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Our new Expat Healthcare Guide is designed to collect and share information about expat healthcare and expat health insurance from expats in Kuwait. If you are already living in Kuwait, please take a few minutes to answer several questions in our Expat Healthcare Report.

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Having a Baby in Kuwait City, Kuwait

I went to a private hospital (Royale Hayat) even though they were not included with my insurance. Prenatal office visits were about 20KD a piece, the lab tests weren't very expensive. Doctors in Kuwait want to do an ultrasound every visit, so if you don't want that you have to say so. They are also used to their patients just accepting whatever they say without questioning and doing things without telling you. So, you really have to be proactive and assertive about what you do and do not want. My goal was a natural childbirth. Except for being induced with prostaglandin gel and sweeping membranes, that is what I had. The labor and induction rooms have "birth" balls. The induction rooms also have jacuzzi tubs. I wrote a birth plan, my doctor as well as the nursing staff read it and they abided by it as much as they could. I was free to move around during labor without being attached to the monitors constantly. The only problem really was that when it came time to push, my doctor wanted me in lithotomy position. I said no and she accepted me being in a side-lying position. I stayed two nights in the hospital. It was a positive experience overall. The only issue I had postpartum was that they did a blood sugar test on my daughter without my consent and tried to tell me she was going to have to have formula instead of exclusively breastmilk. I kept my daughter with me in my room the whole time. They waited to cut her cord until it stopped pulsing and they did not give her the hepatitis B vaccine- all per my requests.

Having a Baby in Kuwait City, Kuwait

I went to a private maternity hospital (Royale Hayat). They are covered by my insurance plan, too. It was an amazing experience. I wanted pain free labor and it pretty much was. I discussed my birth plan with my doctor in advance. He was very supportive and made me feel at ease. The anaesthesiologist and the rest of the staff were kind and helpful. And the rooms were 5 star, definitely!

Having a Baby in Kuwait City, Kuwait

I went to a private hospital (Royale Hayat). I did not use any medicines for pain management. Epidurals are available, but the labor room has a birthing ball and the induction rooms have jacuzzi tubs. I stayed for two nights after my daughter was born. It was a positive experience overall. They respected my wishes as I conveyed via my birth plan. I was able to move around while in labor, I wasn't connected to a monitor continuously. I was able to eat and drink as I liked. I wanted to be able to choose my position for pushing, but the doctor only gave me two options. Lithotomy position or side-lying on the bed were the choices she gave me even though studies show upright positions are better for mother and baby.

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