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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Argentina

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Argentina.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Mendoza Province, Argentina


An expat talks about health care and health insurance in Mendoza. He advises that the government does not offer medical insurance to senior citizens. Also, he says that prescriptions cost about the same as in the United States.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Mendoza, Argentina


An expat in Mendoza, Argentina has had very good experiences with local doctors and Clinica de Cuyo downtown. She warns that some prescription medicines may not be available since the government severely restricts imports. For example, she knows a cancer patient who had to go to numerous pharmacies and wait weeks for a medication.

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Having a Baby in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We had our baby in a Sanatorio in Buenos Aires. It was a wonderfull experience. I chose a healthcare team that really made me feel cared for. I felt I was in good hands since the moment we interviewed the obstetrician. When we arrived to the sanatorio the anesthesiologist was waiting for me. I got the epidural right away. The parteras where really nice and tried to comfort me.

Having a Baby in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have private insurance with Medicus, one of the top insurance companies here. I had to take it two months prior to getting pregnant to be fully covered. We are paying 168 US or 535 pesos per month.

I was recommended to a obstetrician who specializes in C-sections. I've had only one visit with him, but he made sure to give me his cell phone. I've already had to use it when I had some slight issues. I was able to reach him on a Sunday night, and after a phone consultation, he sent me to the local "sanitario" which admitted me immediately for an ultrasound. I received excellent care and was amazed to be able to get not only my doctor, but actually to have him call and prep the doctor on staff at the sanitario.

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