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An Expat Talks about What is Was Like Having a Baby in Placencia, Belize

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


How recently did you give birth in the country that you are reporting on?

not at all

Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...

This is not about giving birth in Belize, but about the pregnancy tests. If you are living in a third-world county where you do not have access to the "EPT" style tests be leary. My husband and I have used what I call "Army surplus" tests where there are no directions only to have numerous women tell us they are not accurate. So far, they have been as we have not conceived, but if you are trying to get pregnant, take a bunch of PG tests that have a good reputation.

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If you were to have another child in this country, would you do anything differently in terms of preparation and/or the delivery?

According to Belizean law, any child born to parents who are not legal citizens, the child cannot hold Belizean citizenship at birth, only after living in the country for the alloted amount of time as with any other foreigner.

If a friend of yours living in the same country were expecting, what advice would you give her?

(following what other expats have done) I would suggest my friend go back to her mother country for the last month until after delivery. Simply because the infant cannot receive citizen status.

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Comments about this Report

Nov 19, 2010 02:39

This is incorrect. According to the Belizean constitution, "24. Every person born in Belize on or after Independence Day shall become a citizen of Belize at the date of his birth: Provided that a person shall not become a citizen of Belize by virtue of this section if at the time of his birth- (a) neither of his parents is a citizen of Belize and his father or mother possesses such immunity from suit and legal process as is accorded to the envoy of a foreign sovereign power accredited to Belize; or (b) his father or mother is a citizen of a country with which Belize is at war and the birth occurs in a place then under occupation by that country." (from http://www.belizelaw.org/e_library/constitution_03.html) (a) says only the children of foreign ambassadors cannot receive citizenship by birth (as per most other nations) (b) says if another country is at war with Belize (Belize hasn't gone to war)

Jul 1, 2012 11:41

the Belize constitution states that any baby bron after 1981 regardless of parents citizenship, if they are born in Belize, are citizens of Belize.

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