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gah26 replied to the thread Education: UK primary school grade not the same as US grade HELP on the United Kingdom forum on August 17, 2014:
mjanvier initially posted:
Hi, We recently moved over from the states. I have an 8 year old boy who finished the 3rd grade in the US. I am trying to enroll him in year 5, but I am being told by the local council (over the phone) that he will be in year 4 due to his age. He was born in Oct 2005 and apparently the cut off in the UK is Aug 31. I do not want him to repeat a year, nor do I want any issues when returning to the US with him being put in the appropriate grade. We are looking at free state schools (aka public) here in UK. Does anyone know whether there is an appeals process that deals specifically with this? I am aware that there is an appeals process if you don't get your preferred school. Right now my biggest concern is that he be placed in the correct corresponding year here in the UK. Any suggestions? Thanks
gah26 replied on August 17, 2014 with:
The schools and curriculum are completely different here. I don't think you should look at it as repeating a year . Friends who moved back to the US found that their kids were in fact ahead of the age appropriate grade. My understanding is there is no negotiation.
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jaydee19 posted looking for a job to sing and to perform on the United Kingdom forum on August 17, 2014:
Hi Sir/Madam, My name is Jocelyn Duran from Philippines. I am very much interested to work in UK. I’m looking for a job in a singing or entertaining industries. I have experience in singing for 15 years. I travelled around Asian countries already to sing and to perform in a different 5 star hotels. The reason why I would like to apply because of my dreams ,to further my career and get more experiences there in UK. I’m still willing to learn more. I love singing and this is my passion. I am hoping and praying that you can give some response on my email. I can send my video’s on you tube while singing (, (, ( …Thank you very much for reading my email…I’m hoping for your response...Thank you and more power!!!God bless!
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KathrynM posted Navigating the Postgrad world on the United Kingdom forum on August 10, 2014:
Hi. I am looking into going to England for my postgraduate degree. I am looking for help navigating the processes. I know there are pre-masters programmes if you are looking to go into a degree that's different than your undergrad. I'm also looking at law programmes and they have the GLD, but I have 2+ years of American law school under my belt so I don't know how that affects everything. The schools so far haven't been able to give me a contact name. So has anybody out there gone through this?
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md91 posted Balancing work and travel on the United Kingdom forum:
My girlfriend and I are moving to London next year, both on Tier 5 Visas. I know this may sound like many other naive beginner travellers/expats but we would really like to achieve a good balance between work and travel. She is a Teacher and I work as a Town Planner. We figure that the teaching job will be a lot more flexible when it comes to travel opportunities (e.g. school holidays). However, when it comes to my work as a Town Planner I am not sure how to go about getting the time off to travel somewhat frequently (contract work, annual leave, part time all comes to mind). We know we have to be realistic when it comes to getting the balance, but we don't want to turn our 'working holiday' into a Full Time work and nothing else. Would like to know how others have funded their travels, whilst maintained steady work.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: With scores of NHS-funded hospitals recruiting overseas nurses, Brit Peacock offers advice for nurses interested in moving to the UK. (Continue)
PippaCummins posted Relocating BACK to UK after 10 yrs on the United Kingdom forum:
Hello. Any tips or knowledge on moving back to UK from America after 10 yrs? Two kids, single parent. Need to find somewhere to live and work. Possibly apply for benefits until I find work and can pay for everything myself. Already talked to schools in my hometown - the problem now is finding somewhere to live. Either short-term while I job hunt, or long term. Family back home have no room. District Council told me they can't help unless I'm homeless or fleeing a 3rd world country... Thanks in advance
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gah26 replied to the thread University jobs on the United Kingdom forum:
Ms0426 initially posted:
I am finishing my masters and my husband and I want to move to England around 2017. Has anyone decided to move to the UK without it being due to marriage or a job transfer? I currently work at an American university and I would love to teach or be on staff at a UK university. Has anyone or know anyone who is an American that found a job in the college/university industry in the UK?
gah26 replied most recently with:
Who knows what the immigration rules will be in 2017. At the moment, if your job doesn't fall on the shortage occupation list your chances of finding an employer to sponsor you for a work visa are pretty slim unless you are a superstar in your field.
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gah26 replied to the thread OUTSIDE UK on the United Kingdom forum:
MISBAHULHASSAN initially posted:
Dear all, yesterday i have got my spouse visa:) they took 1 month and 20 days to stamp my visa. now my question is i am working outside UK and earning much better and do not want to go right now so i need to know how long i can stay outside uk?
gah26 replied most recently with:
Well, the point of getting a spouse visa is that you want to live with your spouse in the UK. It's in your best interest to arrive with at 30 months left on your visa otherwise you'll need to renew you an additional time in order to meet the 5 year residency requirement for ILR.
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USDeborah posted FREE U SA to UK Converters on the United Kingdom forum:
We are actually moving from the UK to Switzerland this weekend, but we have several USA to UK converters from our move here 4 years ago. FREE. Pick up in Twickenham. Email me for address. They are in excellent condition. Some barely used. Thanks, Deborah
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cep posted Brighton on the United Kingdom forum:
Two month low rent in exchange for pet sitting OCT and NOV I have 3 bed house to rent at reduce rate in exchange for looking after my dog and cat for 2 months. A
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