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Winford Bilingual Primary School (Haarlem)

Korte Verspronckweg 7-9, Haarlem, Netherlands

Haarlem, Netherlands
  Website   +31 20 7516650   [email protected]

Grade Levels:
ages 4-12
Total Enrollment (approx):
Type of School:
For the school year 2022/23 the fees are 15,900 euros. If you have more than one child at our school, you will receive a 10% family discount on the school fees of the youngest child. The fees include the tuition fees, all school trips, all the curriculum materials, a morning snack, a warm vegetarian lunch, assessments and testing.

About the School
We are a private bilingual school situated near Haarlem station. We teach all subjects equally in Dutch and English. 2 fully qualified teachers per class, and small class sizes of up to 20 children enables us to focus on each individual child. We also offer flexible holidays. There is a BSO (after school care) available on the same premises.

Academic Programs
We follow 3 curricula: The Dutch national curriculum The UK national curriculum and we link these two together with The International Primary Curriculum

Bi-lingual Education
50% English and 50% Dutch. All subjects are taught equally in both languages.

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