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Having a Baby in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I gave birth at Gleneagles Hospital in KL. It is a modern facility, and my experience was quite good. My OB was a female doctor who trained in UK, I approached her with my desire to do a non-medicated birth and she was open to that, as long as I was aware that things don't always go exactly as planned. Lucky for me, they did, and my son was born after 14 hours of labor, 6 hours at the hospital. I told the midwife when I arrived that I did not want an epidural, and after a moment of disbelief, she left me and my husband alone until I felt 'like pushing' at which point we were to notify her. I was only attached to a fetal monitor at the beginning when I checked in, and then during the active delivery stage. My doctor was open to any birthing position I chose, and she and the midwife were very supportive during the delivery. I delivered in the afternoon, and stayed two nights, baby sleeping in my room. Overall it was a great experience.

Having a Baby in Melaka, Malaysia

I delivered in a private hospital (HPAK). I had a caesarian under general anaesthetic, due to fetal distress (doc said placenta was not functioning properly as was two weeks overdue and then reacted badly to pitocin induction). The whole thing was a nightmare, though I've been assured that the same would have happened elsewhere given the circumstances.

I did really feel that they take a "medically managed" approach there and I believe that I didn't go into labour on my own because I was so afraid of giving birth in a hospital there. Almost every expat I know who has given birth in Melaka has had a caesarian, and I know a number of them.

I was in hospital for four days. It was unpleasant. We insisted that the baby room in with me, and my husband stayed with us to help. This was out of the ordinary for them! No one breastfeeds there, and none of the midwives or nurses could offer any help - luckily I had done my research or it never would have worked out. Even the baby's pediatrician said we shouldn't even bother trying, that she wouldn't do it because she was delivered under general anaesthetic.

Mostly I felt like they ignored me; they were afraid of us, maybe?? Then they'd come in and stick a thermometer up baby's bum as soon as we'd FINALLY got her to sleep, or come give me a sponge bath at 4am, when *I* was finally asleep. It was such a relief to go home.

Also do not inform the patients of anything, or blatantly lie to avoid explaining anything. They told me the Heparin shot was antibiotics. The doctor told me the painkiller he sent me home with was safe when nursing and I looked it up online when I got home and found I should absolutely not be taking it...

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