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Skilled posted Who own a repair shop? on the Vietnam forum on April 27, 2015:
Hi there, I am very keen to move to Vietnam and I am looking for someone who has, or thinking about, a workshop dedicated for repair. I'm talking mostly about thermal-spray and welding rotating components. I have a track record about setting up such workshops, the last one was in Jakarta. This is very a very sought-after service for any industries.
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Sweetpants replied to the thread Worldwide income tax in Vietnam on the Vietnam forum on April 26, 2015:
t1c52002 initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am thinking about going to move to Vietnam full time but not sure on the local tax implications and hope your expertise can come in handy: 1. Currently I work in HK and a US company pays me via a subsidiary they have opened here. We don't even have an office so I work from home full-time and they don't care where I work in Asia. 2. If I move to VN I will be using the 5 year visa exclusion as I am an overseas Vietnamese so won't need to get a job visa. 3. When I get to VN, I will still work for this company but they will still pay me via the HK subsidiary to a HK bank. I will then open up a local bank in VN and do at most 2x wire transfer a year to pay for my living expense in VN. 4. Note we have 0 clients in Vietnam and this will be the case forever. We only focus on clients in Malaysia and Thailand so will only be going there twice a month 5. I plan on living in Vietnam full-time so will exceed the 183 days in country. Question for everyone: 1. Would I still be liable for local tax in this instance? 2. If yes how would they know?
Sweetpants replied on April 26, 2015 with:
Basically, if you are a 'big fish', you will then attract attention. Otherwise, you could be like one of those 'Pilate coaches' or 'freelance tennis coach' and just get by. The immigration has no linkage with the tax boys yet. And since you are not really 'doing business', their focus is more on the big foreign boys in business. You can take your calculated risk.
doctorhands replied on April 25, 2015 with:
I think you should consult a tax attorney here. Vietnam cannot tax your world wide income if you are not a citizen. last I heard, they don't tax the worldwide income of their citizens.
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property in VietnamNice flat is located near Ben Thanh Market, Pham Ngu Lao - Bui Vien - De Tham District 1, Hcm City. If you visit Ho Chi Minh and seeking a nice flat, Lets you contact with me, i have some nice flats to introduce for you. No benefit, free all.
property in VietnamNice flat is located Vo Van Kiet Street, Near Ben Thanh Market. The area of ??approximately 150 m2, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living rooms with furnished room rents $ 1,200 per month.
property in VietnamNice flat is located near Ben Thanh Market, Pham Ngu Lao - Bui Vien - De Tham area 600 meters. Motorcycle parking in the lobby, 1elevator, 5 floors with 10 suites and 1 terrace. The apartment is designed in the style studio, balconies and windows. The area of approximately 40m2 room rents from $ 600 to $ 650 per month.
property in VietnamThere is a large land in the central District 1 with 900 Sqm and Certificate for hotel project of investing and plan department. price for sale: $ 8,5 Million. If you would like to hotel project in Ho Chi Minh city and this will be your opportunity.
property in VietnamGlenwood Inn is next to Xuan Thuy Street, near the Sai Gon Bridge- an important gateway to other center areas in Ho Chi Minh City.
property in VietnamEstella Apartment For Rent With Simple, Impressive Furnishing in District 2
janex posted URGENT - Finding Man PG for Shop on Saturday on the Vietnam forum on April 21, 2015:
l'm finding some part-time male to be models in Hanoi for a Men Fashion Shop Opening on this Saturday, just need to do simple thing in 1 hour with 200.000VND If anyone wants to do, please contact me at 0978168935 Thanks
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Shanos replied to the thread Good Salary in Hanoi on the Vietnam forum:
anks2979 initially posted:
Hi, I had been recently offered job in Hanoi with 5000 USD PM gross as my salary. Just wanted to know: - After tax deduction what would be my net/takehome salary? - Is 5000 USD a good salary in hanoi; we are family of two. Thanks in advance
Shanos replied on April 21, 2015 with:
Is $7000 gross pm US a good Principal wage for an Aussie in Vietnam
Sweetpants replied on April 16, 2014 with:
If you make comparisons in life, then you will be miserable. Refrain from doing that! Some people make $1000 in a day, because they possess a skill hard to find or replace. All the best to them.
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