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Living in Merida, MexicoJune 20, 2022

People that move to Merida, Mexico report a high quality of life and in a vibrant and modern city with so much to do. Does it get hot? Of course, but those who have chosen Merida as their home have decided it is well worth it! A city of 892k, Merida is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

In this week's issue, we cover 4 FAQ about Living in Merida, Mexico:

Where should I live in Merida?

"Merida is made up of the Centro area (downtown) and then many different neighborhoods which are called colonies and Fracc's. We were told by a realtor that many expats and expats move to the North Merida area, which is nice and very safe with many stores and restaurants. He said anything above Calle 59 is good. We ended up finding a place in a small neighborhood called San Pedro Uxmal. I don't think there are many expats and expats there, but the home had everything we wanted and the price was good. We are very happy there," said one member.

What is the Cost of Living in Merida?

"The rents here are low for now. As more people discover the richness Merida offers, I know that they will increase, but for right now, you can get a very nice apartment or rental home for a fraction of what you'd pay in the USA. My advice is if you like it here, buy sooner rather than later (very carefully). Local food is very cheap and imports are what they are," wrote one member.

What do you appreciate about life in Merida?

"They are family oriented, like inviting you places to do fun activities and they like to celebrate dates with a lot of joy. Also the laid back lifestyle compared to big cities in the states. I also love to see the traditions being kept up and honored. And I like seeing my son speak Spanish beautifully. I like everything. The architecture, the art, the music, the dancing and the literature and the people telling me their life stories," mentioned another expat in Merida.

What are the most challenging aspects of living in Merida?

"I think language is the main challenge. Originally, we were going to move to Playa del Carmen where many of the Mexicans speak English as it is a tourist town. We changed plans and moved to Merida and have found that the majority of Mexicans do not speak English, so it is definitely a challenge daily!," explained one expat in Merida, Mexico.