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Tipps posted Moving to Dammam on the United States forum on April 13, 2014:
Hello all, I have been reading several forums about moves to Dammam from America. I still have some unanswered questions and posting it so I could get some help. My apologies if some of my questions were already answered in previous forums. Coming to the point, I recently accepted an offer with my company in Dammam. My company offered me 1month of stay while I could search for a place to stay (what are the chances of finding a place to live in 1 month? What is a good place to stay, inside or outside compound? My company is paying 75k annually for residence, will it suffice?) What are the rules I have to be aware of? ( being a single male any restrictions of areas or people to visit, obviously single females I believe? I am sure I haven't asked all the questions, any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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the2bearsandme replied to the thread Returning to USA after 1 1/2 Yrs on the United States forum:
the2bearsandme initially posted:
I am retired. I am 67 yrs old. I am currently living in Nicaragua but will be returning to the USA September 2014. Yes, I do read and listen to the news BUT what is it REALLY like right now? What am I walking into. Need some really hard core / honest answers. THANKS
the2bearsandme replied on April 07, 2014 with:
I am returning to my previous address in Norcross, GA ... don't even have a clue about prices / cost of things .... so very out of touch ... have subscribed to Kroger and Publix weekly ads just to get a "feel" for things
wendydara replied on April 07, 2014 with:
It depends on where you are moving and what in particular your concerns are. Safety? Healthcare? Weather? Cultural environment? All of the states are so different so depending on which one you are looking to move to will help us provide more informative answers.
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property in United-StatesPerfect first time home buyers home in South Jersey! Walking distance to Glen lake! Back deck and front porch. Excellent small school district-Pitman Borough.Small downtown, with great choices of restaurants, library and movie theater! Leisure parks and lakes surrounding town. Close to major highways, malls, grocery shopping, beaches, Casino, and the beautiful city of Philadelphia.
GibasWife initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am new here and so grateful that I found this forum. My husband was born in Brazil and lived there until he was recruited for a job here in the US. We now live in Texas. His parents are retired and his father receives a Brazilian pension. They have decided that they would like to obtain their green cards and move to Miami for a while. They are going through the green card process now. Neither of them would be working / earning money in the US - my father-in-law receives a pension from when he worked in Brazil. What I need to know is this: Would they be required to file income taxes and pay income tax on the pension money they receive from the pension he receives from being a retired judge? I am sure his retirement is already taxed in Brazil, prior to his receiving it. It would be a shame for him to pay double taxes. (It would be a substantial amount of tax here in the US, if considered taxable income.) I would sure appreciate any suggestions! Thank you in advance!!!
mkimball replied most recently with:
Hi, I'm Brazilian living in California. I would suggest that you contact a good immigration attorney in Miami. I am a Realtor with a certification in international transactions and The U.S. Taxation laws are quite complicated. I would pay extra attention with Estate Tax considering that your in-laws are getting older. With a green card they will be treated as any American Citizen. Check this website www.lehmantaxlaw.com and also join the Brazilian Expat Groups on LinkedIn. There was a discussion about double taxation going on recently. Good luck!
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iguanalover replied to the thread Recently married - will my husband have trouble entering the US? on the United States forum:
MelAndLuke initially posted:
My husband and I recently eloped on his last visit from the UK to see me in the US and I'm currently applying for a UK marriage settlement visa. He's scheduled to visit me in the US in the beginning of April while the visa is still being processed - will he have any trouble getting into the US now that we're married? We're concerned that out of fear that he might try to stay that they won't allow him in. We could really use some advice about what to say at customs from someone who's experienced this :) thanks in advance!
iguanalover replied most recently with:
I wouldn't and I would not be wearing a ring either. I would say I had a few days off and wanted to shop for Mother's day presents and visit some museums.
MelAndLuke replied most recently with:
Thank you :) If they do ask who he's here to visit though should he mention he's here to see his wife?
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in New York City will quickly find that New Yorkers defy their stereotypes. New York is a melting pot of people from every corner of the globe and every income level -- all brought together by the city's subway system. Some expats enjoy living right in the hustle and bustle of the city. Others choose to enjoy a bit more greenery and space in a suburb on New York. (Continue)
TerenehMosley replied most recently with:
As a New Yorker who is now traveling, it was fun to read this article. I think Mr Wood has it spot on and on point with his advice. I would add that though New Yorkers can be guarded at times, they can melt like butter, so a smile goes a long way. Also be prepared for big city Ups and Downs. NY can reward the ones who put in effort but she can also kick you when you're down, so develop a hard skin and go for it. Living in NY is wonderful, enjoy it, you're living in one of the world's greatest cities.
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A blog chronicling the life of a Filipina who immigrated to the U.S. through the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Process.
property in United-StatesHome (400m2) in 1 hectare of land (10,000 m2) needs to be half reconstructed.
gcrtexas4 replied to the thread I want to migrate to the USA on the United States forum:
carleneb initially posted:
I'm a licensed Insurance Agent and I want to migrate to the USA with my husband, his kids and my 2yr old...or just me and my 2yr...what state is highly recommended and where can I find a job?
gcrtexas4 replied most recently with:
I would suggest contacting major Insurance Companies concerning employment and possibly applying ahead of time. That might also help you determine where you are going to live. Once you have a job and build a US work history and resume, you can always relocate by applying for a transfer or a new job. Good luck!
adminjosh replied most recently with:
Carleneb - Tell me a little more about yourself and I'll be able to recommend some states to you. Insurance is probably a tough shot at getting a visa. Do you work for a large insurer? What country are you from?
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