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stumpy replied to the thread US dog tags on the Vietnam forum on May 22, 2015:
rkryder01 initially posted:
I have recently been provided with pics of dog tags and written info that appears to be copied from dog tags, supposedly found in the mountains near Da Nang along with human remains. One of the names is a pilot that was lost in Laos. The US Government provided the family with remains that were never proven to be their loved one, and they apparently always doubted the authenticity. I have reason to believe they may be real, although I understand there are a lot of counterfeit dog tags and bone fragments being touted as authentic. My question, is anyone aware of POW camps camps in the mountains outside Da Nang, and any idea how to find them? I will be in VN this July, and want to find out anything I can regarding this pilot.
stumpy replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Contact the US Embassy in Vietnam.
leontwagon replied on May 20, 2015 with:
There is a US agency that specializes in recovery of remains. You can contact your senator or rep and ask them to give you the correct way to contact the recovery unit and they will be your best information source. I just got back and saw evidence of just what you say, counterfeit and that. plus there are many stories flouting around even in the jungle. Contact the US Remains Recovery Team
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seekernz replied to the thread How do you guys, foreign expats like Vietnam ? on the Vietnam forum on May 21, 2015:
anhnordwall initially posted:
I am a vietnamese girl living with my western husband in US right now. I was born and grew up 22 years in VN. Right now I'm enjoying living with my husband here in US. But I always want to go back to VN to live a couple years, maybe here and there when my husband retire. But I always worry if my white husband gonna like it. He's pretty typical american guy, like everything to be neat and clean. But when I ask him if he will move there with me because I want to live there (here and there very year), he said he would go if I want to go. I just post this topic here, hopefully to get some replies and support from you guys' experience. I just want to know if you guys like it or not. It's so great to have a forum like this.
seekernz replied on May 21, 2015 with:
Hi Anh, if your man has said that he's willing go for it. As an expat myself I can say he will find all the home comforts he might crave here, plenty to see and do and in the major cities he will find a spot to retreat to for a little R&R when the pace gets too hot for him. He should get a kick out of seeing you back in your homeland and rediscovering your roots. How long have you been in US , and from where in VNam
MarkinNam replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Vietnam, oh for Vietnam, no fear tiny crime no guns lovely people, I itch to be home in Vietnam. Only 1 trouble for westerner, NO rubbish bin, just put in a bag- place in street on small pile at night some one will pick it up and every thing is clean next day ( P;s Im an Ausie )
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moneyrain replied to the thread Permanent move to Hanoi on the Vietnam forum:
Eddieg524 initially posted:
My wife and I have been looking to permanently move to Hanoi. There are two questions that we have. 1. Can we take up permeate residency in Vietnam? 2. Being able to work. She is a nurse and I am a telephone lineman. How difficult is it to find work in Hanoi?
moneyrain replied on May 17, 2015 with:
1. Can we take up permeate residency in Vietnam? : Yes, now only your Vietnamese spouse/parents could register as house owner but from 1st of July foreigner could register as house owner 2. Being able to work. She is a nurse and I am a telephone lineman. How difficult is it to find work in Hanoi?: you should looking for multinational corp in Hanoi that hire you.
Sweetpants replied on April 01, 2015 with:
All your skills and experiences in work can be supplied locally. Vietnam only welcomes those with very high qualifications or with specialised skills they cannot find locally, like top management etc. in foreign big companies or else invest or buy a business is the only way for foreigners. Failing which, 90 days is the maximum stay for any kind of non-work visa.
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vythi replied to the thread Not sure where to start. on the Vietnam forum on May 13, 2015:
cvrm2013 initially posted:
I am British currently living in Canada with my husband who was born in Vietnam and became a Canadian citizen when he was a baby. My husband's parents also live in Canada with us and own property in Vietnam that they visit once a year. We are wanting to move to Vung Tau (where the property is), in laws and husband I know don't need anything to move back there. But what about myself and our son? What kind of visas are there for us? Am I able to work there if needed? Sorry for all the questions I just don't know where to start.
vythi replied on May 13, 2015 with:
Just ask Vietnamese travel agency when they buy your air line ticket ,if you buy 5 years visa ,it will be cheaper and easier .you can teach English while you live in vung tau ,viet nam .good luck .
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Jvdairlie replied to the thread internet trouble on the Vietnam forum on May 10, 2015:
itstime initially posted:
Have some web pages I can get on but yahoo mail is still impossible to pull up but yahoo news is no problem, which strikes me odd. Anybody else having the same problems or does anybody have any suggestions for a fix or is it just the cable that is still not fixed yet.
Jvdairlie replied on May 10, 2015 with:
Cable is supposedly going to be repaired by 7pm on 10 May.
bluenz replied on May 09, 2015 with:
Thks for that, I'd forgotten my Yahoo ID, so won't bother now. Gmail is the same, couldn't even open it until 5pm on Thursday. They say the cable is " leaking " this time, and the usual MONTH to fix it. But not to worry, there is talk of a new land cable between HK and VN, just have to see how that works out???
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