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MIck888 posted Work wanted on the Ukraine forum on January 16, 2015:
I am looking for work in Kiev, I am from the Australia, and I am good with my hands, a jack of all trades, within the building industry, A Quick learner, willing to try anything, contact me at
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jehu replied to the thread how to get driving license in Ukraine on the Ukraine forum:
narabeen initially posted:
Dears, I have residence permit in Ukraine, and would like to know how to get a driving license ? anyway went through that? Thanks Nader
jehu replied on January 12, 2015 with:
Hi I was tempted to bring my car over from the UK, but finally decided not to. After settling in the Ukraine I eventually bought a car here, it's much better. Never get stopped by the cops. As for the crazy driving thing. Sorry chum I've been to the States and seen far more wrecks than over here. In the Ukraine there are two types of drivers; first the rich who drive around in 4x4s and think the own the place, I just keep out their way and let 'em though. The second group is every one else. There are not speed cameras here but the cops use hand-held cameras so so long you are not a naughty boy and drive too fast, they have not reason to stop a Ukrainian-registered vehicle. Best..
TheSir2You replied on October 23, 2014 with:
I have a Porsche in Cal that I want to bring, but NOT drive here! The drivers are all crazy by American standards, but it seems to work. The problem is that the police see you as a target so they can collect bribes to leave you alone. I do not recommend driving here.
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jehu replied to the thread What are any of you doing for work? on the Ukraine forum:
MichaelTryn initially posted:
I read IT does something, but "someone" has to pay money for your labor. Anyone ? thanks . Mike near Chicago.
jehu replied on January 12, 2015 with:
I teach English. I also have a side-line pimping I.T. developer for UK companies, it's a cool earner!
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jehu replied to the thread TEAFL TEACHING on the Ukraine forum:
MIKERSA initially posted:
I am an English speaking South African seeking to work and live in the Ukraine, I would appreciate some pointers as presently I am a Technical Production Manager with a technical qualification. I have dual citizenship with South Africa and the U.K. Would it be easier and or better to do a teafl course or seek a technical career also I am 51 years old will this be a disadvantage
jehu replied on January 12, 2015 with:
Hi I am English and married to a Ukrainian woman. We live and work in Kharkov, Ukraine. I spent years in the I.T. industry and decided to change, so I took a TEFL course, which I later discovered is an important document requirement for teaching in a Ukrainian school, particularly in the absence of a teaching degree or diploma. Because I am a native Englishman, find a teaching position in the Ukraine was relatively easy as many, if not 99% of Expats, have fled the country due to the current crisis in the east. Problem I have is that although I am busy learning Russian, currently my lack of the language precludes me from teaching at elementary level. This means I can only teach those who know enough English to be able to understand me as I cannot explain things in Russian of Ukrainian. I also have a number of private adult student come to me at home. So, yes a TEFL cert is a must and yes, there's plenty of demand for native speakers. Your age by the way is not a problem. However, on the downside; it is quite problematic to obtain: a) a "probisca", which is proof of residency and b) an indefinite stay visa. Thankfully I'm over the hump of all that, I've even bought a car now, which is a must for the Summer. If you don't know any Ukrainians to help and don't speak the language you'r on a hiding to nothing. But you can hire an interpreter of course. Best of luck Hope that helps..!
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prchrist replied to the thread Banking Information on the Ukraine forum:
mharris111 initially posted:
Hi Expat Exchange. I have a few questions regarding currency exchange and transfers within Ukraine. 1) Is it possible to transfer money from a foreign currency account (USD) to another foreign currency account (USD) within Ukraine. I had read that all bank transactions must be done in the national currency UAH. 2) What is the best way to exchange money while in Ukraine (banks, moneychangers, Western Union)? Thanks
prchrist replied on January 13, 2015 with:
There are many private currency exchange kiosks on the street in any city in Ukraine. Just show them your passport and give them USD or Euros and they will give you grivnas. The rate is slightly better and the process is less complicated than dealing with the banks.
donluigi replied on January 12, 2015 with:
I just use my debit card at any banko mat to withdraw UAH. It couldn't be more simple.
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Ukraine Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
hsvgto replied to the thread property Ownership on the Ukraine forum:
moberto initially posted:
Hello, I have been told that owning a property in Ukraine for five years entitles the person for citizenship. Anyone know if this s any right? Thanks
hsvgto replied most recently with:
hello, when you said 100000k to qualify for permanent residence do you mean immediately or just a temporary resident permit? Also can that 100000k just be deposited into a bank account in my name or do I have to buy some business or property?? thank you!
Penwriter replied most recently with:
Hi. No it is not right. For getting residence you can invest 100 000 USD, get a job, get married. There are other ways but they are rather specific.
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hsvgto replied to the thread Moving To Ukraine - Psychologist on the Ukraine forum:
didimardiansyah initially posted:
halo Im a psychologist. and im planning to move to ukraine. as a psychologist, do i have a big chance to get permanent residence in ukraine?
hsvgto replied most recently with:
greetings, is it myth or reality that a person can invest 100k in Ukraine and then qualify for permanent residency? furthermore, do banks consider a temporary residence permit as interchangeable with a permanent residency certificate?? many thanks
caissa replied most recently with:
Spend a couple of months there first. You may not wish to live there!
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prchrist replied to the thread Gift Ideas for Ukranian University Student on the Ukraine forum:
CynKing initially posted:
Hello - for an international Secret Santa, I have been assigned a 21 year old female student in Kyiv studying IT. Her bio doesnt give me a lot to go on, so I am hoping for suggestions (small items) I've put together some makeup, candy and jewelry, but I don;t know if that would be appropriate.
prchrist replied most recently with:
You have covered the basics. All of that girly stuff would be appreciated. If you know her size, send her some underwear. (Women's underwear in Ukraine is outrageously expensive!). Also some thermal underwear for women and some Isotoner (one size fits all) gloves. Now all you have to worry about is the package getting to her before some corrupt postal employee appropriates it for his girlfriend. Good Luck!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Grant Short was in Kiev, Ukraine recently and captured these unbelievable photos of Independence Square. (Continue)
MichaelTryn replied most recently with:
Thank you for the photos. If people DO NOT want to be part of Kiev ruled Ukraine, "they should be let to go their own way!" There are MILLIONS of Americans that DO NOT want to be part of the U.S.!" Texas in one state, and California want to break apart.Do any of you think THEY will be permitted? No Way! This IS NOT democracy! If you lived here as the Polish or Liths. have , you would see it is no better, the rich rule pretty much.
arturowan replied recently with:
Ukraine is always an EXPERIENCE - more so now than ever, but there ws always some street protest happening, when I was there...
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