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Apartment/Flat For Rent

Lisbon, Portugal

4 Bedroom / 2 Bath


Price: 4,000 EUR per Month

Living Space: 160 sq meters

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The elegant family retreat. Because I want space and style. Will I like it here? We think so. Overlooking unbeatable views of Lisbon from a spacious open plan living area. Convenient living without compromising style or location. Really? Tell me more... You can have the spacious city base you've always wanted. With comfortable open plan living overlooking captivating street views, you'll pinch yourself daily. We think a family would be the perfect tenants for this charming property. You need not sacrifice elegance and convenience for room and practicality in this apartment. Your top 3 reasons to rent this apartment: - We love the spacious and stylish living area, perfect for quality family time. - You can be constantly amazed by the gorgeous street views. Quaint. - All of the bedrooms are beautifully furnished. But you need to know this... - There's no dryer. Fear not, laundry doer. Air drying on your balcony is all the rage in Lisbon. Our Homechecker,Vasco, said: I love this property. It's in a beautiful and well connected area, close to Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa and lots of restaurants.… Give it to me straight... This is a spacious 3rd floor, 4-bedroom apartment on Rua Vera Lagoa, Lisbon. It has a stylish open plan living area looking over picturesque street views, as well as 2 small balconies. Charm and space rolled into 1. . This apartment is perfect for a family looking for practicality and space in a great location. Whether it's an outing to the zoo or a date night for mum and dad, you'll have it all around here. You can smoke too - but only on the balcony.

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