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Morh posted spouse visa UK on the United Kingdom forum on April 11, 2014:
please my dear new friends,am in need of help here,am a new member here and i will love to share your experiences and advice of expertise. Am Kenyan,living in Kenya now,my husband is German,living with me in Kenya now,we are planning to move together to UK late these year,but we have worries and many unanswered question. 1-my husband plans to start his business once in Uk or in worst case look for a job and perform his treatty right as EU citizen,but now we depend on his insurance which dont add up the annual income on 18,600 pound,will these affect our visa? 2-since we both live in kenya,we dont have valid address in Uk,and we plan to travel together and find a home once there in UK,what will we do if the law demands for a valid address of my spouse in UK? 3-we share our bank account,is these a problem is my husband has to prove individually his financial capability of supporting of wife? your advice will really be appreciated, thanks to you all.. morh.
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gah26 replied to the thread entrance for colombian partner to uk on the United Kingdom forum on April 10, 2014:
FLANKER initially posted:
My colombian partner has already spent 5 years in the uk on a student visa, he returned home in nov 2012. Does anyone know the best way for him to gain entry to the uk, im british, are there any ways apart from marriage?
gah26 replied on April 10, 2014 with:
He has limited choices. A Tier 2 work visa is very hard to qualify for if his job isn't on the shortage occupation list because an employer would have to prove there is no one in the UK or EU who can fill the position. If he has a lot of money to invest in or start a company in the UK he might qualify for a Tier 1 Investor or Entrepreneur. I think there is now a 5 year limit on student visas so I don't think he could come back again as a student. Unfortunately, there is no "I want to live with my UK partner visa but I don't want to get married" visa.
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orvillestrathy replied to the thread Job Search for Professionals? on the United Kingdom forum:
LCD3RD initially posted:
HI I want to find a job in the UK and move there. I realize my new company will have to sponsor me. I am an accounting and finance professional with a CPA. I have tried contacting several recruitment agencies, but none of them seem to be able to work in a situation where the new company will be sponsoring me. Does anyone have any ideas? Any feedback or thoughts will be very much appreciated! Thank you
orvillestrathy replied most recently with:
So glad to hear you've settled in to your new place, and definitely looking forward to seeing how you've made it yours! Moving is no joke. All of our stuff is on a truck and we're headed out today. NOT looking forward to unpacking.
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I will appreciate any response, but from a South African living in Uk, would be even better. ....London, Birmingham, Ireland ??
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young posted THE WEATHER IN UK on the United Kingdom forum:
Hi Im in South Africa and thinking about working abroad in Australia, Dubai or UK. 1. I hear a lot about the cold weather there. Is it bearable for a South African. I experience temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees in SA ... can I also get a South African to answer
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gah26 replied to the thread Different Immigration rules for Wales? on the United Kingdom forum:
mafac initially posted:
Just what title says, doe sWales have different (read More liberal) immigration rules for visas, long term stays?
gah26 replied most recently with:
No. Wales is part of the UK and so is bound by UK immigration laws.
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pallega replied to the thread relocation services worth the price? on the United Kingdom forum:
katc initially posted:
Am moving solo (without being sent by a company) and wondering if it is worth paying a relocation company to help me secure a rental apartment in London. Have been looking on all the standard UK renting websites, but wanted a more comprehensive overview. Any feedback welcome!
pallega replied most recently with:
Having relocated to London twice now, lived in 3 parts of the City and been involved in a 14 month house search I can unequivocally state that getting a property WITHOUT looking at it would be the STUPIDEST thing you could ever do. Unless you can visually inspect the property yourself you will not be able to recognize the use of the fish eye camera that makes a room look slightly larger online. You will not be able to note the smell from the toilet. You will not be able to hear the neighbours banging their drums. You will not be able to feel the draft through the bedroom window. And, no estate agent will tell you any of these things. You have to be physically present to see what's on the market and secure what you're willing to get when you're here. The market moves fast and the good properties will go within days of coming on the market. No relo company can see these properties any faster than you can. Again, you have to be on the ground to see what's on offer. Relo companies are good at the negotiations and getting you set up and into the property once all is agreed. With Zoopla, Rightmove, and other search engines online you can see what's on the market at the same time that any relo company can. They don't get the information any sooner. By the time a relo firm has viewed a property on your behalf it may be off the market. The London market moves quicker than anyone can imagine. We were checking on an area we were interested in on Sunday morning. A new property appeared online that morning and we sent emails to the estate agent. When they opened at Noon, we called. They returned our call at 1PM and told us it was already gone. It can be that quick. Outside of London is a different story altogether.
David326 replied most recently with:
You can contact Rent Advice at They will find a number of suitable housing options and then view the ones you like on your behalf providing you with really detailed reports. It’s much cheaper than what relocation companies charge + you can arrive in London having your accommodation secured. Good luck! :)
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pallega replied to the thread 1 week rental on the United Kingdom forum:
astrophotomag initially posted:
My wife and I are looking to visit Bulgaria as we plan to move our small family there in a few years time. Please could anyone tell me if there is anywhere in south East of the country that we could rent for the week? We are looking to visit this year, and would love to get to know what this part of Bulgaria is really like. many thanks Steve
pallega replied most recently with:
You may want to post this in a forum related to Bulgaria, rather than the UK forum. Try AirBnB?
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kcounterman replied to the thread Estate Agent Fees on the United Kingdom forum:
joebucket20xty6 initially posted:
I am relocating to London next week and will be hunting for a flat to rent as soon as I arrive. I have found several very helpful sites explaining the process (and all the fees) but one thing I have not found clear guidance on is whether there Estate Agents charge fees to tenants the way brokers do in the United States in most major cities (in New York a broker will charge either a month's rent or 15% of the annual rent). Does anyone know from experience if Estate Agents charge such a fee? I know they charge a few smaller fees, such as to run credit and reference checks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
kcounterman replied most recently with:
Our letting agent didn't charge us anything - she gets paid from the owners. But we were looking for a house to rent in Manchester. Just make sure when you move in you get your TV license - that's an annual fee that was totally new to me!
pallega replied most recently with:
The last flat we rented from 2012-13 came with no fees, other than the cleaning deposit. We do know of some estate agents who have been asking for 6 months upfront, but you really need to verify that DIRECTLY with the landlord as, most of the time, it's BS. We've never been charged to check our details. You have no credit here, so you'll have to provide your work visa and employment contract as well as a bank contact. It can take a few weeks to get it sorted. It's not a check and you get the keys sort of thing. Sounds like NYC is taking piss. But, that's in line with taxes and tips in NYC too.
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Dear all, May I ask: What is the typical job application environment in the UK (London area) like? I.e. from where I come, you send in an application, and perhaps, a single call to introduce yourself might reflect a keen interest. Once the organisation makes contact, you reply, and avoid frequent, unnecessary follow-ups - might be seen as pressuring. What about the UK? I have currently applied for a position, they they have found my candidature interesting, we have had a phone interview, and I should be travelling to the UK shortly to attend the interview. However, I want to avoid any misgivings on the end. The interview itself has been postponed, and my normal behaviour (and the normal culture here) would be allow people their space. So, while I respond immediately to emails and queries, I do not follow-up with frequent and incessant emails. Would that be seen as not being keenly interested? I am currently in discussions with others than the recruiting managers, would it be appropriate to send a simple email to the recruiting manager? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
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