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gah26 replied to the thread Jobs in the UK on the United Kingdom forum on October 23, 2014:
severts18 initially posted:
I'm thinking about moving to London from America and I was wondering if you have to have a job lined up in order to get your visa or can I go over there on my passport and then get my visa and a job while I'm already there?
gah26 replied on October 23, 2014 with:
You can't move to the UK without a visa. You must be sponsored for a visa for a specific job by an employer. Unless your job falls on the shortage occupation list your chances of finding an employer to sponsor you are slim. Before an employer can offer you a job they have to prove there is no one who doesn't need a visa can fill the position. That's 500 million people as it includes the entire EU.
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Hi. Can 2adults and a4 year old child live comfortably in London (zone 3/4) on an annual salary of £70000? Any advice/help requested. Thank you
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Reading2014 posted Food Supplements, Vitamins, Naturopathic Items on the United Kingdom forum on October 18, 2014:
I cannot find any customs related information regarding supplements, vitamins, etc. It appears that there are a number of things we use that are not available in the UK. So, we are stocking-up and plan to ship them with our household goods. Will they require duty or VAT or even be excluded by violating some standards in the UK? Thanks.
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Reading2014 posted Identity Theft Protection - Recommendations? on the United Kingdom forum on October 17, 2014:
I contacted a company recommended to me, but they cannot provide coverage for identity theft protection when we are residents of the UK (must be residents of USA). Can anyone recommend a good company and level of service in the UK? Thanks.
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Reading2014 replied to the thread Supplemental Health Insurance - Options on the United Kingdom forum:
Reading2014 initially posted:
We will be moving to England for 5 years and covered by NHS. We have typically (in the USA) not used our health insurance much and paid many alternative health care providers directly (services not covered by our insurance). What are your experiences with the value of supplemental insurance in the UK vs. the premiums and may it simply be better to use those resources for elective health care and not premiums?
Reading2014 replied on October 17, 2014 with:
Ed, Thank you for the input. I am gaining confidence to simply use NHS and pay for anything else we may choose to do.
EdP replied on October 15, 2014 with:
I have lived in the UK for quite a while now having moved from France, and the NHS is great. Having not been treated in America I can't comment on comparisons there, but I don't know anyone who uses private healthcare here. Saying that I don't know what you're used to so maybe keep an alternative on standby until you've seen it for yourself? Ed
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gah26 replied to the thread Tier 2 Visa on the United Kingdom forum on October 13, 2014:
Reading2014 initially posted:
We will be arriving about 2 weeks after the start date on our Certificate of Sponsorship. I see information that we can arrive early, but nothing about arriving late. Does anyone know whether that will be OK? Or be a problem? Thanks.
gah26 replied on October 13, 2014 with:
You can arrive anytime between the valid from and valid to date.
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ExPats needed for a paid website testing project in Central London next week (13th, 14th & 15th October). The testing session lasts for 45mins for which you would be paid £65 in cash. We are looking for ExPats who are interested in Further Education here in the UK
I have 2 eurostar tickets for Friday, 31 October from London (17h31) to Paris (20h47). One way. Gold time. Selling each for £85 and for 2 tickets, it will be £170. The value of the ticket is, as of 8 October, 140 per one ticket so this is a massive bargain! Ticket can be collected either near Victoria or Farringdon/ Chancery Lane or Highbury & Islington stations. Or paypal can be used and on payment I will either email the PDF tickets or the booking ref whichever you prefer. Pls contact me via email. Thanks!
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Reading2014 posted Moving Companies USA to UK on the United Kingdom forum:
We will be moving to England in November 2014. Can anyone comment (good or bad experiences and costs) on moving companies? We plan to take relatively little, but want it to be a good experience. Thank You.
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americanabroad posted American Abroad Casting Call on the United Kingdom forum:
AMERICAN ABROAD CASTING CALL Are you an American ex-pat living and working in London? Are you passionate about what you do for a living? An American television production company is looking for people to tell their stories of how they've relocated to London. We are looking for fun, energetic, and enthusiastic Americans who love living in London and love what they do for work. Individuals that maintain a relationship with family in the states is a plus. Applicants should be between 21 and 50 years of age. Optimal industries include real estate, merchandising, import/export and the culinary arts; yet we’re open to hearing from people with any type of job. Please send a recent picture along with a description including your age, occupation, and why you should be featured on the show. Any video included is also a major plus. Please send info to
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