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Apartment/Flat For Rent

London, UK

4 Bedroom / 3 Bath


Price: 9,754 GBP per Month

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The classy Londoner Because I want style in a happening spot Will I like it here? It'd be hard not to. Boasting sleek decor in one of London's most vibrant neighborhoods, this suave apartment has a lot to offer. Let us show you around. Really? Tell me more... You will love the living room. With two snug couches, cool art on the walls, and lots of natural light, you'll feel like having people over every day. Whether it's a cocktail party or a casual hang, this suave charmer is ready for all your events. We think it's ideal for a family of outgoing individuals. Known for its excellent nightlife and buzzing music scene, Camden is an idyllic spot for nighthawks and assiduous concertgoers. History buff? The British Museum is just a few blocks away. Your top 3 reasons to live here: - The living room is all set to entertain. - The slick decor. Those walls just pop. - The British Museum is a 5-minute walk away. But you need to know this... - There's a washing machine but no dryer - no worries, you can set up a drying rack and you're good to go. Your Home-checker, Demetrius, said: I loved this property. It's a modern flat in a great neighborhood. You've got bars, restaurants, and cafes nearby, as well as great public transport connections.… Help me make up my mind… This is a fantastic 3rd floor, 4-bedroom flat on Charlotte Street, London. It has a spacious living room, colorful decor and it's close to several points of cultural interest.

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