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ShirleyInUruguay replied to the thread Opening. Bank account in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on October 01, 2014:
HunterBourne initially posted:
I have recently moved from the US to BuenosAires. I've been warned not to open a bank account in Argentina for obvious reasons. Will I be able to take the ferry over to Montevideo and open an account to transfer my US dollars? I heard it's been getting more difficult and I might even have to open a Post office box? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
ShirleyInUruguay replied 9 hours ago with:
Regarding the PO box, if you open one with the Correo in Montevideo, they require proof of address (such as a utility bill). I'm assuming it needs to be a Uruguayan address, though I could be wrong. In Punta del Este there is a company (FortBoxUruguay) offering PO boxes; they may have different requirements.
Morell replied on September 27, 2014 with:
I read that the only two banks that will open an account for a US citizen are BROU and ITAU. Whether ITAU still does I do not know or if they are FACTA compliant. I am guessing they are. BROU is for sure. I am not even from the US but was required to give BROU a notarized list of all my assets here in order to keep my account with them. When i questioned this, I was told it was a Central Bank request and my branch would be fined if they did not have the information on file for the next visit by the Central Bank.
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property in UruguayGorgeous beach front apartments all with ocean views. Modern building with very convenient retail stores on site. This is seriously the stuff dreams are made of, unbelieveably gorgeous.
mesamom replied to the thread Realistic cost of relocating from U.S. on the Uruguay forum:
SinBandera initially posted:
Can any one give me a break down of what would be a realistic amount to save for moving expenses (based on experience). We are not planning on bringing much. Just a very small shipping container (no furniture). Aside for the tickets which will be for a family of 5 (around $7k), obviously first and last month's rent plus deposit for a place(about $3k). From experience are there any unforeseen expenses that anyone encountered that I should be aware about? Thanks.
mesamom replied on September 25, 2014 with:
HI, We planned on moving to Uruguay, but just found it ti expensive. Private schools are over 15,000 a year. We own land, but had a bad experience with an architect. ( we do know who we would use in the future) Used car, over $ 10,000. Food, good quality but more than us Shipping container, approx, 10,000 We are now in Honduras. Yes, I feel safe for the most part. We are not in a major city. Its beautiful whete we are, and great beaches. I do hope we can get back to Uruguay in the future. We did not ship anything here, its more expensive than Uruguay! I think you should pack, kitchen stuff, good sheets and towels, clothes, favorite skin care products, and purchase or have furniture made for you in Uruguay.
Marina63 replied on September 24, 2014 with:
If you are moving to Maldonado area, Punta del este, give me a call I can help you finding a place for rent. 097540983 Marina
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Morell replied to the thread Job Opportunity & relocation on the Uruguay forum on September 25, 2014:
mailmepalz initially posted:
Hi Iam @ 36 from India, a divorced male. Iam good with english and am learning spanish now. I would like to hear from the local lads as how better it will be if Iam relocating to uruguay and also will be looking for a job opportunity there. I was a merchant shipping employee and later given 7 years of my service to BPO (Outsourced business customer care activities). I will consider every input of yours as valuable and will guide me to materialize my decision. Thanks for the time that you will be spending to reply me.
Morell replied on September 25, 2014 with:
Here are a couple of the Shipping Companies here http://www.mscuruguay.com/contact/contacts.html http://www.zim.com/countrysites/americas/uruguay/en-us/pages/contacts.aspx?countrycode=URY&countrycodetext=Uruguay Perhaps also you could contact the Uruguayan Embassy in your part of the world.
mailmepalz replied on September 25, 2014 with:
Hi Morell, Thanks for the information, I just want to be out of this place which really don't care for skills unless you are really a kin of someone superior. How could I forward my details to you , so if any possibility you can forward me the details. I am working on my Spanish, but not fluent. Let me know if there is any assistance that you can offer.
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ShawnR replied to the thread Drilling for Water on Land in Rivera on the Uruguay forum:
ShawnR initially posted:
I am in Rivera and have 22 hectares and trying to find a honest and competent Driller for water supply to a coming house on the land. It seems that only 6 are legally registered in Uruguay, I want to have the job done right at a fair price but have no way to determine which Driller can provide that. Any suggestions would be helpful, If i can't find one within next couple of weeks i will go with: Eula y Alvez Barrio Paso de la Estiva Rivera Uruguay What makes me nervous is when i approached this guy he said he knew the area where my land was, there was good water, and should be about 30 meters down. When we went to the land, he had picked up dowsing rod, the depth magically became 60 to 70 metres effectively doubling/more the original guesstimate. Second question i have is one of piping material. I do not prefer plastic (pvc) based on health reasons of leaching, i also am not keen on iron for rusting or of "steel" (he has not said stainless and i am guesing this is going to come from china, another strike against quality). What i do feel comfortable with is copper but he says it is impossible/very-difficult and responded with another possible option of bronze. I would be interested in anyone else's views on this subject. thanks, shawn shawnriley.123 skype
ShawnR replied on September 23, 2014 with:
I have done my share of that also unintentionally, but... this happens. I appreciate all your comments. Here i go hopefully not pissing you off!!! I am pulling back from the well idea. I was right on the edge, i said yes i want to proceed but had not yet signed the contract, but was having trouble getting details on the project including costs of different material options for piping, tanks and power sources and people to do all the work. I had not signed a contract but gave the indication that i wanted to proceed with the project. The well digger relied on this and purchased the material for some of the project (not sure if he bought the pipe because i made it clear that i wanted to know costs and he said he would research this but never heard back from him on this). I got wishy washy because i had not received any details as listed above, and in the meantime went to land to think about how this would fit into my budget, if this was the right time to create the site, how would i protect it from being spoiled/vandalized if i was not on the land, etc. In searching more on the land i found a decent water source for drinking only (there is running ground water that could be used for watering). Not much, but could fill a glass in a couple of minutes and with all the uncertainty regarding continuing forward with this project decided against it, for now, just to really get a handle on my options and needs and money left. So my quick yes, without doing my due diligence, has caused some problems for people which i am embarrassed about and i did cause ill-will with this. So suffice to say Brian, you are not the only one but i want you to know i have ALWAYS appreciated your help, you were like an angel to me in helping me make this transistion, and i stand by that answer.
Morell replied on September 21, 2014 with:
Brian, Sorry you feel that way! Your posts are always helpful and interesting. Everyone has their own point of view and yours is always appreciated.
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Pancho replied to the thread Considering relocation on the Uruguay forum:
TampaToo initially posted:
My wife and I are in our early 40's and are disgusted with the "American lifestyle". We have been looking for places to immigrate and Uruguay is on the top of our list. We are not people who are looking to retire cheaply and live the American lifestyle in a South American country. We do not have a considerable amount of savings and we want to get jobs and immerse ourselves into the culture. We are both teachers. I have a master's in science education. My wife has her master's degree in special education, but is also certified in mathematics. We are currently working on learning Spanish. I am told that we could teach English. Does anyone know anything about teaching in Uruguay? We have absolutely no interest in teaching in the Uruguay-American School. I read contrasting opinions on the cost of living. Some say that it is inexpensive, others say that it is very expensive. We are interested in a modest lifestyle in Montevideo. Would a teaching job be able to afford a modest lifestyle? We would assume a small apartment or condo. I think our biggest expense would be the actual move. I would assume that we would sell almost everything except very personal items...or is it more cost effective to ship your furnishings? Lastly, I am very unfamiliar with housing/apartment regulations. We have 2 Umbrella Cockatoos that we love and would not consider leaving. They are part of our family and with their life span, they should be with us for the rest of our lives. Are there pet restrictions, etc. like there are in the U.S. or is it more relaxed? I have read that in other countries there tends to be less guidelines and regulations like there is in the U.S. Thank you for your time and I hope that someone can answer these and other questions that I have!
Pancho replied most recently with:
Hi Brian, the caseI mentioned as experience was from Germans coming with cockatoosfrom Germany. They had the permit to leave Germany, but no airline sold them a ticket for the birds without the "import permit" for Uruguay. It is not easy asyou will have to make thepaperwork in Montevideo before and specify the date the will be arriving as a veterinarian will be expecting birds and papersat the airport and decidetoallow the quarantine at your home if you haveone.
crazyfarmer replied most recently with:
I wasn't disagreeing with you, `just mentioning the importance of following the rules in this case. To an many Americans, these rules sound ridiculous. And Uruguay isn't exactly known for brutally enforcing regulations. But I hear that in this case, it's best to follow the regulations exactly because they can and will cause you a problem. Also, I doubt anyone would have that much trouble finding a taxi or remise that would carry their pets in spite of the regulations. Same for the hotels. brian
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Morell replied to the thread apartment in montevideo on the Uruguay forum:
mbhance initially posted:
i am looking for a nice apartment that is safe. i want to check out the country and don't know how to proceed. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!
Morell replied most recently with:
Marita's email is marita2727@gmail.com
Morell replied most recently with:
Short term rentals especially furnished can be hard to find and prices rise for December to end of February. Another option is http://www.buscandocasa.com/ Put in Lugar - Montevideo Inmueble - Apartamento Mes - Diciembre for example then Buscar Once you see that page, pick an area - I believe Pocitos is a reasonable area. You also might want to post on Marita's newsletter If you tell her exactly what you are looking for, someone may reply to you. The newsletter goes out most weeks to quite a large group of mostly expats in English.
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Morell replied to the thread "Chemtrails" on the Uruguay forum:
kimkensok initially posted:
The US, Canada and even Panama have alot of Chemtrails. When we were in Uruguay for a week I never saw one. Does anyone know more about this terrible action...if they do it down there? We want to head to the southern hemisphere, but were shocked to find out Monsanto is there with their GMO crops....thanks
Morell replied most recently with:
pjantares replied most recently with:
Could it be WHAT you eat as opposed to how much you eat?
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crazyfarmer replied to the thread Working remotely for non-Uruguyan company on the Uruguay forum:
BritToUruguay initially posted:
Hi all, I'm relocating to Uruguay next year and am looking at how to remain employed by my current UK employer. The worry I have at present is that me working remotely (even if it is from home) will mean that my company has set up a 'permanent estsblishment' in Uruguay and will therefore be subject to Uruguayan corperation tax. Not my problem, I know, but I'm trying to sell the move to my employer as simply as possible and I don't think they'll be keen on registering and paying tax in another country. My income should be exempt from Uruguayan tax as it is foreign sourced and I will not be dealing at all with the Urugayan economy. Anybody with any experience or advice would be gratefully received.
crazyfarmer replied most recently with:
Hello. I'm a USian working from home for companies in the US while living in Uruguay. You definitely don't have to setup a corporation or anything like that here in Uruguay. Just move into your place here, setup your internet access, and work from home. The only issues will be the technical issues you'd expect. If you're planning to live in the city or a place like Atlantida, you should be able to get fiber optic internet comparable to what you can get in the US or UK, but check first. If you live in a rural area, internet access might be a little more problematic, but probably doable. I live in this goofy blind spot where I'm too far from the antel towers to get reliable internet. It works, but it drops too many packets to really be what I would call "working". I still use it though. I also have a movistar USB modem that works much faster and more reliably than the antel thing. But it's got a 12gig monthly cap. And it's a bit oversold so it might slow down on friday and saturday nights. The best solution is probably to get 2 or 3 movistar modems. Your employer will need to give you a VPN account that you can log into over the internet. Most likely, they already have this for people who work from home on occasion in the UK. For my current employer, this is a userid-password thing. But for past employers I've had, this was a hardware dongle. So make sure you bring that with you if you need it. I use a Windows instance running in vmware so the VPN doesn't take over my enter internet connection. Bring a line conditioner also for your computer. Mine has battery backup so I can keep running for about 15 minutes if the power goes out. You'll continue to get paid "up there". And you can extract money from your account at ATMs here. Or you can wire money down here into your account here if you have one. But they might ask for extra paperwork the first time you do it to prove where you're getting the money from. Americans are guilty until proven innocent in this regard, but they might be nicer to Brits. If you're going to apply for residency, you'll need to show proof of income. And frequently, a salaried job won't cut it. For me, I was an independent contractor with my own corporation in the US. So I could show income from that. It's a symanics thing that might bite you here. So you might want to consider that and rearrange things up there before you come down. brian
carlitos replied most recently with:
I don't think you would have problems. The Uruguayan government wont know about your work status, your money will continue to drop into your acc in the UK and you can use several ways to get access to it and spend the money here, and nobody will ask about the origin of that money provided is not a lot. My wife worked in the UK and we she got back here she continue to receive for 3 years checks from the queen - I guess taxes paid over the amount she was supposed to pay, and we exchanged the checks here and the UY government never asked any question. So as long you can convince your boss to allow you to continue working and continue paying your salary in your current Ac you are ok.
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carlitos replied to the thread finding a rental on the Uruguay forum:
waltas initially posted:
Greetings! My husband and I just arrived in Uruguay. We are currently in a hotel and need to find a rental for 3 months ASAP. Where to start? Anyone know of a good, english speaking service that can help out? Do inmobiliarias help with this, or just buying? Thanks in advance!
carlitos replied most recently with:
hi, I know a nice lady that can help you, can you be more specific on what kind of property you want to rent as # or rooms, the area you prefer and what range is your budget? you can PM me if you want. Carlos
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