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We hope you don't forget about ALL of your family members when as you consider or prepare to move abroad. Just as visa laws differ from country to country, so do the laws regarding your pets. Don't forget you also need to consider what policies exist for bringing them back into your home country, too.

There are often expatriates who will do lots of research into an international relocation before they realize that there's someone that they've forgotten about... their pet!

Every nation has its own set of policies regarding pet immigration. The most obvious issues involve vaccination and quarantine. Once again, preparation is of utmost concern. Do all of the research necessary to find out exactly what your potential host country requires. In addition, don't forget to find out what your native country will require when you try to return home with your furry friend.

Quarantines in some countries have been eliminated or reduced with the use of microchips. This is a big benefit in a country such as the United Kingdom, which otherwise requires a quarantine for about six months.

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Jan 19, 2016 16:23

Does ecuador have pet restrictions? We have a sirtzu about 12pounds.

First Published: Jul 09, 2004

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