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billybob8469 replied to the thread Visa run to BA on the Uruguay forum on April 16, 2014:
billybob8469 initially posted:
Quick question: I am at 6 months as a tourist and need to leave the country. I want to take a day trip to Buenos Aires. Can I leave and return to Uruguay in the same day for my passport stamp? If so, Colonial Express has very good prices on day trips. Also, if I only have 8 hours in BA, what are the things I make sure to do/see/eat? Thanks!
billybob8469 replied on April 15, 2014 with:
It's 90 days and then you can pay to renew for another 90 days. After 180 you have to leave and reenter.
Morell replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Most expats use BROU the national bank. You need to show your passport, proof you have an address here such as utility bills and we were asked for a reference from a BROU client. You also need a reference from your bank where you came from. At a later time we were asked for more information such as the value of our house here, the value of our car etc. This had to be certified by a lawyer before they would accept it. They told us our account would be frozen if we did not comply and the information was requested by the Central bank here and BROU would be fined if they did not comply. If you are not fluent in Spanish you probably should go with someone who is. The first time we went in, the person we dealt with would not assist us and told us to come back with someone who spoke Spanish.
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carlitos replied to the thread Texan moving to Uruguay! on the Uruguay forum:
Chelsi initially posted:
Hello, I'm Chelsi & I plan on moving to Uruguay by August if everything goes as planned. I would like to drive so I can bring some of my possessions & my vehicle but am searching for a safe route. I would like to maybe talk with other people who speak English, as of right now I'm learning Spanish. If anyone could post a link so I could look at apartments there or property, I would appreciate it so much! I'm not sure where to yet, so help me out!(: I'm 18 also. I will be looking for work also. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.(:
carlitos replied on April 15, 2014 with:
some time ago, there was a ferry boat from Colon to Cartagena. Have check that possibility?
panamadreamin replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Don't even consider driving even if there was a road at the border between Colombia and Panama. There is no road deep in the jungle of the Darien. It has been done by jeep in the past. Because of the drug trade it would be a deathwish to even try it. I spend time in Panama volunteering with a non-profit animal spay neuter group and have traveled extensively even to the Darien but not too deep into the jungle. There are those who drive from TX to to Panama, but the road fro 4 wheels stops at the jungle. 5 years ago I was like you when I bought in Panama but I learned I could buy anything I needed here. You can bring personal things you 'have' to have on flights with you over the years. Everywhere changes and Panama has under Martinelli. I have been studying Uruguay for 3 years and it has much of what I am looking for. coming next month to explore!
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Morell replied to the thread Diatomaceaous Earth on the Uruguay forum:
Mulchman initially posted:
Hello, I've been having some trouble with ants eating my garden, does anyone have any effective suggestions? I've been reading some great things about diatomaceaous earth, but have not been able to find any except on Mercado Libre and that is extremely expensive. 100grams for 80 pesos!
Morell replied on April 15, 2014 with:
The ants here are amazing. I have hordes of leafcutter ants marching across my driveway with large chunks of leaves on their backs right now. They go for all the new tender growth and can strip a shrub in less than a day. They build large mounds that appear in my lawn or flower beds and if you step on it, thousands of ants pour out. They do bite but not as badly as fire ants but still unpleasant. The bags of powder here are some kind of fungicide that the ants take back to their nest and it causes all the fungus that they grow on the leaves they harvest to die so they have nothing to eat. The powder isn't an insecticide. I try to only use it when they are in my yard and hope they can find enough places to live in peace elsewhere! Ants are active all year here unlike places which have a colder winter. DE is not harmless either, it is harmful if inhaled for both humans and pets so I prefer to just use a flea comb regularly on my cat and dog.
panamadreamin replied on April 15, 2014 with:
I did a lot of research on DE. Even bought a bag when I lived in US (FL) My animals had fleas and I did not want to use chemical. DE did NOTHING for the fleas. Dawn dishwashing detergent helped. Not saying that would help your ant problem. Is there any kind of agricultural extension service for farmers or an agricultural university? I have subscribed to Mother earth News for many years - I know the 'bugs' are different in UY but you can buy a DVD from Mother that contains all the article ever written - might be useful in your gardening.
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carlitos replied to the thread average cost of acerage on the Uruguay forum on April 14, 2014:
Kbob5 initially posted:
I want to start a small organic farm in Uruguay and would like to know what 1-5 acres would cost.
carlitos replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Good info Brian. A friend of mine sold his mini farm 10 hectares right in the corner of ruta 11 and ruta 8 for 110k in December. water, 2 houses, a big barn, 200 meters from ruta 8 500 meters from ruta 11.
crazyfarmer replied on April 14, 2014 with:
If you look at property that's maybe 90 minute or more from the coast, you can fairly reliably find 10 hectares (25 acres) for around $50,000 to $70,000. The price tends a little higher if there are improvements like an ancient house, fencing, a well, or some sort of year round water like a retention pond or a creek. Good access costs more money also. If you can spend $100,000 or more, the number of hectares generally goes up greatly, but not all of it might be usable. brian
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Freddikins replied to the thread expat musicians in Piriapolis on the Uruguay forum on April 13, 2014:
kimkensok initially posted:
We're moving there with some studio equipment/instruments and want to find some retired musicians. My husband doesn't speak much spanish so he's hoping to find some expat musicians for some fun projects. Country rock, reggae mix...
Freddikins replied on April 13, 2014 with:
Talk with Beatriz Gonzales. She is a Spanish/ English teacher, and I suspect she knows a musician that is English speaking. Tell her Allison suggested you call. Her phone is: 094 746 198
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edwardwelch replied to the thread Church on the Uruguay forum on April 13, 2014:
MikeyE initially posted:
I'm 23 years old and my name is mike. I live in United States. Born and raised catholic and still am. My question is are there santo Daime churches in uruguay?
edwardwelch replied on April 13, 2014 with:
There are no Catholic Churches in Uruguay??
MikeyE replied on April 13, 2014 with:
Thank you Randal, I have considered doing everything you stated in second post. I'm sure there is a line somewhere down this road that doesn't need to be crossed. Thanks Mike
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carlitos replied to the thread Uruguay Busco Jobs on the Uruguay forum on April 10, 2014:
rouy initially posted:
For people find a job in Uruguay, I found that offer in http://www.buscojobs.com.uy/ I don't know nothing about the job, I only saw that in the web site and I thought to share with you. Instructor de idiomas en Montevideo Empresa (Confidencial) Para Trabajar En Montevideo, Uruguay Referencia Instr.F2F Descripción del Trabajo Industry leader in language training and cross-cultural consulting with over 130 years’ experience and in more than 70 countries worldwide is looking for customer oriented, dynamic individuals to join our local team. To be trained as Instructors for our language department in Uruguay. Previous teaching experience, Business background and/or experience preparing students for international exams is valued, but not required. Please only apply if you have native level or a very high level in the language you will be teaching. We offer: - Felxible working hours - Legal registration under contract of employment - Initial and ongoing training and development - Professional working environment - Challenging and exciting atmosphere Nivel Jerárquico Empleado Edad Entre 21 y 70 años. Nivel de Estudio Terciario Incompleto Idiomas Inglés Conocimientos Docencia en lenguas extranjeras
carlitos replied on April 10, 2014 with:
thank you.
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HonestCHAPS posted House/pet sitters available on the Uruguay forum on April 10, 2014:
Are you planning a trip? Would you like to have a trusted couple to look after your property and pet/s? We are James and Helen, experienced, active and reliable house and pet sitters. Great references. Keen to travel to Uruguay. If you think we can help please send us a PM.
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property in Uruguay5 hectare organic almond farm about 7 km from the town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
property in Uruguay5 hectare organic almond farm about 7 km from the town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
kimkensok initially posted:
We were told at Bank of America that Uruguay is on a list of "Slow to Pay...not guaranteed"....and they advise us against it. What about sending a cashier's check with FedEX....?? Western Union? Does anyone have any advice? Hard to buy a house there from the states!!!! We couldn't open up an account while we were there.....thanks!
Freddikins replied on April 01, 2014 with:
We bought the house 6 or 7 years ago. I think that rules have changed since then. Just keep plugging away. In buying the property we worked with a law student. And I am fluent in Spanish, and our student was fluent in English. Good luck!
crazyfarmer replied on April 01, 2014 with:
Heh, this is ridiculous. If Uruguayan banks are slow to give you your money, it's because they're trying to comply with regulations imposed by the US. The only time they've ever held my wires is when they asked me for a document saying where the money came from and what it will be used for. This document is for butt-covering with regard to US regulations. And they have the audacity to blame it on Uruguayan banks. I have an account with BROU. They haven't held my money in probably 18 months. My daughter tried to do a wire a couple months ago. The US bank made her sit in the bank for 30 minutes "to think about what she was doing to be sure it was what she really wanted to do." This even though both the source and destination accounts had her name on them. I'm sure they were just running some kind of crazy background check. All banks are evil. Get your money out of them. brian
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