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mariesk5453 posted PR Real Estate agent needed on the United States forum on August 15, 2014:
Hi-I am relocating to PR ASAP-need knowledgeable and honest real estate agent to assist. Any info would be greatly appreciated-thanks, Marie
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mcorgey posted Importing firearms into Ecuador on the United States forum on August 13, 2014:
I'm working on a 9-1 visa and trying to get any and all info on importing a personal firearm into Ecuador. I would like to hear from American citizens who have successfully imported firearms into Ecuador with info on requirements and procedures. Thanks Michael Corgey
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omri posted Moving from London to New York on the United States forum on August 12, 2014:
I've accepted a job offer in New York and looking to move with my wife and 2 kids (3 and 1). This is an exciting opportunity but we are very worried about the effect that it will have on our family life, mainly in our eldest daughters education and acclimatisation. My wife is also worried about not working there and potentially be out of the work force for a minimum of two years. (we agreed that if after two years we aren't happy we will come back). Im very keen on my job prospect and the potential progression it will provide which also means financial stability for me and my family. worried that if we dont take the job ill end up resenting my wife but also worried that if this move doest work out she will resent me. any advice anyone can give me would be highly appreciated.
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jayjatmiko replied most recently with:
this article is very good.but for me as indonesian a bit complicated. is there any easy way to work in USA, specially for those who come from non-English Speaking Country
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Expat Articles
emmalunney replied most recently with:
Another one for the "do" list: Ensure you double and even triple check the details on any visa and other government documentation including social security documents and ID cards. The US government can and does make plenty of mistakes.
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paladino replied to the thread Puerto Rico on the United States forum:
grc1947 initially posted:
I'm searching for a good expat site to obtain information on Puerto Rico and the tax benefits of locating there.
paladino replied most recently with:
Hi GRC, listen I just wanted to touch base with you. I am USA citizen currently residing in Colombia.yet I am moving to PR for six months to test the waters for the similar reasons you foreshadowed. My interest are more entrepreneurial in nature. I have never lived there. Why don't PM me and we can connect via email and maybe I can be of help to you and maybe you can share with me your questions are interests in PR and I will see if I come across or experience anything that would be helpful to you while I am there. Chao Pal
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jmccrary posted cost of living on the United States forum:
What is the cost of living truly like compared to the US? I live in the Atlanta, GA area.
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Corky posted Driving to Ecuador ? on the United States forum:
I am considering moving to Ecuador to live and build a very small house in the hills, likely outside of Vilcabamba. Is it possible to drive there in a small RV (up to 30 feet) and live in it while building ? Thanks for any help.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Many expats that live in or around New York City choose not to live in the city, but instead in one of the many suburbs in New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Here are just a few of the options available to expats. (Continue)
Are you tired of others trying to claim your assets? As an American Expat, I know I am. Have you been suffering from the ongoing battle between you, and your respective national government, in terms of ‘going offshore’? Nowadays it’s an increasingly tough fight. A brief history. Panama has been known as a legal, safe, offshore domicile since the 1920?s. I have had my assets protected under a Panama Business Corporation (IBC) for years. Well, with the ‘War on Wealth’, things have changed. I recently was notified that my corporate bank account was being closed. Panama’s Superintendency of banks has basically decided not to do banking business with Americans. Why? Due to various U.S. and the OECD intrusions, (FATCA, FTAs, dual-taxation treaties, Black and Grey lists, for example), Latin America’s most famous and trusted international banking center has shut we Americans, and some Europeans, out. What’s the use of having an offshore company if you don’t have banking ability? (By the way, my friends have told me that the same prejudice is happening to them in other offshore centers too.) So I got on my Social Media networks and started looking for an alternative. Have you ever heard of Mauritius? I hadn’t until an independent financial planner contacted me about setting up offshore there. Now, I had to Google Mauritius to find out it is a small island off the coast of Africa. I immediately thought this was another ‘Nigeria business’ scam. But I needed a solution so I did my Due Diligence and talked to the man. What happened was a pleasant surprise. In a month or so, I had all my corporate papers and certifications. And, yes, a bank account to was included in the package. My banker is even helpful and friendly… Other advantages are that I didn’t have to fly to Mauritius set things up. The whole process was very easy. And everything is legal with complete anonymity. I know because I had my lawyer do the follow up. And maybe most importantly, the total setup cost – without the bank deposit, was US$2,500. You probably pay that or more for your monthly house payment… If you are having the same difficulties I had, I will be happy to share more about what I learned – for information purposes only. (I cannot and will not be your financial adviser.) Just email me at dennis.dean.smith @ gmail.com and we can go from there? Whatever you do, good luck in winning your War on Wealth!
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