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alanwood replied to the thread Are you living out the ultimate fantasy on a tropical beach? on the Venezuela forum:
bryanviper initially posted:
MAJOR LIFESTYLE CABLE NETWORK is looking for people who actually made it happen! Searching for the ultimate stories of escape from the courageous few who checked their coat and tie at the door, never to return to the daily grind. We'll take a peek inside their enviable lives to see how different routines can be when living off the grid in paradise. CASTING NOW! To submit yourself email with: · Name, Age, Occupation · Current location · Brief description about how you ended up living the beach fantasy · 2 recent photos of yourself/your family · 3-5 recent photos showing us your home and you in your daily life · Contact information
alanwood replied most recently with:
yes I am ,on Margarita Island. I swim in the warm sea every morning before breakfast ....
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Venezuela Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
sv3nsk replied to the thread Considering a move to Caracas on the Venezuela forum:
cupla initially posted:
I am considering a move to Caracas in the near future. I would be living in Altamira area. Any advice or tips - both positive and negative, would be welcome. Thank you
sv3nsk replied most recently with:
Altamira is by far to live in caracas, you have subway nearby, is close to great malls and is in the "safe" part of caracas, its still dangerous but not so bad.
bengenm replied most recently with:
People are trying to leave Caracas, why move there? I have a lot of family trying to leave because of everything going on, they can't even find food to eat!
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sv3nsk replied to the thread Cheapest Big Venezuelan City on the Venezuela forum:
DrewP initially posted:
What city with over 1M people in Venezuela has the best cost of living?
sv3nsk replied most recently with:
Barquisimeto is the cheapest by far... And is a good city to live. Merida is also cheap but is a small city. Greatings.
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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sandrroy replied to the thread Prescriptions on the Venezuela forum:
Zulme1021 initially posted:
Hi all, Are prescriptions medications easy to get in Venezuela? Specifically Lexapro and Lorazepam? Also is there a drug test for employment there? Ty
sandrroy replied most recently with:
Many prescription drugs as well as OTC drugs are now VERY HARD TO FIND!! or if available are expensive!
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Any chances they would even let a ex felon enter the country or stay and apply for permanent residence? What loopholes or alternative options would there be for someone who just wants out of the US.?
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bengenm posted Please Help on the Venezuela forum:
Hello, I am trying to help a family member move from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami area. She has a visa for 10years, she is a DR and I hav not a clue on how to do this, She is single, how do I find a company to sponsor her to move?
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antemily2 commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Porlamar, Venezuela
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
I've lived and traveled many places and have always gone with the attitude to not expect things to be the same or even like where I came from. However, if you are going to live in a country that by many is considered a 3rd world country, be some research or go ahead and have a visit and a 'look-see' as to what to expect and be honest with what you are capable of being able to live with..or without. (Continue)
antemily2 replied most recently with:
We will be arriving there Mar 20 on a look see and reading current BM rate 87.71 to 1, really? Fish, coconuts fruits I.e. locally produced, readily available!? Safety, clean beaches, proper sewage, water system...good? Would really appreciate your opinion. Emily
sandrroy replied recently with:
Very accurate!! I have been here 6 years and still hate the garbage on the streets and the graffiti EVERYWHERE. This election year it will all get worse!
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ericeolas posted Eolas International Recruitment on the Venezuela forum:
Hi there, My name is Eric Dilloughery and I work for a market research company in Ireland called Eolas International Research. At present we are looking to recruit researchers to work on a new project we have coming up at the beginning of 2014 in Venezuela , however we are finding it difficult to find suitable candidates. Would you know of anyone who may be interested in such a position, (friends, relatives, students) . We are looking to recruit in the following locations: Caracas 3days per cycle Valencia 2days per cycle Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Some more details about the position : FMCG Market Researcher JOB TYPE: Quarterly (part-time) PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Conduct Product Packaging analysis on behalf of Multinational Client. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Our client is a global multinational company producing goods like shampoo, soaps, ice-cream and other food products. We are seeking a person to check the quality of these products. You will be required to visit stores in your area and rate products for different criteria. Data is collected electronically and entered into a handheld device to maintain a high level of accuracy. Data is subsequently fed back to our company for verification. Certain products must be purchased, photographed and transferred to Eolas. Up to 60 products can be rated in each store. For each product we will rate up to 6 different samples. THE CANDIDATE: We require a trustworthy and hardworking person, who is willing to be trained to perform product ratings to a standard that has gained Eolas International an excellent reputation in this field. The candidate would need to be settled long-term in the location and be able give a certain commitment to remain with Eolas for some time. TIMING: A 30 day window will be provided to complete this work. The work is completed once per quarter (every 3 months), and should take approx. 3 full days. Audit of products in supermarkets can take up to 4 hours per store. Extensive online training will be provided prior to commencement. Certain people that this job may suit: o Retired person o Part-time worker o Students o Person with flexi-time job JOB SKILLS: • No experience required, training provided. • The candidate must have good written and spoken English, as well as local dialect. • The candidate must possess good communication skills, both by email and phone. • Candidate must have good attention to detail • Broadband and PC/Laptop SALARY: €8-10 per hour CONTACT DETAILS:
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