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Wanderlustspirit posted Coming to Uruguay! Like in 3 days.... on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
Just booked ticket to arrive Thurs. Am in Uruguay. Surreal but wanting to start process of finding house. Also thinking of buying an apartment in Montevideo to rent out to meet income requirements. Thoughts on this? Okay, so in town thru next Tues. Going to be busy looking at properties but would LOVE to meet some of you while in town. 1) looking at getting a rental car but so far only seeing manual transmissions. Yikes! Hubby is not coming due to expense (& work) so would prefer automatic. Does anyone know of a rental company that rents automatic transmission cars? 2) read somewhere on one of this group's blogs that the one bank that works with U.S. Citizens will not allow tourists to set up accounts. Is that correct? 3) besides checking out the schools & properties, is there anything else I should do while there to facilitate things for my family's arrival? 4) staying at Hotel Urban Express on Andes Street in Montevideo. Is this a safe area? Planning to have a money belt as opposed to purse but don't usually run around another continent without my husband. Hotel was included for free in package so if i do not use, would not be a huge deal. 5) my phone is global ready so Verizon said I can get 100 min. Outgoing calls, 100 outgoing texts,, unlimited incoming calls, & 100 MB of data for $ 40 U.S. Is that a better deal than getting a chip? 6) what else am I forgetting? 7) going to call medical company tomorrow as I expect I will need to get travel insurance. 8) the de-insectization spraying thing on the plane is strange but understandable. Has this bothered any of you? 9) what items Will I need (planning to bring bank reference letters, wire transfer details) to bring for purchase of property.? 10) going to look for Spanish translator app & bring book to help. Any suggestions? Hope we can meet up in Montevideo (appt. location plan) or Punta del Este (possible house location) while I am in town. Can PM my cell if you want to meet up. :) Heather
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todayisagreatday replied to the thread Can any locals give me some travel advice? on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
todayisagreatday initially posted:
Hi, I am really sorry to post in this forum, and apologise in advance if this is not appropriate, but I'm hoping some locals can help me planning a short visit to Uruguay. I tried forums like Lonely Planet but didn't get any response. I am really struggling on what is the best way and making the most of our limited time in South America. We are flying into Buenos Aires arriving early AM and out of Rio late PM. We have 12 nights/13 days. We know we want 4 nights in Rio and want to see Iguassu too. Uruguay is high on our list and it is likely we will return to Buenos Aires and Chile next year for some hiking in Patagonia but for now its about trying to work out splitting up the limited time we have. We have frequent flyer miles with TAM and GOL so are happy to fly in between places if this is better use of our time but to get from Uruguay to Iguassu it seems we have to backtrack back to BA if I have got this right or from BA to Paraguay and then go to Iguassu from there. We used Cruz del Sur buses in Peru and are happy to use the equivalent if this helps us achieve more time wise. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of transportation options to see Uruguay and particular Colonia and if this is possible with the time we have. We have UK passports so don't need visas which is one less thing to worry about. Any suggestions or advice would be really welcome. Thanks in advance. Rachel
todayisagreatday replied 4 hours ago with:
Ah, I've found Colonia Express - cheapest for us at 89ARS from Colonia to MVD we'll just have to get a later flight time from AEP to IGR. Any ideas how long the ferry takes? Looks like it will have to be a flight with Aerolineas Argentinas ;-0
todayisagreatday replied 4 hours ago with:
Ooh, 4:30am that doesn't sound good, for some reason I thought Colonia was closer to Buenos Aires than MVD? Is this right, we are better going from Colonia to BA, or MVD to BA? Yes, I may need to look at alternative flights given that none of the LAN ones work particularly well! Are them our only options (Burquebus) - I can't understand the Colonia Express or Seacat neither does it have arrival times!
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afj21 replied to the thread Hello Fellow Expats! on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
afj21 initially posted:
I'm new to Uruguay and wanted to say hello to all my fellow expats! -Arthur
afj21 replied 10 hours ago with:
You can't miss me... I'm a pretty big guy. I also run on the Rambla occasionally.
edykizaki replied 12 hours ago with:
hi Arthur! We're in Pocitos, see you around soon I hope!
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Morell replied to the thread Needing info. Overwhelmed Stage. :( on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
Wanderlustspirit initially posted:
Working on identifying what we would be taking. Saw that many people shipped their items in a 40 foot cube shipping container. 1) what shipping company did you use from u.s.? 2) how did you get valuables out of U.S. to Uruguay? $2500 limit on gold/silver coins b/c considered commodity. Did anyone use Brinks or Vat (something)? 3) people advised taking kitchen appliances & ceiling fans but wondering if this makes sense since would you not need to get a converter for every U.S. Item to be able to use it? Would this make sense to bring items that are under $ 25 here (I.e. Blender, toaster, hair dryer, coffee maker, etc.)? 4) not thrilled with either printer we have so was going to buy new one before leave. Are all ink cartridge brands available? Any brand more reasonably priced? 5) saw that different types of converters may be needed so do you wait until you get in your new home to buy the exact type of converter needed? Are converters needed for every U.S. electrical item? 6) saw that freeze dried foods not allowed in shipping container. Have freeze dried food. Guess I would need to bring this in suitcase or leave it? 7) how long does it typically take to "close" on a house? 8) did anyone take their home theatre system to UY from U.S. & how did that work for you? 9) is there anything that broke in people's shipping containers that they advise against taking now in retrospect? 10) need to contact shipping container company b/c not clear how that all works? Are you packing it? Or them? Do they do it at your house or does everything need to be "delivered" to them? 11) how did mirrors fare in your shipping containers? All 3 of us have the mirror on a dresser. Do you think glass overlays (we have these to protect tops of furniture) will make trip okay? 12) does anyone still have their list of what needed done & when, leading up to their departure? Trying to move things along so worried I will miss a key detail or step. 13) had asked about transfer from airport to place b/c there are 4 of us & we are likely to have 2 suitcases each so wasn't sure a taxi could fit 8 suitcases. Sorry so many questions. Trying to research everything at once to put plan together. For my fellow Christian expats, please say a prayer for my family & I to get our arms around the process & plan accordingly & a safe & uneventful move..... Bests, Heather
Morell replied 6 hours ago with:
You only need to worry about this if you are actually buying the container which some folk do as they then turn it into a house or out building or don't yet have anywhere to put all their stuff. We just "rented " the container and once it was unloaded at our house it was taken back to the port. Other folk have used Autogiro and they have had good reviews too. I would think it will be whoever your mover in the US have connections with.
Wanderlustspirit replied 9 hours ago with:
Wow! All of you are great to provide so much advice! So incredibly appreciative! Regarding the container & where it is "placed", can I have this placed near my home or is that a "no no"? Going to try to contact uruvan today. Any other moving/shipping companies you can recommend?
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Tarshatha replied to the thread Jade Helm on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
crazyfarmer initially posted:
ok, USians, this is the official Jade Helm thread. At the very least, I think this is the prepositioning of assets. At worst, it won't end until it goes live while they continue to to call it a drill. What do we think about this? Lots of friends going back for a visit now. :-/ http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/04/14/lt-col-caught-in-lies-about-jade-helm-our-worst-fears-confirmed/
Tarshatha replied 13 hours ago with:
Caught On Tape: National Guard Troops Patrol California City, Conduct New Jersey "Homeland Response Drill" http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-18/caught-tape-national-guard-troops-patrol-california-city-conduct-new-jersey-homeland Signs That 'The Elites' Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-16/signs-elites-are-feverishly-preparing-something-big The scariest thing about the above article is the New York Fed moving to Chicago. It reminds me of when Obama said a nuke could go off in NY City. (Can't say they weren't warned) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD9-2_RTtp8 Personally I think it's one big conditioning exercise, for both citizens and military to prepare people for the coming of full out marshal law, or shelter in place as like to refer to it nowadays.
crazyfarmer replied on April 19, 2015 with:
We barely scraped by getting all of us down here. I'm not sure how we could have done it with less money, but I see people trying. Up there where we were, I'd say it was about 90/10, with 10% of the people I met paying attention and 90% oblivious. Down here in the expat community, it's the other way around with varying degrees of awakeness mixed with some crazy. The 10% mostly work for the embassy or the US state department. The locals are almost 100% unaware of what's happening, which is sort of what I would expect. I fully expect a "big event" up there, followed by 1000 questions from the locals I see every day asking what happened and why.
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Morell replied to the thread relocation from central america on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
nic53 initially posted:
What are realistic relocation costs from C.A. and res requirements, min pension income
Morell replied 14 hours ago with:
Yes, I know what you are saying but this is what we were told. "You never actually explain (prove) your income to immigration. You do that for an escribano and then he (she) writes a letter to immigration and signs it taking full responsibility for the content. In the end it is up to the escribano since they take responsibility for the documents they create for immigration ." The escribanos who deal with immigration a lot will know what the current requirements are and can advise you on what will be acceptable. We were given an actual amount she wanted us to show and also told us what kind of incomes were preferable. She verified all the documents we provided and then wrote the letter. It went through without a problem.
Pancho replied 14 hours ago with:
Hi Morell: you don't have to satisfy an escribano. You will have to satisfy Immigrations. The escribano just explains the amount,source and how you get to the money of your income.
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crazyfarmer replied to the thread Looking for advice. :) on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
Wanderlustspirit initially posted:
What an interesting group of people on this blog! I have read many of your postings & wish to thank you for the useful information I have been able to glean, especially from "crazy farmer" and "morrell". I plan to relocate to Uruguay this summer from the U.S. with my husband, 14 year old son & 11 year old daughter & possibly my 9 year old black lab (need to find out from the vet if there will be any concerns with him making the trip). My daughter has 5 years of Spanish immersion experience under her belt (primarily from Colombian teachers) which will help as my husband, son & I will be actively trying to learn the language soon. Any advice answering these questions would be greatly appreciated. Additionally we will be anxious to make some new friends that can help with the transition & in return we can offer fellowship & friendship. 1) recommended place to purchase a used car that is priced at market & mechanically sound 2) language training options available for Uruguayan Spanish 3) recommended transfer service company from airport to I place we will stay 4) any advice that is often overlooked but that would be priceless to a relocating family Feedback on plan to do a 7 day stay at a nightly rental property before choosing a place to rent/live. We will NOT have the opportunity to visit before coming down to potentially relocate but we will wait to ship our things until we have made up our mind. Worse case, we could always load up the car & check out other countries. Jobs are not yet figured out but my hubby & I are resourceful & looking at options including the possibility of investing in farmland (most likely would attempt forestry over other options) & would hire someone to oversee the far. If you have any experience or knowledge, that would be MOST helpful. Thanks in advance for your time!
crazyfarmer replied 14 hours ago with:
>They have private schools here that teach english only, teach IN english, right? >but from what I am told they are comparable to a private catholic >school in the US. Probably $15-$20K a year. There's an american school, a british school, and a new zealand school. All are in montevideo, all are expensive. The $20k a year sounds right. Do you really want to pay $20k a year for common core being taught on the US calendar? >My question is, What's the rush? Why not take your time and >develop a plan before leaving? I think she should get out as fast as she reasonably can. The window of opportunity may be years or weeks. It's impossible to know. brian
afj21 replied 20 hours ago with:
They have private schools here that teach english only, but from what I am told they are comparable to a private catholic school in the US. Probably $15-$20K a year. My question is, What's the rush? Why not take your time and develop a plan before leaving?
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wengin replied to the thread Uruguayan citizenship on the Uruguay forum on April 20, 2015:
Tarshatha initially posted:
Could someone with first hand experience please tell me if you must renounce your previous citizenship in order to take Uruguayan citizenship? Also, is it realistic to expect Uruguayan citizenship without a clearly defined government or similar pension from back home, regardless of personal wealth or skill? Any other comments on attaining citizenship would be appreciated. Regards, Paul
wengin replied 1 hour ago with:
Hi there! Uruguay allows more than two Citizenship. Theoretically not the States, but so far I know nobody that has lost the American-citizenship for having the Uruguayan granted to you.
crazyfarmer replied 11 hours ago with:
I've heard in the past also that they want to see receipts to prove that you've been here. But I wonder why this is necessary now since the residency department is connected enough to know when you leave the country now. It's good to be Canadian instead of USian. I liked Canada very much when I was working there. But I think it's a little too close to the action, and might just end up being the maple leaf state. After all, Austria was "liberated" because it was full of Germans. :-/
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crazyfarmer replied to the thread Paid Relocation Service (lawyer) opportunity on the Uruguay forum on April 18, 2015:
techpronow initially posted:
I need a lawyer in Uruguay who speaks both English and Spanish Fluently to help me relocate my family to Uruguay. A little bit about my needs. I am Information Technology specialist with a wide variety of skills. My most recent position was as a System Administrator / Technical Support Engineer for an Automated Pharmacy Company. I have income from a remote employment position and some real estate investments here in the USA. I have about $45,000 to relocate with, and about $2000 per month income. I would like to find an apartment with 3+ bedrooms and 1+ baths in Montevideo. My employment contract will only last until the end of the year, and I hope to find a similar opportunity. But I would like to eventually start an IT company in Uruguay that offers worldwide datacenter services. I need help with the initial move. I have some specialty vehicles that I doubt I will be able to find in Uruguay. So I initially need some translation services. Some real estate location services. Information on the possibility of relocating my 1986 Land Rover Defender 110, and my 2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. (I know that my vehicles do not qualify, but I would like to entertain the possibility if there are any loopholes to use). I plan on employing at least 2 people by the end of the year with my company. These would be local Uruguayans. We also need a nanny for our 4 children right away. Please post if you can help with any or all of these needs. I would prefer working with an expat who has already made the move from the USA. But really I just need someone who has proven experience with this requests. Thanks!
crazyfarmer replied on April 18, 2015 with:
I wish you luck with revalidas. My daughter went through it trying to get into medical school. It was a nightmare. Let's just say she's now graduated with top scores from high schools in two countries.
AndreaAlterwain replied on April 18, 2015 with:
Dear Ismael: We can help you with revalidation of certifications and papers alike. I noticed of Likedin broken link. Hope to have it repaired shortly. Yours, Andrea Alterwain
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Morell replied to the thread Permanent Residency on the Uruguay forum:
Urujay initially posted:
Long term housesitting in Uruguay, so I'm thinking about starting the permanent residency process. Overall it -looks- pretty easy, though I see online that 'paperwork' is a word I should get familiar with. Any expat have experience with getting permanent residency?
Morell replied on April 17, 2015 with:
I think it is a lttle quicker now as i heard they have seperated out the folk from neighbouring countries and dealing with them in a simpler fashion. We were told your police report cannot be older than six months when presented. If it is not from the US then you have to do it either in that country or remotely. I think most US reports are done in MVD. Mine was complicated as they wanted an African police report and one from the UK. These also had to go to the Uruguayan Embassy in S. Africa who would not deal with anyone except walk ins or answer emails or phone calls. The UK one had to be apostilled and the amount to pay for the report had to be in British pounds by certified cheque. I therefore had to find people in both countries to help with the running around and payments. We used Fischer and Schickendantz and were pleased with their efforts. Much of tthe delay was outside of their control and as they are in the Immigration offices almost daily, they know everyone there and the current rules. http://www.fs.com.uy/residency-and-immigration/ I am sure you can find cheaper and if your situation is simpler than mine, it may go more quickly.
crazyfarmer replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Mine took about 18 months. But it's hard to use examples from a few years ago to judge how long yours will take. The rules and processes change all the time. And they could easily tighten the rules again and throw out several hundred applications like they did a year or two ago. Don't worry about the residency process so much. It's long an convoluted, but there's really not a way that you can shoot yourself in the foot, at least for now. There won't be a situation where you need to fly back to the US to get a paper for example. You can do those things remotely, although it might cause a delay and cost a little money. brian
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