Farm for Sale

San Vicente, Manabí, Ecuador

4 Bedroom / 1 Full Bath / Half Bath


Price: 87.000 US$ negociable

Living Space: 28 ha

Complete farm on 28 ha with two houses, machinery, animals, car, etc. All included, ready to step in. Unique because of its proximity to the village, near to the Pacific Ocean, connects to the public road, beautiful view because of the altitude, quiet, all facilities provided and other possibilities

Finca (farm) El Dormilón


Cantón San Vicente, Província de Manabí, República del Ecuador. 2 km from the center of San Vicente. 100 meters public road frontage. 2 km from the Pacific Ocean.

Geographic position and surface area:

567548.00 E till 568246.00 E

9934231.00 N till 9934957.00 N

28 hectars, partly woods, partly prairie, on hills and valleys.


Fruittrees like mango, coco, eucalytus, papaya, mamey, hobo, fruta china, fruta de pan, pechiche, poma rosa, lemon, mandarine, orange, grapefruit, fresa de arbol, etc; vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees with rich fragrant flowers like cananga odorata (ylang ylang), myrto, mimosa, dama de la noche, neem, etc King grass as food reserve for the animals.

The whole property is surrounded with barbwire and piñon, including the different sections of pasture.


1,5 km dirt road connects the public road below to the house up (150 meters high). A main wooden house (walls of cedro, floors of mangle and tilo) on pillars (2,5 m) of guayacán, built in 2006. 12 m long, 8 meters wide, with a porch (floor of amarillo) of 12 m by 2,5 m, all covered with a roof of techoduro (aluminium with zinc). 3 bedrooms with beds, loft and closet; 1 office room(can also be used as a bedroom) with furniture; 1 little bodega;

bathroom with shower, wc, sink, sauna; big living room (with 43 inch plasma tv 3D, home theatre, dvd-player) and furniture (dining table with 6 chairs, 2 small tables with 6 lounge chairs, big cupboard, fixed cornertable all handmade of guayacan, balsamo, caracolillo, laurel, morán, amarillo) connected with fully equipped kitchen (big double sink, cupboards, refrigerator, deepfreezer, washing machine, dishwasher, cooking stove (gas) with oven, microwave and different kitchen necessities). All the floors are waxed. Linoleum in kitchen and bathroom. Under the house: concrete floor with bodega. Around the house grows lawn grass. From the house and other parts of the propriety one can see the pacific ocean.

A second house is situated down at the entry at the public road and made of wood and cane with a bathroom of bricks.

2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom. Electricity and water from the public road, septic pit. On both houses the wood has been treated, in- and outside, also varnished.

Basic services:

Electricity: connection from the public road up to the house with 1,5 km of aluminum cable with steel conductor for high tension electricity. A transformer (15 mega amp) in a brick cabin behind the house receives it and distributes both 110 v and 220 v to the house. All the wiring is protected with tubes.

Water: 85.000 liter cistern, under, behind the house stores the rainwater provided by 200 meter square of roof during the rainy season. A hydropneumatic system distributes the water in the house.The grey water is recuperated in a 1100 liters tank and used in the dry season for irrigation. The toilet drains in a 1200 liters biotank of an anaerobic system, no contamination nor bad smells. Tubes in the ground get rid of any surplus of rainwater. Electricity and water connection down at the public road.

Telephone and internet:

As the antennas for telephone and internet can be seen from the porch, the telecommunication is optimal.


11 cows, chickens, cat and 3 guarddogs.

Around the house up: 3 big and 2 little pastures with corral and drinking place.

Around the house down: 3 big pastures with corral and drinking place.


Mitsubishi L200 4x4 pickup 1997, with a wooden back, in very good shape (completely revised motor). Chainsaw Husqvarna xp272, pumps, electrical grasscutter, hydrovac and other tools.


Unique because of its proximity to the village, near to the pacific ocean, bording to the public road, beautiful view because of the altitude, quiet, all facilities provided and other possibilities. Beautiful valley with trees and animals in front of the house. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs for kitchen and health. Lots of beautyful birds, and other wildlife. The place lends itself for farming fulltime, halftime, occasionnally or just maintenance. Bordered on the west by 825 meters of ecological reserve.

There is an airport in San Vicente that in the near future will get regular flights from and to the rest of the country.

A large bridge over the bay, recently built, connects San Vicente to Bahia de Caráquez as part of the Via del Pacífico that runs along the coastline.

All taxes, obliged insurances, etc. have been payed, all administrative necesities( permits, etc. ) been arranged.

Possiblity to buy more ground alongside the public road


Roger Fevry

Finca El Dormilón

Sitio El Balsamo/ San Vicente

Manabí/ Ecuador

Tel.: 00593(0)999422653


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