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avrgal posted Moving to the UK on the United Kingdom forum on March 27, 2015:
Hi, I'm an Israeli, own an EU passport and so is my wife I'm planning on relocation to the UK (London, most likely). We have a 1 year old daughter and one more to come. I can get a ~35K-45K contract and wanted to know whether it's possible do live with my income only (until my wife get birth) and then, if considering a minimum to median income from her side - is it possible to do live well considering costs of kindergarten, childcare and such. Thanks, Gal.
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SashaRobertsonCasting posted URGENT CASTING: TV COMMERCIAL, LONDON UK on the United Kingdom forum on March 19, 2015:
Interesting real people (Male or female). We are looking for real people to be part of our really exciting TV commercial project (we can't disclose the brand at present). Please see below questions which need to be answered when submitting.?? This will be a fantastic experience and we are looking for people with interesting life stories to tell or just usual life experiences, travelling, getting married, having children etc. We are looking for real people who are likeable, charming, interesting and fun.?? Casting brief:?? We’re looking for male and female, aged 25 to 60. We’re looking for diversity so all ethnicities are welcome. In addition, we’d like to see people from Asian or Caribbean ancestries as well as mixed raced.?We’re looking for people you’d like to be friends with. They must present well and have a sense of style but should be approachable. They shouldn’t look like models.?We’re not looking for extraordinary or eccentric people but all candidates need to have an interesting human and universal story to tell—either unexpected or just charming or emotional. For example, people with different or unusual backgrounds/family units (e.g. gay couples, parents of twins or adopted kids), students, travellers, expats, as well as passionate men or women who are involved in their communities, in arts or charities for example.? Applicants should be happy to be featured in a TV commercial. Successful applicants will be compensated.?? Please answer these questions and share a clear photo (or several photos ideally) of yourself:? 1. What is your name?? 2. Where do you live?? 3. What do you do for work?? 4. Do you like to take photos and/or videos?? 5. What type and brand of device(s) do you use to take these pictures?? 6. How long have you used devices from this brand(s)?? 7. Do you like to share these pictures, with your friends or on social media?? 8. What sort of moments do you capture?? 9. Can you tell us briefly about the last 5 years of your life, the biggest change or the most important thing that happened to you?? 10. If you have an interesting story- Do you have pictures of the events you just described??? Please EMAIL photos and answers with contact details to
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Property in Open, UK for Sale
property in UKSwap Converted Farmhouse Bulgaria for house/ bungalow in the UK
property in UKLUXURY PARK HOME - The home occupies an enviable position within the park. The Park itself if perfectly located for those looking for the best of both worlds with its rural location surrounded by open countryside yet only a short drive to a host of local amenities.
gah26 replied to the thread fiancé visa from Turkey on the United Kingdom forum:
amsamo initially posted:
Hi all I am collecting the required documents for my fiancé visa application and I would appreciate if you can help me with the questions below 1- I live with my family of 5(parents 1brother 2sisters) in 4 bedrooms, will i need the property inspection report? 2- I have booked a wedding venue and this is an Approved for marriage venue by the Government. Would this be enough or I'll still need to book a provisional marriage ceremony date by the Registrar? Thank you all
gah26 replied most recently with:
Yes to both questions.
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dannyh replied to the thread Using US Appliances in the UK on the United Kingdom forum:
pebruce initially posted:
My family and I are relocating from California to London in July, and I wanted to know if the following US appliances/ electronics will work in the UK or if I should plan on storing them in the US and purchasing new or used items once I'm in the UK: - Bose speaker for iPod - Table & floor lamps - Telephones - Home PC - ours has a switch for 230 voltage, so I think we should be ok?? - Printer for home PC - Small electric food chopper (mini cuisinart) - Electric hand mixer - Coffee pot Thanks so much for any advice you could give.
dannyh replied most recently with:
the signals are different, most video equipment will not work properly. You may need a video converter. I contacted voltageconverters . com they helped me with what I need
evangraj replied most recently with:
Hello. Is this still the case? I was thinking of bringing my wireless DECT VOIP phone over from the US to the UK. As its a digital and analouge phone ... will neither work? Thanks in advance.
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gah26 replied to the thread Taxes / Costs - Moving to London from US (for work) on the United Kingdom forum:
kaitem initially posted:
Hi - I am in the process of moving to London for a new job, I am currently in the US. I was hoping someone could help me with figuring out income tax rates, and also general expenses / utilities for a flat. From the research I have done, it looks like the tax rate for pay is 40% (about 50k GBP).Does that seem correct? Are there any other additional taxes or amounts generally taken out of your pay? Also, do you pay taxes on flats? II am trying to put together a budget of living expense, very fun :) Thanks for any information that you can share!
gah26 replied most recently with:
Use this website to figure out your take home pay. You'll also pay council tax which pays for services like trash pickup in your borough. It is roughly based on the value of your flat but also varies by borough. Expect £1000-1500/year which is paid in 10 monthly installments.
stumpy replied most recently with:
For cost of living try www,
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Richardstegman replied to the thread working part time in the uk? on the United Kingdom forum:
beejay0107 initially posted:
Hello guys, I'm currently living in India and working as quality inspection engineer in a company that manufactures various types of valves. I'm looking to do my masters in uk either by this September or next January. I heard that I'll be permitted to work 20 hours a week in the student visa norms. Now, am I eligible to apply for the part time jobs I see in job seeking sites like etc? I thought it's good to work in my own stream instead of other jobs like waiting in a cafeteria. Kindly help, thank you!
Richardstegman replied most recently with:
Hello, I traveled to uk one month ago and now I'm living in London. I'm going to stay here for 6 months, so I want to find a part time job. Any help? Thanks in advance.
gah26 replied most recently with:
You can take any job you want as long as it's legal but yes, you are limited to 20 hours per week during term time.
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