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property in UruguayGorgeous beach front apartments all with ocean views. Modern building with very convenient retail stores on site. This is seriously the stuff dreams are made of, unbelieveably gorgeous.
CharLyons replied to the thread Renting in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
CanadianReid initially posted:
Hi there, We are a Canadian couple looking to move to Uruguay in November of this year and are wondering if anyone can help us find an apartment to rent? Where should we be looking because we are not finding many sites online? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day, The Canadian Reids
CharLyons replied on July 28, 2014 with:
I know of a newer apartment building in Piraopolis that has several apartments for rent. The building is right on the beach. The prices are much cheaper than in Punta Del Este. They will do a year round lease and they speak english. The apartment building is newer and gorgeous, right on the beach. Send me your email address and friend me here. I will send you a picture of building gorgeous... Peace and Blessings, -Char.
CanadianReid replied on July 18, 2014 with:
Thank you all so much for the information. We will be sure to look for an apartment that has appliances :-). We are getting very excited about our move. Take care
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CharLyons replied to the thread Renting problem on the Uruguay forum on July 28, 2014:
Maetrik initially posted:
Hi, in uruguay staying at a hostel. I'm looking to buy a place, but in the meantime would like to rent a place. The only problem is that he real estate agent needs a guarantor and won't accept a security deposit this is hard since I don't have friends or family that can help. Does anyone know any good agents and sub let house for rent Any help is greatly appreciated
CharLyons replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Greetings Maetrik, Listen renting an apartment is not going to be an easy task, here in UY. I have been trying to find a place since I got here 3 almost 4wks ago. One major problem is owners only want to have renters in the summer. I'm like, why do you have a for rent sign in the window? If you don't plan on renting now. Why would you want your apt. to sit vacant, if I want to rent the property? Then if you can get them to rent property they want a grantor and 3months rent as for a security deposit. This deposit doesn't have to be paided back either. I'm like ooh crap they forgot to mention this on Expact. So I am taking the liberty now. Don't say you were not warned. Peace and Blessing.
Morell replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Exactly. I don't think foreigners without residency can expect to get anything special here. I am just saying this is what is the norm here.
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Pancho replied to the thread So many questions on Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
Spades initially posted:
Hello, am 20 years old and seriously thinking of moving to Uruguay from the U.S in the next few years to start over my life. i have many things i would like to know. 1. How much would money ideal for me to start over, am thinking 3000 U.S dollars or do i need more? right now i have 0 dollars in my bank account 2. Is it ok to come in with a tourist visa and one way ticket, or two way ticket? 3. Jobs.... even if i do come with a tourist visa how can i get a job? 4. Apartments.... read you need to make deposits for the apartment. Am looking for very small apartment for myself, nothing luxurious. How much will it cost? 5. Any information in regards to residency and citizenship. Such as going in with tourist visa and changing status and the cost of it. 6. Any other info i missed that i need My apologize if this any has been answered already. Thanks for your help. P.S i don't Spanish but i plan to learn
Pancho replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Hi, both pstings of morell and AmericanoinUr have things correct and things which are not. Yopu can start working with your tourist visa right upon your arrival. This visa can be extended once for three more months.It is expected that ion the meantime you apply for residency. You will be taxed as all other people in Uruguay with the only diference that until you do not have your cédula (local ID), you are not covered by the local health insurance as local workers and all SS discounts will not be credited on your name. My Son works at a callcenter in Zonamerica and earns about USD 800 a month. This would not be enough to live on his own and alone. Sharing an apartment could be a possibility for him. Nevefrtheless it would be a big change for him to do so, as he would have to resign a number of amenities with that income. Electricity, phone and internet in Uruguay is not cheap. If you thought about a car forget it, they are very expensive and petrol comparing to US too. Pancho
alanwood replied on July 25, 2014 with:
Hi ! If you talk to people where you are now and find contacts who want to earn money and can deal with your local government, we have tyre and plastic recycling plants that extract oil from used tyres and plastic We need to make people aware of them, and when they are they invest in them They have been in India very successfully for 2 years and now the world is waiting..We don spend millions on a marketing campaign but instead give it to people like you who make a bit of effort to find the right contacts with a businessman or local government. You will recieve a mínimum 20,000 dollars for each plant sold. This is not a gimmick. Please email me for more information. alansand1@gmail.com
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AmericanoInUR replied to the thread 10 Days in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
DONSCHALL1 initially posted:
I am making my first visit to Uruguay, arriving by "ferry" from Argentina on Sept. 18th. I want to explore how expats live there, the opportunities to extend my California architectural practice; but most of all to get a good sample of the flavor of the country. What itinerary might you suggest for my exploration?
AmericanoInUR replied on July 24, 2014 with:
The previous poster provided good information. There are many places here in Montevideo worth checking out. It really depends what you are in to. I have been living in centro, montevideo for about a year now. I have visited all over the country, so if you have any further questions or need any information please feel free to ask. Ask me on here, or send me a private message if you like!
Morell replied on July 18, 2014 with:
Since no one has replied i will give my limited view on your question. Colonia and surrounding small towns are worth seeing then on to Montevideo. I wouldn't live there but I don't like any city. Then head towards Atlantida and see the small towns all the way to Piriapolis and then Punta del Este. Most are quite small and very quiet this time of year as most are summer vacation spots with few year round residents. The bigger ones are Salinas, Atlantida and Parque del Plata. You can continue along the coast to La Paloma and Rocha which will be almost deserted this time of year or head inland to some of the bigger towns like Durazno and Tacuarembo although you will not find many expats up there and from my visits are just working towns with no special attractions for tourists. Most folk live in Mvd so I would expect most opportunities would be there.
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Marina63 replied to the thread real estate dealer / agent on the Uruguay forum:
serhat initially posted:
Hi Everybody, Can anyone recommend me real estate dealer(s) located in the south/sothwest region of Uruguay between Colonia and Montevideo. Mainly close to coastal area... I wish to contact any agent / private person face to face in August. and visit some suburban / close to city opportunities, see and get the cost of them to understand level of estates. Thanks, Serhat
Marina63 replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Hi we are agents located in Punta del este, please feel free to contact us at michael@focusproperties.com.uy or call us at (598)97540983 We gladly help you finding good opportunities .
Morell replied on July 17, 2014 with:
I don't know anyone out that way but to get a bit of a feel for prices etc. you can search for inmobiliaria Colonia Uruguay and you will find some listings. The companies that do list online tend to have more upscale properties, are more likely to speak English and more likely to have had overseas buyers before. Some may even answer an email! Depending on your timeframe, you may be able to line up some appointments before arriving as things can move slowly here. When we were looking, many realtors only had a very small list of properties and it took several days to line up a visit to them as owners here do not leave the house if they live in it and are usually the ones to show you around. If it is empty or rented then more time is needed to organize a visit. Once you get here then you can visit the smaller realtors who do not have a website and see what they can show you. Many properties are listed by several realtors at once with different prices and some are not really for sale, the owner just wants to find out the market value. Others are tied up with inheritance issues, BPS payments, the plans are not regularized or some other problem. Be sure to have your own escribano different to the sellers to check into things. Closing costs are about 10% of the selling price to the buyer.
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BetoSecundo replied to the thread Black Man And Family Looking To Move From USA To Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
tmpauling initially posted:
I am looking to expatriate to Uruguay sometime in the future. I would like to understand the culture down there with regards to how blacks are treated. What are the best cities with a larger population of black people? Also, is racism a problem down there? I would really like to hear from black people or intelligent non blacks. Also, I would like to know what is your opinion overall of Uruguay culture? What would you consider to be the good and the bad? How easy and expensive was it to become a dual citizen? All respectful comments will be appreciated. Thanks
BetoSecundo replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Identifying yourself by your race itself signifies racism. Asking about the possibilities of a Black man having sex with a White woman is less than appropriate. You'd be better off going to Brazil where you will fit in, as you'll physically blend in.
freddh replied on July 24, 2013 with:
Thanks for your very insightful post. It will not deter this family from continuing with our plans to move to Uruguay.
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novalin replied to the thread Job opportunities in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
novalin initially posted:
Hi - I am considering a move to Uruguay, but am not sure if job opportunities exist that fit my skill set and experience. I have worked in technology (video games and websites) for a little over 10 years as a game designer and producer (project manager). My preference is being in or near Montevideo. Also, I should mention my Spanish is rather limited (and it's been a long time) however I plan to learn again prior to my departure and while abroad. Thanks in advance.
novalin replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Thank you for the information thus far and the link. There is a chance my company would approve a remote work situation for me, though maybe only short term, which would be OK as well.
Morell replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Could you work from where you are now online? This is the job section of the main newspaper here. http://trabajo.gallito.com.uy/
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pjantares replied to the thread Anybody looking for a roommate?! on the Uruguay forum:
DuyVuitton initially posted:
Hi, I have plans to come down to Uruguay in Mid-November. I will be staying in MVD for the first week and will spend the first week looking for an apartment to rent in the area. I thought I would check here to see if there's anybody in need of a roommate to share expenses with to alleviate costs. One of my first priorities would be to activate my cellphone also. I have an unlocked iPhone 5, can I assume that it will work upon replacing the sim card w/ something local there? Also, would I have any issues obtaining service from say an Antel even though I haven't started the residency paperwork process yet? Thanks in advance, Duy (Dewey) Vu
pjantares replied most recently with:
It's more because of poor pay and few have any technical background. They cannot fix what they don't understand nor inclined to find solutions. Get your prepaid, check that it works as promised before you leave the office.
DuyVuitton replied most recently with:
Thank you for your wonderful insight pjantares. Sounds kind of similar to what goes on here in the states (people getting ripped off by the big companies). I will probably go the pre-paid route as you guys have suggested.
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DONSCHALL1 replied to the thread Any Information Please on the Uruguay forum:
ccinus initially posted:
Hi Im thinking about moving to Uruguay. Any Information that can help will be appreciated....
DONSCHALL1 replied most recently with:
Good Advice! Will do..
Morell replied most recently with:
You need to be more specific about what you need to know. There is a lot of info online if you search, it does not need to be repeated over and over again. When you have actual questions someone may be able to help.
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