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Having a Baby in Tangier, Morocco

I found out i was pregnant 3 days before i arrived in the country to live!! My husband spoke to a friend who works in a hospital in Taniger and he recommended a very good gynecologist called Dr Handoui, went along for an appointment, unfortunately he did not speak English and I do not speak French and had very basic Arabic at the time so I depended on my husband for all the translations!!! Had very good pre-natal care and when the time came to have the baby he suggested a c-section as U had previously had one with my first child and the 2nd baby was overdue so he gave me a date to attend a private clinic. I was very satisfied with the treatment I received, the clinic was called Sidi Amar. Dr Handoui performed the c-section, unfortuantely they would not allow my husband to enter the operating theatre, I found this very scary especially as none of the medical team spoke english but they were very kind to me, one of the nurses held my hand all the way through and they were chatting to me all the time. I had an epidural so was awake throughout. My beautiful baby girl was born within 20 mins of going into the theatre. The medical team were excellent and the aftercare excellent too. I spent 3 days in the clinic and they couldn't do enough for me. I had the same midwife since the morning I entered for the c-section till i left the clinic, very friendly and professional and the same Gyne attended to me throughout my stay. It felt reassuring also that it was him that performed the c-section not someone who had never met me before.

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