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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Anne Keeling highlights the 10 most popular cities for teaching overseas. From Dubai to Bangkok, Doha to Shanghai. (Continue)
hawkesk replied on February 25, 2015 02:02 with:
Bangkok? Are you joking? I've lived in Thailand for eight years, taught for half that (International Schools, NOT government schools), and I cannot think of a place I would recommend running away from faster that this place! The political unrest is creating an environment that is more and more dangerous on a daily basis. ALL internet traffic is now heavily monitored and you CAN wind up in jail for life due to the lèse majesté laws, strictest in the world. People are getting raped and murdered here at an exponential rate. As well, the educational system is the WORST in the entire Asean community. Thai school administrators HATE foreign teachers - this is a documented fact. We are a necessary evil that they BARELY tolerate, and their hubris will be their eventual demise. Please, do better research when recommending potential places for new teachers to start what otherwise might be a promising career, cuz if they get a taste of Thailand, they just might swear off teaching forever. And, if you ask me why I'm still here, it's because my flight out isn't for another week.
marly7466 replied on February 18, 2015 08:02 with:
Do you have much to say about teach prospects in Panama? particular in interior and especially English as a second language? I would love to hear your thoughts.
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1-bedrooms overlooking West Lake apartment for rent in Hoang Hoa Tham str, Ba Dinh dis, Hanoi
1-bedrooms overlooking West Lake apartment for rent in Hoang Hoa Tham str, Ba Dinh dis, Hanoi
From February 1st, 2-bedrooms apartment for rent in Hoang Hoa Tham str, Ba Dinh dis, Hanoi
From February 1st, 2-bedrooms apartment for rent in Hoang Hoa Tham str, Ba Dinh dis, Hanoi
iansyd posted working in cu chi area in vietnam on the Vietnam forum:
moving to vietnam this year to live and get work teaching in this area or maybe go vap and hoc mon area. qualified and 15 year exp. english teacher.with 6 trips to vn under my belt. my vn wife will be working in this area.i know its out of the normal teaching loop .but this is where i will be living any advice ian
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arteoviet replied to the thread big retailers in Ho Chi Minh on the Vietnam forum:
arteoviet initially posted:
Hi eveybody! would appreciate an advise on big retailers - like Metro C&C. Do you need a special card to be able to shop there? any other big retailers in Saigon where you can get international well known brands (food and cosmetics)? preferrable close to district 1. thanks in advance for help, Arteo
arteoviet replied most recently with:
thanks a lot for info! all well noted. nuts - indeed - will bring a small stock of those :) are there any online stores in english in Saigon ? also if anybody using contact lenses - what is the place to find the broad assortment of those and solutions for them? which mobile operator you would recommend with high speed internet access option for smartphones?
vietrick replied most recently with:
Hi, No special card needed for Metro. But better food deals are often found at other large markets, though cheeses are better priced. If you want imported goods, try the market at 58 Ham Nghi St in District 1. There are 2 more very near the trade tower. has a thorough listing...with photos. I buy baking supplies directly from bakery or bakery supply wholesalers. But you can get Redmill products in Saigon. Take favored spices with you if possible...I always take nuts as well.
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C4Liberty replied to the thread visa renewal NT on the Vietnam forum:
seekernz initially posted:
Hi all, this news has given me the willies, Im here on 3 mnth tourist visa with the intention of obtaining perm or semi permanent wife and son are viet citizens,and I was advised to enter on tourist visa and apply here per my missus for longterm visa, got a month left on current visa and Im not thrilled at the idea of popping into Kampuchea for a week either alone or with family in tow whilst awaiting visa renewal every 3 months till permanent solution is processed. Where in Nha Trang can I best make enquiry re the necessary renewal,and procedeure for acquiring semi/perm residence? Is there perhaps an option Ive over looked in type of visa available to spouse of a viet citizen?
C4Liberty replied most recently with:
What kind of certificate does a uSA couple need to work/visit for 3mos with possible longer-term relocation to Na Trang or Da Nang (or does the location really matter)? How long in advance does one apply? Or, must one be there to apply?
ralphnhatrang replied most recently with:
I am an Australian expat.
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ralphnhatrang replied to the thread importing currency on the Vietnam forum:
leontwagon initially posted:
What is the max amount of US monetary instruments (including travelers checks and currency)one individual can enter Vietnam with?
ralphnhatrang replied most recently with:
$US5000 each person. You may open a Vietcombank account in your name. The account can be in dong or USD. Take your passport when you open your account. Enjoy your visit.
leontwagon replied most recently with:
I'm just coming back for a visit. Nothing major, just two months in the jungle village my wife was raised in. I want to have enough to be comfy and leave some. Just want to know what the rule is on what I can have on my person. We tried opening an account back in 2012 and found it somewhat difficult to open in my nieces name. So we gave up on the idea and just send money 4 0r 5 times a year thru intermediaries. Does any one have a specific number on the dollar value a person can legally bring in?
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