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TheSir2You replied to the thread how to get driving license in Ukraine on the Ukraine forum on October 23, 2014:
narabeen initially posted:
Dears, I have residence permit in Ukraine, and would like to know how to get a driving license ? anyway went through that? Thanks Nader
TheSir2You replied on October 23, 2014 with:
I have a Porsche in Cal that I want to bring, but NOT drive here! The drivers are all crazy by American standards, but it seems to work. The problem is that the police see you as a target so they can collect bribes to leave you alone. I do not recommend driving here.
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TheSir2You replied to the thread Receiving international mail on the Ukraine forum on October 23, 2014:
kievexpat1 initially posted:
It seems Ukraine is the worst country for mail services. Afghanistan was easier to receive. I need to know how to receive packages and letters here from the United States. At $120usd a letter from Fedex its getting expensive and no one locally knows what to do. I know about nova poshta for within the country but has anyone "successfully" received mail from the US and if so how? I have new credit cards coming in and I need these here asap.
TheSir2You replied on October 23, 2014 with:
I've been in Mogliv two years, and I think the AMERICAN mail is now worse. I have had no problems here on the tiny mail I have had, but now am having family problems because of the theft of my mail by the post office. In Texas! But I do understand you can use UPS from America, and insure to be sure of their attention.
narabeen replied on October 22, 2014 with:
I sent packages from Egypt to Ukraine successfully using EMS.
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Ukraine Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
CaliRay replied to the thread Housing on the Ukraine forum:
Claire3 initially posted:
Hi there, I will be moving to the Ukraine in the next couple of weeks and will need to rent an apartment or house in or near to Dniprovetrosk. The family I will be working for live in the countryside near Dniprovetrosk but I do not know their address yet so I don't know exactly where I'll need to locate myself. The problem is that I don't speak or understand a single word of Russian so I don't know how to arrange accommodation for myself. Obviously I'll ask my employer for help, but its the weekend at the moment and I was wondering if anyone can give me any information or ideas on how to arrange accommodation? All the English websites advertise holiday accommodation which is far costlier than long-term accommodation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, can you tell me what sort of cost I'm looking at for a 2/3 bedroom apartment/house in or near Dniprovestrosk? And what the cost of living is for a 3/4 person family? Thanks.
CaliRay replied most recently with:
@mermanjohn Your statement that food costs would be $800/month floored me. I could not find a cost comparison for my city, Cali, Colombia vs Dniprovetrosk, but for Kryvyy Rih, the closest city in the cost comparison chart, local food costs for most items are considerably less than in Cali where I spend about $250 for 2 people eating on the local economy. It's true I don't eat out often because a good dinner for two costs at minimum $30 U.S. Here;s the link I used if this site allows link posting.
psuper81 replied most recently with:
I too want to move to the Ukraine, at least part time, I have lived in Kazahkstan etc.. Maybe we could team up at least part time? kelly
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Jaycey posted Expat get together in Zaporozhzhye on the Ukraine forum:
Expat get together in Zaporozhzhye I’m a retired South African guy and a newbie to the forum and look forward to joining the other posters on here. I moved to Zap a year ago and would be pleased to hear from any English speakers in the area for a get together – or indeed from anyone you would like to improve their English. Look forward to hearing from you, Jaycey
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jehu replied to the thread finding a job on the Ukraine forum:
narabeen initially posted:
Hello All, I am trying to find a job in Ukraine, I am authorized to work over there as I have residence permit. I've been trying for one year to find a project manager job in an international companies but most of the time I am rejected because I do not speak Russian or Ukrainian!. did anyone succeed to find a job without being able to speak Russian or Ukrainian? I appreciate any help or advice
jehu replied most recently with: best, Ken..
narabeen replied most recently with:
Hi Ken, Thats interesting :) can you share with me the URL for the online course you took? and did you move to Ukraine then started to search for a job? Coz i am trying to search for a job remotely, May that is also another reason employers are not taking me seriously. Cheers Nader
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smmoravec replied to the thread Looking for Room in Odessa on the Ukraine forum:
smmoravec initially posted:
I am looking for a room to rent in Odessa for the month of August. Please email me at Thanks!
smmoravec replied most recently with:
prchrist replied most recently with:
Look at, or contact Dmitry at I have used this service for twice yearly apartment rentals for that last 4 years. Paul
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Ukraine Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
smmoravec replied to the thread Looking for flatmate on the Ukraine forum:
marat initially posted:
Me and my friend are looking for the native English speaking flatmate. We would like to exchange experience in language and culture, go sightseeing, help our mate to adapt in our city. Our apartment have three separated rooms, so you will have own room (5x3,5m). We have all the facilities (furniture, washing machine, microwave) The apartment is situated at Boryslavska street(Borshagivka district, closest metro station is Shuliavska (12 minutes by bus)) There is a direct bus to the city centre (15 minutes in the way) The monthly rent is 1500 UAH + 1/3 of utilities bill
smmoravec replied most recently with:
I am looking for a room for one month in August. Would you have anything available?
marat replied most recently with:
Thanks. But I have renting apartment already and just looking for a flatmate
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whereohwhere replied to the thread Relocation Issues on the Ukraine forum:
user13 initially posted:
Hi folks. Hoping for some advice and the answers to some questions. I'm looking to move abroad and Ukraine is one of the places I'm considering. I do have a couple of hurdles however. To begin with, I'm on social security disability. I receive only $885 a month. Am I going to be able to survive comfortably there on that? For me, comfortable means internet and a quiet home. Also, I'm a felon and a registered sex offender in the US. Is that going to be an issue as far as residency is concerned? Before I get any snarky comments, I met a young lady in a bar nearly 20 years ago who turned out to be underage. I'm not a rapist or a child molester. Those two issues are also the reasons I want to leave the US. Any advice or answers will be much appreciated.
whereohwhere replied most recently with:
Hi Kelly, I know your question is 6 months old and you may have moved on to other things. I don't know the age of your children but for college there seems to be no cheaper place than the Ukraine. I just started looking into it and true to form it's when I'm finding out about their conflicts. I am still pushing through though, and the good thing, for most of the schools you pay when you get there so if September comes and safety is a big concern then I would not have lost anything.
psuper81 replied most recently with:
Dear John, I lived In Kazahkstan for 3 months and loved it, also lived in Southeast Asia, Loved it, But Eastern Bloc has my heart, Problem is I am still raising 3 kids, But I have Va disability at 3000 a month and I am pretty good at getting cash out at atms etc and living the life,...the problem is affording international school...any ideas and advice on Ukraine? Kelly
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