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Real Estate Advice for Panama

Our real estate partners and people living in Panama have generously shared their experiences and expertise about buying real estate and renting homes overseas in Panama. Plus, they've contributed tips for living in their local areas.

Tips for Renting Property in Nueva Gorgona, Panama

An expat offers advice to newcomers about renting property in Neuva Gorgona. Continue Reading

Tips for Buying Propery in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

An expat and real estate associate with Keller Williams Realty Panama offers tremendous insight into the process of buying property in Panama. She focuses on the beach town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama. Continue Reading

Tips for Buying Propery in San Carlos, Panama

An expat offers extensive advice about buying a home in Panama. She lives in San Carlos, but her advice applies to Panama as a whole - from the best places to buy to the steps in buying real estate. Continue Reading

12 Tips for Living in Pedasi, Panama

An expat in Panama talks about what it's like to retire in Pedasi. He discusses applying for the Pensionado visa, nearby hospitals in Las Tablas and Chitre, the cost of living in Panama. If you're planning to visit Pedasi stop by Smiley's on Sundays to watch football and meet expats. Continue Reading

Allianz Care International Health InsuranceInternational Health Insurance

Get a quote for health insurance from our partner, Allianz Care.
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Allianz Care International Health InsuranceInternational Health Insurance

Get a quote for health insurance from our partner, Allianz Care.
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Panama GuidePanama Guide
Learn what members have to say about living in Panama.

Panama Forum Panama Forum
Talk with other digital nomads and expats in Panama on our Panama forum - meet people, get advice and help others.

Panama Index Panama Index
An index of all of our site's Panama information.

Contribute to Panama Network Contribute
Help others in Panama by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Panama.

Expat Healthcare Advice in PanamaHealthcare & Health Insurance in Panama

Expats in Panama offer advice about healthcare, hospital visits, emergency rooms visits, finding a doctor and buying health insurance in Panama.

Expat Talk about Healthcare Advice in PanamaMembers Talk about Healthcare & Health Insurance in Panama

Expats in Panama offer advice about healthcare in Panama.

Best Places to Live in Panama Best Places to Live in Panama

Panama is a great place to live or retire with easy residency laws, warm people and lots of expats. Whether you want to live by the beach in Bocas del Toro or need to live in Panama City for work and schools, there are many places to explore.

Real Estate in PanamaReal Estate in Panama

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Panama.

Guide to Real Estate in PanamaGuide to Real Estate in Panama

Advice for people renting and buying real estate in Panama.

Pros Cons of Living in PanamaPros & Cons of Living in Panama

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what digital nomads & expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Panama.

Cost of Living in PanamaCost of Living in Panama

Expats in Panama enjoy a relatively low cost of living. However, it's important to do your research to make sure you'll actually enjoy those saving while creating a high quality of life as an expat in Panama.

Pros-and-Cons-of-Living-in-PanamaPros and Cons of Living in Panama

Expats in Panama talks about the pros and cons of living in Panama. Topics include the lower cost of living, bureaucracy, friendly people. Expats in Panama seem to agree that you'll have to come down and explore the country to find out if it's the right place for you!

13-Important-Tips-for-Retirees-in-Panama13 Important Tips for Retirees in Panama

If you're thinking about retiring in Panama, here are 13 things you must know before you make the move.

8-Important-Tips-about-Healthcare-and-Health-Insurance-in-Panama8 Important Tips about Healthcare and Health Insurance in Panama

Expats in Panama offer 8 important tips about healthcare and health insurance in Panama. While the quality of healthcare varies, there are world class doctors and facilities throughout Panama. Health insurance is much less expensive in Panama. Doctors visits (with and without insurance) are very affordable. The one negative seems to be that medications can be more expensive that in the U.S. Despite these pros and cons, many expats.mentioned that people have healthier lifestyles in Panama - cleaner air, cleaner water, fresh produce and less stress.

7-Things-to-Know-Before-You-Move-to-Panama7 Things to Know Before You Move to Panama

Do you have to buy a round trip ticket when moving to Panama? How difficult is it to bring my dog? Should I buy a home in Panama? Can I find health insurance that covers me in Panama and my home country when I travel back to visit relatives?

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