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Tessa International School

720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, US

Hoboken, New Jersey, US
  Website   (201) 755-5585   [email protected]

Grade Levels:
PreK-2 - G5
Total Enrollment (approx):
Type of School:
For the school year 2021-22, the full day tuition is of $2574/ month.

About the School
Tessa International School is a bilingual school in Hoboken, New Jersey, offering Spanish, Mandarin or French programs to students ages 2 through elementary. Incorporating best practices from around the world, students are challenged through the teaching and learning every day. Tessa follows the International Baccalaureate approach, in conjunction with official Spanish, Mandarin and French curricula, and provides a strong educational foundation for children aged 2 through elementary. The school aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and respectful children of the world.

Academic Programs
Guided by the International Baccalaureate and the French official curriculum, our program provides a "roadmap" for students to travel, with options for detours when their curiosity is peaked or the need for student-initiated action occurs. Each Unit of Inquiry allows students to deeply engage in Transdisciplinary Learning: Literacy, Math, The Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Personal, Social & Physical Education are all interconnected. The curriculum has been built on the principal of incorporating some of the world's best practices in education such as Singapore Math, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and the French official program (enriched with NJ standards, Spanish an Chinese curriculums).

At Tessa we offer various afterschool activities such as guitar or piano lessons, languages classes, taekwondo, chess and many more. Students love to express themselves in different ways, after a day of learning!

Bi-lingual Education
We offer Spanish, Mandarin or French bilingual programs.

IB Programs

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) is a curriculum framework which centers around a series of transdisciplinary themes that address human commonalities. The Program of Inquiry reflects our philosophy, our knowledge and experience, and the requirements of the NJ Department of Education as well as of the French Curriculum. We review and revise it annually, keeping it relevant, challenging and engaging for our students.

The students are exposed to units of learning that promote inquiry, exploration, and investigation. These units integrate all subject areas and provide meaningful learning experiences for students. The goal is to connect the students' learning to the real world, both locally and globally. We want our students to develop a deep understanding of the concepts and topics being studied.

Nursery / Pre-K Programs
Nursery (PreK2): Students should be 2 years old by December 31st.

Parent Involvement

The Parent Organization plays a vital role in Tessa International School's community-building efforts. It is the School’s and PTO’s joint mission to build a cohesive, global-minded community and work together to make a difference in every child.

The PO plans exciting events throughout the school year, undertakes the task of creating Tessa's year book, and meet regularly to discuss events, ideas and school improvements.

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