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Fully furnished with Double bed, wardrobe, shower and all the amenities, plus you have the use of the garden.
Robinah posted INFORMATION ABOUT CHINA on the Uganda forum:
l would like to get some information about china because of intentions of traveling to that country. Robinah
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jjjbabies posted Teaching living in Kampala on the Uganda forum:
Hi We are thinking of moving to , teaching couple with a possible job offer. We have 3 children. Is it possible to live on a teacher wage while sending your children to the international school and paying the mortgage in England/ saving a bit? We are really keen but is it safe for kids, women and foreigners at the moment. We are an inter-racial couple, I am African decent and my husband is white British. any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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Fully furnished apartment to be shared in a quiet and secure neighbourhood .
Maryclarek posted Housemate in Muyenga, Uganda on the Uganda forum:
Am looking for a housemate in a fully furnished apartment . Quiet and nice neighbourhood with all necessary amenities . Shared rent is 500,000 per month. Please call 0772325221
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Shermation posted Best place to get adapter plugs on the Uganda forum:
Hi, Will be moving to Gulu in a month and am wondering about the best place/ site to purchase adapter plugs for my US appliances.
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property in UgandaThis newly constructed residential house is located along Entebbe highway about one and half km from the main road. the area is a first developing residential area.
property in UgandaThese and many more residential apartments are located in the heart of Entebbe town. Both long term stay and short term stay are catered for.
Hi every one, a happy new year 2015. I have a 5ft by 6ft bed with its mattress new brand am selling in Entebbe Uganda US$750 ONLY. any serious buyer can reach me on 0712 - 891817 thank you Steven.
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roljaer replied to the thread Malaria on the Uganda forum:
evanpetty initially posted:
Hi all, I've (seemingly) received some good advice here before so I'm going back to the well for some more important help. I'm in the midst of talking to people closer to the situation and my doctor, but I need some insight on Malaria. I'm an American - White as can be and ripe for the mosquitos. And I will be in Uganda as of early January. My plan will be to stay there for several years and my stay will definitely be no shorter than 7 months as I'm working as a teacher at AVRS School (about 20 km West of Kampala). I just had a script written for 8 months of Malaria pills, which will run me $1300. I'm a recent college grad on a budget. I could pay it to save my life, but I'm wondering how much of my life $1300 is worth. I've read (and heard) that the mosquitos are awfully bad as the sun sets. But this is what I want to hear more about from people who have some experience outside of the city. Is it reasonable to avoid contracting Malaria by wearing long sleeves and avoiding the outside when the sun sets? I'm looking for some type of compromise...maybe I take precautions most days and buy fewer pills for longer nights. Really, I'm just stubborn, but also don't want to be stupid. What can anyone who lives in Uganda tell me about this situation? If you're a Westerner, even better. Thanks so much!
roljaer replied most recently with:
Heyy you dont really have to spend that on meds..thats ridiculuos..anti malaria medication is available over the counter here at a fraction of that price plusbthe while malaria thing is overated..i ahve been here 10 years and mayb got sick only once..just get a mosquito net in your bedroom and take over the counter antimalarials periodically and youl be fine as a baby.. Cheers
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