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June 15, 2024

8 Best Places to Live in Croatia

It's amazing that Croatia is still relatively unknown to many people outside of Europe given all of the fantastic options it has to offer. Those who have relocated to Croatia rave about the various aspects of life there - the climate, the food, the people and more. While it can be expensive in certain parts of the most popular coastal cities, a little research will go a long way towards finding an incredible quality of life for a wide variety of budgets. With that in mind, here are the 8 Best Places to Live in Croatia.


Hvar is the only island on our list of best places to live in Croatia. Hvar is an up-and-coming destination for expat retirees known for its beautiful beaches, quaint seaside towns, mild winters and island lifestyle. There are many ferry routes from Hvar Island to mainland Croatia.

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Split, Croatia has a population of over 150,000. Split is located in Dalmatia on the Adriatic sea. An expat in Split described the expat community and lifestyle there: "The expats are mainly German. Few are English speaking. This is a highly seasonal area. The places open in May and close in September. During the tourist season, there is considerable night life, great restaurants, cafes, etc. In the winter, it is just locals. The history goes back 3,000 years. Vast number of historic sites, nearby national parks, the Adriatic to swim in and for water sports. You can do as much or as little as you want." When asked about whether you need a car when living there, he replied, "Car is required. Taxis are costly but the bus service which is good, only operates between main centres."


Pula is located on Istria, which is the largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. This coastal paradise combines wine making, ancient history (see the ruins of the Roman Pula Arena), exceptional cuisine and more to create a truly unique experience for expats to consider when they explore Croatia. An expat also shared: "As far as the wine goes, the Istrian peninsula is known for growing olives and varieties of grapes, there’s a lot of great vine here."