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Coronavirus in Valdivia, Chile

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Mar 18, 2020 Update

We Asked: What is currently happening with regard to the Coronavirus outbreak in your area? Please provide as much detail as possible. She replied...

Schools & the university are closed, as are many restaurants and our gym at hotel Dreams. We went to Immigration today and they are only seeing people who made online appointments but it was quick and orderly. I saw a doctor on Monday at Clinica Alemana and again quick & orderly with an appointment. Pharmacies are sold out of Alcohol, Alcohol gel & Tylenol/paracetamol but otherwise fine. Antibacterial & Chlorox wipes seem to stay sold out. About 1/5 of people are wearing masks. Elbow bumps have replaced personal contact. Everything is organized and orderly but the streets still have more people than we expected. Notices on hand washing are everywhere. Our local supermarket is very well stocked.

How People are Coping

We Asked: How are people handling the situation in your area? She replied...

People are orderly and aware but only about 1/5 are wearing masks - At most. There are still significant numbers of people on the street and a lot of traffic. Buses, Colectivos & Taxis are running. Distance is being kept and people are bumping elbows instead of greeting with a kiss.

Changing Conditions as coronavirus Spreads

We Asked: How has the situation changed as the Coronavirus has spread? She replied...

The change this week is very noticeable. Many Restaurants closed yesterday. The Dreams hotel closed their parking & Gym. Masks increase daily. Fewer people on the street and more people shopping more.

Government Response

We Asked: Describe how the government of the country about which you are reporting is handling this situation. She replied...

Very very well. Organized, keeping everyone informed & closing public gathering spots like tourist venues, restaurants & malls. We visited immigration today and they changed to appointment only, no waiting in waiting room - only outside, extremely helpful and caring.

Government Response with Regard to Expats

We Asked: Describe how your home country's government has handled the outbreak situation with regards to its expatriate citizens. She replied...

Disaster! In California (my daughters live there) there is shelter in place but difficult to be tested. My family in Oklahoma & Florida have noticed NO CHANGE to life with bars and restaurants packed. My sister who teaches in Caligotnia was told some districts are open, others closed. And you can bring your kids to in-service events. My daughter was diagnosed at UCSF with bronchitis/pneumonia but they couldn't get access to Coronavirus test. Californians are flooding Tahoe area and no restrictions to movement. My daughter returned from London with respiratory problems and was not questioned at airport in anyway entering with global access. The US is doing nothing to effectively fight virus.

Supplies and Shortages

We Asked: Is there a shortage of supplies in your location? She replied...

Here only shortage appears to be alcohol, gel and wipes. I purchased antibiotics two days ago.

Preparing for the Future

We Asked: What are you doing in terms of preparations in case the situation deteriorates in your location? She replied...

We are keeping 2-3 weeks of food. We have cash, full tank of gas, masks, alcohol, Listerine, Tylenol, Lysol, wipes which we keep in the car, toilet paper, extra laundry soap, and water.

Lockdown & Passing the Time

We Asked: Are you staying home? If so, how are you passing the time? She replied...

We can both work from home but we miss our gym . We are watching a lot more TV, YouTube and writing more email & teaching out to friends. We have joined an electronic library, and are improving our spanish.

Public Healthcare & Public Hospitals

We Asked: Are you enrolled in the public healthcare system where you live? Do you feel that the public hospitals are handling or preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak effectively? She replied...

No - we have only US insurance but I visited the best hospital easily in Monday with an appointment I made Friday. It was busy but not very difficult and testing is on site. Visit was about US $25 & antibiotics were US $35

Private Health Insurance & Private Hospitals

We Asked: Do you have private health insurance? If you have private insurance, does this give you access to private hospitals? Are private hospitals or clinics better prepared, less prepared, or the same? Please explain. She replied...

All hospitals are private here. Mybinsurance covers me thoroughly in Chile but with co payments.

Hospital of Choice for Coronavirus Treatment

We Asked: Would you choose a public or private hospital if you needed treatment for Coronavirus? Why? If there is a specific hospital that you would go to in the event of severe illness? Which hospital and why? She replied...

Closest is Clinica Alemana and it is private but all Chilean hospitals are private.

Returning Home

We Asked: Are you considering returning to your home country due to the Coronavirus? Would this be a temporary move or a permanent repatriation? Please explain. She replied...

We are scheduled to depart June 3 rd anyway. If we can last we definitely prefer to be here.

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