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Stewmanfu replied to the thread Christians in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on July 05, 2015:
Hilkiah40 initially posted:
Hi, My name is Paul and I am still living in the US. I am very interested in talking (email) with Christian Expats in Uruguay that are not Catholic. I would like to know about life in Uruguay including times of worshipping together. If you would not mind sharing a little of your time, I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at Hilkiah40@gmail.com
Stewmanfu replied 3 hours ago with:
I find it interesting that someone gave a thumbs down to this. I would encourage you to Google search for either missionaries to Uruguay or something like that. I know of several organizations that are serving the people there. My wife and I are hoping to visit Uruguay to see about potentially moving there.
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mjferriesmcgrew replied to the thread Sushi in Montevideo on the Uruguay forum on July 04, 2015:
konichiwa initially posted:
Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself my name is Alex from New Jersey been living here off and on for about 8 years. I would like to let everyone know about my friends Sushi house - Asian cuisine restaurant located on Placido Ellauri 3369. If you like the more traditional sushi like back home than this is the place to go, small and cozy with great atmosphere. Tuesday nights is open bar sushi all you can eat so bring your friends and make it an expat night. You can take a look at the menu by visiting the website konichi-wa.com or if you have any questions call 26233403. Thanks and hope to see some expats there.
mjferriesmcgrew replied on July 04, 2015 with:
i just found out yesterday that there is family who makes and sells tofu. Its a shop across from the main bus terminal, on Goes St. They only make it on mondays wednesdays and fridays. it costs 60 pesos for a huge wedge. And its good stuff. i rode the bus all the way in from minas for it, and it wasy worth the ride, as they say! They have some awesome fu dogs and hanging lamp shades and decor items, too. - marta
Sibylleito replied on July 04, 2015 with:
How wonderful to see that there is more and more Japanese food or Sushi in Montevideo! Definitely a big Konichi wa and Yoroshiku from the pequeñITO team (http://pequenitouruguay.com/)! Although Kazuo is Japanese trained Sushi Master, we are focusing for the moment more on Washoku (traditional Japanese food with respect to health and nature) and offer catering services, PICK UP days option and since this week as well EAT IN for the typical Japanese soul food Nabe. For sure we are happy to see this trend for more authentic Japanese taste to Uruguay. Ganbarimashou (let's work together for the same goal) and arigatou for the post. The pequeñITO team :)
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wengin replied to the thread Home site(s) in the hill country on the Uruguay forum on July 04, 2015:
gbowwii initially posted:
Have you heard about this 233-acre property above Minas, called Sierra Lorencita? For the price of an average home in many parts of the western world, you can have a lot of land that seems to be in a "sweet spot". Roughly in the geographic center between Montevideo, Punta del Este, the Atlantic beaches and the middle of nowhere. The other things that make it unique are its hill country multi-million-dollar views and springs/streams of pure water that has never run dry. Hydro from waterfalls plus wind and solar could supplement UTE. Big enough that one could subdivide and still have pasture land. I am not a real estate guy but was impressed enough to pass this on. http://sierralorencita.com/
wengin replied on July 04, 2015 with:
Uruguay has more gays than I have ever imagined... For such a small country it's amazing how many there are. Heterosexuals are having a hard time finding company ...amazing... Uruguay as any other part of the world have conservative people and a lot very open minded. That shouldn't be the reason to opt out for something you would like to do. Nobody will intrude in your life I think. And everybody is entitle to opinions, everybody has one right???? In the country side, I agree there are a lot more conservatives than in the cities but again that wouldn't make any difference to me if I decide to move there. On the other hand, all of these trend started out for a suggestion of a beautiful peace of land isolated in the hills of Lavalleja, wonderful place for a community, compound or whatever....
carlitos replied on July 01, 2015 with:
mjferriesmcgrew loved your message. thanks a lot.
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proger1989 replied to the thread producing hemp oil in Uruguay? on the Uruguay forum on July 04, 2015:
proger1989 initially posted:
interesting for me to know if its legal in Uruguay to have an hemp oil business. i know to policy about that is changing from country to country.
proger1989 replied on July 04, 2015 with:
fine, thank u
Morell replied on July 04, 2015 with:
I think you would have to ask them. This is from someone who farms here written in 2011. "The growing of hemp was legalised here a short while ago but as far as I know, its just grown as a green fertilizer precursor crop for potatoes thus far. We lack the necessary processing industries for extracting fibres or for handling the white pith for absorbent horse bedding and the manufacture of high quality paper but this may change over time." I imagine the oil industry is in the same position.
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Morell posted 2014 - 2015 cruise season on the Uruguay forum on July 04, 2015:
Info from the Tourism Office here. Number of ships stopping in Mvd and Punta del Este was down 27%. Most of the visitors were from Brazil and Argentin. Cruise visitors valued Uruguayans' cordiality, the architecture and monuments of Montevideo, the meat market, the open spaces, beaches and the sea side promenade, plus safety and easy going attitude of locals. On the negative side, high prices, closed stores, lack of hygiene and money exchange rates. Likewise in Punta del Este, the positive aspects were the people, beaches, cleanliness, safety, natural environment and gastronomy. However on the bad side, poor services, lack of easy access, traffic issues, few or no stores next to the landing point and as in Montevideo the money exchange rate.
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Placestogo6 posted 4th july, our hymn like u have never hear it before on the Uruguay forum on July 03, 2015:
http://www.stage2omega.com/the-united-states-civil-flag-of-peacetime/?utm_source=Stage2Omega+Daily+Digest+Newsletter&utm_campaign=dffcfd132f-Stage2Omega_Nightly_Digest_Newsletter1_11_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65449d26fb-dffcfd132f-219618001 Very nice story about our flag: http://www.stage2omega.com/star-spangled-banner-as-youve-never-heard-it/?utm_source=Stage2Omega+Daily+Digest+Newsletter&utm_campaign=42860495ad-Stage2Omega_Daily_Digest_Newsletter1_11_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65449d26fb-42860495ad-219618001
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azureroo replied to the thread home nursing care on the Uruguay forum on July 03, 2015:
azureroo initially posted:
Hi, has any expat in Uruguay had dealings with home nursing/assistance for elderly relatives? I am trying to assist a friend with some home help or respite time while they are in he country, but have come up blank on an internet search for an agency who might do this. Any leads, or personal recommendations would greatly assist. Thanks
azureroo replied on July 03, 2015 with:
yes, that sort of information would be useful for me also, any ideas on websites or agencies?
kimbo47 replied on July 02, 2015 with:
If the persons does not need medical care just help with daily living activities you may try hiring a companion or even a maid locally.
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kimbo47 replied to the thread 40 foot container shipments - charged for extra weight? on the Uruguay forum on June 30, 2015:
Wanderlustspirit initially posted:
Wondering if anyone paid any additional fees for "extra weight" as determined from their shipping company? We had a company pack us & move us, door-to-door, & they insinuated that the extra fees were coming from the Uruguay movers. Well this turned out to not be the case, the extra fees were charged by them. They did pack us so I have no idea if this was part of the extra fees (I.e. More people for a longer period of time & more packing supplies). I'd appreciate hearing other people's experiences. I have never done an international move before so not sure that this isn't a way to insert additional profit at our expense.
kimbo47 replied on June 29, 2015 with:
Wander, glad to see you seem to have things under control. As you say make sure you check your papers and have a good receiving agent. Good Luck and keep us informed on your experience in the receiving end.
Wanderlustspirit replied on June 29, 2015 with:
Kimbo - I did my HW & still am in a nightmarish move with Rainier. Luckily I have good attention to detail & have caught them engaged in a few efforts to rip us off while we are distracted with relocation. 1) I caught a "miscalculation" error on the weight which was resulting in $1500 more in weight charges (subtract the pre-load & post-load weights). Very dirty & the idiots tried to convince me it was in my favor...uh no! 2) when I went to buy insurance, they kept putting down the wrong weight for my shipment. This can hurt you I believe because there is often a maximum value based on weight for the insurance liability 3) the original quote said THC was included in the fee but later contradicted this & said it was not included. My mover suggested we split the cost but since it was specifically called out as being covered, I am having a lawyer review it. Read as much as you can & realize there are some shifty & unethical people in the moving industry that your lack of experience & general outlook towards others can easily be taken advantage of. My container went out of Savannah & was not bothered by customs. I plan to make sure all documents are In order with the local mover before our container arrives. I also will have my lawyer send the moving company a letter to put them on notice that my patience with their "let's cheat the person who has never done an international move" has expired. Choose the local movers you want, not necessarily the ones that the international shipping company has a relationship with.
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property in UruguayNice modern very well built house in Playa Verde, Piriapolis. 2 Bed 2 Bath, swimming pool, sauna etc.
carlitos replied to the thread Rise in prices on the Uruguay forum on June 28, 2015:
Morell initially posted:
The VAT is being re applied to pork, chicken, lamb and rabbit. For the last 7 years the tax had not been applied to these products. Consumers can expect to pay 10% more from July.
carlitos replied on June 28, 2015 with:
Good info. afj21. thanks
afj21 replied on June 28, 2015 with:
Carlitos... good questions. In the Southern U.S. wild pigs are a scourge causing $Millions of dollars in crop damage. It is not as common for people to shoot them for food, but to exterminate them using various means. Large traps, snares, lures and things like that. Here in Uruguay, things are a little different. From what my good friend Claudio tells me, you get a Peon with 3 Dogo Argentinos and you literally hunt them down. Once the Dogos have neutralized the wild pig, you simply walk up to it and stick a knife in it's heart. If you do not have 3 Dogos and the knowledge of the land, I would recommend purchasing a 25-06 rifle, lure them with bate and shoot them. FYI, the maximum caliber rifle you can own in this country (unless you are a licensed collector) is a 6.5 X 55mm.
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