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Ukraine Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
jehu replied to the thread Wanted, a Russian language tutor to Skype on the Ukraine forum on July 25, 2015:
927135498 initially posted:
Hi, my plan is to move to a Russian speaking country by the end of this year. This place (Unmerica) hasn't felt like my home for decades and now I have finally decided to do something about it. But I only speak a few words in Russian. I have tried to learn the language on my own and it just doesn't stick in my head. My brain doesn't seem to learn that way. I need a tutor who is a native Russian speaker. A female is preferred because over the years I've found that my brain absorbs information better from a female voice than male. Perhaps it's because my brothers, sisters and I were raised by a single mother (8 of us) I don't know. Just a little personal info about me so you know I'm serious, determined, and to get to know a little about me. I love to work in my garden, take long walks, hiking, biking and swimming. I would love to go on vacation and see the many wonderful places I've only read about and learn to ski, waterski, snorkling, maybe even scuba diving among others. Now you know a little about me, feel free to send me a private message with your email or skype or reply here.
jehu replied on July 25, 2015 with:
Hi Tom My name if Ken Jones and as said previously, I'm British and I live and work In Kharkov, Ukraine with my Ukrainian wife. Please respond in the first instance, by emailing me at: Also, can you please say where in the US you are so I can work out the time diff., etc? Thanks, Ken
jehu replied on July 24, 2015 with:
My Ukrainian wife, who speaks fluent English and is native so speaks perfect Russian, can help you. Interested?
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svetako replied to the thread Jews have to flee Odessa on the Ukraine forum:
Margotter initially posted:
"Show me a resident of Odessa who is not a Jew", that's a saying very popular in Odessa, a famous Ukrainian city on the Black Sea. During WWII about 60,000 Odessians (mostly Jews) were massacred by Romanian and German occupants. Now, when there are Ukrainian nationalists setting the tone in the country something of the sort may again occur. Nationalistic ruling elements in Kiev make no secret they're actually fans of Hitler The latest worrying news is that former Georgian president Saakashvili (wanted in his country on criminal charges and known for his cruelty and cynical ways) has been designated the local governor. Mind he's a tame bird of nationalistic elements in Kiev set to transform Odessa in "a purely Ukrainian city". My Jewish relatives living in Odessa say they are set to move to some other country to enjoy safety.... well until it's too late and they haven't started those awful pogroms or sort of it.
svetako replied most recently with:
Odessa is realy nice city. I was there 1 month ago, with my friend, we rented car from They have good prices and high service.
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
Don't forget Kiev is directed from Washington,(McCain ), Porky would never have the nerve to do anything without Washington, and they don't want Ukraine anymore. The U.S. is drowning in troubles starting with the Arabs, picking on Russia, and now China. If the Jews would dress like normal people without beards and such, some women dress like ISIS here, and no one cares if they blow up a school. good luck
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Apartment - 66.40sqm in the centre of Kiev. The prestigious "Diplomat hall." Half constructed so ready for you to put your stamp on it. $190,000 - A very good price for this great located apartment.
Expat Report Culture Shock in Mogilev-Podilskyi, Ukraine was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
They try to make you feel responsible for being their victims, and offer to 'help' in a way that is meaningless and useless, but you are in their debt. Don't fall for it. When in Rome, dress like a Roman, act like a Roman, and not an American. Biggest compliment I get is when a stranger approaches me and starts rattling off in Ukrainian or Russian, assuming I am one of them. I bought a laptop, and the internet is wonderful. You can watch any tv or movies you want, play games in English. I also brought some Smallville and JWayne movies that I often watch. People here usually carry cellphones, and WiFi is everywhere. Many many satellite dishes for homes. Many Mercedes, BMWs, lots of Jap cars, and a few Ford or Chevy. Stray dogs everywhere. (Continue)
MichaelTryn posted HONEST International Banks in Kiev on the Ukraine forum:
Does anyone know of reliable International Banks in Kiev that will handle money transfers if one sells a condo. I have not researched for some time, but have seen Citi bank MAY still be near the large Hospital. Raifessen will NOT accept U.S. clients, and Privatebank I read, is controlled by the OLIGARCH from Dneiperpetrovsk , that still wants to control his nazi group, demoted by the puppet pres.
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MichaelTryn replied to the thread I don't mean to post political questions on the Ukraine forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
I just ask"What are people doing to bring in money, when the country is broke ?" I saw "advisory, and some EUAM listings." WHO and and WHAT is anyone advising ! A bartender can advise.
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
Sorry to here your situation Sir2 You, I and millions of ordinary people are "blind" to the dirty things the U.S. gov. does to us. Intl.. Living mag and Stansberry open our eyes some what to ways to "get out of the U.S.".My wife as I have stated, would rather move to Yalta. At one time, we were seriously looking @ Canada, where one can feel good to live. Good luck there!
TheSir2You replied most recently with:
I am getting SS checks, sent to the embassy. Can't cash for days, but get the checks now. Have one, two waiting at embassy.
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maxic replied to the thread Living in Kiev on the Ukraine forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
I have not posted here for some time, and things have changed "quite a bit" in Ukraine. Things "do not" seem to be so rosy with the hryna around 25 to the dollar. WHY it is this way I do not know! The U.S. warlords give orders to the E.U. and Kiev, and it is shameful to be an American. Common people suffer.
maxic replied most recently with:
You don't write the truth about Ukraine. You are into miss-information. If you actually believed your own crap you would not want to go to Ukraine. You seem to be a Russian troll.
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
I looked up TROLL, I don't mean to be, but MAYBE I AM. YAHOO is a TROLL against Russia, and now they will start with CHINA if one reads their troll strories everyday. My problems are not working and eating too much during the winter.China is getting too strong and they have more submarines etc. This is to breed fear like in Europe to sell military, the U.S. is the world's largest weapon seller.
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