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An expat living in Nassau, Bahamas talks about the quality of healthcare in the Bahamas. He explained that the hospitals and clinics in the Bahamas provide care more quickly than in this home country of Canada. Also, many expats in need of specialized care take a quick trip to Florida.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Nassau

As compared to Canada the availability and quality of some health care services is lacking but still adequate. The speed of which they will see you at the clinics and private hospitals is much faster then it is in Canada and for what is missing a quick trip to Florida will provide you with all you need that can not be found in New Providence.

Emergency Medical Care in Nassau

We live on the west end of the Island which is close to the Lyford Cay Hospital (Private) and the < href="">Doctor's Clinic (Private). Both the public hospital and the Doctor's Hospital are in the downtown area and not that far of a drive. I have used all three of the private clinics and hospitals without any problems and have found the care and service to be more then adequate. I have not used the public hospital. All of them are serviced by an ambulance service as well.

Expat Health Insurance

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Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

I have no need to leave the island for health services yet. However most people take the short trip to Florida for any services they can not receive on island.

Prescription Medicines

Most prescriptions are readily available. I have found for those not commonly at the pharmacies that they will order them for you without a problem. I have a reoccurring prescription that they order from England and I have been getting it every month at my local pharmacy without any problem. The cost is generally a little higher then it would be in the USA but my prescription coming from England is actually cheaper then what I paid for it in Canada. Prescriptions are needed for all prescribed medicines but are easily obtained at any of the clinics.

Expat Health Insurance in Bahamas

I have found that the health insurance costs is more related to your health history then where you choose to live. Exclusions in new policies are common if you have a history of certain health problems. I have expat insurance as well as international health care insurance and have found them to be adequate in paying for both emergency situations as well as routine costs. The one problem has always been that I must pay for many services on my own first and then have it reimbursed by the health care provider, this can be hard on the cash flow if you don't have the money put aside for an emergency situation.


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