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Budapest British International School

4 Zsolna utca, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
  Website   +3670-425-5225   [email protected]

Grade Levels:
Reception, Primary and Secondary
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International Students (approx):
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About the School
Budapest British International School (BBIS) is an outstanding COBIS accredited boutique school for families looking for an exceptional international education experience for their children. With more than 35 different nationalities, we are committed to nurturing creative and responsive global citizens with mindsets for success.

Academic Programs
BBIS follows the MYP IB program, developed for students aged 11-16. It is a challenging, broad and balanced framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. As well as having an academic focus, it also emphasizes a student's social, spiritual, physical and creative wellbeing. During the programme, students are encouraged to explore global challenges, develop critical thinking techniques and become life-long learners, helping them prepare for higher education. The MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.


At BBIS we encourage our children to develop as rounded, balanced individuals, and offer over 50 co-curricular activities (CCA's) outside of the school curriculum. From developing musical creativity to being part of a sports team, our large variety of CCA's help student's to discover their hidden passions.

We have a new purpose-built building for September 2020 with brand new facilities and gymnasium.

Our swimming lessons take place locally at MOM Sport. Below is a list of some of the CCA's on offer:

Eco Warriors Gymnastics
Hungarian History Jiu-Jitsu
Computer Coding

IB Programs
Middle Years Program (MYP)

Nursery / Pre-K Programs
Our full day Reception class is aimed at ages 4-5 and follows the high standards of the British Curriculum EYFS statutory framework, which recognises developments for best practice in education.

Parent Involvement
We strive to maintain a high level of communication with our parents to ensure our students have a positive and engaging experience. We maintain regular contact through our newsletter, written reports, parent's evenings and our Parents and Friends Association (PFA). Our online Engage and Managebac systems allow parents to view information directly on their child's attendance, achievements, reports and timetable at any time. Should a parent need to speak to us regarding any concerns or issues, we are also available by appointment.

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