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minhphong replied to the thread You help me and I help you on the Vietnam forum:
Lan87 initially posted:
Hi, everybody! I'm a Vietnamese. I need to improve my English. So I want to make friends with foreigners to talk, and if you help me improve it, I will teach you Vietnamese or help you find information useful for your work and your life at Vietnam. I will be happy with your interest. I'm friendly, kindly. Please contact:
minhphong replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Why don't you come to Ha noi. Manay English center need English teacher as you. However, you have to have a TESOL certificate. If you don't have, you could take part in course in Hanoi. The Hanoian like jazz. For more information, email to me as Best wishes
RichardMarly replied on July 30, 2014 with:
I'm coming to HCMC at the end of August to see what it's like. I'm an English teacher. I'm also a jazz singer, but I don't know if there are any live music bars or jazz clubs where they would appreciate my singing? Regards, Richard
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ralphnhatrang replied to the thread Cable TV in Ho Chi Minh City on the Vietnam forum on July 29, 2014:
swebb initially posted:
Can anyone offer advice on what cable tv package will get me some reasonable english language programs such as BBC etc? I'm finding it difficult to get info on this.
ralphnhatrang replied on July 29, 2014 with:
What you can receive on cable or restricted satellite retransmission depends on which company you sign up with. We receive the post office cable, which includes CNN, Australia Network, DIsney Channel, National Geographic, HBO, Fox Sports, Catoon Channel and Animal Planet. It does not include BBC or Al Jazeera, both of which are available through the internet. There are also other news and current affairs sites on the internet, so you will have no trouble keeping up with world news.
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hieugfv replied to the thread Can a foreigner buy property in Vietnam? on the Vietnam forum:
rosyvn initially posted:
Show me the way to own the property in Vietnam!! Highly appreciate for your advice.
hieugfv replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Right now a foreigner can not buy house in Vietnam, so the only way is to buy it under someone's name. But that leads to a bigger risk, losing both the house and friend. So my advice is to rent a house, and you can decorate it the way you want with permission from the house owner. If you need more information about this, email me, I will help you. my email address is Regards
ralphnhatrang replied on July 06, 2014 with:
There are still many restrictions on foreigners buying properties in Vietnam, including limiting the property to a flat/appartment, but not a stand alone house. I heard some months ago that in June or July 2014 the National Assembly would consider a new law allowing foreigners married to Vietnamese nationals to buy a property in the foreigner's name. But I have seen nothing in recent newspapers about this. Presently, foreigners generally cannot buy property in their own name, but must use the name of a Vietnamese national on the Land Use Cerificate. These leads to lots of scams and lost property.
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leontwagon replied to the thread Marrying my Vietnamese Girlfriend in USA on the Vietnam forum on July 23, 2014:
TennisWill initially posted:
Hello, My Vietnamese girlfriend is going to the USA on a 3 month visa to visit her friend who is getting married. I want to know if I can marry my Vietnamese girlfriend while she is in the USA? Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
leontwagon replied on July 23, 2014 with:
I don't think that is necessary. Just contact the county offices marriage license division or bureau and ask them what documentation you need to get married. You will definitely need a translated birth document for your fiancée, your birth certificate and any divorce decrees and a marriage license. Back when I got married in 73 I also needed a physical and she needed a blood test. She did get to the US on a fiancée visa but that doesn't seem to be important or restrict someone from getting married in the US. It is only a facilitator for getting into the country. She already has a visa.
doctorhands replied on July 23, 2014 with:
You really need to do your research on the immigration site and not here. Too much bad info here that will cause you too many problems down the line.
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