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Morell replied to the thread Want to explore U, need your advice pls on the Uruguay forum on October 19, 2014:
Placestogo6 initially posted:
Hi, i am currently living in Ecuador and not loving it. I want to explore Uruguay. I would appreciate to learn about good contacts you may have had a good experience with: a good immigration attorney; learn about cost of living, what you may be enjoying or not.. Places you may recommend to visit.. Etc I am single with my 24 year old daughter who has significant learning disability resulting from vaccination.. I just do not know what to with her.. Actually wonder if there may be other people who may have kids with disabilities? Thank you, Olga
Morell replied on October 19, 2014 with:
No there is no investment visa here.Just a temporary visitors one or applying for permanent residency. No it will not go faster. You get a temporary cedula quite quickly but getting the permanent one will take about two years or more. The only immigration lawyer I can recommend is no longer taking anyone except US citizens. Make sure who ever you use comes with references, I have heard several people have been swindled or their papers lost by so called "immigration helpers". My husband and I spend around $1500 - 2000 US a month. We own our home so no rent. We do have a car. We rarely eat out or buy non essentials. You can look on Numbeo and compare where you are now to Montevideo for basic costs. Also look on Tienda Inglesa website for prices.
pjantares replied on October 19, 2014 with:
My daughter is also disabled and we both got permanent residency in about 2 years time. I cannot imagine going without residency here. It's needed for health insurance, electric bills, etc.
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Quebrada replied to the thread Medios de Vida on the Uruguay forum on October 16, 2014:
Quebrada initially posted:
hello, does somebody of you has experience (or knows somebody with experience) with opening a 'Monotributo' or 'Unipersonal' (registred bussiness in Uruguay). I am considering these options as a way to have my income proof 'medios de vida' for immigration purposes. Thank you
Quebrada replied on October 16, 2014 with:
Thank you very much for your responses, the picture is getting clearer now.
Pancho replied on October 13, 2014 with:
To open a "Unipersonal" you just have to concur to the BPS (Social Security of Uruguay) located at the Peatonal Sarandí with your document and an electricity or phone billon your name. If you have problems of understanding Spanish, I recommend you to take somebody ho does and translates.
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property in UruguayGorgeous beach front apartments all with ocean views. Modern building with very convenient retail stores on site. This is seriously the stuff dreams are made of, unbelieveably gorgeous.
carlitos posted I can help you in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on October 14, 2014:
Hello all In the past month I had the opportunity to help a couple that came from Florida to research for a possible retirement place. A few days ago, I helped another man from Florida looking for a place to buy, also to retire. There are a few other expats living here who from time to time use my Spanish skills to sort things out. All the people mentioned above are willing to provide references about my work and integrity. I can help you with my native Spanish and Portuguese. I have a degree in IT and studied business administration and accounting and have had a lot of experience in many different fields. I love to help people. If you want to contact me just send a private message and we can set up a call to talk. thanks, Carlos
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Marina63 replied to the thread Renting in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
CanadianReid initially posted:
Hi there, We are a Canadian couple looking to move to Uruguay in November of this year and are wondering if anyone can help us find an apartment to rent? Where should we be looking because we are not finding many sites online? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day, The Canadian Reids
Marina63 replied on October 07, 2014 with:
Hi i am a realtor i speak english, we are based in Punta del este. if you need my assistance please email me at puntabroker@gmail.com Marina
gatina replied on October 06, 2014 with:
Hi, would like to know the realtor that speaks english that you are talking about if possible. Thanks.
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sergeiboggs posted New Chiropractor in Town on the Uruguay forum:
Hello fellow expats.. I am a recent transplant to Uruguay from Michigan..as of two months ago... I am a Chiropractor living in Punta Del Este...I would like to get a feel of demand for Chiropractic services among English speakers residing in this gem of a country...I have opened an office in Punta and will begin taking appointments by October 10th... I am considering possibly traveling to and seeing patients in Montevideo several days per week... what is th best way to introduce my self and get the word out to the e pat community ...all advice welcome... Sincerely, Sergei..P.S.. I currently only limited to English and Russian speakers... but I am studying Spanish...
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ShirleyInUruguay replied to the thread Opening. Bank account in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
HunterBourne initially posted:
I have recently moved from the US to BuenosAires. I've been warned not to open a bank account in Argentina for obvious reasons. Will I be able to take the ferry over to Montevideo and open an account to transfer my US dollars? I heard it's been getting more difficult and I might even have to open a Post office box? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
ShirleyInUruguay replied most recently with:
Regarding the PO box, if you open one with the Correo in Montevideo, they require proof of address (such as a utility bill). I'm assuming it needs to be a Uruguayan address, though I could be wrong. In Punta del Este there is a company (FortBoxUruguay) offering PO boxes; they may have different requirements.
Morell replied most recently with:
I read that the only two banks that will open an account for a US citizen are BROU and ITAU. Whether ITAU still does I do not know or if they are FACTA compliant. I am guessing they are. BROU is for sure. I am not even from the US but was required to give BROU a notarized list of all my assets here in order to keep my account with them. When i questioned this, I was told it was a Central Bank request and my branch would be fined if they did not have the information on file for the next visit by the Central Bank.
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mesamom replied to the thread Realistic cost of relocating from U.S. on the Uruguay forum:
SinBandera initially posted:
Can any one give me a break down of what would be a realistic amount to save for moving expenses (based on experience). We are not planning on bringing much. Just a very small shipping container (no furniture). Aside for the tickets which will be for a family of 5 (around $7k), obviously first and last month's rent plus deposit for a place(about $3k). From experience are there any unforeseen expenses that anyone encountered that I should be aware about? Thanks.
mesamom replied most recently with:
HI, We planned on moving to Uruguay, but just found it ti expensive. Private schools are over 15,000 a year. We own land, but had a bad experience with an architect. ( we do know who we would use in the future) Used car, over $ 10,000. Food, good quality but more than us Shipping container, approx, 10,000 We are now in Honduras. Yes, I feel safe for the most part. We are not in a major city. Its beautiful whete we are, and great beaches. I do hope we can get back to Uruguay in the future. We did not ship anything here, its more expensive than Uruguay! I think you should pack, kitchen stuff, good sheets and towels, clothes, favorite skin care products, and purchase or have furniture made for you in Uruguay.
Marina63 replied most recently with:
If you are moving to Maldonado area, Punta del este, give me a call I can help you finding a place for rent. 097540983 Marina
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Morell replied to the thread Job Opportunity & relocation on the Uruguay forum:
mailmepalz initially posted:
Hi Iam @ 36 from India, a divorced male. Iam good with english and am learning spanish now. I would like to hear from the local lads as how better it will be if Iam relocating to uruguay and also will be looking for a job opportunity there. I was a merchant shipping employee and later given 7 years of my service to BPO (Outsourced business customer care activities). I will consider every input of yours as valuable and will guide me to materialize my decision. Thanks for the time that you will be spending to reply me.
Morell replied most recently with:
Here are a couple of the Shipping Companies here http://www.mscuruguay.com/contact/contacts.html http://www.zim.com/countrysites/americas/uruguay/en-us/pages/contacts.aspx?countrycode=URY&countrycodetext=Uruguay Perhaps also you could contact the Uruguayan Embassy in your part of the world.
mailmepalz replied most recently with:
Hi Morell, Thanks for the information, I just want to be out of this place which really don't care for skills unless you are really a kin of someone superior. How could I forward my details to you , so if any possibility you can forward me the details. I am working on my Spanish, but not fluent. Let me know if there is any assistance that you can offer.
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