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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in the U.S. sometimes find it hard to make friends. While it can be challenging, the United States offers quite a few ways to make the process of making friends easier than one might think. (Continue)
Jackietrehorn replied on May 23, 2015 12:05 with:
Good advice in this article, but I have to say that I think Americans are very hard to become friends with. Yes, they are friendly and courteous. I know, I'm one of them. Making superficial friendships, chatting in coffee shops, meeting people in bars and restaurants, etc is relatively easy. But in general, americans do not open up their lives to admit foreigners in. Many, not all, are insular and not as accepting as, say, latins. If you work, then that is an advantage and you are more likely to develop good friendships. Otherwise it's difficult.
pclisa replied on May 18, 2015 05:05 with:
Becoming a regular at your local coffee house and small local shops will make you a familiar face to not only the staff but those who are regulars, as well. Although this takes time, a rapport with everyone can be built naturally. It may begin with a discussion of the day's weather, but eventually, as each of you becomes more at ease, you can discuss subjects closer to you. If you wish to go no further, you can simply stop where you are with a person. This helps in both large and small communities, where you need to begin with just one friend and build from there.
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Praveen19 posted Seeking Automotive Management Opportunities on the United States forum:
I am seeking Automotive Management Positions in Dealership in North American Markets, Open for Relocation, IF any body can be of assistance. I am having 19+years of Management Expertise. Look forward to hear from you sirs. Warm Regards Praveen
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12YardProductions posted BBC 5 Star Family Reunion on the United States forum:
Would you and your family like the chance to win a cash jackpot and a family reunion holiday? We are looking for British families who have emigrated to America to take part in a new game show, The National Lottery: 5 Star Family Reunion for BBC One. To receive an application form, please email: family@12yard.com
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Blog The Stereotypical American posted on the United States Network
An accidental expat in Copenhagen, Denmark documenting her adjustment to the Scandinavian lifestyle.
JohnsonP replied to the thread Work in Florida on the United States forum:
JohnsonP initially posted:
Hi there I would like to work and live in the Florida. However, it is proving rather difficult to move forward. Does anyone know what sort of companies sponsor or employ British Citizens? I have worked in Higher Education for over 18yrs now, so I have a great deal of transferrable skills. I look forward to hearing from u. Many thanks.
JohnsonP replied most recently with:
I am living in the UK and have worked as an Executive Assistant in the following departments Graduate School, Global Examinations Board, Centre for Education and Learning Technology, Epidemiology, and Electronic Engineering.
adminjosh replied most recently with:
If you can tell us more about yourself it will be easier for us to give you advice. What have you done in higher ed, where are you coming from and what is your citizenship?
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correcamino posted bicycing across NORTHN tier on the United States forum:
I'm looking to hookup with a group trsveling from Michigan to Pacific cost in June.
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