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Parent's Review of Danila Kumar International School in Ljubljana, Slovenia

What is the name of your child's school? (Please report on one school per survey.)

Danila Kumar International School

In what town or city is this school located?


How would you describe this school? (i.e. American, British, International, Local, etc.)

IB school led by local teachers

What grade levels are represented at this school?

from K to 8th grade

How do most children get to school everyday? (bus, train, walk, etc.)

Most of the children come by car, then some walk and least of them come by bus.

How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?

Average or bellow average facilities. There are some extra-curricular activities with very low quality. The international school uses the building of one public school and share the facilities such gym, dinning area, playground..

What has this school done to help your child transition from the curriculum in your home country into the curriculum in your new country? Are there programs to prepare your child for repatriation?

School does not give extra support to the new students. Only it is a one good teacher in fifth grade that tries to help the students. The school does not support gifted and talented students. Does not follows IB rules in practice, just on paper.

How would you describe the social activities available for parents through this school? Are there parent-teacher organizations?

There are no social activities for parents. Only a meeting once a month. There is no parent-teacher organization. Very bad communication with teachers especially with the principle. Very bad leadership. Principle is not able to accept the international community, very narrow understanding. No flexibility.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?

This is the only certified international school in Ljubljana. There are other international schools, but they do not give official report card at the end of the year. Students have to take extra test to prove their knowledge. If you have older children it is better not to come to Ljubljana.

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Comments about this Report

Jun 10, 2013 11:32

I had children in this school several years ago and cannot disagree more with this report. I found the Principal to be very accommodating though will admit that she is more accommodating to those parents who do not attack her. There are also several excellent teachers. As far as social activities for parents, maybe the parents need to take more initiative in this and for the PTA. While the school does have some issues, I find that the above report is grossly unfair.

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