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Chiang Mai

Overseas Rental Report  

Your experiences renting abroad can be instrumental in helping a newcomer get settled abroad. Please provide as much useful information as possible and answer in complete sentences. Thank you, in advance, for helping other expats.

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As a way of helping members research life abroad, Expat Exchange uses advice shared in our reports to create articles that aggregate information about specific topics relevant to living overseas. We never include private information when we do this. Even though we NEVER sell, rent, or share our members private information, please consider carefully what private or personal information you share with others in our Expat Reports. Read more

What country are you reporting about?

If you are in the United States, what state are you reporting on?

What city or town are is this property report focused on?

Where are the most popular neighborhoods (name specific suburbs, name areas of your town, name city neighborhoods or other specific sections) for expats to rent properties in your city or town?

Are there any special precautions expats should take when renting a property in your city/town?

What are the main steps involved in renting a property? Please list them in order and provide a brief description.

Please describe what certain budget levels will be able to afford for a rental in your city/town (For Example: What will someone be able to afford for $1000 per month for a rental? $2000? $3000? $10,000 Etc.)

Are there any special precautions expats should take when purchasing a property in your city or town?

What appliances are typically included in a rental? Is there anything else included or not included that an expat would not expect (i.e. the entire kitchen setup is often not included in a rental in Germany, which surprises most foreigners)?

What types of documents must expats present before renting a property (i.e. residency card, passport, etc.)

Are pets typically permitted in rental properties in your city/town? Please describe.

Are the types of apartments that expats rent typically furnished or unfurnished?

What is the typical term (length of time) for a rental agreement or lease?

Describe how rents are usually paid. When are they typically paid?

What utilities and other services do landlords typically pay for?

Should expats expect to pay an application fee to apply for a rental property?

Should expats expect there to be a credit check when they apply for a rental property? Please describe the process.

Is subletting typically allowed? Please explain.

Is Renter's Insurance available and/or required in your country, city or area?

How are disputes between landlords and tenants typically settled?

Are tenants required to give landlords or owners access to the rental property? How much notice is required?

What other advice would you share with an expat who is new to your city or town and interested in renting a home or apartment?

Chiang Mai
William Russell
William Russell

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William RussellWilliam Russell

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