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An Expat Talks about Moving to Phuket, Thailand

Jul 17, 2017

Phuket, Thailand

An expat in Phuket tells others moving to Thailand to rent short term at first to give yourself time to check things out. She told newcomers to make friends and be brave - that Thai people are generally very helpful.

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


Name three things that you wish you had brought and three you wish you had left at home.

I wish I had left home my sweater and hoodie. I wish I had prepared myself more with a Thai translation App. Also cotton sheets.

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What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?

Don't start long term. Do short term places and check things out. Make friends, be brave. Thai's are generally VERY helpful. I was made part of the family quickly.

What type of housing do you live in? Is this typical for most expats in your area?

2 bedroom house on a bit of land. I do not know what is "typical" for expats living in Phuket.

How did you choose your neighborhood and find your home or apartment?

I searched all the rental sights and settled on a PEACEFUL place short term, through airB&B that spoke English and had a friendly feel. That was a crucial part of the transition. The I made connections and wound up renting long term in the same area in Phuket. Rental agencies and driving in place I was unfamiliar with was stressful and did not avail me a long term home.

Are your housing costs higher or lower than they were in your home country? What is the average cost of housing there?

Much lower of course! But I do deal with funky factors, not so clean, not so airtight and not so functional.

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