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Expat Exchange member, buckiboa, who lives in Belize shares his experiences with expat health insurance and medical services in Corozal/Belize City.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Corozal/Belize City

Word of mouth is a great way to find a doctor if you need one. Our pharmacist has a neurogist that comes to her place of business twice a month from Belize City. He is a wealth of information. Also, be willing to travel to Belize City or Chetumal Mexico to see specialists. We are very pleased with the care we have received thus far. Most of our prescriptions cost us less or equal to our copay in the US without having the cost of a monthly premium on top of that. We are going to look into getting an international health insurance just in case one of us has an emergency that can not be handled here or in Mexico.

Emergency Medical Care in Corozal/Belize City

We have not had to avail services from anywhere but private doctors. There is a small hospital in Corozal but we do not know much about it. We live outside of town in a more rural area but we have been told that there are ambulances. There are several private clinics in town.

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Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

We went to Belize City to see a cardiologist. We were extremely pleased with the quality of care we received. Complete bloodwork and EKG's and ultrasounds were done all on site and the doctor spent over an hour with us going over all of the results. This is better care than what we received in the US. Also, we were able to get a appointment within less than a week. The cost for everything for both me and my husband was equal to what I paid for one month's premium of my health insurance back in the states. That insurance would have also cost me copays on the tests themselves.

Prescription Medicines

We have gotten almost all of our medicines from the states here and have not needed a prescription for even one. A lot of them cost less than what we were paying with some being the same as our copay with our insurance back in the US. There was one of my husbands we could not find but the cardiologist we saw determined he noonger needed to take it. If they don't have the exact same drug, they have one that is compatible. Again, we have been very pleased. There are several pharmacies but we have found Evergreen to be the one we like best. Also, you can get prescriptions in Mexico with no problem as well.


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