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February 29, 2024

10 Best Places to Live in Jamaica

Anyone who has ever dreamt of living in the Caribbean should read our article 10 Best Places to Live in Jamaica, which is the perfect place to start. Here are a few highlights:

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the capital of St. James parish and Jamaica's fourth largest city. With a population of approximately 110,000, Montego Bay is a popular tourist destination and the home to numerous hotels and resorts. Jamaica's largest airport, Sangster International Airport, is located in Montego Bay. There are several schools in Montego Bay that are popular with expats, including Montego Bay Christian Academy and Heinz Simonitsch School. "I finally made the move to Montego Bay. I found a great place in Coral Gardens and I'm all settled in," exclaimed one expat.

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Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a town in the St. Ann Parish on the north coast of Jamaica. With a population of approximately 10,000, Ocho Rios is a popular tourist town and port for cruise ships. "When we first moved to Ochi, we were staying in an apartment that was rented out by my husband's company. Since the apartment was a bit far from downtown and also very dark, we started looking around for a new place. Our lease was almost up, so we were actively on the lookout. A friend of ours saw a sign right outside a nice looking complex advertising a real estate agency and we called right away. Now we live in an ocean front apartment and couldn't be happier. We got lucky with our apartment. We have all the amenities many people in Jamaica go without (running water, washer & drier, hot water, AC etc). We even have a dishwasher, which we never use, since electricity here is extremely expensive. Our kitchen appliances are modern and really nice. Our internet is much faster than in the U.S. We have a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, with a nice balcony overlooking the ocean and the pool. We take our baby son for a swim almost every day," explained one expat. Another expat in Ocho Rios confessed, "I moved to Ocho Rios area 3 months ago.. I am enjoying Jamaica.. the slower pace when I go to the bank, stores really gets on my nerve.. I need a way to overcome getting so annoyed at slow service. By the way I found a beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean too..missing the A/C.. I find people here to be very nice.. neighbours that share ackee and breadfruit without hardly knowing me. I am loving my new life.. despite some of the USA comforts I am going without."


Falmouth, Jamaica is the capital of Trelawny Parish. It's situated on the north coast of Jamaica about 40 minutes by car east of Montego Bay. With a population of approximately 8,000, the city's population rises dramatically with the arrival of each Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Royal Caribbean spent a reported $170 million building a new port called, "Historic Falmouth, Jamaica." This project employed many locals and helped to revitalize Falmouth. "I chose my community by asking friends and family for references. I wanted to reside near the airport but not in a commercial zone. I chose Retreat Heights which is located outside of the town of Falmouth but close enough to hotels, airport and entertainment. My housing costs are significantly lower than in the US."