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Penonome, Panama

Land in Penonome

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Price: 3,500 USD

Living Space: 500 Square Meters

Own a piece of farmland, We have 9 Hectares or 90,000 square meters for sale in 500 square meter parcels. Park your RV, your Trailer, your Van or mobile home while building your home.

2 Options. Buy shares and live and farm on the property at $7 a square meter for small pieces of land such as 500 square meters. Deed your particular piece of the property and separate it from the rest if you prefer. Or buy the entire property at $3 per square meter. The Penonome Farm Project, known as Penonome Gates or PG had it's beginnings in 2008 with 9 Hectares of Farmland located 3km outside of downtown Penonome in Panama. Farm shares are in a Corporation and can be purchased individually. By owning shares, you control the land where you can build your Organic Farm. The more shares the larger the property size. The Farm located 3km from downtown Penonome, borders on the year round running river the Zarati. The land costs only $7 a square meter for a 500 square meter building lot, but the entire property is for sale at $3 per square meter. Purchasers of shares will have a choice of acreage size and location on the farm. Park your Trailer, your Winnebago or your Mobile Home. Specific types of homes may be built on each of the properties, preferably Domes, Yurts, or Sandbag type homes using Solar, Wind etc. but start your homestead in a Van or motorhome and build from there. A small brick Casita can make a great starter home while you build something much bigger.

Penonome is a booming town based around an immaculately maintained Spanish Colonial Church Plaza. It has a small banking center consisting of about 7 banks, a number of hotels and restaurants, a hospital, and even a Machetazo which is, in essence, Panama’s equivalent to Wal-Mart. There is an airport in Penonome Penonome is located at an approximate 1.45 hours drive from Panama City on a four lane highway and is the city nearest to all Pacific beaches; it has access to medical services, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and shops. Due to its proximity to Panama’s central mountain range, Penonome enjoys a mild weather and temperatures range on the mid 70’s Fahrenheit all year around.

One of the most beautiful things about Cocle Province, aside from its natural beauty and wonderful people, is its cost of living, and cost of real estate. Beautiful land and unique properties at great values are still very obtainable here, and the quality of life exceptional.

Within 15 miles are four of the best beaches of Panama's Pacific coast and 17 miles from El Cope Natural Park, one of the few spots in Panama where you can observe the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Just 22 miles from Nata de Los Caballeros, the oldest mainland city of the continent and 25 miles away from the touristic town of El Valle.

Penonome is one of Panama’s last undiscovered treasures. It is the capital city of the province of Cocle and boasts beautiful mountain views and crystal clear rivers. Penonome plays a very important role in Panama’s agricultural industry, and is home to many ranches, and orchards. Just want to be an investor? Investments earn 7% yearly.

Penonome is an area rich in Indian history and petroglyphs can be found throughout this area, specifically in the area of La Pintada.

Throughout Penonome one can find various typical Spanish Colonial towns that have remained virtually untouched over time, and still hold their old world charm and beauty.

The province of Cocle, in which Penonome is located, is also very well known for its local hand made crafts which include Typical Panama Hats, and folkloric items. Did we mention investments earn 7% yearly.

Penonome is also a very festive town and boasts the aquatic carnivals, the orange festival, tomato festival, and the sugar cane festival.

Pros for Investing in Penonome: It has sufficient infrastructure to live full time.

Penonome is located less than 2 hours west of Panama City and has a stunning country side, with beautiful rivers and mountain vistas, and very quaint Historical Spanish Colonial towns based around a central church plaza. While Penonome and the surrounding areas are growing by leaps and bounds, there are still many opportunities in the area for new businesses and services. There is still plenty of room for appreciation of Penonome and the nearby surrounding areas. It is still very affordable to have a home with lots of acreage in the areas surrounding Penonome. The people are very friendly and still has a small town atmosphere. Penonome is located about 15 minutes away from the nearest beach resorts, golf courses and casinos of Farallon. For these reasons and for its many festivals, is an ideal setting when you have guests in town...

Penonome is the capital city of the Province of Cocle, which begins with the Pacific salt flats and slopes though cane fields to stunning waterfalls framed with tropical orchids and the lush, virgin mountain peaks of the continental divide.

In total, the Province of Cocle encompasses nearly 12,000 square kilometers, and has a population of over 200,000. The province is a huge agricultural center for Panama and a major producer of sugar, salt, tomatoes, coffee and oranges. Cocle is also a favorite tourist destination and includes Panama's largest beach resorts among its over 100 kilometers of coastal areas.

Penonome is a quaint Spanish Colonial town seeped with history. It was founded in 1581 by the Spaniards, and served as a very important center during the colonial times as a main stop for merchants along the historical Las Cruses Trail. In 1671, after Panama City (the capital then was Old Panama) was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan, Penonome served as the capital city of Panama until the new capital (now known as Casco Viejo was founded.

Penonome has a standard Spanish urban plan known as a Traza in which the church, government offices and police station are based around a rectangular park. From the rectangular central park are parallel streets, which break the downtown into blocks or grids. There is also a rich Indian history in Penonome and its surrounding areas, specifically the colonial town of La Pintada which is abounding with petroglyphs and huacas (Indian burial sites often filled with ancient clay pots and gold). Some of the important archeological findings suggest that the area has about 600 years of prehistory.

Cocle is a land of beautiful people, and stunning natural attractions coupled with incredibly diverse culture, history and folklore. The people of Cocle are proud and festive, and celebrate a number of celebrations including the Tomato, Orange Festivals and the Aquatic Carnival, in which floats are paraded down the Zarati River. Some Sites to see: The Archeological and Ethnographic Museum at the Angel M. Herrera School in Penonome.

The Las Mendozas bathing resort (at the Penonome fair). Delicious homemade sweets at the Penonome fair and scrumptious typical delicacies (manjar blanco, bocadillos, bienmesabe (milk based desserts), suspiro (cookies) and raspadura (from sugar cane). Plantations with different types of oranges. The Basilica of Nata de los Caballeros. The beautiful mountains, plains and plateaus. The petroglyphs at El Valle de Anton. The different handicrafts at the Artisan Market in El Valle de Anton. The refreshing waters of the Rio Colorado river. The El Caño archeological park. The Azucarera Nacional sugar cane plantations. The beautiful El Salao beach. The Salt and Sugar Museum. Snorkeling at Playa Los Azules. An ecological walk towards the India Dormida hill in El Valle de Anton. The El Valle thermal waters. The Casa de la Cultura museum in Anton. At El Nispero, the forestal nursery & different animal species at the zoo. Mansion facades of the El Valle holiday resort. The Las Yayas waterfall. The El Cope National Park trails. Handicrafts made of stone soap or Belmont. The San Juan de Dios Chapel in Nata. The Sonadora river in Penonome.

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