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boston2london replied to the thread Furniture woes. on the United Kingdom forum on April 24, 2014:
boston2london initially posted:
We are due to move to London this August (lease will start July 1st). We were hoping to rent a furnished place but found one that we love that's unfurnished. Our plan is to be in the UK for 1-2 years so I don't want to invest in expensive furniture or ship ours from the states (we won't be renting or selling our place here). So... do we: 1) rent furniture long term? 2) buy inexpensive stuff? Any recommendations for good websites or stores? 3) does anyone know of someone moving that's looking to sell furniture this summer? Was thinking MAYBE we'd get lucky an take advantage of someone moving back! :) My goal is to have furniture in place for when we arrive the first week of August with our 3 kids! Thanks in advance!
boston2london replied on April 24, 2014 with:
Thanks - super helpful. I was hoping to bring some sheets with us so we had something to put on the beds ASAP...just one set per bed. :) I was thinking about bringing some of our must have personal items (some photos etc), the kids favorite blankets, some sheets/towels. Some current Clothes for kids (assume we'll buy new season there as they grow) and our clothing. Anything else a must have too bring?
mezzoishere replied on April 24, 2014 with:
We don't have a car either. About bed linens, I know that queen size sheets fit what is a king bed here. Just leave your appliances at home and purchase some in UK. You can get phone adapters and other adapers for other things like laptops and printers that are good for 115v 240V then it would work here with an adapter.
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young posted Cost of living in London compared to Dublin on the United Kingdom forum on April 24, 2014:
Where's the warmest, nicest place to live in UK with a reasonable cost of living. Coming from sunny South Africa, I think the weather will be important for me
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Morh replied to the thread spouse visa UK on the United Kingdom forum on April 24, 2014:
Morh initially posted:
please my dear new friends,am in need of help here,am a new member here and i will love to share your experiences and advice of expertise. Am Kenyan,living in Kenya now,my husband is German,living with me in Kenya now,we are planning to move together to UK late these year,but we have worries and many unanswered question. 1-my husband plans to start his business once in Uk or in worst case look for a job and perform his treatty right as EU citizen,but now we depend on his insurance which dont add up the annual income on 18,600 pound,will these affect our visa? 2-since we both live in kenya,we dont have valid address in Uk,and we plan to travel together and find a home once there in UK,what will we do if the law demands for a valid address of my spouse in UK? 3-we share our bank account,is these a problem is my husband has to prove individually his financial capability of supporting of wife? your advice will really be appreciated, thanks to you all.. morh.
Morh replied on April 24, 2014 with:
hi FarahL, yes have been reading the new law of family visa and well i dont know what to say,i see many family's are complaining out there too,thanks for your advice,i tried to call Uk embassy here and i was put on hold and minutes later a dead end try to make a personal visit there i guess....thanks again. morh
Morh replied on April 24, 2014 with:
hi gah26, thank you so much for these info,i hope it will be easy as you say,am going to check the links you sent me and il get back to you...thanks again.. morh.
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leina posted can you dust or do clean on the United Kingdom forum on April 18, 2014:
if you can just for a few hours a day well I can provided you with a lovely spacious room in the outskirs of Ann Arbor Michigan US... I have a beautiful well decorated large house located in a up market area ... we could do with some help in the domestic area, we have 4 bedrooms which are not occupied ... a huge garden.. oh well i could send you pictures all we ask is a female or male with a nice background and references ... then this house could be yours too for the time you might want. so let me us know... is just myself and my son .. and a lovely dogy ... Venus... bye
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leina replied to the thread Advise me please: The job application / environment / culture on the United Kingdom forum:
yllatot initially posted:
Dear all, May I ask: What is the typical job application environment in the UK (London area) like? I.e. from where I come, you send in an application, and perhaps, a single call to introduce yourself might reflect a keen interest. Once the organisation makes contact, you reply, and avoid frequent, unnecessary follow-ups - might be seen as pressuring. What about the UK? I have currently applied for a position, they they have found my candidature interesting, we have had a phone interview, and I should be travelling to the UK shortly to attend the interview. However, I want to avoid any misgivings on the end. The interview itself has been postponed, and my normal behaviour (and the normal culture here) would be allow people their space. So, while I respond immediately to emails and queries, I do not follow-up with frequent and incessant emails. Would that be seen as not being keenly interested? I am currently in discussions with others than the recruiting managers, would it be appropriate to send a simple email to the recruiting manager? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
leina replied on April 18, 2014 with:
Hi is pretty much the same ... u look for a job send an application from your Job center in your area or in any area... wait for the company to contact you .. is straight forward ... also you can find ofers of employment in the local newspaper of main newspapers.. or in agencies... head hunters etc.. or you could also offer your skills... is simple really ...
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gah26 replied to the thread entrance for colombian partner to uk on the United Kingdom forum:
FLANKER initially posted:
My colombian partner has already spent 5 years in the uk on a student visa, he returned home in nov 2012. Does anyone know the best way for him to gain entry to the uk, im british, are there any ways apart from marriage?
gah26 replied on April 10, 2014 with:
He has limited choices. A Tier 2 work visa is very hard to qualify for if his job isn't on the shortage occupation list because an employer would have to prove there is no one in the UK or EU who can fill the position. If he has a lot of money to invest in or start a company in the UK he might qualify for a Tier 1 Investor or Entrepreneur. I think there is now a 5 year limit on student visas so I don't think he could come back again as a student. Unfortunately, there is no "I want to live with my UK partner visa but I don't want to get married" visa.
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orvillestrathy replied to the thread Job Search for Professionals? on the United Kingdom forum:
LCD3RD initially posted:
HI I want to find a job in the UK and move there. I realize my new company will have to sponsor me. I am an accounting and finance professional with a CPA. I have tried contacting several recruitment agencies, but none of them seem to be able to work in a situation where the new company will be sponsoring me. Does anyone have any ideas? Any feedback or thoughts will be very much appreciated! Thank you
orvillestrathy replied most recently with:
So glad to hear you've settled in to your new place, and definitely looking forward to seeing how you've made it yours! Moving is no joke. All of our stuff is on a truck and we're headed out today. NOT looking forward to unpacking.
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I will appreciate any response, but from a South African living in Uk, would be even better. ....London, Birmingham, Ireland ??
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young posted THE WEATHER IN UK on the United Kingdom forum:
Hi Im in South Africa and thinking about working abroad in Australia, Dubai or UK. 1. I hear a lot about the cold weather there. Is it bearable for a South African. I experience temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees in SA ... can I also get a South African to answer
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gah26 replied to the thread Different Immigration rules for Wales? on the United Kingdom forum:
mafac initially posted:
Just what title says, doe sWales have different (read More liberal) immigration rules for visas, long term stays?
gah26 replied most recently with:
No. Wales is part of the UK and so is bound by UK immigration laws.
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