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International School of Belgium (ISBe)

Kontichsesteenweg 40, Aartselaar, Belgium

Aartselaar, Belgium
  Website   +32 (0)3 271 09 43   

Grade Levels:
Pre-School to Grade 12 (18 yrs)
Type of School:

Tuition fees are from a minimum of €9220 to a maximum of €19600.

Families with more than one child benefit from our 10% sibling discount.

The school offers scholarships in certain cases and are discussed on a case by case basis.

We calculate reductions on a pro rata basis if you join the school during the academic year.

About the School
International School of Belgium (ISBe) is part of a global group of schools, universities and institutes, giving students a unique advantage in an interconnected world. It follows an internationally renowned curriculum for children aged 2½ to 18, including IPC, IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes. Lessons are taught in English, with Dutch and French also offered. Students from a diverse mix of nationalities enjoy an innovative 21st century learning environment, which includes student exchange programmes and residential trips. The school provides career coaching, learning support and quality sports, arts and music programmes along with an extensive co-curricular programme. The school is conveniently located between Antwerp and Brussels with school bus services from various locations. We offer a world-class education with competitive fees. The school is accredited by the International Baccalaureate and is a member of a number of global bodies.

Academic Programs

At ISBe we aim to equip all our learners with 21st century skills, enabling them to be critical thinkers, creative team players, technologically savvy, independent and confident risk takers.

Our school does this through its curriculum and the world renowned IPC, IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes.


In our Co-Curricular Programme we offer activities that go beyond the classroom and enable students to stretch their abilities and try new pursuits. Children can choose from a range of activities, including artistic expression, music, sports, ICT, swimming, drama, coding and programming etc.

Our CCP activities are particularly interesting for students who wish to deeper explore their interests or who wish to extend certain skills. A full overview of our Co-Curricular Programme is shared with our parents each year in a brochure and students are allowed to choose up to three activities per week.

Bi-lingual Education
The language of teaching is English, although Dutch and French are also offered.

IB Programs

A two-year high school diploma administered by a world-renowned non-governmental educational organisation.

Students study six subjects: 3 at Higher Level (HL) and 3 at Standard Level (SL), which they choose from six subject groups.

Studies in Language and Literature

Language Acquisition

Individuals and Societies

Experimental Sciences


The Arts

In addition to the six subjects, all students take part in the three core components that sets the IB Diploma Programme apart from other high school diplomas.

Nursery / Pre-K Programs
Pre-school (Full time) uses nature's way of learning – play, to enhance children's development. The teachers use the principles of the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) to develop the children's knowledge, skills and understanding of themselves and the world around them. They also follow the UK Letters and Sounds phonics scheme and the UK Abacus Maths programme to develop their English and Maths skills, at an age appropriate level, alongside the IEYC. We have fully qualified English speaking staff together with our PE and Music specialists and the children are encouraged to regularly borrow books from our Library to support their learning.

Religious Affiliation

Parent Involvement

At ISBe our Parent Association (PA) plays a vital role in school life and we welcome all parents to become involved.

Our PA facilitates parental participation in school in a positive way and helps build a sense of community around the school.

Our PA does some of the following functions: Organises school community events, e.g. Community Day, International Day; Supports students in projects with fundraising activities; To promote volunteerism among parents e.g. to take students to sports events and helping with community service projects; Promotes parent participation in school events and workshops such as Coffee Mornings; Supports new families through welcoming and hosting events for new parents to introduce them to the community; Organises parental get togethers at the beginning and end of the year. e.g Welcome Back and ‘End of Year Dance/Party’; Actively and positively promotes the school in the wider community. The Parent Association looks forward to welcoming you to our school community.

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