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prchrist replied to the thread Gift Ideas for Ukranian University Student on the Ukraine forum on December 11, 2014:
CynKing initially posted:
Hello - for an international Secret Santa, I have been assigned a 21 year old female student in Kyiv studying IT. Her bio doesnt give me a lot to go on, so I am hoping for suggestions (small items) I've put together some makeup, candy and jewelry, but I don;t know if that would be appropriate.
prchrist replied on December 11, 2014 with:
You have covered the basics. All of that girly stuff would be appreciated. If you know her size, send her some underwear. (Women's underwear in Ukraine is outrageously expensive!). Also some thermal underwear for women and some Isotoner (one size fits all) gloves. Now all you have to worry about is the package getting to her before some corrupt postal employee appropriates it for his girlfriend. Good Luck!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Grant Short was in Kiev, Ukraine recently and captured these unbelievable photos of Independence Square. (Continue)
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
Thank you for the photos. If people DO NOT want to be part of Kiev ruled Ukraine, "they should be let to go their own way!" There are MILLIONS of Americans that DO NOT want to be part of the U.S.!" Texas in one state, and California want to break apart.Do any of you think THEY will be permitted? No Way! This IS NOT democracy! If you lived here as the Polish or Liths. have , you would see it is no better, the rich rule pretty much.
arturowan replied recently with:
Ukraine is always an EXPERIENCE - more so now than ever, but there ws always some street protest happening, when I was there...
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MichaelTryn replied to the thread appartement in Dnepropetrovsk on the Ukraine forum:
Valeria36 initially posted:
Hi, looking for an appartement in Dnepropetrovsk, from mi-december, 2-3 rooms; thank u for info
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
If you needed to BUY a condo in NEW condition near Kiev, we have one there. It is 2nd floor across from a park.
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MichaelTryn replied to the thread How are things in Kiev? on the Ukraine forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
Some one posted about Russia stepping on Ukraine so long, but my wife is from Kiev and wa a businesswoman. People got along before the U.S. sponsored the Bandera. It may come out the CIA directed a fighter jet to shoot down that plane to start trouble. The CIA has a long history of start juntas over the world. Sorry I got off of the subject. How are things for the average person; the gas prices will double as they have to pay E.U. prices, and gov. jobs will be cut very much. The E.U. has the only money and they E.U. is almost broke, and O'Bama gave Ukraine pennies. So"are wages current or 2 months behind?" Are the masses selling candy on the corners or beer @ the metro? thanks, Mchael near Chicago
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
Thanks kievexpat1, The western media does NOT show things that are against the U.S. much per CNN & FOX. Canadain meat producers are screaming to ship to Russia, as are the Polish, and Merkel is on the way out as Germany is in the dumps financially. The latest is the U.S. is trying to start trouble with China via Hong Kong protesters as the Chinese are big friends with Russia now.
kievexpat1 replied most recently with:
Hey Michael its pretty normal here. Not much affected and I havent heard others complain of the wages now as they did back in the revolution.. Problem is this govt is as corrupt as the last one. US gave them $20 million for body armor for the military and it went "missing". The official in charge of world bank funds got a few million deposited in his account overnight and resigned. They appointed a new person now that world bank does not want to deal with Im told. The volunteer battalions have the FSB raiding their homes randomly and throwing some in jail if they suspect anything wrong. People who helped in elections did so for that and now they are over are taking things back from the people that were being used. Same old ukraine just different people.
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MichaelTryn posted What are any of you doing for work? on the Ukraine forum:
I read IT does something, but "someone" has to pay money for your labor. Anyone ? thanks . Mike near Chicago.
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MichaelTryn posted If ANYONE else will post about on the Ukraine forum:
Ukraine or Europe, please feel free to post.At times we see protests in the E.U. as they let in masses of anti-western people. "That's what they get for letting them in!" Violent protests in Belgium, and Netherlands were on the t.v. here.CNN & FOX show little, and violent protests in Greece again. I'm NOT here to complain really, just wondering about KIEV life.
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kievexpat1 posted Thanksgiving? on the Ukraine forum:
Any Americans interested in having a potluck thangsgiving dinner here in kiev?
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I am looking for work in or near to Dnepropetrovsk, E-mail is general labor, repairs, electronics repair and maintenance, PC repair or maintenance, no task too big or small.... I work cheap.
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MichaelTryn posted life in Kiev as of November on the Ukraine forum:
I am trying to get "RELIABLE NEWS" about "how people are making a living in Kiev." The U.S. and BBC post propaganda via CNN or Fox. If the people in the east do not want to "starve" with Kiev taking all the money, "they want out". People want change in the U.S. but are limited as the oligarchs HERE control business and government pretty much. Voting changes little here when lobbyists "buy off " buy off senators. Where are the people getting money to live, they all can't sell cigarrettes on the street? Answers please.
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MIKERSA posted TEAFL TEACHING on the Ukraine forum:
I am an English speaking South African seeking to work and live in the Ukraine, I would appreciate some pointers as presently I am a Technical Production Manager with a technical qualification. I have dual citizenship with South Africa and the U.K. Would it be easier and or better to do a teafl course or seek a technical career also I am 51 years old will this be a disadvantage
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