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Morell replied to the thread Opening a bank account in Colonia on the Uruguay forum on September 02, 2014:
JerryinBA initially posted:
I will be in Colonia, later this month.In order to open an account with BROU, should I make an appointment so that I will be able to speak with an English speaking representative The amount of money will be fairly large and I believe that I have all the required documentation.
Morell replied 6 hours ago with:
I read that Argentina is using money sniffing dogs to prevent money leaving above the allowable level. We recently had to provide information on all our assets ( deed to the house and current value, sales agreement for our car etc.) in Uruguay and needed an escribano to go with us to verify them. They told us if we did not then our account at BROU would be "restricted" whatever that means. We are not from the US and have had an account for a couple of years. I have heard other banks are slightly more casual than BROU so you might try a different bank if it does not go well at BROU. When we were here as visitors, I tried to get money from two different credit cards at BROU at the same time and the woman who was serving me got quite upset and refused. I have also been told to come back with an Spanish speaker if I want service. Each branch though is different and you may have better luck than I do.
focus replied 11 hours ago with:
Hi Jerry, I suspect you will probably have take a number like everyone else and wait your turn. I suspect also there will be someone there who speaks English but you never know. If I can be of any help just ask.
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Morell replied to the thread Upcoming trip to Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on August 31, 2014:
claysproles initially posted:
I have been visiting several countries over the last few years to re-locate. We have read as much as possible on Uruguay and most of what I have learned sounds great. Now it’s time to visit and we have planned a trip and will be arriving October 15th. We want to visit several of the coastal cities and get a feel for the culture and the everyday life. We are interested in meeting any couples that may want to meet and share their experience moving to Uruguay. We are currently located in Bristol TN. I’m an Insurance claims Adjuster and my wife is an RN. We are around 50 (one below and one just above) so we are not big-time partiers but we do like to share a meal, bottle of wine and good conversations. We also would be interested in any Expat meetings around this time. I would also like to ask for some input on recommended cities to take a serious look at. I will be able to continue work as long as I have a good internet connection. So this is high on the necessary list. Preference would be a coastal city, We would like to purchase a home with a fair sized yard, (gardening hobby ) up to 200-300 US$ One place we have considered looking at is Piriapolis. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We value any and all input because on this visit our time is limited to two weeks. Thank you in advance for your valuable input. Claysproles@gmail,.com
Morell replied on August 31, 2014 with:
There are several English speakers meetings but they may not all coincide with your visit. The one in Atlantida is the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 1300 at Indigo restaurant which is close to the Asociacion Espanola clinic along the beach road Rambla in Atlantida. I think the Piriapolis one is still going but I do not know when they meet and there is one in Punta del Este, I think on a Monday but I am not sure when exactly. There are several in Montevideo as well. Two on Sundays and another during the week. I can give you that info if you are interested. We looked at Piriapolis as well but did not find a house we liked there. A great realtor in that area is Van Bevern. They are very professional and speak English and have a good website. We bought in Atlantida which is smaller than Piriapolis but closer to Montevideo. All the towns ( I would not call any of them cities! ) along the coast are very quiet except from about mid December to the end of February. A few are a little more lively on weekends when folk from Montevideo go to their summer homes for the weekend. As long a you are close to town you should have a reasonable connection for internet. I have friends who bought a farm after being assured they could hook up but now they want to move in, it seems there is no internet there after all!
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JoeSteele replied to the thread Looking for Santiago Vera on the Uruguay forum on August 29, 2014:
JoeSteele initially posted:
Hi, I'm Joe I'm new to the forum. I'm Canadian and currently living in Buenos Aires. Has it been as warm in Uruguay as it's been down here in the last week?!? I'm looking for Santiago Vera Sanudo. Santiago Vera is currently in Punta del Este. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact me. Thanks, Joe
JoeSteele replied on August 29, 2014 with:
I hear he's spending most of his time in the Casino trying his hand at poker.
JerryinBA replied on August 28, 2014 with:
I heard that he's going to be staying at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires. He can'r stay there for too many days, as his budget is US$1,000.
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panamajames replied to the thread Visiting Montevideo in December on the Uruguay forum on August 26, 2014:
panamajames initially posted:
I was wondering if anyone had a 2 bedroom house, or two apartments to rent for the month of December for 2 senior expat couples. You can e-mail me at panamajames@gmail.com Thanks.........
panamajames replied on August 26, 2014 with:
Thank you so much Morell, greatly appreciated. I will get in touch with all of these folks. Jim in Panama
Morell replied on August 26, 2014 with:
You could try posting a request through marita2727@gmail.com she has a newsletter that goes out to quite a few folk. Also the Uruguay expat real estate group https://www.facebook.com/groups/300528380110926/ Another option is through http://www.buscandocasa.com/
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Marina63 replied to the thread Considering relocation on the Uruguay forum:
TampaToo initially posted:
My wife and I are in our early 40's and are disgusted with the "American lifestyle". We have been looking for places to immigrate and Uruguay is on the top of our list. We are not people who are looking to retire cheaply and live the American lifestyle in a South American country. We do not have a considerable amount of savings and we want to get jobs and immerse ourselves into the culture. We are both teachers. I have a master's in science education. My wife has her master's degree in special education, but is also certified in mathematics. We are currently working on learning Spanish. I am told that we could teach English. Does anyone know anything about teaching in Uruguay? We have absolutely no interest in teaching in the Uruguay-American School. I read contrasting opinions on the cost of living. Some say that it is inexpensive, others say that it is very expensive. We are interested in a modest lifestyle in Montevideo. Would a teaching job be able to afford a modest lifestyle? We would assume a small apartment or condo. I think our biggest expense would be the actual move. I would assume that we would sell almost everything except very personal items...or is it more cost effective to ship your furnishings? Lastly, I am very unfamiliar with housing/apartment regulations. We have 2 Umbrella Cockatoos that we love and would not consider leaving. They are part of our family and with their life span, they should be with us for the rest of our lives. Are there pet restrictions, etc. like there are in the U.S. or is it more relaxed? I have read that in other countries there tends to be less guidelines and regulations like there is in the U.S. Thank you for your time and I hope that someone can answer these and other questions that I have!
Marina63 replied on August 25, 2014 with:
Hello, i agree with the previous comments, i have to add that even though many things are as expensive as in the USA, property taxes are much cheaper here, and the MOST important thing is the freedom we expereince in Uruguay and quality of life.. I am a real estate agent, if you need my services please contact me, i will be happy to assist you. (598)97540983
Pancho replied on August 11, 2014 with:
Uruguay is much more expensive than US in almost any sense. In you case you should try the Uruguay American School for jobs at first place as you will have less problems with the programs they use. For other schools you won't need much kinowledge but language as the follow local study programs in Spanish. As far as the Cockatoos concern, first you will need an export permition and then you will need somebody in Uruguay to get with that export permition an import permition with all health checks done. With this both permitions, you will be able to buy the ticket for the birds. But you should have already a place where you stay, as at the airport people from animal health will be expecting you to check the birds and all papers. For birds there is a mandatory quarantine of 60 or 90 days (I don't remember any more), but having already an address established you could have the birds on your own with that quarantine at that address. I know Germans who brought two Cockatoos years ago and had already rented a house in San José. I would not recommend to bring them withouit having your own place for the quarantine. I don't trust the cares of the Uruguayan State.
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Morell replied to the thread Barbering In Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on August 20, 2014:
Paulette7 initially posted:
I am a barber with 35 years experience. I presently own a barber shop in Washington State. What are my chances of finding work in or around Salto? Montevideo? I would prefer to live in Salto, but I am flexible. I would like to relocate from the USA within the next year. Thank you.
Morell replied on August 20, 2014 with:
The newspaper El Pais ( Uruguay) has adverts in the Gallito section. Many will ask for under 30 years of age. It can be very difficult to find work here if you are over about 45 years of age. I hope you are fluent in Spanish or your chances are low to none. Try a search for peluquera.
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Morell replied to the thread Construction in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
Oregonphotoman initially posted:
Hello, My family will be moving to rural Uruguay next summer. We are a family of contractors, so we do know the business, however in a foreign country, we need all the help we can get. We plan on purchasing a farm house on a large amount of acreage. Here are our questions. 1. Are there hardware stores in the cities in Uruguay? 2. How does one get large amounts of large material? ie; lumber, concrete, metal, electrical, plumbing, etc. 3. If living in a rural farm area, can one renovate and remodel as needed without permits etc? Thank you for your help!
Morell replied on August 19, 2014 with:
I am curious why you would do this here. Are you connected to some organization as my understanding is that Uruguay invests heavily in R & D through the INIA with a lot of funding by the government. There is also a lot of research done by the University meaning there is minimal for profit research. Just curious!
carlitos replied on August 19, 2014 with:
I have had very bad experience hiring people to work on my projects, maybe because I am not rich so I always advise people to try to do their project on their own. Here are some links for the modular houses you asked for, those are just some that I found on google, there might be more. Everything here is expensive, only cheese and few other products are not that expensive. http://www.igabensa.com/ http://www.todoaca.com.uy/montevideo/casas/Casas_prefabricadas_en_Isopanel_67448.htm http://canelones.quebarato.com.uy/canelones/casas-prefabricadas-en-isopanel-obra-en-seco__7A2374.html http://www.cabanaselpinar.com.uy/historia.html http://www.casasprefabricadasuruguay.com/
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Morell replied to the thread Trump Tower in Puntas del Esta on the Uruguay forum:
JoeyThompson initially posted:
Just wondering about the progress of the new Trump Tower in Punta. Where in the process are they? Just beginning? Nearly complete? Finished or what? Boots on the ground report please......
Morell replied most recently with:
In the newspaper El Pais it said it is expected to be finished in 2017. With the downturn in both Brazil and Argentina there are many buildings that look as though no one is doing anything to them. At least that is what I saw last time i was there.
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Pancho replied to the thread Portuguese moving to montevideo on the Uruguay forum:
Mar93 initially posted:
Hello, i really need some help. So i'm still studying in college, 2nd year. And i'm considering to move to Montevideo and finishing my studys there. So i want to know how much i need for me per month, food, car, house, etc, and what colleges are better in Montevideo.. It is easy to find a job while i'm studying? Thanks
Pancho replied most recently with:
If you pretend tolive alone on your own and have a cae,your budget must be estimated at a minimum of $ 1500 a month. The best jobs for foreigners ar at the call centers in Zonamerica, where you could get around $ 800 or more a month, but if you pretend to gotowork by car, you must raise that budget as you will be driving about 60 kms a day only to go to work and gas is not cheap (almost $2 a liter).
Morell replied most recently with:
I would first check you will be accepted somewhere. I know many classes are seriously oversubscribed with students sitting outside on the floor trying to hear the class and often not enough seats for even those who do manage to squeeze into the room. I imaging the school year is different too.
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Pancho replied to the thread electronics import tax on the Uruguay forum:
kellsv initially posted:
Is it correct that there is a tax of 60% on electronics that I would import? I have been researching Uruguay and never saw this anywhere, but recently I have seen it a couple times. Is this true? All over the country? Something new? Thanks for any help. There is so little available online about this.
Pancho replied most recently with:
The taxation depends on the article. To be sure, the best thing is to ask a Customs Broker (despachante de aduanas) who will be able to give exact numbers, including his fees.
pjantares replied most recently with:
Have not looked at computers there but can look soon as I need a new TV and see if dual voltage. I did buy a hot-water-on-demand there and it was made in Brazil but was 220V. Not dual. So I think one just has to check the box and see. Of course, one can bring converters like LitzFuze if bringing electricals. But they don't help with the Hz. So digital alarm clocks are worthless here if 60 hz. Anything in particular you might be looking for? I can look and see.
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