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An expat living in Fonyod, Hungary on the south shore of Lake Balaton talks about healthcare in Hungary. She advises other expats to go to Siofok or Kaposvar for serious medical conditions. She also talks about the difference between an official bill for insurance and an out-of-pocket bill.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Fonyod

Ask what the capabilities are. Ask for costs up front. If possible don't ask for a "formal bill" as this will increase your out of pocket substantially!

Emergency Medical Care in Fonyod

In my case the major medical facility is about 36 to 41 km (Siofok or Kaposvar). Emergency services are slow compared to the US and not so sure about the ambulance medic's qualifications but I tend to think it is less than in the US! Although some ambulances in Hungary actually may have a physician on it but I don't know what the criteria are...

Expat Health Insurance

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Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

You need to go to a major city with a population greater than 40,000!

Prescription Medicines

There is a local clinic and they will prescribe you pretty much all routine medication (blood pressure, cholesterol etc.) if you ask them. I used to take my bottle from the US with me but I realized it was not necessary!

Expat Health Insurance in Hungary

I do have health insurance back in the US. However I discovered that if I ask for an "official" bill (understand one with the required AFA/VAT) then the price jumps disproportionately. Give you an example; I had a toothache and a little swelling. I found out which local dentist had an x-ray. He took an x-ray, relieved the swelling, prescribed antibiotics and recommended a root canal which he didn't do. The price was 10,000 forints (very cheap compared to the US). Figuring that I could file with my insurance company in the US, I asked for a "bill"! Big mistake; the price instantly chanced to 17,000 forints. So now for minor stuff I pay out of pocket!


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