of nice dogs and puppies for adoption. You will find that the local mixed breeds tend to be healthier here then pedigrees. If you are set on buying a German Shepherd then proceed with caution. Many breeders here do not have a good reputation. They will sell you a pup which is not a purebred, though they will claim it so. Also because they breed from the bitch continually the puppies often have health problems. I wish you well with your move to Kampala.
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faizal posted Rent a House on the Uganda forum on April 09, 2015:
I'm faizal , looking for a 2 BH house in Gulu - 500SHS
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chart8 replied to the thread Bone Marrow Biopsy on the Uganda forum:
ClaireJ initially posted:
Hi, I require info / recommendations regarding the best place for a 3 year old child to have a 'Bone marrow aspirations and biopsy' in Uganda - Kampala. I need this info ASAP, Thanks,
chart8 replied on April 07, 2015 with:
The best private facility is Nakasero Hospital in Nakasero. The best public facility is Mulago National Referral Hospital-- Children's Acute Ward. If cancer is involved, the Uganda Cancer Institute, located on the Mulago grounds. Good Luck!! Connie Harter, Hospice Africa Uganda
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chart8 posted Bone Marrow -biospy Info on the Uganda forum on April 07, 2015:
In Kampala The best private facility is Nakasero Hospital in Nakasero For a public facility Mulago Hospital- Children's Acute Ward or if cancer is involved then the Uganda Cancer Institute (it is within the Mulago Hospital campus)... Good Luck!!
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Spacious rooms, kitchen with pantry, microwave, electric oven and more. Easy access to main road, supermarkets, and highway in a friendly neighborhood.
Fully furnished with Double bed, wardrobe, shower and all the amenities, plus you have the use of the garden.
Robinah posted INFORMATION ABOUT CHINA on the Uganda forum:
l would like to get some information about china because of intentions of traveling to that country. Robinah
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jjjbabies posted Teaching living in Kampala on the Uganda forum:
Hi We are thinking of moving to , teaching couple with a possible job offer. We have 3 children. Is it possible to live on a teacher wage while sending your children to the international school and paying the mortgage in England/ saving a bit? We are really keen but is it safe for kids, women and foreigners at the moment. We are an inter-racial couple, I am African decent and my husband is white British. any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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Fully furnished apartment to be shared in a quiet and secure neighbourhood .
Maryclarek posted Housemate in Muyenga, Uganda on the Uganda forum:
Am looking for a housemate in a fully furnished apartment . Quiet and nice neighbourhood with all necessary amenities . Shared rent is 500,000 per month. Please call 0772325221
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