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MeMeME posted quit or not to quit job before relocating? on the Vietnam forum on July 07, 2015:
I'm a Vietnamese Canadian looking for opportunities to move back home and work in VN; Should I get employment before relocating? How is the job market for foreigners who are not yet local? I'm a CPA and ACCA with Sr. management experience and will need company sponsorship to work in VN. Thanks in advance for your advice and feedback.
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r11189 posted One Month Work on the Vietnam forum on July 07, 2015:
Hello, I'm currently looking for short term work in Vietnam. Ideally for a month or so. My experience is based around marketing, retail and leisure businesses. I am degree level educated too etc I'm currently in Danang but HCMC etc would be considered. Ideally something in the leisure industry of if someone needs a marketer i could really help. Thanks
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bluenz replied to the thread Couple looking for Short Term Teaching jobs on the Vietnam forum on July 07, 2015:
DaraL initially posted:
My partner and I are looking for short term English teaching jobs in one of the major cities in Vietnam (from Sept 14th-Dec 1st). We are both Irish and we have a Masters Degree and a 150 hour TEFL course. We also have over a years teaching experience in South Korea. I am looking for information about what the best route would be to take to pursue this route and whether or not this would be an attainable goal. We would also need short term accommodation, would this be difficult to find? I was also looking into the visa situation and would a 3 month visa that you can obtain online be suitable? I saw that there are a lot of websites that provide the visas that you can pick up at the airport. Would anyone know where would be the best place to get the 3 month visa online for Irish citizens? Any information that people may have with regards to the above comments would be very helpful. Thank you.
bluenz replied on July 07, 2015 with:
Reputable English Centres ask for 12 month contracts, involving Work Permits.
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property in VietnamD’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments locates at the triangle of Xuan Dieu, Dang Thai Mai – Tay Ho (Hanoi westlake), Hanoi and is considered a luxurious, classy and steady.
motox194 replied to the thread badminton partner on the Vietnam forum:
dasiavu initially posted:
Hi everyone, I'm a 31 year old foreigner living in Tan Phu District, HCMC. I'm looking for a badminton partner(Vietnamese or foreigner) to play once or twice a week in the morning or afternoon. Please get in touch if interested.
motox194 replied on July 02, 2015 with:
hi are you still looking for a badmington partner? i am a 28 year old expat also living in Tan Phu. moderate level. my phone number is 0932907422
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teamoo replied to the thread (Hanoi) A couple of post office bikes for sale. on the Vietnam forum on July 02, 2015:
teamoo initially posted:
Want to sell our 2 used post-office bikes. Japanese brand. They are in a great condition. Price of "male" bike: 6.500.000 vnd (300$). Price of "female" bike: 5.600.000 vnd (260$) Price of 2 bikes: 11.500.000 vnd (530$) Free shiping to your door and cash on delevery in Hanoi. My contact: 0914.163.854.
teamoo replied on July 02, 2015 with:
I can send you some pictures of them via email or use this link to take a look at them
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vietrick replied to the thread Can a foreigners and Oversea Vietnameses buy property in Vietnam? on the Vietnam forum on July 02, 2015:
ThaoNguyen initially posted:
There are quite a few differences now and before. You had been able to buy apartments for quite a few years, but owning properties by a foreigner in Vietnam is a complicated matter. A foreigner could not buy house in Vietnam, so the only way was to buy it under someone's name. Now, the new laws on July 1st 2015 will now allow you to buy land, houses and apartments in your own name as long as you have a valid visa. Before you were not allowed to own more than one or rent it out, the new laws allow you to use it as an investment and you can buy multiple properties as long as it doesn’t exceed the percentage rates set by the government. I strongly advise you to consult a reputable agency for advice. Contact me to more detail: or 09 099 75 800?
vietrick replied on July 02, 2015 with:
In any communust society there is always a greater risk of complications than in more free societies. That said, there are opportunities. I hage purchased and sold several houses, both in my wifes name. Then I bought a large lot in the massive Venezia project in Nga Trang but only after looking in the government b offices at the platting and confirming the sellers ownership. She thought the road was taking the lot, so she sold cheaply, then tried to buy it back once she found the truth. That investment has proven excellent....but only because I got it cheap. Many, many properties are currently way overpriced.
bluenz replied on July 01, 2015 with:
With a 50 yr lease, ( possibly renewable, but you can sell or bequeath at any time ). Much cheaper , ( and safer ) to rent.
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seekernz posted It's a steel ! on the Vietnam forum on June 28, 2015:
looking for an outlet in Nha Trang that sells tool steel, carbon steel flats. Has anyone encountered such a place, plenty in HCMC and Hanoi but I kinda hope for one closer to home. ps. likewise somewhere I can buy good quality steel working files, theres no end of cheap stuff but cant locate high grade tools.
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property in VietnamBMC Tower is located at the central area of the city in Vo Van Kiet Street, District 1, which easily connects the downtown location as Ben Thanh, Duc Ba church, Thu Thiem tunnel. Here, you like being nestled separation between a busy, bustling, noisy city with green space and airy atmosphere brings peaceful feeling, gently. Uniquely designed rooms, fully equipped luxury furnished, cozy bedroom, clean with an area large enough for a family of 135 Sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, deck and balcony. It will be the ideal place for your home.

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