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navillus2 replied to the thread Crimea Visa Requirements. on the Ukraine forum:
AllenHunt initially posted:
Hi Guys, I`m in Nikolaev, and planning a trip to Crimea. Am I correct in assuming that I must now first go and get a Visa at the Russian Embassy in Kiev?, how much does it cost?. Has anyone tried it?, much hassle?. I have a uk Passport.
navillus2 replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Sorry, the correct URL is: Not .com in my previous post.
navillus2 replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Elviajero, Check this new website: It seems to have the info yu will (and I) will need.
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grantshort replied to the thread Internet American tv/movies on the Ukraine forum on April 11, 2014:
Gregarious initially posted:
I have lived here almost two years now, and still do not know how to get movies or tv from the US, and in ENGLISH. I am sure there are ways, anyone care to help?
grantshort replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Navillus it's right. :) Once you get your Netflix back, suddenly life is really good.
navillus2 replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Hi Gragarious, You can subscribe to HuLu or Netflix. However, normally it will not work in a foreign country. To get around this you will need to subscribe to a VPN service. Once you connect to the VPN service your PC will look like it is in the US (or any other country you choose). Once connected, Netflix, HuLu, etc., will work fine. I currently use PureVPN which you can google. It costs about 10$/month
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grantshort replied to the thread Free room in Kiev in exchange for English lessons on the Ukraine forum:
helenemarlen initially posted:
Hello, We are a friendly Russian speaking family living in Kiev, Ukraine. We are looking for a native English speaker (m/f) to practice English with us. We are ready to provide free accommodation in a private room and free complimentary meals in exchange for the English lessons/practice. We are a family of 3 myself, Elena (32 y.o), my mum, Nathalie (60 y.o.) and my husband, Serge (32 y.o.). We live in a very pleasant and bright house which is situated in the countryside around 15 km away from the nearest Metro Station in Kiev. There are regular buses in to the city plus we travel there by cars also. The real purpose of the English tutorials will be to improve my husband’s English language skills for his job and give my mum some basic conversational English. My husband will be the main focus though. He will be available in the evenings after he returns from work for maybe 1 hour and again at weekends for a few hours also. The schedule will not be intense (6-8 hours per week!) as we wish it to be enjoyable for you and for us. We are very flexible and easy family, truly. Please email me at or call me at 050 663 72 33 to discuss further with us, ideally you will have previous teaching experience or be a TEFL / Celta certificate holder but it's not a must. We just want a native speaker. We would love to hear from you as soon as possible. Kind regards, Elena
grantshort replied most recently with:
Hi. I am always interested in hearing more about free rooms in exchange for English lessons as well ;) Especially if any openings become available. I am sick of being back in America and miss Helen, and her husband and mother.
GoodArt replied most recently with:
hi roy, please write more about your plans in Ukraine
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AllenHunt posted Visa for Crimea on the Ukraine forum:
I am a uk resident, travelling around Ukraine on a uk Passport. I want to go back to Crimea, but when applying for a visa, they say that want conformation from a Tour Operator, a Hotel-booking is not considered a sufficient support to obtain a tourist visa, and they want to see Health Insurance of 30 000 Euros. :'( Any ideas, welcome?. Life was so simple when you could take the overnight train from Kiev and wake up in Crimea!. :)
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AllenHunt posted Crimea Visa Requirements. on the Ukraine forum:
HI Guys I`ve downloaded the visa applications, and want an appointment to summit this to the Russian Embassy in Kiev, problem!, they are not answering the phone or emails!, I want to go there on the 16th. March, any ideas?.
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navillus2 replied to the thread Need current advice on travelling to Crimea on the Ukraine forum:
elviajero initially posted:
Hello, I am from the UK and I have a girlfriend in Simferopol. After waiting for many months, I finally have an opportunity to go and visit her but then there is the trouble there! She assures me she sees Westerners in the street: cafes, restaurants, etc., that they are without fear and that there is no aggression towards them. She insists it is safe for me to go there but she could be optimitstic as she wants to see me. I need advice from people from English speaking countries who live or have been there recently. Have they had any trouble? Do they agree it is safe? Will I have an advantage being 'protected' by a local? I would go there in the middle of April '14. i would need to travel via Moscow. What would be the visa situation now? I do not need a visa for Ukraine.
navillus2 replied most recently with:
Hello Allen, You were lucky that you travelled just before Crimea became Russian Territory. To travel there now you will need a Russian visa. I had a 45-day Ukrainian "D" . They would not let my fly to Sim on it.
AllenHunt replied most recently with:
Hi elviajero I have a uk Passport, I flew in on the 18th. March., took the overnight train from Kiev to Sevastopol, arrived there 21st, traveled by Bus to Simferopol on the 25th, and then the train to Nikolaev on the 29th, have been through 3 checkpoints, no hassle, Russian? / Ukraine, Army, polite and courteous. Life is for Living!. Go for it. I know Sim. pretty well.
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Jaycey replied to the thread Ukraine Aftermath on the Ukraine forum:
grantshort initially posted:
I'm getting sick of some of the topics I'm seeing on this forum so I am offering some pics to any interested ones of Maidan Square in Kiev. If you would like to check out some of my photos you can look for me on Facebook by my email address: Thanks! And please send comments and questions.
Jaycey replied most recently with:
Nonsense, Putin says they're tourists & Putin NEVER lies :)
grantshort replied most recently with:
Wow. Crazy. Thanks for the update. Yes there is a lot of information to learn on the under Euromaidan updates. Russia has about 150,000 troops stationed outside of Ukraine on the Black Sea right now . And vehicles actually in Crimea already supposedly doing some war game exercises. But using the same expressions as he did just before he entered Georgia.
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Jaycey replied to the thread Jews! Stay away from Ukraine! on the Ukraine forum:
leoge initially posted:
I'm not an anti-Semite and I think it's my duty to warn you about things taking place now in Ukraine. I'm sure you've heard about protests in Kiev and role of nationalists in it. With every day things getting worse and nationalists started anti-Jewish bashings as they promised. In a number of Ukrainian cities Jews were assaulted and some were killed and Ukrainian people try to help Jews. I'm not Ukrainian but I covered a family of five, and as far as I know the biggest part of Jews if not all are leaving Ukraine and going to Israel which authorities unofficially approved such immigration after people facing this new nationalist threat in Ukraine. So if you a Jew and you have plans to live and work in Ukraine, well, it's wrong time, because by all appearances Ukrainian Nazis won't stop and this nationalist euphoria is seizing more and more of Ukrainian cities. And I have no understanding of how they are going to be a part of Europe with such terrible nationalistic views because no one will be happy having Nazis close at hand and share responsibility for their actions.
Jaycey replied most recently with:
I suspect that you have been watching too much R-TV. The supposed neo-Nazis (right wing nationalists) are sitting outside government house insisting that all previous MPs be removed. (Please don’t ask me why they don’t wait for the election). But yes, there have been attacks on Jews and other innocent civilians by soviet militia thugs acting as provocateurs. Personally I have never seen any antagonism toward Jews here in Zaporozhzhye. Jaycey
grantshort replied most recently with:
I don't understand your humor maybe. What about the Jews? I know there is Russian propaganda saying that somebody is attacking Russians and Jews. Fill me in. I get myself in trouble all the time for throwing out what I think are very educated jokes that no one understands.
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Jaycey posted Meet up in Zaporozhzhye on the Ukraine forum:
I’m a retired South African guy living with my Ukrainian wife in Zaporozhzhye. It would be nice to meet up with other expats or English speaking locals for various social activities. Jaycey ...
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marat replied to the thread Looking for flatmate on the Ukraine forum:
marat initially posted:
Me and my friend are looking for the native English speaking flatmate. We would like to exchange experience in language and culture, go sightseeing, help our mate to adapt in our city. Our apartment have three separated rooms, so you will have own room (5x3,5m). We have all the facilities (furniture, washing machine, microwave) The apartment is situated at Boryslavska street(Borshagivka district, closest metro station is Shuliavska (12 minutes by bus)) There is a direct bus to the city centre (15 minutes in the way) The monthly rent is 1500 UAH + 1/3 of utilities bill
marat replied most recently with:
Thanks. But I have renting apartment already and just looking for a flatmate
marat replied most recently with:
Hi I'm an engineer and my friend is an architector. I was born in Zhitomyr (the town in west direction from Kiyiv) but I have lived in Kiyiv for 7 years. My facebook: The
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