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familytolondon replied to the thread Family friendly leafy area short commute to canary wharf? on the United Kingdom forum on November 24, 2014:
Ms77 initially posted:
Hi Everyone I've been offered a role based in Canary Wharf. We are two adults and a three year old based in Dubai. We love it in Dubai and have no experience of living in London and are a bit apprehensive about the move. We are keen to know is out the areas we should consider living in. We want something with easy access to canary wharf with a suburban feel. A quiet area with good schools, parks and family friendly facilities. Any suggestions please?
familytolondon replied on November 24, 2014 with:
Hello Ms77, Consider Greenwich across the river. It is a nice borough with nice parks and a lively high street with shops and restaurants. The median monthly rent for a two bedroom property is £1,200 and £1,400 for a three bedroom. For a top end property expect to pay over £3,000. Good luck! Family to London
gah26 replied on November 14, 2014 with:
Get a map of London and a tube map. A good place to start is along tube lines that lead to Canary Wharf. You also have to come up with a budget and what you expect to get with that budget. Think about how much of a commute you're willing yo make.
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gah26 replied to the thread moving to London-how to get corporate sponsorship on the United Kingdom forum on November 20, 2014:
excederinpm initially posted:
Hi! My name is Charlotte, my boyfriend and I will be moving to London for his job in first quarter 2015 ( sometime in January-March). I am currently in Medical Device Sales in the United States and I am concerned about finding work once we get there. I understand sponsorship is required; I was wondering if anyone had any contacts or information for anyone who is in healthcare in London. My background is medical sales which is a dynamic business regardless of what country, and I would like to stay in the healthcare industry if possible. I appreciate any communication! Thanks
gah26 replied on November 20, 2014 with:
You need a visa before you can move to the UK. You can't look for a job whilst in the UK on a tourist visa. Unless your job is on the shortage occupation list which it isn't, then an employer must prove there is no one who doesn't need visa sponsorship who can do the job. That's a pool of 500 million people as it includes everyone in the EU. The chances of you finding an employer to sponsor you are pretty slim. If you have been living with your boyfriend for at least 2 years in a relationship akin to marriage you might qualify as a dependent on his Tier 2 visa. You will need to prove joint responsibilities like joint tenancy, bank accounts and bills. If that's not the case then your only option is marriage to be a dependent on his visa.
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MurrayAmol posted Business opportunity $$$ on the United Kingdom forum on November 20, 2014:
I need help in all countries who want to improve clean up their act and start recycling tyres and plastic.We have developed environmentally friendly tyre and plastic recycling plants which extract oil and steel. Our plants have been tested in India non- stop for 3 years and now we are offering them worldwide and they are at an affordable price.What I need are government contacts, if you have and are Interested then please don't hesitate to contact me on, as we don't have big marketing expenses then we can pay you 10,000us$ for each recycling plant sold as a result of you giving us a contact.After our plant is up and running and proves its efficiency, trust me your goverments will want more and when we get orders you will continue to receive 10,000us$ for each new plant after.... Let's clean up the planet and get rich doing it.
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Thanksgiving in London by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: There are numerous restaurants in London that offer wonderful Thanksgiving menus for expats and locals! Here are few of our favorites. (Continue)
leomansell replied to the thread Thanksgiving Celebrations in United Kingdom on the United Kingdom forum:
adminee initially posted:
If you know of any Thanksgiving gatherings (at restaurants, clubs, etc.) that other expats could join, please post details here.
leomansell replied most recently with:
I know this is from last year but I'm organizing a Thanksgiving event at BBQ Whisky Beer in Witley (near Godalming) in Surrey on the 27th. It's not an American themed pub it's just a great place that cooks meat low and slow and is reigning Ribstock champion. We've come up with a special set menu for the day that will run alongside the regular menu and we'll also have some live blues being played and the first two NFL games being shown in the Whisky Snug. Two courses £20/ Three courses £25 Starters: Crawfish tacos, smoked corn relish Chipotle cheese croquettes, grilled gem lettuce Smoked bacon salad with pickled cucumber & quail egg Mains: Slow oak smoked turkey w. maple & sage glaze Jacobs ladder beef rib w chimichurri Seared salmon fillet & tartar hollandaise Served with Green bean casserole & chestnuts Smashed sweet potato & tarragon sour cream Cornbread & sausage stuffing Dessert: Pecan pie w. pecan ice cream Vanilla cheesecake w. sour cherries Pumpkin crème brulee & gingerbread biscuits We also have a specially selected bourbon tasting flight, hot buttered bourbon and iced tea for the day. Would be great to see as many of you down there. These are the venue details- The White Hart, Witley near Godalming The White Hart, Petworth Road, Witley, Godalming, GU8 5PH 01428 683695 Leo
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Property in London, UK for Rent
crissya replied to the thread relocation package - what to ask for? on the United Kingdom forum:
crissya initially posted:
Hi everyone, We are a family of four preparing for a transfer to the UK, Chester area. We have been asked to prepare a proposal of what we want to move, allowances, etc. but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? Thanks, Crissy
crissya replied most recently with:
Hi We are moving from Edmonton Canada. The company hasn't done many overseas transfers so has asked us to make a proposal. We aren't really sure what to ask for. Thanks for any help, Crissy
kcounterman replied most recently with:
Where are you moving from? I moved here from the States almost three years ago. Relocated to Manchester with my husband's company.
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Zamani initially posted:
Hi. Can 2adults and a4 year old child live comfortably in London (zone 3/4) on an annual salary of £70000? Any advice/help requested. Thank you
DarlingLisa replied most recently with:
that's a good salary for 2 and a half people in London.
ppereira replied most recently with:
Most people in England could only wish to have that income! you would have to see where would you live. to have a better idea of the cost of living in uk go to
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familytolondon replied to the thread Neigborhood to live in between Westminster and Egham? on the United Kingdom forum:
miyax initially posted:
Hello! My husband I are will be moving to London in August 2015 for graduate school - he at the London School of Economics in Westminster and me at Royal Holloway in Egham Hill. We're looking for suggestions for places in between our schools to rent a one bedroom flat that will divide our commute relatively evenly. Anyone know of good starting neighborhoods we can look - hoping for somewhat reasonable rent, walkable (no car needed), preferably with the basics nearby - groceries, coffee shop, a couple restaurants or bars - between central London and Surrey? I've been looking at maps but have a hard time judging distance/commute time, and it's difficult to get a sense of neighborhood feels.
familytolondon replied most recently with:
Hello, You will have good train links from Egham to Twickenham, Richmond, Barnes, Chiswick and Clapham Junction. Your husband can equally reach these areas from Westminster. The first four are tranquil family neighbourhoods with plenty of shops and restaurants. Clapham Junction is more vibrant and rougher but popular with young professionals who wish to live in Central London. For one bedroom flat expect to pay around £1,600 per month. Kind regards, Family to London
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ppereira posted Any expats in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset? on the United Kingdom forum:
Hi I am from Guatemala and I moved 5 years ago. I volunteer with the BME Network where we give free english lessons and immigration drop in and information if you need I am looking for more expats in the area I promote my country in England Cheers Patty
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