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quiskies posted Cheap Gold? on the Venezuela forum:
Hi Folks, is this a reasonable idea? Bring into Venezuela $100 and exchange it in the black market. I don't know the exchange rate, so I'll conservatively guess 200 Bolivars to the USD. Now I have 20K Bolivars. On the web site goldrate24 it is showing around 7000 Bolivars for an ounce of gold. Could I now buy almost 3 ounces of gold, worth $3300 in the USA, for my original $100?
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biccjohn replied to the thread Looking at moving back to Venezuela on the Venezuela forum:
biccjohn initially posted:
Canadian male, looking at moving back to Venezuela. I lived in San Cristobal for 14 months and fell in love with the place and the people. No matter where I go my heart is still there, however. . . . What are the hazards, now with Maduro and what is it like to get residency there. Any and all thoughts welcome, even the ones that tell me I am crazy to consider going back. Bring it. . . . . . . . .
biccjohn replied most recently with:
Sandrroy, Well, you are a very tough nut to crack and I will just leave it at that. As far as family, I have none! My last living family member died 5 years ago. I am the only one in history to last past the age of 55 in my family, so no worries eh! Blessings and I wish you peace and happiness in whatever comes your way.
sandrroy replied most recently with:
I wouldn't recommend some parts of Detroit as a safe place to visit! Be that as it may, your choice, your life and your future. What's your family's take on the situation? Good luck with whatever you do!
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Venezuela Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
mnm5 posted Locating a Hospital in Caracas on the Venezuela forum:
Hello, is there a hospital in the Los Ruices area of Caracas? A friend of mine said that there was a hospital called 'hospital los ruices' but I cannot find a phone number to contact them. Thank you for your help. Hola, hay un hospital en la area de Los Ruices en Caracas? Un amigo me dijo que hay un hospital los ruices pero no puedo encontrar el numero para llamar. Gracias por su ayuda.
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EcuadorDean replied to the thread Venezuelan Currency Exchange on the Venezuela forum:
Crnorthr initially posted:
Does anyone know a way to exchange Venezuelan currency to USD when I'm back in the USA?
EcuadorDean replied most recently with:
Just use them as tips when you get mediocre service at a restaurant
sandrroy replied most recently with:
I would imagine if you went to area with a large Venezuelan community, as in Miami, there might be someone wanting to change money but at what rate??? The Gov't rate is 6.3:1 and the blk mkt rate is almost 99:1 Good luck! Bolivares are generally considered worthless outside of Vzla as no other country uses them or accepts them as legal tender. Why take them away with you?
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alanwood replied to the thread Are you living out the ultimate fantasy on a tropical beach? on the Venezuela forum:
bryanviper initially posted:
MAJOR LIFESTYLE CABLE NETWORK is looking for people who actually made it happen! Searching for the ultimate stories of escape from the courageous few who checked their coat and tie at the door, never to return to the daily grind. We'll take a peek inside their enviable lives to see how different routines can be when living off the grid in paradise. CASTING NOW! To submit yourself email with: · Name, Age, Occupation · Current location · Brief description about how you ended up living the beach fantasy · 2 recent photos of yourself/your family · 3-5 recent photos showing us your home and you in your daily life · Contact information
alanwood replied most recently with:
yes I am ,on Margarita Island. I swim in the warm sea every morning before breakfast ....
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sv3nsk replied to the thread Considering a move to Caracas on the Venezuela forum:
cupla initially posted:
I am considering a move to Caracas in the near future. I would be living in Altamira area. Any advice or tips - both positive and negative, would be welcome. Thank you
sv3nsk replied most recently with:
Altamira is by far to live in caracas, you have subway nearby, is close to great malls and is in the "safe" part of caracas, its still dangerous but not so bad.
bengenm replied most recently with:
People are trying to leave Caracas, why move there? I have a lot of family trying to leave because of everything going on, they can't even find food to eat!
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sv3nsk replied to the thread Cheapest Big Venezuelan City on the Venezuela forum:
DrewP initially posted:
What city with over 1M people in Venezuela has the best cost of living?
sv3nsk replied most recently with:
Barquisimeto is the cheapest by far... And is a good city to live. Merida is also cheap but is a small city. Greatings.
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