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cadmila replied to the thread Anyone from San Jacinto (Canelones) here? on the Uruguay forum on January 21, 2015:
cadmila initially posted:
Looking for expats residing in the area of San Jacinto. We have found a reasonable prop in the area and I would like to know more about this place, Would also like to meet around 3rd of March 2015. Cheers.
cadmila replied on January 23, 2015 with:
thank you Carlitos, this was the kind of input i was looking for. Its a misunderstanding, that I was thinking of living isolated from the local live.
cadmila replied on January 23, 2015 with:
i didnt mean to be isolating myself by looking for expats here. I just thought it would be a good indicator if this place is maybe in the scope of other expats looking for a decent place in Uy, or even are already settled there
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RussellO replied to the thread Renting in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
CanadianReid initially posted:
Hi there, We are a Canadian couple looking to move to Uruguay in November of this year and are wondering if anyone can help us find an apartment to rent? Where should we be looking because we are not finding many sites online? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day, The Canadian Reids
RussellO replied on January 21, 2015 with:
U with a price is local currency. IF it is written as such USS with the meddle S looking like a U.S. dollar sing then it's dollars. Can not find the dollar sign on my comp.
Morell replied on January 12, 2015 with:
Saw this article and thought some might find it interesting. http://www.expatgloballiving.com/10-steps-to-renting-a-place-in-uruguay/
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focus replied to the thread Amazing deals in off-season renting in Punta del Este on the Uruguay forum on January 18, 2015:
focus initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I'm finding some fantastic prices in off-season renting here in Punta del Este. This one will not last, but for example: House: brand new in Beverly Hills. 3 br, 3 bath, insulated, double-pane windows, heated floors, fireplace, air conditioning, pool. covered parking etc. $1,000/mo April to December. Possible annual. Possible rent then buy. Brand new apartment, 135 sq. m (about 1400 sq. ft), 2 br, 2 bath, 19th floor, ocean views all around, incredible amenities (details www.iconbravatowers.com): $1,400/mo April to November. If anyone would like pictures or more information feel free to contact me.
focus replied on January 26, 2015 with:
Hi Sue, I'm going to send you my email and response in a PM so we don't clutter up the board.
SueGilmour replied on January 26, 2015 with:
Hi there, I am looking for a rental from 1 March for 4 weeks. Please could you advise IF the unit is available in March & the cost. MANY THANKS - Sue
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cadmila replied to the thread Castilian Spanish best for living in Uruguay? on the Uruguay forum on January 17, 2015:
JohnnyMtnMan initially posted:
Hi everyone. My wife and I are going to begin learning Spanish, and we're looking for a good instructional course. Is it better to learn Castilian Spanish to speak with people in Uruguay? Also, do you have any suggestions for which course to purchase? Thank you!
cadmila replied on January 23, 2015 with:
and it's completely FREE !!
cadmila replied on January 23, 2015 with:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividaloca/ Try this, its a very good course to begin with
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Morell replied to the thread Bats! Have Quincho roof (thatched) on the Uruguay forum on January 16, 2015:
Freddikins initially posted:
Does anyone have experience with getting bats out of a house with a quincho roof? The girl that comes in to clean says she knows someone that will come in and kill all of the bats. I tend to listen to the advice of locals, but, this solution does not make me happy. Does anyone know of any other way? Thanks! Allison
Morell replied on January 16, 2015 with:
We have a quincho as well and when we first moved in i kept getting swallows upstairs. I thought maybe they were coming down the chimney but it turned out it was in an upstairs corner between the wall and the roof. I blocked the hole and have not had them since. We used to have bats living outside under our wood shingles on an old farm house in Canada. I think you need to figure out where they are entering and plug it or maybe your roof needs some work from the outside such as new cement around the ridge or chimneys if there are small cracks they could get through. Some bats can get through a hole the diameter of your thumb.
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crazyfarmer replied to the thread Traffic law question for the locals on the Uruguay forum:
crazyfarmer initially posted:
I once heard a horror story that I will try to relate correctly now. It's possible that this scenario is entirely possible, or that it's not at all likely. The story goes like this. An expat man was driving around with his kids in the car. Something happened, and he had a car accident, killing the other guy. He and his kids were unhurt. In the story, it seems like the expat didn't really do much wrong other than have an ordinary car accident. And maybe it was even the dead guy's fault. But he's dead. And the result was that the expat was taken to jail. His wife had to come get the kids. Later, he ended up having to fight a legal battle, either with the criminal system, or with the dead guy's family. So my question is this: what would it take here in uruguay for this kind of scenario to happen? Maybe the expat would need to be drunk or speeding in a crazy manner? Or maybe this could happen with the expat not doing anything wrong at all? After we had been here a few months, I nearly hit a man who was passed out drunk in the middle of the road. He of course passed out in a totally dark area. I'm certain had we hit him we would have killed him. And the only reason we didn't hit him is because a motorcycle with lights in front of us saw him first and stopped. We didn't know why he had stopped, because we couldn't see the guy, until we were right behind the motorcycle. I've always wondered how close I came to being thrown in jail because of some drunk guy. brian
crazyfarmer replied on January 14, 2015 with:
Is it "going to jail" or simply going to the police station because it's easier to do all the paperwork there with everyone in one place?
kimbo47 replied on January 13, 2015 with:
In my experience in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Panama in the case of a traffic accident everyone goes to jail specially the foreigners to sort it all out. It makes no difference who is at fault. That is why most expats told me they don't drive. Then of course you will also experience what has been posted here with the judges, lawyers, laws etc.
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pjantares replied to the thread Banks accepting Social Security on the Uruguay forum:
uruguay2 initially posted:
I have heard BROU does accept S.S. from the states....Does anyone know if there is a BROU bank in Rivera?....or just a caja? Does BBVA accept S.S. checks in case there is no BROU bank in Rivera....and IS there a BBVA bank in Rivera??? Thanks guys!
pjantares replied most recently with:
My understanding is $6.00 monthly fee and you can withdraw $500 daily. It's a much better option than the ATM withdrawals. You can apply for forms at the Amer. Embassy. But ask them which BBVA will accept SS as you asked about Rivera and I don't know if BBVA Rivera is set up for this.
Morell replied most recently with:
US Social Security has an arrangement with BBVA and they do a direct deposit for you, for I believe $4.00 US each month. You go through the US Social Security site to set it up. They are the only bank that does this here. I have a few friends who are doing this here, seems to work fine.
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crazyfarmer replied to the thread Help with installation of a stove... on the Uruguay forum:
wengin initially posted:
Hi there! I'm reaching out this time as we are trying to install an American stove which needs to be converted from natural gas to propane. We did the conversion and all the burners work fine but the oven doesn't, flames from the oven come out every time we start it. We are not sure why this is happening and my question to you guys is if somebody has had that problem or if you guys know what to do upon this situation... Thanks!
crazyfarmer replied most recently with:
Those phone numbers don't look right. Try this one: Repuesto Hogar. Av. Gral. Flores 673. Las Piedras. Tel.: 2364 77 18* - 2365 44 94*
crazyfarmer replied most recently with:
From what I understand, Supergas is a mixture of propane and natural gas. So it's possible that the orifice isn't sized correctly. It seems to me that the flow rate and the gas/air mixture need to be exactly right, or you can get a flame out. I wouldn't know how to fix it other than to get various sized orifices and try them until it works. Not sure how good your spanish is... In spanish, for this part, they use the word "oido". There's a place in Las Piedras called Repuesto Hogar. It's a father/son operation. The father doesn't speak english at all, but his son Darcy (yes that's his name) speaks good english. I don't have my phone with me, so I don't have the phone number handy. But the great google says this is their contact information: Repuesto Hogar. Av. Gral. Flores 673. Las Piedras. Tel. 364 77 18* - 365 44 94* If that info is wrong, let me know and I'll get my phone back from my daughter. Their place is about a block west of the plaza before the railroad tracks.. If you go there in person in the middle of the day around lunch time, make sure you stop at the bakery/buffet next door for the buffet. We like it very much. brian
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kimbo47 replied to the thread MIGRATION TO SOUTH AMERICA on the Uruguay forum:
kimbo47 initially posted:
To all you good and helpful people on this forum I would like to address a question that will help me on my decision to migrate. I hate to migrate and find that I had done it for the wrong reason. Can you share with me what made you migrate and why Uruguay? You don't have to be specific if you don't want just a category will suffice like POLITICAL, LOWER COST OF LIVING, WEATHER, ADVENTURE, MEDICAL ETC. The other question would be : Did you find what you were looking for? Your knowledge and experience will be very helpful to me in making an educated decision and avoid a costly mistake. Thank you in advance.
kimbo47 replied most recently with:
Here is a link to an article that is related to this topic and one which the expat community has already done the most difficult recommendation: https://s3.amazonaws.com/smconfidential/Black+Papers/Six+Pillars+Black+Paper.pdf?inf_contact_key=583a19c1348f5bc35dc639ed10bd0f3cda7deb04155d580e5f0eced1c3e0f29a
kimbo47 replied most recently with:
Not so crazy farmer, you must be a writer. Exceptional description of your thought process and the direct answer to my question. I must say its evident you have definitely CHOSEN THE RIGHT COUNTRY FOR YOU! Congratulations you have helped me fine tune my method of analysis to the many countries I'm considering. Of course my reasons will be different than yours. By the way I agree with most of your reasons for discarding a country. Thanks for your time! Wishing you that all your dreams come true and may you have a happy and healthy life in your new country.
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cadmila replied to the thread Brita water filter on the Uruguay forum:
Sibylleito initially posted:
I am in the process of packing our goods and moving to Montevideo by end of January. One point I am not sure yet whether it is worthwhile to bring in Brita water filter/cartridges. I remember from our last visit in 2013 that the tab water was not bad, but I got used to either buy/make sparkling water or then drinking Brita filtered water. Any experiences or recommendations from those living in Montevideo? Thanks for all your support in advance.
cadmila replied most recently with:
you find offerings on Mercadolibre. http://listado.mercadolibre.com.uy/jarra-de-agua-brita-con-filtro-potabilizador!
Sibylleito replied most recently with:
Thanks crazyfarmer for your reply. Because the filters are rather small and last for quite a bit, I am considering to take quite a bit with us for our home use. We have used it for years here in Japan and I like the improved taste.
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