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Apartment/Flat For Rent

London, UK

5 Bedroom / 5 Bath


Price: 11,251 GBP per Month

7 Photos | 1 Video

The Paddington delight Because I want impeccable style and an enviable location Will I like it here? That depends. Are you a family or a group looking for a very stylish, spacious flat? Want to plant your flag right in the beating heart of London? This one might be right up your alley. Let us show you around. Really? Tell me more... You'll love how spacious the apartment is. You've got a fully equipped kitchen ready for all culinary flights of fancy, a generous living room, and a patio ready for all your Sunday BBQs. It's big. It's beautiful. And it's in the right spot! You will love the location. It doesn't get more central than City of Westminster. Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace are both within walking distance, and you're surrounded by the iconic. Your top 3 reasons to live here: - The living room is ready for a cocktail party. - The charming decor. Love the fancy armchairs. - Hyde Park is a 10-minute walk away. But you need to know this... - After living in a neighborhood like City of Westminster, you'll never want to leave. Help me make up my mind… This is a fashionable ground floor, 5-bedroom house on Norfolk Square Mews, London. It boasts a spacious living room, elegant decor, and it's close to the most emblematic spots in the city. This house is perfect for an outgoing group or family. Want to soak up everything London has to offer? City of Westminster is a great starting point for your journey.

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Allianz Care International Health InsuranceInternational Health Insurance

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