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property in UkraineCosy 2-room apartment in the heart of Kiev in classic style and nice views from the windows. Fully furnished and equipped. With boiler, conditioners, 2 telephone lines, Internet, video doorphone, security at the entrance, parking place in the yard.
property in UkraineCozy and light 2-room apartment for rent in the very city centre. The apartment: has the very central location, walking distance to the main street Kreschyatyk, Shevchenko University, park, 3 minutes to the metro station Khreschatyk and with well developed infrustructure: restaurants, banks, caffes, shope etc.
property in UkraineSpacious apartment on Zhylyanskaya 104, located the quiet center near the Railway station and only 5 minutes walking to metro station. The entrance area to the building is clean,well (3 apartments on the floor); there are combination lock, lift.
property in UkraineFully furnished and equipped 2 bedroom apartment of 130 m² FOR RENT, ready for occupancy in a new residential building Graf Tolstoi. Immediate central location in Kyiv, Lva Tolstoho Street direct neighborhood to Botanic Garden. Panoramic views over Old Botanical Garden, Vladimirsky Cathedral and Kiev central part. Fully furnished and equipped.
property in UkraineFully furnished 5-room house with beautiful garden (1, 000 sq.m.) and outdoor swimming pool located in Kiev, near metro station ‘Nivki’; It consists of : 4 bedrooms, kitchen – dining room, living room with fireplace, 2 bathrooms and garage for 2 cars.
property in UkraineSpacious 3-room apartment at 34, Andriyivskyy Descent (upper part of the street), presentable building, unique view from the balcony and windows.
property in Ukraine

Spacious apartment on Saksaganskogo 22, located in the quiet center close to Bessarabskaya Square and only 10 minutes walking by foot to metro station Ploshad’ Lva Tolstogo.

The entrance area to the building is clean, (3 apartments on the floor, high ceilings); there are: combination lock, lift, parking in front of the building.

The apartment has modern renovation: 2 bedroom-apartment of 60 square meters, fully furnished and equipped (Internet, Satellite TV, air conditioning , autonomous heating system, boiler).

Near the apartment are situated: entertaining center Ultramarine, Butterfly cinema, cafes, bars, restaurants, Railway, good developed infrastructure.

Payment via cash/bank transfer and registration are possible

MIck888 replied to the thread Work wanted on the Ukraine forum:
MIck888 initially posted:
I am looking for work in Kiev, I am from the Australia, and I am good with my hands, a jack of all trades, within the building industry, A Quick learner, willing to try anything, contact me at
MIck888 replied most recently with:
Thank you very much for your email, yes i would be interested, I am actually in Poland at this moment, but that`s not a problem, you can contact me direct, at
Penwriter replied most recently with:
Hi, my name is Sergiy. If you are still looking for a job then i could suggest you to try to get a position of a sale manager in a company providing IT services. My fiancee works there in and they are trying to creat a team for work on the US market. Let me know if interested. P.S. I failed to email you.
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jehu replied to the thread how to get driving license in Ukraine on the Ukraine forum:
narabeen initially posted:
Dears, I have residence permit in Ukraine, and would like to know how to get a driving license ? anyway went through that? Thanks Nader
jehu replied most recently with:
Hi I was tempted to bring my car over from the UK, but finally decided not to. After settling in the Ukraine I eventually bought a car here, it's much better. Never get stopped by the cops. As for the crazy driving thing. Sorry chum I've been to the States and seen far more wrecks than over here. In the Ukraine there are two types of drivers; first the rich who drive around in 4x4s and think the own the place, I just keep out their way and let 'em though. The second group is every one else. There are not speed cameras here but the cops use hand-held cameras so so long you are not a naughty boy and drive too fast, they have not reason to stop a Ukrainian-registered vehicle. Best..
TheSir2You replied most recently with:
I have a Porsche in Cal that I want to bring, but NOT drive here! The drivers are all crazy by American standards, but it seems to work. The problem is that the police see you as a target so they can collect bribes to leave you alone. I do not recommend driving here.
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jehu replied to the thread What are any of you doing for work? on the Ukraine forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
I read IT does something, but "someone" has to pay money for your labor. Anyone ? thanks . Mike near Chicago.
jehu replied most recently with:
I teach English. I also have a side-line pimping I.T. developer for UK companies, it's a cool earner!
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