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Land For Sale

Hopkins Village, Belize

Land in Hopkins Village

Does Not Apply to This Listing

Price: 239,000 USD

Living Space: .96 acres

Details & Contact Owner

This parcel is situated at the entrance of Hopkins Village with a size of 0.956 acres. It is one of the few available for sale with such large size in the village and its location is set for a variety of opportunities.

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Land For Sale

Hopkins / Sittee Point, Belize

Land in Hopkins / Sittee Point

Does Not Apply to This Listing

Price: 105,000 USD

Living Space: 50' x 125'

Details & Contact Owner

Ocean Front Building Lot in Hopkins/Sittee Point. The best priced oceanfront lot is available on Sittee Point and measures 50’x100’. The lot has been mostly cleared with some remaining trees left on the north edge of the property. There has been fill added to the property but more will be needed to raise the level a bit more. There is water and electric at the roadside.

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