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vythi replied to the thread Can you guys tell me how can rent a motorbike in Vietnam? on the Vietnam forum on August 04, 2015:
Johnmiller initially posted:
I really get difficulty in moving around Hochiminh city. there are lots of traffics and people on the street. I would like to go somewhere for relaxing.
vythi replied on August 04, 2015 with:
Or train to go further to Hue city ,less people over haft million people .take about 20 hrs .
vythi replied on August 04, 2015 with:
Go to Nha trang sea town by taking train going north .get on 7pm will get off 7am next day .
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property in VietnamWe are looking for tenants for our villa in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pls contact Mr Alex through +84 167 3229611
bluenz replied to the thread Mail Deliveries on the Vietnam forum on August 02, 2015:
westernforce initially posted:
I live in My Tho City, Tieng Giang Province one hour south of HCMC, I am having problems getting Mail delivered from Australia is it just me or do other people living outside the main centres have problems with mail deliveries?
bluenz replied on August 02, 2015 with:
I've had the same problem where I live, took a registered letter 2 attempts to get here, and that included about 4-5 days to go the last 19kms. Every time my Aus Credit card expires, it's a drama replacing it, the original replacement never arrives.
westernforce replied on August 01, 2015 with:
Thanks for your reply I will keep waiting for the letter in the mean time I have requested another letter the 3rd to be sent to an address in HCMC hopefully that arrives. Another 3 letters have not arrived here and I have checked the addresses I gave the people it is correct i am starting to suspect the local Post Office or one of their employees is not doing their job correctly, the Post Office here says they have not received it maybe the problem is further up the lin who knows.
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bluenz replied to the thread American/ French coming to Quy Nhon on the Vietnam forum on July 29, 2015:
Cyrilb initially posted:
Coming to teach english there. Anybody there to help me out. Looking for a place to rent and some infos about life there. I am currently in bangkok.
bluenz replied on July 29, 2015 with:
Goodluck, you may need it, they have been advertising for many months for some reason, couldn't get a teacher, or couldn't keep a teacher????
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bluenz replied to the thread importing a car on the Vietnam forum on July 26, 2015:
foneman initially posted:
I'm moving to VN soon, My wife lives in Dalat. does any know the process and expence associated with importing a car?
bluenz replied on July 26, 2015 with:
Check out, it's been covered on there many times, you need to be aware that you must take the vehicle out of the country with you if you leave. ( plus pay HUGE taxes on it ).
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SnowsSteve replied to the thread HCM CITY CHECKING ACCOUNT on the Vietnam forum:
Kytain initially posted:
I am applying for a UK Fiance Visa. I need my Vietnamese partner to open a checking account in HCM City. Does anyone know if it is easy for a Vietnamese person to open a checking account? Thank you Gary
SnowsSteve replied on July 22, 2015 with:
It is very easy for her to open an account. Vietcom Bank is government owed - Thus is is very safe. Citibank is also government owed - It is a branch of the international banking system and it is very easy to wire funds from the USA Citibank to the Vietnam Citibank. But your fiance should already have a bank account. Is she asking you to wire money to her?
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Vietnam government has enforced the 46th Resolution/NQ-CP to give out visa exemption policy for citizens from 5 countries: Kingdom of Great Britain, Republic of France, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of Spain and Republic of Italy, when they come to Vietnam. In detail, citizens from these 5 countries mentioned above will get visa exemption when entering Vietnam with the time limit of stay in Vietnam NOT exceeding over 15 days, since the day they get the entry permit to Vietnam. And it will be applied to any types of passports and under any types of traveling purposes, if the applicants are suitable to apply under currently issued Vietnamese law. This policy will be enforced in the period of one year, from the date of July 1st, 2015 to over the date of June 30th, 2015, and it will be reconsidered later under the Vietnam law to be extended or so. At the annual meeting on May, 2015, Vietnam government has reached the unanimous agreement with some resolutions in solving existing problems and help developing Vietnam tourism upon the submitted plan by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in which mentions about the matters of expanding the list of countries that should have visa exemption from Vietnam, issuing e-visas, and simplifying the procedure of issuing visas in Vietnam. At the 92th Resolution/NQ-CP’s meeting about some resolutions to speed up the action of developing Vietnam tourism in this new era, which was issued by the end of 2014, Vietnam Government also requested the Ministry of Public Security to take the lead, along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and along with some involved offices, in the action of checking, researching, and then submit a plan of expanding the list of countries that should have visa exemption from Vietnam along with securing the national security. Up until now, Vietnam has given out one-way visa exemption policy for 7 countries (Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia), two-way visa exemption policy for 9 countries in ASEAN group. Lately, Vietnam government also enforced the visa exemption policy for the Republic of Belarus. Since the first visa exemption policy (since 2014), the number of tourists from Japan to Vietnam has increased up to 2.43 times, from Korea is 3.6 times, and from Russia (since 2009) is 7.45 times…
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dungnvi replied to the thread lawyers for property acquisition on the Vietnam forum:
retep287 initially posted:
I am considering buying property in HCMC;Can anyone please recommend good property lawyer english speaking?
dungnvi replied on July 21, 2015 with:
Hi You can contact to me about buying property. Phu My Hung has lots of foreigners in here. My phone is: 090 674 5486 or email:
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property in Vietnam Charming house rental with garden in a quiet alley of Dang Thai Mai neighborhood, easy access, near the lake and park, shops, cafe, restaurants, market etc., The house has 04 floors, a living room combined with dining room, good kitchen cupboard with a proper oven , refrigerator, dining table and chairs, there are 04 good sized bedrooms with nice timber floors, each bedrooms have its own bathrooms, two bath-tubs, all bedrooms have windows and light, nice hallways with large windows by the garden that bring light-in, there is a nice roof topterrace with a small garden uphere with green plants, laundry with washer and dryer. there is a room on the ground floor near the garden which can be used as a playroom for children to have toy-stuffs All rooms with air-conditioners, some wardrobes, beds are available readmore :
property in Vietnam A beautiful house located in a secure lane of To Ngoc Van street, within few minutes walking distance to the West lake, close to school, kindergarten.. near a range of shops, bars, restaurants, coffees, minimarts, gym.... The construction area is 120 sq.m. This house has 3 storeys, plus 01 roof floor, includes 05 good sized bedrooms, 05 bathrooms, a living room, separate kitchen. All bedrooms are bright and airy with lots of natural light, wooden flooring, and have outside balconies.This property offers courtyard for parking or can be a playground for children. Please contact us to arrange a viewing

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