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CRlover posted Costa Rica Travel Buddies? on the United States forum on July 25, 2015:
Am a young at heart able bodied adventurous guy excited about this trip. My Spanish is coming along muy slowly could use a travel companion for sure m or f.Bringing a back pack and have 1 or 2 couchs down and several maybes PLUS a work stay with a nice retiree ex pat near Punteranas and the work is not difficult especially if your female. Leaving via plane from Miami Florida.If you live in the USA of course and are somewhere along the way I may be able to pick you up in my car. Gracia Pura Vida
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Greg49 replied to the thread Planning to move to USA on the United States forum:
danrhze initially posted:
Hello I am collecting infos currently about the process of getting American citizen. So how long do I have to wait till I get Green Card? After I get my Green Card it will take around 5 years only to get the American nationality right? What should I do first,I don't know how to start and what to do once I land in USA. I have no one there that can help me,also can I drive there? How to get a job there? Do you think bringing $10,000-15,000 will be enough? I'm gonna move to USA alone
Greg49 replied on July 17, 2015 with:
Just go to Mexico and come across the border there and you'll be home free. Sign up for welfare and food stamps and free medical. Don't forget to vote and vote often.
RayImmigration replied on July 15, 2015 with:
Through which path are you getting your green card?
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4gypsies posted Adirondack home for sale on the United States forum:
Adirondack home for sale: 7 yrs. old. 4 bedrms., 5 bathrms., gym, theatre, gourmet kitchen, liv. rm., den, 2 family rms, workshop, bar, huge finished bonus rm. All on 38 acres on the Hudson River. Gorgeous! Call 518-494-7428.
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property in United-States5-minute walk for public transportation to New York City; house is across the street from an excellent elementary school. Monthly rent: $4,000; month and a half security deposit required. Available now (July 2015). Please call or email with me questions.
OhChuts replied to the thread Nursing job on the United States forum:
Armbruster initially posted:
Hi there, I'm from Philippines. My husband and I will be relocating to the USA this year. I read in the internet that there is a nursing shortage in the state. However, it is confusing because when we called some hospitals in Georgia they have at least more than 100 nurses applicants. If there is a nursing shortage I would think that the applicants would be less. I'm a nurse and looking to practice in the USA. My target state is FLORIDA. Can anyone tell me about the job hunting in Florida for nurses? I'm interested to get into a nursing residency program because I'm a new graduate and this program is offered only to new graduate RN's. I'm aware that the US-RN license is good for one state only. I need to be careful of choosing a state for license. Your comments will greatly appreciated.
OhChuts replied most recently with:
Do a Google search for "nursing jobs in Florida".
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legalgold initially posted:
I'm curious to know if anyone actually applied for Social Security Disability while living abroad. If so, how did you do it? If you had a hearing, where was it? Did you have any representation?
liquidfotos replied most recently with:
You can receive SSDI while living overseas in most countries. You cannot receive SSI if you are outside the US for more than 30 days. There are some country restrictions. See SSA website or this brochure: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10137.pdf SSA actually operates a division specifically set up to deal with international matters. It’s called the Office of International Operations (OIO). OIO allows people to: apply for retirement benefits; apply for disability benefits; do an eligibility screening; and estimate benefits. http://www.ssa.gov/foreign/
positivlysmb replied most recently with:
You may apply for Social Security income while living abroad. It can be done online. You are not allow SSDI while living abroad. Consider yourself lucky, that the rep. did not report it.
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christinelindsey posted Pain Management on the United States forum:
My husband and I are looking to relocate from US to CR this December and have several concerns, one of which pertains to our pain management. We both have back problems and have been on extended relief 60 mg morphine sulfate and 30 mg instant relief morphine sulfate. Can anyone tell me if these medications are available? Also, I read something that indicated medications couldn't be imported into the country without an import license. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get this? Thanks for any responses.
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